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Money is not everything in Life, Love holds a major place. -- Barkha Chainani
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Love people, not money. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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I urge you to live within your means. One cannot spend more than one earns and remain solvent. I promise you that you will then be happier than you would be if you were constantly worrying about how to make the next payment on nonessential debt. -- Thomas S. Monson
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Work hard, save and live within your means. -- Bill Bailey
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The truth is, I have more money than I'm interested in spending. Everyone in my family is taken care of. -- Sam Simon
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Money can't buy your happiness, but it can buy others. -- Anonymous
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Unless you have money today, you cannot live life according to your need. -- Benjamin Creme
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To be extravagant you need money. True. But you do not need your own money. -- George Mikes
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Cheap people often are not very happy because they love money more than they love their families -- Celso Cukierkorn
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One pays for everything, the trick is not to pay too much of anything for anything. -- John Steinbeck
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I owe much; I have nothing; the rest I leave to the poor. -- Francois Rabelais
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You got to live before you can afford to die. -- John Steinbeck
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Cheap people are expensive. -- Okisha Jackson
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Choose love as your priority: Establish the rule at home that money is only secondary and that love reigns supreme. Don't allow money to get in the way of your relationship. Rejoice over sufficient resources, while making the lack of it an occasion for deeper bonding.
-- Good Housekeeping
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Money can't buy happiness. -- Howard Hughes
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Whenever I can afford to do something, I do it. -- Thurston Moore
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Your mindset matters. If you don't have the mindset of a wealthy person ("How can I afford it?") versus a poor person ("I can't afford it."), you will never achieve wealth. -- Robert Kiyosaki
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You realize that everything is a moving budget, and sometimes you've got to borrow from Peter to pay Paul, to make it happen. -- J.h. Wyman
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We are mortgaging our future. -- Joan Blades
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Families are going broke because they buy too much stuff! -- Elizabeth Warren
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A budget takes the fun out of money. -- Mason Cooley
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Money can't buy love, but money can reprove one's care, especially when there is little to give in its efforts to help. -- Anthony Liccione
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personal expenses -- Lisa Deckert
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I've lived very well all my life, even when I had no money, and there's very little I can't afford. -- Ahmet Ertegun
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Money can't buy poverty. -- Marty Feldman
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You are affluent when you buy what you want, do what you wish and don't give a thought to what it costs. -- J. P. Morgan
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I simply want you to give to yourself as much as you give of yourself. By taking care of yourself financially, you will truly be able to take care of those you love. -- Suze Orman
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If you live beyond your means and have to restructure as a result, you pay a price. -- Wolfgang Schauble
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some things cost more than you realize -- Radiohead
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If you give money, spend yourself with it. -- Henry David Thoreau
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Within one's own family, money is not the measure of things, unless the person is an absolute Scrooge. Only the most extreme kind of monster would put a price on everything. -- Margaret Atwood
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Riches are for spending. -- Francis Bacon
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Part of our problem with debt is that we have confused needs with wants. Yesterday's luxuries are today's necessities. -- Billy Graham
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True affluence is to not need anything. -- Gary Snyder
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Luxury is experiencing reality -- Chogyam Trungpa
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belongs. I can't afford so much as a footman to scour Saint Petersburg." "You must afford it. It is said, 'One -- Gregory Maguire
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You have to be courageous to not spend money, ... and we don't have many people who have that courage.. -- Tom Coburn
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There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no one independence quite so important, as living within your means. -- Calvin Coolidge
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Most people, if they're doing really well in their career, often don't have the right intimacy with their partner, or they're doing great in their home life, but their finances are a mess. -- Tony Robbins
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Any fool can spend money. But to earn it and save it and defer gratification - then you learn to value it differently. -- Malcolm Gladwell
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Stop spending money you don't have. -- Rand Paul
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You learn as you grow up, if you're intelligent - or even three-quarter witted - that there's no free lunch. You pay for things in various ways. Living, loving, everything else is a matter of the same principles: you learn to work with what you have. -- Iris Apfel
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Money cannot buy happiness. -- Frida Lyngstad
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I don't live beyond my means. I enjoy luxury and I enjoy the privilege of it, when I can afford it, and I'm in the situation where it's been given to me, but I'm very conscious of what is wasteful. -- Benedict Cumberbatch
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I have a slightly bourgeois upbringing, I guess. My parents paid for me to go to school, which is nice, but I haven't gotten a dime since then. I have no trust fund. I wish I did. -- Dean Wareham
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How can I afford it? opened up the brain and forced it to think and search for answers. -- Robert T. Kiyosaki
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Teach yourself to live and work by a budget. Every family should operate on a budget. This is an estimated and documented list of expected income and expenses for a given period in the future. -- Sunday Adelaja
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Wealth cannot purchase any great private solace or convenience. Riches are only the means of sociality. -- Henry David Thoreau
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Money cannot buy life. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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No matter how successful a relationship may be, both sexually and emotionally, the lack of money can hamper and undermine, little by little, even the greatest passion. -- Laura Esquivel
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The most important things in life can't be bought. -- Elizabeth Reyes
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I am not a person who pursues luxury. I am not like those people who, once they have money, compulsively squander it or show it off. -- Wang Jianlin
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I don't know how to overcome this perception that I'm extravagant. -- Frank Gehry
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Subsidize ... or lend. -- Susan George
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We are all of us richer than we think we are; but we are taught to borrow and to beg, and brought up more to make use of what is another's than of our own. -- Michel De Montaigne
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Live according to your income. -- Aulus Persius Flaccus
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When I was an impoverished graduate student, I would sometimes spend $20 or $30 on a T-shirt or accessory I didn't need or even particularly want. What I craved was the purchase, not the thing itself. Of course, a sense of not being deprived may fill an emotional void without ruinous consequences. -- Siri Hustvedt
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Never let money control you. I'd rather see someone spend every red cent and relish his/her life than scrimp, obsess, and pinch the pennies. There's something repugnant about a person who centers his life around money. -- Rita Mae Brown
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Money is never to be squandered or spent ostentatiously. Some of the greatest people in history have lived lives of the greatest simplicity. Remember it's the you inside that counts. -- Rose Kennedy
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What we buy, and pay for, is part of ourselves. -- Amelia Barr
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Personal finances are like people's personal health, crucial and tragic to the sufferer but tedious to the listener. -- Thomas Keneally
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Once you have a very, very large budget, you actually look for expensive things to spend it on. -- Rory Sutherland
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Luxury, like a minimum wage, is a relationship; it changes as we change. -- Vida Dutton Scudder
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In the midst of life we are in debt. -- Bill Vaughan
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It is great wealth to a soul to live frugally with a contented mind. -- Lucretius
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While the path to wealth is clearly marked, few are willing to adapt themselves to the modest discipline that the journey requires. Instead, most choose the shinier track of debt-driven consumption, which they find further along is covered in vines and thorns. -- Benjamin Franklin
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If I can acquire money and also keep myself modest and faithful and magnanimous, point out the way, and I will acquire it. -- Epictetus
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Resolve not to be poor: whatever you have, spend less. Poverty is a great enemy to human happiness; it certainly destroys liberty, and it makes some virtues impracticable, and others extremely difficult. -- Samuel Johnson
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Very few people can afford to be poor. -- George Bernard Shaw
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No one can buy me. It allows me to devote myself completely to what I do. Knowing that I'm comfortable removes a big burden off my shoulders. -- Pauline Marois
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When we have the means to pay for what we desire, what we get is not so much what is best, as what is costliest. -- Christian Nestell Bovee
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Money is scarce; spend if you have to, not because you want to. -- Vinita Kinra
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Money can enhance your life in many ways but it cannot purchase the essential things that make up a happy life. -- D.s. Luca
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Time has changed and now is the age of spending. -- Zhang Yimou
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Realize that the real hidden cost of everything you buy- is how much life it cost you to get it. -- Ann Voskamp
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Money is a never-ending problem. -- Alvin Ailey
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Fashion is not a luxury, it's a right -- Sarah Jessica Parker
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Money cannot buy man. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Affordable luxury - these are two words that don't go together. -- Bernard Arnault
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If we aren't careful, our children will come down with 'affluenza,' a disease that causes them to confuse wants and needs. We need to teach our children what my grandmother taught me: Think twice about spending money you don't have on things you don't need to impress people you don't like anyway. -- Michelle Singletary
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Riches are for spending, and spending for honor and good actions; therefore extraordinary expense must be limited by the worth of the occasion. -- Francis Bacon
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A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone. -- Henry David Thoreau
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Thu luxury of one class is counterbalanced by the indigence of another. -- Henry David Thoreau
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Spend and be free, but make no waste. -- John Ray
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Money can't buy happiness, but it allows one to endured unhappiness in relative comfort. -- Stephen King
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Nothing of real worth can ever be bought. Love, friendship, honour, valour, respect. All these things have to be earned. -- David Gemmell
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There are many things wealth cannot buy, and most of those are enumerated by philosophers who have never woken wondering if this day would be their last. -- Jacqueline Carey
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Credit is money of the mind. -- James Grant
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Life is so simple, really. Think through what people want, watch what others fail to give them, and provide it. Then bill'em. -- Stuart Wilde
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Spare when young, and spend when old. -- Benjamin Franklin
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Love makes life worth living, not money -- Giovanna Fletcher
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Today, people are having to spend so much of their money, to acquire a house and to get an education that they don't have enough to spend on goods and services, except by running into yet more debt on their credit cards and other borrowings. -- Michael Hudson
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Wealth cannot make a life, but Love. -- Robert Herrick
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What is bad about luxury as long as you can afford it? -- Diana Dors
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We are not limited by money, but rather by
the poverty of our own dreams. -- Doug Wead
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Family is the only real wealth, -- Barnabas
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Money can't buy me love. -- John Lennon
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Everyone I love I pay. -- Bob Saget
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We have become ninety-nine percent money mad. The method of living at home modestly and within our income, laying a little by systematically for the proverbial rainy day which is due to come, can almost be listed among the lost arts. -- George Washington Carver
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Not having money to spend doesn't mean we can't have well-spent moments every day. (42) -- Sarah Ban Breathnach