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L'chaim. Where there is life, my friends, there is hope. -- Kathryn Craft
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Art for art's sake.
[Lat., Ars gratia artis.] -- Howard Dietz
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Muzeul Gustave Moreau, -- Anonymous
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Beautee eneuch to mak a world to dote. -- James I Of Scotland
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Avaunt, you cullions! -- William Shakespeare
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Frances is a diamond, passed from filthy paw to paw but never diminished. The men who handle her can leave no mark because her worth is far above them. (page 361) -- Ann-Marie Macdonald
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Bychan: little one Cariad: sweetheart, beloved one Annwyl: -- Lisa Kleypas
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Long live free Quebec! -- Charles De Gaulle
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Et itah se au ma! It is as you wish! -- Antonia Perdu
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AMISSION (AMI'SSION) n.s.[amissio, Lat.]Loss. -- Samuel Johnson
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I have undertaken vengeance. I want Liberty and Equality to reign in Saint-Domingue. I work to bring them into existence. Unite yourselves to us, brothers, and fight with us for the same cause. -- Toussaint Louverture
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Hic sunt leones. Here be lions. -- Pierce Brown
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This book of Montaigne the world has endorsed by translating it into all tongues. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Jean-Louis had never had a day's illness in his life. He was tall and as gnarled as an oak. The sun had baked his skin until it had the colour and toughness and stillness of a tree. With advancing years, he had lost his tongue. He now never spoke, considering such an activity pointless. -- Emile Zola
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At five in the morning the Loire is still and sumptuous with mist. The water is beautiful at that time of the day, cool and magically pale, the sandbanks rising like lost continents. The water smells of night, and here and there a spray of new sunlight makes mica shadows on the surface. -- Joanne Harris
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Par exemple! I never had to ask. You were always there under my feet, like a troublesome cat." "You mean like an adoring dog. And just as soon as Ratignolle appeared on the scene, then it WAS like a dog. 'Passez! Adieu! Allez vous-en! -- Kate Chopin
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(Claude and Marcel LeFever were speaking in French. This simultaneous English translation is being beamed to the reader via literary satellite.) -- Tom Robbins
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O blessed bounty, giving ail content!
The only fautress of all noble arts
That lend'st success to every good intent.
A grace that rests in the most godlike hearts,
By heav'n to none but happy souls infus'd
Pity it is, that e'er thou wast abus'd. -- Michael Drayton
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I think Mustique is Duchampian - it will always provide an endless source of delight. -- David Bowie
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You are the eternal France, I love you. -- Nicolas Sarkozy
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The anglophones are Quebecers, as are the French, as are the new Quebecers. -- Pauline Marois
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At night I would climb the steps to the Sacre-Coeur, and I would watch Paris, that futile oasis, scintillating in the wilderness of space. I would weep, because it was so beautiful, and because it was so useless. -- Simone De Beauvoir
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Mount Tamalpais became my house. For Cezanne, Sainte-Victoire was no longer a mountain. It was an absolute. It was painting. -- Etel Adnan
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Streets of Paris, pray for me; beaches in the sun, pray for me; ghosts of the lemurs, intercede for me; plane-tree and laurel-rose, shade me; summer rain on quays of Toulon, wash me away. -- Cyril Connolly
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An Aesthetic Saint -- J.d. Salinger
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Massoud is dead, but not the hope ! (Massoud est mort, - Mais pas l'espoir !) -- Charles De Leusse
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Pity that child who was born near Rouen,
His only crime, to arrive deformed. -- E.a. Bucchianeri
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In Paris there are wide cityscapes like nowhere else. Habit has made us indifferent to them. But those who wander around the city - keenly sniffing the air, looking to be moved, to be amazed - are very familiar with these places. -- Helen Constantine
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I will cover the walls with words. It will be la chambre des mots. -- Anais Nin
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On to some juicy French philosophical sex-killing murder-suicide cannibal thing. You?"
"Still the controversial Hungarian breast-cancer radioactive seed implant treatment thing. I adore you."
"Je t'adore aussi. Call me. Bye."
"Bye. -- David Cronenberg
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Proximity to this death makes me nostalgic for the French language. -- Henri Cole
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Be careful, mon bijou. -- Katlyn Charlesworth
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I dunno Lloyd, the French are assholes. -- Harry Dunn
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Yol Bolsun" (May there be a road) [Louis L'Amour} -- Louis L'amour
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Jean Alesi is 4th and 5th. -- Murray Walker
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French. Feel. Finger. Fuck. -- John Green
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There is a certain dignity to being French. -- Brigitte Bardot
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I never rebel so much against France as not to regard Paris with a friendly eye; she has had my heart since my childhood ... I love her tenderly, even to her warts and her spots. I am French only by this great city: the glory of France, and one of the noblest ornaments of the world. -- Michel De Montaigne
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Add two letters two paris and it's paradise. -- Jules Renard
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Angleterre Hotel, -- Masha Gessen
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You write to me that it's impossible. The word is not French. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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Paris: city of encounters, of furtive and painful discoveries. All isms converge there, including the anti-isms, all the revolutionaries too, including the counterrevolutionaries . -- Elie Wiesel
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Paris is a wonderful city. I can't say I belong to an especially anglophone community. -- Marilyn Hacker
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France, mother of arts, of warfare, and of laws. -- Joachim Du Bellay
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Whenever I hear French spoken as I approve, I find myself quietly falling in love. -- Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1St Earl Of Lytton
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Taniquetil, glorious to behold, loftiest of all mountains clad in purest snow, -- Anonymous
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Gardette-LePrete Mansion is -- Hector Z. Gregory
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This is Chanceux Chateau. Home to the formidable Prince Severin and his extraordinary wife, Princess Elle, and all that they hold dear." The -- K.m. Shea
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Wiv difficulty 'an injinuity. Jest bein' smart, like. -- Jennifer Worth
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A just fortune awaits the deserving.
[Lat., Fors aequa merentes
Respicit.] -- Statius
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I may be French, but I'm playing for Arsenal. -- Thierry Henry
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Physically, the Ventoux is dreadful. Bald, it's the spirit of Dry: Its climate (it is much more an essence of climate than a geographic place) makes it a damned terrain, a testing place for heroes, something like a higher hell. -- Roland Barthes
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Jos de Vries
U Are The Greatest Gift God Gave me
Petra -- Petra Hermans
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In France, the people were the sport of a king's caprice. Everywhere was the shadow of the Bastille. It fell upon the sunniest field, upon the happiest home. -- Robert Green Ingersoll
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A French woman is a perfect architect in dress: she never, with Gothic ignorance, mixes the orders; she never tricks out a snobby Doric shape with Corinthian finery; or, to speak without metaphor, she conforms to general fashion only when it happens not to be repugnant to private beauty. -- Oliver Goldsmith
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Enter CAPULET, PARIS, and Servant -- William Shakespeare
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Hell, I don't know if he speaks French. -- Toe Blake
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It is the beginning of the end.
[Fr., C'est le commencement de al fin.] -- Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
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Boy, those French! They have a different word for everything. -- Steve Martin
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Residing in Paris during the spring and part of the summer of 18 - , I there became acquainted with a Monsieur C. Auguste Dupin. This -- Edgar Allan Poe
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Above the sky, everything is beautiful, but alone. (Au-dessus du ciel, - Tout est beau, mais seul) -- Charles De Leusse
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One more thing. She wears Patchouli. Every tart in Montmartre wears it. Place Pigalle reeks of it. If she wants to carry out her pose as an aristocrat, she ought to refine her tastes. -- Susan Vreeland
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Despite history, despite English, despite the noteworthies, and a little bit also despite ourselves, alas!, the Quebecois people have stayed French. I had violently returned. This people had no need of directives to affirm its French pride in the face of the whole world -- Pierre Bourgault
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Nowhere is one more alone than in Paris ... and yet surrounded by crowds. Nowhere is one more likely to incur greater ridicule. And no visit is more essential. -- Marguerite Duras
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The Three Musketeers (Dumas, Alexandre) - Your Bookmark on page 5 | location 62 | Added on Friday, 27 February 2015 12:46:51 -- Anonymous
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I would love to be where you are now, in Paris, that home of the planless, the free and joyous and emotional people." What -- Hutchins Hapgood
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Eighteen years a secret and unaccused prisoner in the Bastille; -- Charles Dickens
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Quis costodiet ipsos custodies? (Who will watch the watchers?) -- Juvenal
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To pronounce French properly you must have within you a deep antipathy, not to say scorn, for some of the most sacred of the Anglo-Saxon prejudices. -- Rex Stout
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Decus et pretium recte petit experiens vir.
The man who makes the attempt justly aims at honour and reward. -- Horace
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Now there were a few skirt-wearing, firm-breasted Algerian women who shuttled between our world and the world of the roumis, down in the French neighborhoods. We brats used to call them whores and stone them with our eyes. They were fascinating targets, because they could promise the pleasures of -- Kamel Daoud
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You must all know about Bourgain, so I don't have to write his name on the board-for an obvious reason. -- Endre Szemeredi
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Did he so often lodge in open field, In winter's cold and summer's parching heat, To conquer France, his true inheritance? -- William Shakespeare
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I am truly honoured to become ambassadress for Yves Saint Laurent. The brand's modern vision of beauty is very inspiring, and I am particularly proud to represent such an audacious archetype of woman. -- Edie Campbell
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Quand les cimes de notre ciel se rejoindront Ma maison aura un toit.
(When the peaks of our sky come together My house will have a roof.) -- Paul Eluard
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She is of the race of Jeanne d'Arc, this Northern girl, in her voice, her bearing, her beliefs. That kind if not to be possessed by one man; she belongs to a cause, to the people. -- Florence Converse
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Kindly go to Hell!
(Lestat to Oncle Julien's ghost) -- Anne Rice
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I am a Moroccan writer of French expression. -- Tahar Ben Jelloun
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The forest of Compiegne. Look at it. Like a kind grandmother dozing in her rocking chair. Old trees practicing curtsies in the wind because they still think Louis XIV is king. -- Billy Wilder
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It is my wish that my ashes may repose on the banks of the Seine, in the midst of the French people, whom I have loved so well. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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Ottawa - a sub-arctic lumber-village converted by royal mandate into a political cockpit. -- Goldwin Smith
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The words come out of Helen Justineau in a flat monotone. Parks thinks of Gallagher's written report, with its proceeding tos and its thereupons. But Justineau's bowed head and the tightness of her grip on the parapet wall add their own commentary. "I -- M.r. Carey
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I undertake the same project as Montaigne, but with an aim contrary to his own: for he wrote his Essays only for others, and I write my reveries only for myself. -- Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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Montaigne [puts] not self-satisfied understanding but a consciousness astonished at itself at the core of human existence. -- Maurice Merleau Ponty
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All glory to the Adonai! -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Och, Sarah, how shall I call augh' beautiful again unless it be the sight of you? -- Pamela Clare
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We are Malouins first, say the people of Saint-Malo. -- Anthony Doerr
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Are you saying that you like me, Jules Marchenoir?"
"I am saying that I like you very much indeed, Ava Whitefoot. -- Amy Plum
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It is not in Montaigne, but in myself, that I find all that I see in him. -- Blaise Pascal
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In Paris explanations come in a predictable sequence, no matter what is being explained. First comes the explanation in terms of the unique, romantic individual, then the explanation in terms of ideological absolutes, and then the explanation in terms of the futility of all explanation. -- Adam Gopnik
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When I look back now, it must have been like Paris was at the time of Le Sacre du Printemps. -- David Baker
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It is always sad to leave a place to which one knows one will never return. Such are the melancolies du voyage: perhaps they are one of the most rewarding things about traveling. -- Gustave Flaubert
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Forte is French ... for blanket fort. -- Buddy Wakefield
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You never tire of the moor. You cannot think the wonderful secrets which it contains. It is so vast, and so barren, and so mysterious. -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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To tell about him, one should be French, because only the people of that nation manage to explain to others what they don't understand themselves. -- Nikolai Leskov
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Great French design is often about unexpected touches. -- Candice Olson
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He spoke that refined French in which our grandparents not only spoke bit thought ... -- Leo Tolstoy
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I have not time to say any more, but to beg you will give my duty to the Queen, and let her know her army has had a glorious victory. MonsieurTallard and two other generals are in my coach, and I am following the rest. -- John Churchill, 1St Duke Of Marlborough
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Rien ne se peut comparer a' Paris. Nothing can compare to Paris. -- Eustache Deschamps
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Paris is a mighty schoolmaster, a grand enlightener of the provincial intellect. -- Mary Elizabeth Braddon