Sayings for Self Reliance : pic 001336004

Resisting conformity and developing some small eccentricities are among the steps to independence and self-confidence.

-- Al Macinnis
Sayings for Addressing : pic 000801285

We know that when people learn to communicate effectively with each other, their lives and their relationships can be truly transformed. This book gives people both a way of expressing their needs congruently and non-blamefully and a way of listening so others feel not just heard, but understood.

-- Thomas Gordon
Impetuously sayings : pic 000429420

We shouldn't be gratuitously obnoxious; we should be purposefully obnoxious.

-- Pz Myers
Sayings about Instore : pic 001759953

The storerooms are full of hearts.
This is the city of spare parts.

-- Sylvia Plath
Quotes on Act : pic 001877872

We can't act until we know who we are and what we believe.

-- Marian Deegan
Sayings for Duchess : pic 001376610

O lady, nobility is thine, and thy form is the reflection of thy nature!

-- Euripides
Brittany quotes : pic 000246026

You don't have to want to be in a relationship for a little bow-chicka-bow-wow."
Brittany looked at him slowly. "Did you really just say that?"
"I did. And I owned it . Gonna make me a shirt that says that.

-- J. Lynn