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A Romantic ideology that predates rock glorifies the self-destructive artist as someone who's too honest and delicate for this world ... It's not an easy job, and its stresses can take their toll. -- Jon Pareles
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Baikida Carroll, whose balance of bravada and tenderness, facility and understatement mark him as a player to be reckoned with. -- Jon Pareles
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Hearing Marilyn Crispell play solo piano is like monitoring an active volcano. She is one of a very few pianists who rise to the challenge of free jazz. -- Jon Pareles
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[Loco De Amor is] a euphoric, melodic romp across the hemisphere ... A joyful, fun musician's record from a really good guitarist -- Jon Pareles
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Artists are perceptive, but they choose to write songs or make movies or paint pictures rather than simply keeping private diaries. -- Jon Pareles
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Artists are ... stubborn egomaniacs who are mysteriously - and sometimes correctly - certain that the world needs to know all about the figments of their imaginations and who gear their lives to getting those figments into circulation. -- Jon Pareles
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Wynton Marsalis' skills have grown as fast as his ambition, and he is the most ambitious younger composer in Jazz. -- Jon Pareles