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As the silence returned, I sat back and felt the tension ease away; I hadn't even known I was tense. A few moments passed and once again the cycling fan laced in with the clanging chains and mixed with the rumbling mower and the buzzing insects. -- Gerry Abbey
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I looked out again at the rising moon and I let the weight of my day, my week, lift away with the rushing wind as I was blown into the depths of myself. -- Gerry Abbey
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There were signs everywhere but none that I could read or even hope to decipher. These multi-lined symbols unhinged my familiar world. -- Gerry Abbey
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My professional life had started and here I was at a professional dinner full of uninhibited drinking. -- Gerry Abbey
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I'd learned so much from traveling to familiar places that I figured I'd learn twice as much by going to a place I knew nothing about. -- Gerry Abbey
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It was one of those striking moments in life where you find familiarity in the inexplicable. -- Gerry Abbey
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Somehow, we were passing the boundaries of language and finding clarity in shared thought, even if we were just talking about beer! -- Gerry Abbey
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And so we went. And so it went. And, slowly, I began to learn: speaking in the same language does not equal communication, especially when there is a cultural divide. -- Gerry Abbey