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Grief is a process, not a state. -- Anne Grant
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Roy's wife of Aldivalloch, Wat ye how she cheated me, As I came o'er the braes of Balloch? -- Anne Grant
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I will provide friendly and courteous service and will work closely with all departments in the county. I will abide by the Texas Information Act in providing information to the public. -- Anne Grant
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Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. It is originally an unlearned feeling process. Keeping grief inside increases your pain. -- Anne Grant
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Break any problem into, or make any changes in, small increments. -- Anne Grant
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Grief is perhaps an unknown territory for you. You might feel both helpless and hopeless without a sense of a 'map' for the journey. Confusion is the hallmark of a transition. To rebuild both your inner and outer world is a major project. -- Anne Grant
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Just as the body goes into shock after a physical trauma, so does the human psyche go into shock after the impact of a major loss. -- Anne Grant