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If at first you don't succeed, use more force the second time. -- Me
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Sometimes, being the way you are might be the only problem that you have in your life. -- Me
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Many quotes about Self Motivation are not succinct but long and directly or covertly narcissistic. -- Me
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Somebody told me that you got a boyfriend and i don't know what to do with myself ... -- Me
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Everyone has a right to their own OPINION, no one has a right to their own FACTS -- Me
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The most deadly weapon in history...
It creates, rebuilds and destroys
And you are never the same as before -- Me
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You know that you know the truth, so what's it matter what others think they know about you? -- Me
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I have two friends -- Me
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Cuteness is justice. -- Me
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A little suspension of disbelief will take you a long way. -- Me
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When spreading your wings do not fear, the people who love you will always pick you back up when you fall, and on the day that you learn to soar the ones who love you will be your biggest cheerleaders. -- Me
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What is there in the world NOT to love? Other than enemies, drugs, diseases, traffic, morning alarms, people snoring, dishes, folding fitted sheet, YouTube ads, group texts you don't want to be a part of, taxes, unknown callers ... -- Me
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Don't hate me because I'm funnier than you. -- Me
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Life is not all about surviving it is all about living. -- Me
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PLUTO is the limit for me.
Someday they will spell victory with my T. That day is Today. Don't wait for the green light. Rise, poise, beauty, youth, wear a smile, put some style, straighten those shoulders and walk out BOLD. -- Me
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I'm so careless that now i don't even care if i cared about you. -- Me
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My top 10 author list
1:Kimber Dawn
2:Courtney Lane
3:Cassia Brightmore
4:Clarissa Ann Lynch
5:Tara Dawn
6:K.L. Kreig
7:Ariel Marie
8:Bonny Capps
10 -- Me
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Love hard, or don't love at all. -- Me
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Kim Stanley Robinson wields a pen like a samurai sword -- Me
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No the zombies are not coming. -- Me
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Don't ever just say what people want to hear. -- Me
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The worst feeling in the world is the feeling of your heart breaking from the person who mend it in the first place. -- Me
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Judge me all you want, say what you wanna say, but you, you, you, don't deserve my attention! -- Me
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A drink, with the dead.
Solace, until darkness. -- Me
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I dont care what your race is. Or what your fandom is, or what your Sexual preference is.
The Fact is i still hate everyone. -- Me
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Don't let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you; kisses can be deadly. -- Me
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A day without cable is way worse than a day without sunshine. -- Me
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Dates on the calendar are closer than they appear. -- Me
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Take life one step at a time or you might fall off a cliff -- Me
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Live Your LIfe Crazy -- Me
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A good book can take you anywhere at anytime. -- Me
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Regret has two sides.
the things we've done,
and the ones we wished we had. -- Me
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Keep calm and read books -- Me
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The day you know when you're not a true human being: Is when you look at what you haven't got instead of what you have. -- Me
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Islamic history is written in two types of ink. Black for the ink of the scholars and red for the blood of the martyrs! -- Me
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I feel so naked without my book in my hand, like not having a shield on battleground. -- Me
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You can tell it's going to be a good day when you start it by putting your shorts on backwards. -- Me
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When the chips are down, the buffalo is empy -- Me
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For every word their is a listener and probably my words don't suit your ears. So please don't accuse me of being ambiguous -- Me
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We stopped looking for the monsters under our bed when we realized they were in us. -- Me
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Is the song "Sorry" for Justin Bieber's fans or the fifty girlfriends he cheated on? -- Me
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Love is an surprising journey that you have to experience by all it's sides,and by this journey you will be strong or weak"-"That will be proved by you in the end -- Me
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Let your Imagination go far, Never be afraid to discover further into you thoughts. Come out with great words, -- Me
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The world is not invulnerable, and our actions might tear it apart. So we stay Strong. -- Me
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All I need in life:
1. A book
2. Cookies and milk
3. A friend to share them with
4. SHERBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Me
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Staying positive = Saying lies . -- Me
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Life is like a chess. The most important is being a player not a figure. It doesn't matter you will win or lose. -- Me
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Like a relationship, friendships end for myriad reasons. Still, I can't help but ignore the logic and feel the purest level of rejection. -- Me
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Yes I am weird
But no one normal made it into the hall of fame. -- Me
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Life is damn short,lets sleep then! -- Me
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Us people are much like flowers, We grow, die, wilt, and are unique in our own way. -- Me
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In order to keep your sanity, you have to embrace your insanity! -- Me
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He was the player and i was his favourite game,but then one day he got his another favourite game. -- Me
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Smells like updog in here -- Me
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No one loved me as the moon did he was there with me in the darkness when everyone left me -- Me
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Everything is a choice
Every choice has regrets. -- Me
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The world is full of fakes, trust no one. -- Me
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To be, or not to be ... a potato -- Me
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Books are the heart of my world... this is my quote to the Universe -- Me
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You + me and coffee? -- Me
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The Best things in life are free -- Me
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Just so you know you're amazing and wonderful and one of the best things that's ever happened on this planet. I hope you know that and remember it. -- Me
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If I want to read it then bloody read it! The time of googling has come to an end. -- Me
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There's no meaning to life, might as well make it meaningful. -- Me
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pooping is god's greatest invention -- Me
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What goes up must come down. But not always. -- Me
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I am located slightly to the left on the ball of confusion. -- Me
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You will never realize and can feel the pain other person is suffering from until you are not at their place -- Me
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A man is known not by what he is but by what he does. -- Me
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stars cant shine without darkness -- Me
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Too stupid to understand Science? Try religion! -- Me
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If at first you don't succeed, put your feet up and drink wine. -- Me
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When you see chaos around you, try looking wider, maybe is part of something very well arranged! -- Me
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Keep sneak dissing you might show up missing. -- Me
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Obedient is the key to Empowerment of The Holy Spirit -- Me
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Asking 'What type of book do you like reading?' is like asking 'What do you prefer, Coke or Pepsi?', I may state a preference, but really I'll have whatever is on tap. -- Me
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There is always an answer. When you can't find one, it means you have stopped trying. -- Me
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Always stay true to yourself no matter what and be careful who you TRUST. -- Me
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i think that book just gave me a hangover -- Me
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The choice you make can give you the advantage. -- Me
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Each time i face a catastrophe i draw a new scar to it , and only when it fades i know that the pain ended -- Me
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Life is like a potato. Well, at least my life is. -- Me
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The brutal honesty of a friend is better than the fake flattery of an enemy. -- Me
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If you can't pick a book without judging it's cover, don't pick it up. Let someone else who will appreciate what's inside the cover pick it up and prove you wrong. -- Me
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I'm not mean, I'm just not nice. -- Me
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do more of what makes you happy -- Me
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I M A Simple
Person Who Hides
A Thousand Feelings
Behind The Happiest
Smile. -- Me
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Time was just an act.... -- Me
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The only problem with humans . That they're not smart enough to use their smartness , and that's why our world is ruined. -- Me
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Your MY first girlfriend I ever had
Your MY first boyfriend I ever had -- Me
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In order to live to the fullest one needs to let go of the past, needs to see beyond the miseries of life, needs to appreciate life -- Me
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When he gets to heaven, to Saint Peter he will tell: "Just another soldier reporting, Sir. I've served my time in Hell. -- Me
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I envy gay men. Imagine having partners that make sense. -- Me
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This isn't the only place where I'm not perfect. -- Me
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Don't live the same year 80 times and call it life. -- Me
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How do you trust a person when they've tried to kill you every second they get? -- Me
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Everything hurts like a mother fucker right now. It hurts so much, I don't know what to do with myself. -- Me
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Ever catch me slipping? Nigga that's a no-no. -- Me
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There will be people who look at you and say 'You're weird' smile at them and say thank you because they don't know how beautifully unique you are -- Me
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Even though it haunts you it doesn't mean it will catch you. -- Me
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When time has come, it will be a surprise. -- Me
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One day I will write something that evades criticism. One day I will also learn to fire lasers out of my ass -- Me
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Always read something -- Me
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your girls are made by sugar and spice my girls are made by vodka and ice -- Me
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Slay like the knights of the Round Table -- Me
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Life can be a bitch. so grab her by the hair and fuck her whilst screaming and firing a gun into the air! -- Me
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I love you then i hate you,i wanna throw you from a cliff and the go at the bottom to catch you -- Me
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No matter how great the book is, Its translator will never be famous as the author!Better Write! -- Me
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We were like silent, clear skies. Beautifully unpredictable. But like any clear sky, we didn't know that we were just the calm before the storm. -- Me
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Always remember to smile, You never know who may be looking. -- Me
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Sometimes being strong means being able to forgive. -- Me
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Stay walk slowly best than stop or go back -- Me
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He's not the brightest pickle in the crayon jar. -- Me
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Not being able to enter a quote of my own stinks worse than a skunk on date night! -- Me
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I am only responsible for what I say.
Not what you understand....!!!"
~me..** -- Me
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Pretend you know nothing, and you will learn everything. -- Me
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Don't stress over what you can not control. Always remember you can not control other people. -- Me
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I looked into his eyes, and I saw so much more than just him. I saw the pain, the triumphs, the love, the horror, the sorrow, the joy, but most of all, the person I was in love with. There was so much more than just him in the depths of his eyes. -- Me
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Conscience is something with which one tries to make you weak, or you make yourself relief. -- Me
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If you pardon the hypocrisy, it seems a bit disingenuous when the only quotes a person puts on their home page are ones they wrote. If your own words are the most profound thing you can think of, then I think you need to read a good deal more. -- Me
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I'm a simple man with a complex mind. -- Me
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As unique as you are, you will thrive! -- Me
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For a story to be good it has to be in some way your own. -- Me
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What is "normal"? Everyone is unique. "Normal" is just a lie. There's no such thing as "Normal -- Me
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black is beautiful -- Me
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When someone does something wrong, don't forget all of the things they did right. -- Me
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Sometimes bullying is necessary. -- Me
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Evil prevails when the Good do nothing. -- Me
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You never know until you try. -- Me
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Snarkiness should be considered an art form. -- Me
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Lets have peace and love all over the world -- Me
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Know and understand your own beliefs on any subject broached before taking another to task. -- Me
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The mind is like a turbulent ocean and the waves are the thoughts -- Me
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When life gives you lemons ... squirt them in someone's eyes -- Me
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Don't focus on who you aren't focus on who you can become. -- Me
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Smile They're Free -- Me
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It's okay to fall. Everyone falls. It's not okay to stay there. Grieve. Cry. Get mad if you need to. The important thing is in the end, you're standing. -- Me
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An understanding that brought me uncertainty. A knowledge that plagued me with doubt -- Me
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our passions often become our misfortunes -- Me
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Books are my favourite bedroom passtime! -- Me
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The two fingered peace sign always fascinated me, because just in a turn of the hand it turns into war. -- Me
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Thinking fool to someone is making fool to yourself. -- Me
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We only know what they tell us. -- Me
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every beginning is hard.
nobody was born with knowledge. -- Me
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Technology is a Beautiful Thing ...
When It Works ... -- Me
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If what we call it science , is making us think that what we know about the universe is normal , then it's not science. -- Me
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Life is crap but sometimes you find the right people where it might be okay for a while. -- Me
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The hardest thing is to think for yourself. -- Me
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Treat others in the way that you want to be treated. -- Me
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The Homestuck-ery of it all! -- Me
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Everything is there in being simple in LIFE. -- Me
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The present is the point of changing the planned future , into a successful past. -- Me
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We are all stricken with the disease of uncertainty to cure this all one must do is go through with one's plan and if there be consequences face them with your head held high knowing that you accomplished something. -- Me
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When the world hands you lemons ... send that back fam ... seriously where's the return address. -- Me
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You have to sacrifice something , in order to gain peace . -- Me
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Well I think not knowing is a good thing,
Knowing that I don't know, even better,
But only when I'm willing to do something about it... -- Me
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Voracious reading is key to knowledge. -- Me
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To walk an endless road -- Me
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Everything is possible, and yet only one thing ever happens -- Me
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All have own love story . but real story only be in histroy -- Me
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Find the humor in the madness to find the happiness in the sadness. -- Me
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I'm not really who i seem to be -- Me
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The word hate should never be used in any manner! -- Me
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The first step to failure is trying. -- Me
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That was then, this is now. -- Me
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Life is a joke and the only choice we have is whether or not to laugh. - Generic CH 2 -- Me
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Don't bury me but instead use me as fertilizer to grow a tree..I can prove to you im useful both alive and dead -- Me
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Do me a favor,
Smile -- Me
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Do what you want Today, Tomorrow is not choice -- Me
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Verbose; a word known only by those who are. -- Me
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When you open a book,
You step into a world full of
Imagination -- Me
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I will not suffer bad writing. -- Me
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Smile is God's gift but the Man who smiles is his creation. Never forget God when you are happy. -- Me
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The more books you read,the smarter you get -- Me
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As a dreamer, always look to the stars. Especially the sun. -- Me
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Vacation is the break from work, but work is the break from Vacation. -- Me
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Lead, follow, or at the very least GET OUT OF THE WAY! -- Me
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Life is wonderful, spend some time with the dango family. -- Me
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If you want to be the craziest person in the room, just be yourself. These days, it's considered a ridiculous idea. -- Me
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Reading is like bacon you can never get enough. -- Me
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If you're willing to chase me, I promise to run slow. -- Me
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I can write a hundred quotes to make me feel better when i am sad -- Me
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That i'm awesome -- Me
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Man not brave , waifu makes man brave -- Me
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Why put off tomorrow what you can read today? -- Me
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Writing is the process of making my soul tangible on paper. -- Me
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We only honour ourselves when we honour each other. When we reflect each others divinity we all become divine. -- Me
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I want a doughnut -- Me
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To quote or not to quote that is syntactically correct -- Me
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As you think, so you are.
As you continue to think, so you remain. -- Me
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One of my students once asked me:
-' Teacher, do you like kids?'-
I said:
-' Yes, especially baked.'- -- Me
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Books are the heart of the world...
This is my quote
to the Universe ~ Robyn -- Me
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Unicorns rule the world -- Me
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Usually i select books, of late books opt for me -- Me
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A good book makes you feel better about the world -- Me
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Action without knowledge can be worse than inaction -- Me
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A hundred more you can read, a thousand more that I can read. -- Me
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Poor ill' Albert, he's scared of rabbits now. -- Me