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Alonso paid one of the guards to keep him informed on what goes on in the house when he's not around. Alonso was in the guest house entertaining a few young girls all under the age of seventeen. He had been drugging and fucking them all -- Nako
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Farren Knight had made her promise that she would never stop believing in love and being in love. "That -- Nako
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Five years ago, Chanel was known in her hood as, "Loud Mouth Coco. -- Nako
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Farren had discovered before she traveled back to her home in Jersey that Ashley had been diagnosed with stage three stomach cancer and it was pretty aggressive. -- Nako
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Malachi was hot and cold, wanting her when it was convenient for him. He -- Nako
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Farren was well aware of whom he was talking about, and that was the first thing on her to-do list: finding out what the hell was up with Robin. "We -- Nako
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How can you rest peacefully when your wife doesn't even look like the same woman you married fifteen years ago? It's obvious Farren was unappreciated, and he wanted to be elsewhere, but oh well. -- Nako
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But what Chanel failed to realize is that Q didn't want what was best of her, he didn't care about her well-being. If it was up to him, Chanel wouldn't have any of the shit she had now. -- Nako
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Big mama didn't tell her as much as she probably could have, but she was so proud of Chanel and everything that she had accomplished and was accomplishing. Chanel -- Nako
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Never leave the one you love for the one you like, it usually doesn't turn out right. -- Nako
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Gone were the memories of her days spent with Quincy. The best thing Chanel could have ever done was shoot that nigga. The -- Nako
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Tonya had done a little lurking on social media. She knew that Courtney, Greg's real love, had killed herself. Truth of the matter was, ever since then, Greg had never been the same. -- Nako
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Lauren "Lo" Howard, proud graduate of Howard University where she majored in integrated marketing and minored in business administration. What was she now? Almost a convicted felon. Lo -- Nako
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Lauren truly believed she's to blame for his detachment and refusal to attach to her. But -- Nako
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They was always joking that Jonte fell in love with Farren's old ass but she really wasn't old to him; they were eight or nine years apart. But Farren was still childish. In his eyes, he felt way older than she was. Jonte -- Nako
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Mary Jane was a very important person in The Underworld. Nasir liked to call her the chef of the Underworld. Although -- Nako
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Miranda was a closed chapter in my life and I wanted to keep it that way. -- Nako
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When Chanel peeped into James' eyes as he yelled obscenities at her, she saw power; a commander. She saw someone who was that nigga once upon a time. -- Nako
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Miko shared everything with him and Malachi had become her voice of reason. The only thing he was openly disgusted about was her relationship with the president and in return, it was the one topic that was off-limits. Somehow, -- Nako
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The only thing good about Hardy Projects was that the niggas over there had hella money, but they were hoes. -- Nako
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Even if she was Malachi's sister, he still wouldn't be discussing his business around her ass, and unbeknownst to everyone else, Nasir had security detail following her and her phones tapped. -- Nako
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Quincy only talked to her when he was horny and wanted some, but other than that their conversations were very scarce. He had a lot on his mind and was extremely anxious to get back to the hood. -- Nako
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Papa, Malachi, Sean, Roderick, and Nasir were a team, but each their own boss. No one answered to the other, but there was a protocol for everything they did. Papa -- Nako
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James was a good man, and although Farren had never met Q, Chanel's sorry ass baby daddy, judging off the way Chanel acted and carried herself, she knew that Chanel could do better. In -- Nako
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In fact, the president was being portrayed as the perfect person in the situation and that damn sure wasn't the case. Hurt -- Nako
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Chanel wasn't about to sit and deal with any type of disrespect, she had too much going on as it was. Keyshia didn't bother to protest so that was her cue to exit the bar. -- Nako
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Jonte said nothing because he already knew what was up from the beginning which is why he warned her, but she was stubborn and hard-headed and didn't listen. Jonte -- Nako
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Courtney was a doctor herself. She diagnosed herself with Schizophrenia years ago, but didn't take any medication. The point of her barely leaving her home or having limited conversations with people, was to keep her mood swings under control. -- Nako
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Aaliyah wanted a reaction out of Malachi, but he refused to give her one. As -- Nako