Sayings about Possenti Pittore : pic 000033824

Che sanza speme vivemo in disio.
That without hope we live in desire.

-- Dante Alighieri
Someone Playing With Your Feelings quotes : pic 001653945

There's something really vulnerable about playing something that you like for someone. You don't know what their reaction will be.

-- Noah Baumbach
Quotes for Incisura Fibularis : pic 000133712

K.S., baby. Lesion number one. Lookit. The wine-dark kiss of the angel of death.

-- Tony Kushner
Quotes on Transforms Synonym : pic 001610956

The real power in helping somebody to be transformed is not to do something to them but to join with them.

-- Larry Crabb
Sayings about Juana La Loca : pic 000257372

I have been exploring [Mexico City's] La Merced, [a public market famous for prostitution,] on and off for the last 23 years. The prostitutes and their world have been the main subjects of my photographs.

-- Maya Goded
Sayings for Someone Lost Me : pic 000660186

I've never been lost, but I've been a mite bewildered for a few days.

-- Daniel Boone
Quotes on Transcontinental : pic 001171707

North America in 1492 was not a virgin wilderness but a network of Indigenous nations, peoples of the corn. The link between peoples of the North and the South can be seen in the diffusion of corn from Mesoamerica.

-- Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz