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You'll stay here with me?" "Yeah" "If I fall asleep like this ... the first thing i'll see when I wake up ... will be you. -- Clamp
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Why do I keep thinking of her alluva sudden?! Especially when the only time my face gets red and my heart starts puonding ... is when I see him! -Syaoran Li -- Clamp
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There is something you can do. You can smile. Sakura-chan, your smile is like food to a starving man for Syaoran-kun. -- Clamp
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At that moment, I was sure ... he would cry. It seems that Sakura-chan is the most important person in the world to Syaoran-kun. So when she said, "who are you?" I felt certain he would cry. I wonder if he's crying now. -- Clamp
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If you kill Syaoran-kun, it will all be over! You and I will be over too! -- Clamp
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Even knowing all, being forbidden to tell. Even wanting to help, rescue is impossible. I know of no condition more painful than that. -- Clamp
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Instead of regretting what we cannot do, it is better to do anything we can do. Even if what we do does not bring us to our goal, it brings us much closer to it. -- Clamp
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After the way you accepted the mission, I know I can't convince you otherwise. So, instead ... come back alive. We'll be here ... waiting for you to come back. -- Clamp
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If you're searching for the truth, throw out all your prejudices and just gather the facts. If you do that, you'll be able to see the real truth. -- Clamp
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Doing or not doing something - they are similar. Both involve an action and sincerity. -- Clamp
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No matter how painful it might be ... I'll do everything in my might! So please, you too, act according to what you believe in! -- Clamp
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All who make wishes are the same. When one wish comes into conflict with someone else's wish ... then one must make a choice. Either abandon one's own wish ... or crush the other's wish for the sake of your own. -- Clamp
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All happiness and all unhappiness ... stems from one having a desire. And that is why mankind will always make their wishes. -- Clamp
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Nobody can know ... just how heavy a burden trying to protect another human being can be. I was still a child. I couldn't have understood the real meaning of my promise. -- Clamp
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Nothing in this world is a coincidence. Everything is Hitsuzen.
*Hitsuzen meaning inevitability, destiny, or fate, as being the driving force in the world -- Clamp
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The instand one gives up, that is when it all ends. Keep wishing. Wish strongly! Wish hard! Do not let it matter what kind of being you are! Do not let it matter what pressures others put on you! Continue to wish for that which your heart truly desires!! -- Clamp
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Fai: *punches Kurogane* That was payback, Kuro-sama!
Kurogane: *grins* You're gonna get punched out, you creep! -- Clamp
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However if you wish unhappiness on someone else then the very strength of that wish will make you unhappy. -- Clamp
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Subaru ... thinks that you're special. That's why I want to trust you ...
Don't forget ... There is a definite crime that can't be made up ... There's no one who can't love someone ... Sei-chan ...
-Hokuto Sumeragi -- Clamp
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To get mad at being called a "little boy" is a proof that you indeed are one -- Clamp
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You can't give more or take more than the exact worth! If you give more than you need to ... you'll be hurt! In your body in the material world ... in your luck in the world of the stars ... and in your soul in the heavenly world! -- Clamp
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Even from just a little thing, it's still possible to die. -- Clamp
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Ruri: Is it possible that Shuichiro gets more cuddly every day?
Hari: Indubitably ... -- Clamp
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If one wishes for revenge, before you know it, a hurt as bad as the one wished for will come upon the wisher. -- Clamp
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Wanting someone else to eat the things you have cooked is the same as wanting that person to know you.
I figured eating your own cooking is a way of getting to know yourself. -- Clamp
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Most of the people who feel they are unhappy now are holding a grudge and wishing unhappiness on that person. -- Clamp
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I can't do much yet, but even if I can do a little to help ... I want to give it all I have! If a person doesn't do anything, they never get any better. Doing one little thing, taking one little step forward ... I gotta believe it will help build a better future! -- Clamp
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Thanks to the choice you made, another future was set in place. And the choice you have yet to make, will decide another ... -- Clamp
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Just because you know it [my past]... doesn't mean that my wounds are a weight you have to carry.
~Kurogane-san -- Clamp
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There are no 'ifs' in combat. When you win, you win, When you lose, you lose. -- Clamp
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It's tough when anyone is hurt, it's painful and awful. -- Clamp
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From a human point of view, out bodily existence is a fairytale. At any rate, to the inhabitants of the human world, 'heaven' and 'the next world' are both nothing but fables. -- Clamp
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The princess is strong. And because she's strong, she's fragile. If somebody doesn't teach her that fact, she'll break. -- Clamp
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But it is a very difficult thing to change the future.
The slightest turn of phrase ... action and the human soul.
The future changes direction based on those things. -- Clamp
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I believe in the princess when she says that she'll return to those waiting for her. So i'll wait. It's more painful to wait than to go along on the trip." 'Well, I can't wait.' "Are you that afraid to believe in someone? -- Clamp
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Never lose sight of your wish! And if you want to see the wish fulfilled ... you must choose! No matter how painful the choice may be. -- Clamp
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Humans create terrible things. Why do they make things that only bring them pain? It's because they don't know what's comfortable anymore. So perhaps they don't know that they are in pain ... -- Clamp
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Because we knew you were waiting, we did our best so that we'd return. -- Clamp
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Girls are always at their best smiling. -- Clamp
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Only with a clear mind will you be able to see who is truly in your heart. -- Clamp
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Did that high-and-mighty attitude of yours come attached to you when you were spawned?!
Was it a bug your programmer couldn't fix?! -- Clamp
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Until we can be together again ... we wait ... and believe! -- Clamp
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To change yourself means to change the future. -- Clamp
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The mutual warmth that is unknown, a single glass panel ... declares the beginning of everything -- Clamp
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But then, crying when you need to cry is another way to show strength. -- Clamp
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Even though this world is narrow, it is wide ... to those who understand.
This world isn't the only one. -- Clamp
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But there's one thing you must remember. Whether you want it or not, once you have created bonds between you and other people, those bonds will never disappear. -- Clamp
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Good guys are either taken or gay -- Clamp
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Truth is one, the sages speak of it by many names. -- Clamp
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You can't know now what the results will be in the future. So for now, don't even think about it. Think about what you want to do and what you can do. That's very different from 'running away'. What do you want to do? -- Clamp
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Kurogane: You just said "Buu" with your mouth, right? That isn't whistling.
Fai: I don't know how to whistle. -- Clamp
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The guy who isn't in the know can't understand ... how hard it is to be in the know and still not say. -- Clamp
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If I can protect, I want to protect. -- Clamp
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However, there is something stronger than an unaccomplished future someone saw in a dream and that is a wish of a human heart. -- Clamp
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Living things are restrained by chains. The laws of nature, the flow of time, the vessel known as your "body", and the existence called your mind. The one chain that people can wield, words. -- Clamp
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People are the world's strangest creature. -- Clamp
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Kurogane, to Fai: You, shut up!! If you want to die that much, I'll kill you myself! But until that day, you're going to live! -- Clamp
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Kurogane: For all my life ... I've wanted strength. I didn't want those things precious to me to be taken away from me anymore. But, to have strength means to invite disaster to come to you. And strength alone can't really protect you. -- Clamp
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A fair price ... is nothing to be trifled with." "A price, once paid, cannot be returned. -- Clamp
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It is not 'strength' to try to take everything upon oneself. -- Clamp
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Nothing is more painful than to wander in the world without the one you love. -- Clamp
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You can reach, but you cannot touch. It's reflected in your eye, but the message is never conveyed. It is something you decided for yourself, but that does not change the pain you feel. Even so ... you must protect what you must protect. -- Clamp
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Oh this? It's a 'bookworm.'
They live in books, and they love to eat important or valuable words. -- Clamp
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If it isn't something precious, it doesn't serve as a price!" "But if it means I'm throwing away the most precious thing I have ... what's the good of it? -- Clamp
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I am not... your Sakura -- Clamp
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... and once again ... we will head toward that time. -- Clamp
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Because I wished for everyone to live, I did everything I could. -- Clamp
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Do you think someone someone who'd sacrifice himself so easily, is worth as the same as the life someone so precious?
In other words, you consider her an absolute fool who would try to protect a worthless trash as yourself. -- Clamp
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Yuuko, speaking to Fai: To all the young ones in your group, you are no longer someone who passes through their lives and is forgotten. You have become someone very important to them. Your hardships are their hardships too. -- Clamp
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Oh Mokona, you're such a tease! ~Fai D. Flowright -- Clamp
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This isn't the kind of story where understanding makes you smart, or not understanding makes you dumb. -- Clamp
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If you make a wish and if you keep on making the same wish, it will be granted. That's how strong human wishes are. -- Clamp
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But the aspect of secrets is they leak out. If they didn't leak, they wouldn't be interesting. -- Clamp