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. She couldn't help but cry silently as she realized what she was giving up. She was giving up her anchor, the one person that stabilized her insanity and embraced her chaos with open arms but she wanted him to be happy something he would never be with a person like her so she would let him go. -- Ali Harper
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Ow, is anybody looking? Oh good lord, do you think it's possibly to lose your virginity to the floor? I haven't done the splits since I was thirteen years old!" Sienna grumbled before breaking out in to a hysterical laugh along with her best friend. -- Ali Harper
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Be careful. He uses that line on all the girls. -- Ali Harper
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Sienna Rivers, ex-nerd, undisputed reigning chess champion of the class of 09 and the proverbial all round wise-ass degenerate pain in your backside. -- Ali Harper
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Meet Logan Jackson, smug, self-entitled, proud, arrogant, trust-fund brat. -- Ali Harper
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He was the spark, twinkle and gleam of the stars and she was merely the dark night sky behind that allowed him to shine in contrast. She was stupid for ever thinking otherwise. -- Ali Harper