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Don't worry," I said. "We won't be having slumber parties and spa days any time soon."
"I quite like spa days. -- H.d. Smith
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With his nose in my hair, he inhaled deeply before putting a light kiss on my cheek. "Have you come to play?" he asked then kissed me again.
"No." I cringed when he drew my earlobe into his mouth. "I came to help you. That's all. I swear."
"I'd rather play. -- H.d. Smith
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I flinched when his hands lifted, although it was more of a reaction to everything that had been happening to me, not necessarily because he was Death. He stilled. "You're sad," he said. "Let me help you."
"There isn't anything you can do."
"I can comfort you. -- H.d. Smith
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I'm calling this place the Tardis," she said, continuing to scan the different locations. "We're not calling it the Tardis," I said. Of course, if she knew what it could really do, I'd never change her mind.
"Why the hell not?" she asked.
"Copyright infringement. -- H.d. Smith
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I couldn't just start killing people. That wasn't really my thing. -- H.d. Smith
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Is that true?" The Boss asked Mace.
Without even batting an eye, Mace said, "Yes."
"And you agreed?" The Boss questioned.
"Of course. Anything for my queen," he said, holding his glass up to me in a mock toast. -- H.d. Smith
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I thought of the three men in the meadow. None were what they seemed and I was in the arms of my worst enemy, taking comfort from him. Would my life ever be normal?
"Normal is boring," Mace said. -- H.d. Smith
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The blue of winter, the brown of spring, the red of summer, and the fall of green. I seek the place of treasures past. I seek the truth of sand and glass. I call to the wind of seasons past. I bring with me the best of summer. I am the one with whom you bask. Deliver me and complete your task. -- H.d. Smith
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I eyed the sheriff. "So I better be breathing when He finds me." "Who the hell are you talking about?" the sheriff blurted.
I chuckled.
The postman sneered at the sheriff. "She means the Demon King. The Devil. This is a phone from Hell - the real one. -- H.d. Smith
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I must complete my quest or I will die. -- H.d. Smith
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You came here of your own free will, Claire. I won't be denied. You're mine now, and I intend to keep you. -- H.d. Smith
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What exactly did you expect me to do? I told The Boss what you said, but he's not going to budge. Nobody gets dental. -- H.d. Smith
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I grouped my fellow employees into three categories: the plebes, the damned, and the demons. -- H.d. Smith