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Any well-established village in New England or the northern Middle West could afford a town drunkard, a town atheist, and a few Democrats. -- D. W Brogan
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A people that has licked a more formidable enemy than Germany or Japan, primitive North America ... a country whose national motto has been "root, hog, or die." -- D. W Brogan
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Politics are about power; we cannot evade that truth or its consequences. We dream of a better world but it is in Utopia - that is, nowhere. -- D. W Brogan
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Man does not live by bread alone, even presliced bread. -- D. W Brogan
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As debate is rare in the House of Representatives, since nearly all real business is done in the committees, it is very natural that such debate as there is should be very oratorical, should be -- D. W Brogan