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He turns back to me, a strong hand swooping down and sculpting hair off my face, familiar looking arms curling back around me and cradling me into a chest harder and hotter than a mountain left baking in the Australian outback. -- Poppet
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Now now Ellindt, you know I love it when you beg." Chuckling silently, every jolt from my hold causes her hands pulsating pain, and I bend to speak intimately into her ear again, "But I love it more when you scream. -- Poppet
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He just clamps his lips over mine and sticks his tongue so far into my mouth I feel like I'm being examined by the ENT gynae -- Poppet
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He gives me the stare that only men can do. The mouth tightening exasperation stare. -- Poppet
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I'm not a man easily moved to displays of emotion, but tonight I am weak, I am vulnerable. It must be from being inside her, so close to her, breathing in her pain, and love, and light, and blossoming vulnerable beauty -- Poppet
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Biting a plump bottom lip, I stare into endless irises open and poised over my own. Sliding my hand up her thigh, under her gown, I pull her closer with the hand cupping her hipbone, releasing the growl of a king caught in delight. -- Poppet
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She looks at me with wide eyes, delight and joy evident, sitting forward, They are dreaming? You watch dreams? Movie is dream? -- Poppet
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The sun sets, the strange clouds glowing eerily like a full moon laced with arsenic and occult warnings.
Eternity stretches out her mocking red carpet, hinting at the long lonely walk of regret I have ahead of me. -- Poppet
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Running my fingers into his thick hair, I wallow in the strength and heat surrounding me before he pulls away, giving me such a happy smile it makes my heart rattle inside my chest. There's nothing better in this whole world than to be held in someone's loving stare. A stare they reserve for you. -- Poppet
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The sad thing is that sometimes I just wanna roll over and give her a little cuddle, but the bolster pillow she insists on sleeping with down the middle of the bed between us means I'd need to be a mountaineer as well as a locksmith. -- Poppet
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How awful is it to be sane enough to be fully aware of the day you realize you are completely losing your grasp on reality. I'm crazy. Not just a little bit, but rubber room ready out of my mind fucked up. -- Poppet
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Rubbing absently at my temple, I do declare this woman leaves me flabbergasted and tongue tied. -- Poppet
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Now more than ever I wish I had a cup of oblivion. But there is no mercy for the people who have left the darkness for the light. The darkness lingers until you stand naked in the light and let it fill you up, in every corner of your soul. -- Poppet
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Desire filters toxins through my system at the sight and I lower again, shoving her against the padded wall to snake my tongue over the elixir of pain. -- Poppet
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You can only push me so far little slakax, and then I will do what has to be done, with or without your permission. -- Poppet
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Like opium, nerve annihilation stretches up my veins to pump incinerating anguish through my body. -- Poppet
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Kissing her again, softly, I leave my t-shirt next to her pillow.
It's the silent promise that I'll come back again tonight. -- Poppet
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I quite enjoy the banter actually. I mean, you don't meet many females who can come back at you as fast as you can throw it out at them. I prefer a more graphic dialogue as a forerunner to sex though: if they have the guts to spell it out for me in glorious Technicolor that always gets my interest. -- Poppet
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Terror starts picking at the seams of my mind, throwing hateful words like rapture and holocaust at me. -- Poppet
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A man who is obviously too handsome for his own good smiles at me. His eyes are mischievous, as if he's harboring wicked thoughts and is tempted to subject me to them.
I hold his dark gaze for a moment too long, and then pin my focus back on the -- Poppet
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Lady, you have just become a wanted woman. I suggest you start running. -- Poppet
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For why war? Nada ne hurt, sister ne hurt, for why you make vesna sore? For why! -- Poppet
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It destroys and resurrects in equal measure. It's paradigm shifting. The man I was before Nada has perished and left a changeling who is lost in the delicate art of awe and humble appreciation. -- Poppet
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Why the hell do women always have to bring back up? It's not as if I'm going to molest her at the opera. -- Poppet
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Lifting, smiling back at her giggle, her relief, I tease, If you want to bleed sweetheart, I can make you bleed. I promise if I do it will be way more fun. -- Poppet
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Look into my eyes and deny me. -- Poppet
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His sniff rips a new piece off my heart. -- Poppet
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In a perfect patch of paradise he stays immobile for an eternity while the predawn breath strokes his skin and kisses each vertebrae down his spine. -- Poppet
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Hold tight, and I promise to do the same. We don't need a safety net Zena. We have each other. -- Poppet
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I've known you forever, and you are only just remembering me. -- Poppet
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The flock mirror the madness of their liege. -- Poppet
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God bless you butterfly, because now I'm claiming you like no mate has ever been claimed in the history of our kind -- Poppet
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His touch cable knits my veins, remaking and remolding who I am. -- Poppet
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The closer she hip sways to me, the taller and tenser I stand, until I'm so rigid my muscles ache. -- Poppet
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When the archeologists find this place they'll destroy history. Mankind will attempt to bury this information but we will ensure there is a leak. Intel this valuable makes insignificant fame starved humans grand masters of legend.Secrets are best retold to hungry ears. -- Poppet
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Turning away, sobbing, I hide behind my hair, the kettle and coffee forgotten. It's too hard to talk about it. I can't talk about it. It's no one's business but mine. The trauma breathes in my blood, it feasts on my life, it gives me cold sweats and nightmares still. -- Poppet
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Fear only has power when I cower under the illusion. -- Poppet
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A shade slinks over me and I'm caught off guard when he leans down, placing a blossom in my cleavage, his face shadowed and secretive. -- Poppet
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He's lighting up my life and I don't even know his name. He's already perfect. -- Poppet
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His eyes are piercing and intense, the stare they give me brimming with threat and interest, folding thick arms over a broad chest, rippling the muscles in his forearms and etching the tattoos down his arms into stark highlight. -- Poppet
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Who knows what real really is... -- Poppet
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The soy is seeping through the material like a BP oil slick in a Louisiana swamp. -- Poppet
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She wears those old fashioned pj's like body armour. Going to bed these days is like wresting with Kevlar. -- Poppet
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Do not feed fear. Starve it. -- Poppet
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He follows me down, catching his weight on either side of my head so he can leer his face into mine, coiling muscles and immobility at me, I want you to lay into me. Fight me. -- Poppet
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Just once, he looks back at Arsay, and I feel like an entire encyclopedia of information and words is exchanged between them. I wish I could speak telepathy too. -- Poppet
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Alone in the dark all we have are the supernal lights in each others eyes left to illuminate the room, the only sound our breathing. -- Poppet
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The answer to my thoughts is the loud ripping of my shirt when he tears it straight down my back, yanking it forward around my shoulders and imprisoning my arms in the sleeves.
"I've got you now," he says, breaking the kiss and sounding like a god about to unleash wrath. -- Poppet
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Pushing himself off the bed in a violent thrust, his lats widen like wings down his sides, where his waistcoat is open halfway to his waist to accommodate muscular builds, he indicates the gilded cage with outstretched arms. Showing off his supreme musculature, he says, We have forever Phoebe. -- Poppet
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She's so caught up she's unaware she's no longer the prisoner here, I am -- Poppet
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The telltale clenching of hands into fists is all the invitation I need as I close the gap to hound his personal space.
Suck on my aura you spineless shit! -- Poppet
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He's as tall as the door, and I'm standing here without remembering the walk across the shadowed parking lot. When he turns to face me the world grinds into slow motion. Even my heartbeat draws out interminably. -- Poppet
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Dropping my head I stare at the carpet, counting to four, waiting.It takes nine long seconds for her to find the courage to crawl around the couch, halting on all fours to stare at my feet, never once looking higher than my knees. -- Poppet
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An innocent smile skates closer with her movement, walking fingers up my stomach to halt over my heart, "Mate, you." She nods, as if declaring this is easy and absolute. -- Poppet
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Stapled to her gaze, sucked into the potency of her focus, only the trace of her blood in my mouth reassures me this is not a vision but a hallucinogenic pause from responsibility. -- Poppet
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Inhaling, I am ignited with the first breath of freedom -- Poppet
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Your lack of questioning and curiosity has been the bane of my existence. -- Poppet
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Lady, when I met you I must have run through a puddle of luck -- Poppet
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Yanking at my leg, straining every muscle, my customized Gray Ghost rebuilt as a chopper sparks and squeals.
My boot catches and I'm flipped. Sliding down E-70 Highway on leather, my gloves scrubbed by the tarmac. -- Poppet
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We've been here before. She knows I won't stop until she screams. Her pride won't let her scream until she's on the cusp of death. -- Poppet
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I do so love the art of severing boundaries -- Poppet
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Free your mind, Jowendrhan. A cage is only a cage as long as you believe it is. -- Poppet
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In truth the issue is that we are so powerful what we believe becomes our reality. -- Poppet
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Kin is a shortened term for kinetic. Kinetic means to move. All that moves is your kin -- Poppet
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I die a little more, still in silence, paralysed by you, in fear, in pain. -- Poppet
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He sits next to me, the veins on his neck and arms seeming more prominent than they did earlier. His mouth compresses, igniting his eyes with esoteric light, pulling me into the magnetic undertow. -- Poppet
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Guys like you would try to shag the button hole in a fur coat. -- Poppet
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He puts his arm around me, the lights dancing on his dark skin constantly skipping across to mine, planting a myriad of emotions into each pore as if preparing my heart for tilling. -- Poppet
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Eyes sparkling with blue open and stare a scalded soul at me. -- Poppet
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His touch is incredible, it holds my insides, my heart, my mind, shimmering hot heat into cold places, thawing my spirit ... and it rejoices. I'm immediately obsessed, consumed with need to stay in this balmy light, soaking in his touch, relishing the euphoria it brings to my discarded spirituality. -- Poppet
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Eyes darker than a midnight lake penetrate my thoughts with their intensity, and a big hand warmly covers mine -- Poppet
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The problem with all of you is you think in isolation instead of realizing we are one community, when one of us falls, we all fall. -- Poppet
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There's a time and a place for everything. ... Yes. This is my time and you are in my place. -- Poppet
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You failed her when you turned your back on what you are. -- Poppet
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She never even wore stockings; just those bullet proof tights that you see on old maids. -- Poppet
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He's going to bite me!
Instantly the last light in the room fades out as if announcing the reign of darkness. -- Poppet
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Phoebe, don't play coy. If you were willing to give a peeping Tom a show, and you thought you were doing it for my benefit, then let's cut the pretend out of this and shoot straight for cold hard honesty -- Poppet
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He's a contradiction and that's why he's so perfect. -- Poppet
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Holding my hands, kissing the palms, his smile is ecstatic, jubilant, adoring, and the song playing speaks for him, Have you ever seen the light ... the way it shines in you. -- Poppet
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I'm in a bastard mood, so wait for her to come to me without moving. Here kitty kitty, come to the lion's den. -- Poppet
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The activity has pumped out his chest and hardened his abs, and I can't believe I'm even noticing or appreciating it. His smile is naughty, the muscles in his shoulders thick and ripped, undulating with his movement when he adjusts his position for me to get an eyeful. -- Poppet
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They're so retarded they think stereotype means typing with both hands. -- Poppet
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M possessed, gripping her head and looking at the deep crimson bruise on her neck, fading to black at the edges. Her wrists are banded with yellow-green bruises, and when I turn her I spot the finger marks left on her thigh.
Did he do this to you? -- Poppet
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I'll email you, he says as if he's asking me into the cellar to taste his vintage champagne. -- Poppet
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Facing him as I lower the glass from my lips, he's giving me one of those intense moonlit stares. -- Poppet
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He should always wear jeans because they make him look hotter than a nebula. Black suits him too. It hugs to his muscular vales and swells, turning temptation into sexy man therapy. -- Poppet
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I don't know what's in the water but chivalrous men seem to be landing here along with the weird lights in the sky and nine coloured rainbows. They said the end of the world was close, I just didn't expect men with manners to be part of the equation -- Poppet
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Levelling my stare at him I drop a hint like a penny into a well, You mentioned you were tied up. Win, you should have reserved that privilege for me. -- Poppet
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I loathe being crimped into this deplorable position on the vampyre chessboard. -- Poppet
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Because I thought you were a dirty angel, but you fell before you had a choice. The dirt wasn't yours. -- Poppet
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To sore make bad energy, make innocent cry, Aisyx no spread pain plague. -- Poppet
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I'm the riddle you have yet to solve -- Poppet
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If you fuck like your eyes do, your wife must be one delighted lady. -- Poppet
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You fed my heart soup. -- Poppet
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Complacency leads to redundancy -- Poppet
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She shakes her head, fisting hands into my t-shirt and sobbing into my neck. And all I can think about is how good this feels -- Poppet
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Every footfall of my boots echoes and ricochets louder and louder, the excruciating stroll I take induces her heartbeat into pecking so hard and erratic, my dick starts hurting with an anticipatory throb. -- Poppet
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You are my flower and I am your stem holding you to the light. -- Poppet
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Eve is married to my credit card, not me -- Poppet
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Who are you?
Your angel. Vengeance. -- Poppet
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It shatters the game, exposing the players -- Poppet
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Aye, he smiles, joy igniting in his stormy gray eyes, stroking my hand possessively as if unwilling to let me go for fear I am nothing more than a hallucination about to wear off. -- Poppet
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In my darkest hour she answered my call without resentment or guilt, without hesitation -- Poppet
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Oh baby, your planet sounds like paradise but it just doesn't fly down here in the trenches. -- Poppet
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And you had to do that in a thunderstorm pissing down like a camel? -- Poppet
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I manage to hold the poker face when she submits to dominance, to the summons, and swans into my arms, pressing her quivering form against mine when she embraces me. -- Poppet
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Not that I did, bang her that is. I'm not saying I wouldn't, how could I ever be sure about something like that? -- Poppet
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Kicking the door shut with the heel of my boot, I wedge her against it, raining kisses on her skin, wishing I could climb inside her and kiss away the welts left on her heart and mind. -- Poppet
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He gives me one of those twinkling stares. His eyes coalesce and fragment color, glinting specks of midnight purple and an electric blue, when the light catches them just right. Straight on they look like indelible pitch, well deep with secrets and primordial darkness. -- Poppet
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I'm there to block your next move. This is a game -- Poppet
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What the hell do you want from me?" "Spontaneous combustion. -- Poppet
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Snatching my hand in the death grip of his fingers, he pulls me off the wall to line his chest, closing his body around me in a muscular cage which smells of leather and soap. -- Poppet
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Pulped in his crushing strength, his hug is enough to smear me over his body like war paint. -- Poppet
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I'm a tundra with wind endlessly blowing a hollow tunnel through me. -- Poppet
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Every man needs a shadow to reveal his light, to always be that close, ever present, bonded forever in astral allegiance. -- Poppet
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This time you aren't escaping. It's time for a heart transplant. -- Poppet
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Mandy (lentil eating, lesbian, long socks) in PR -- Poppet