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No country. is as harsh as the world.
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As the president of Afghanistan I look at the suffering of our people as a whole.
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The time has come to make the difficult decision. Charity begins at home. We can no longer afford to rebuild Afghanistan and America. We must choose. And I choose America.
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In Afghanistan, life is so fragile; who knows what the next week will bring? That fragility really affects the way you're able to report, and the kind of stories people will tell you.
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In the Afghan people, I found the most resilient, welcoming people who, for the first time in my career, never judged me over my right to tell this story - as a woman or a foreigner. A people who cherish their culture and history and the films that have captured that culture.
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The Afghans I met were some of the nicest and most honorable people I've ever encountered. There is a code called 'Pashtunwali,' so if someone invites you into their village, every last man will fight to protect your life. I was impressed by that.
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Afghanistan is the most daring and ambition mission in the history of NATO.
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Where the hell is Australia anyway?
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Canada has sent an army of 1,000 soldiers to occupy the Muslim country of Afghanistan (and ships to the Persian Gulf),
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I don't want to go and start trying to make jokes in places like India, Tanzania or Iraq. Afghanistan is not a funny place.
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Afghanistan must never again be a safe haven for terrorism.
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Afghan society is very complex, and Afghanistan has a very complex culture. Part of the reason it has remained unknown is because of this complexity.
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Afghanistan has always been sort of a fractured nation, very tribal, where the countryside and the distant provinces have been run by custom, by tribal law and by tribal leaders rather than edicts from the central government in Kabul.
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South Africa, it's like the little asshole of the whole world - it's, like, the bottom. It's, like, in the dark depths of the hallway.
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America, the plum blossoms are falling.
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Africa, your sufferings have been the theme that has arrested & engaged my heart.
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When I read about women living under the Taliban, I really wanted to travel there and see for myself: Is it that bad? What is the situation? I remember the night before I left for my trip, I called my mom and said, "I'm going to Afghanistan tomorrow."
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Kabul is... a thousand tragedies per square mile.
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Istanbul ... the constant beating of the wave of the East against the rock of the West ...
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If Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us anything in recent history, it is the unpredictability of war and that these things are easier to get into than to get out of, and, frankly, the facile way in which too many people talk about, 'Well, let's just go attack them.'
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That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts.
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Seeing the Afghan women in their burqas, it's easy to say, "Well, they're not as fully aware as I am, so why do I have to worry so much about their plight?" But that's a misunderstanding. They are brutally aware of their station.
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By the time the United States went to war with Afghanistan in the fall of 2001, I had made three trips to the country. I covered the fall of the Taliban in Kandahar and have been returning routinely for the past 14 years.
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The more I see of life in these 'undeveloped countries' and of the methods adopted to 'improve' them, the more depressed I become. It seems criminal that the backwardness of a country like Afghanistan should be used as an excuse for America and Russia to have a tug-of-war for possession.
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We in the West walked away from Afghanistan at the end of the Cold War and left it as a country devastated socially and armed to the teeth. If we do that again, there will be consequences.
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The men and women of Afghanistan are building a nation that is free, and proud, and fighting terror - and America is honored to be their friend.
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Even though the Bush campaign ad tells you that Afghanistan is a new democracy at the Olympics because of Bush's efforts, Afghanistan hasn't actually had an election.
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Where there is no peace; there is not the slightest religion there.
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To understand Afghanistan, you have to face the stress the average Afghan deals with.
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The bureaucratic culture that we [Afghanistan] have inherited is an obstacle. Hierarchies may be extremely efficient for dealing with certain events, but they are not quick in responding to global, flexible networks.
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The problem in Afghanistan is really not so much land as water. It's a dry country with ample amounts of water running through it, but not to good enough effect.
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China. The Kaiser had temporarily
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I looked westward and marveled that, somewhere over those mountains, Kabul still existed. It really existed, not just as an old memory, or as the heading of an AP story on page 15 of the San Francisco Chronicle.
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Stamps from Afghanistan are hilarious. You can tell when the revolutions are because suddenly they stop having pictures of the mullahs and the independence monument and they start having fish on them.
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The countryside they
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There is no more dangerous country in the world today than Pakistan.
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From my films, you can at least learn about Iran, you can get a sense of the history and the society. But no such films have been made about Afghanistan, so you really can't know much about it.
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Remember the rights of the savage, as we call him. Remember that the happiness of his humble home, remember that the sanctity of life in the hill villages of Afghanistan, among the winter snows, is as inviolable in the eye of Almighty God, as can be your own.
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I want the troops from Great Britain and the U.S. to be successful, but by the same token, Afghanistan has always been a screw-up.
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Afghanistan does have an air force: It has two C-130s. I saw one of them. It was nice, a gift from the United States. But two planes don't even make a Caribbean charter airline, let alone an air force for a country at war.
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On the ground, our operations are in India. We believe we are in a country where the growth is still to be captured, so we will remain reasonably focused in this country.
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Anyone who is contemplating going to Afghanistan does need to think very carefully about the consequences, both to them and their families in terms of the grief they may suffer, as well as contemplate the legal action that might follow on their return, if they were to return,
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I would be quite happy to see the Northern Alliance steam across northern Afghanistan and take Kabul.
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I do dream about Afghanistan. I wake up and think I'm still there.
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Jihad is the Afghan bling.
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Argentina and Burma. I have been to most of the countries in the world, but not those two. I want to shoot doves in Argentina. Burma, of course, because no one has really been there.
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The misery in war-torn Afghanistan is reminiscent of images from the Thirty Years' War.
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[Rahmat Shah Sayel] described what was happening in Afghanistan as a 'war between two elephants' -the US and the Soviet Union- not our war, and said that we Pashtuns were 'like the grass crushed by the hooves of two fierce beasts
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Germany, the diseased world's bathhouse.
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The war in Afghanistan, the first war of the twenty-first century, shows the United States doing what it wants to do, not caring about who it antagonizes, not caring about the effects on neighboring regions.
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Afghanistan and Iraq were lumped together in what was called a 'global war on terrorism.'
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The [Afghans] understand the difficult truth that their best hope of freedom lies in a temporary experience of imperial rule.
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America ... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.
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Do you know that every day, 10 people in Afghanistan are injured by landmines? It will continue for the next 50 years, because the country has the largest number of landmines in the world.
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With our mad lust for Uniformity and a Higher Standard of Living and Expanding Markets, we go to a country like Afghanistan and cruelly try to jerk her forward two thousand years in two decades, giving no thought to the profound shock this must be to her national psychology.
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It would be very hard to bring a wife to Afghanistan. In America, I'd have no problem with her doing whatever she wanted, but in Afghanistan, that's not the case.
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Yemen produces coffee, Egypt cotton, Iraq dates, Palestine oranges, and Syria trouble.
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Pakistan is the most dangerous country on Earth.
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The women of Afghanistan have a voice, and it needs to be heard and not forgotten.
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But apart from the military measures, security measures, of course, Afghanistan needs great help for building up its social life, its economic life. It has become a very poor country, neglected for many years.
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Kabul fell prey to men who looked like they had tumbled out of their mothers with Kalashnikov in hand ...
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We can't stay in Afghanistan forever.
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I hope (the United States) will change and they will now focus entirely on helping and building a stronger, better Afghanistan.
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We want an Afghanistan that is shaped by the dreams of the great Afghan people, not by irrational fears and overreaching ambitions of others.
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Maybe we should hold the next [Olympic] games in Afghanistan and hope the Soviets pull out of that one too.
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If the United States is treating Afghanistan as a sovereign country it has to prove it.
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Fucking outer mongolia!
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The yearning to be Afghan, to be part of the country, part of the land helped me separate myself from the casual traveler and claim my Afghan identity.
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Asia: Four little letters, three billion little people.
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Anyone who's traveled with me to Afghanistan knows why I love this book: 'War,' by Sebastian Junger.
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There's no doubt that it's still a dangerous place, Afghanistan. The fortunate thing is that the United States was helping to provide security for Chairman Karzai. And it shows that the United States is committed to that regime.
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I've been to Uganda and to North Korea and to Eritrea, countless horror spots around the world.
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Mexico. Melancholy, profoundly right and wrong, it embraces as it strangulates.
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If we can't understand the Afghan family, we can't understand Afghanistan.
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The future of Afghanistan is incredibly dark, and decisions are happening incredibly quickly.
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I am now concerned with women's issues in a different way: women from Afghanistan, from Cambodia.
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Peru, Peru. My heart's lighthouse.
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I'm not sure we have the right strategy in Afghanistan. Let me think this over for a few months.
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Well Australia's been in Afghanistan from the get go, way back in 2001, but we have been resolute throughout and with support from both sides of Australian politics.
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There is close to zero trust in institutions in Afghanistan. The mobile carriers have more trust than the banks.
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Today Syria, tomorrow your country.
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The West has been able to bring Afghanistan a much better health service, better education, better roads, a better economy, though some have benefited more; some have benefited less from that economic well-being in Afghanistan.
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Many Afghan intellectuals in the United States believe that their country is best kept together. They are encouraged by the fact that no leading tribal or political figure there has called for secession.
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She (Kamila Sidiqi) believes strongly that Afghans can shape their own future using business to create a healthy economy that offers opportunity and a chance at a better and more peaceful tomorrow."
~in other words capitalism!(my words)
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I wouldn't want to roll the dice on Kabul by myself, because I really think getting killed is definitely a possibility there. A very good possibility.
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Weather in Afghanistan, 2000 degrees and cloudy. What the f-ck am I doing? I'm stuck on the weather channel. AHHH!
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I suggested that we had experience in helping other countries build their military forces, and we would be willing and happy to do the same for Afghanistan, together with the United States.
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What country is stabler than Iran? Where else in the world would an assassinated prime minister be so quickly replaced?
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Other places are also generators of far-flung violence beyond their own borders - Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are obvious examples - but none has as long a history of war, resistance, and terror as Chechnya.
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It will require a sustained military and financial commitment by the international community, working with the government of Afghanistan, to create the environment in which enduring democratic institutions can be established.
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I've spent quite a bit of time in East Africa.
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The most interesting place by far was Afghanistan. Just because it is a place that I cannot see myself living. The hardness of the people and the history of the country is just so completely intense.
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Undoubtedly the Afghans must be, by our standards, the best-looking people in the world. They have everything; height, proportions, carriage, features and complexion.
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Kazakhstan officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country in northern Central Asia. Kazakhstan is the worlds largest landlocked country.
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In the end, for congenial sympathy, for poetry, for work, for original feeling and expression, for perfect companionship with one's friends
give me the country.
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The land of embarrassment and breakfast.
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Certainly Afghans in general and women in particular want a country in which security is a daily reality rather than a campaign slogan or the focus of drive-by speeches from diplomats dropping in for the day.
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Our neighbor Canada has 2,200 troops serving in Afghanistan. Canada has also assumed responsibility for the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar, which was originally established by our own military.
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Now, al Qaeda's on the run. Afghanistan is no longer a base of operations. The Afghan government is a friendly government that is trying to bring democracy to its people.
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The Afghans, despite their backwardness, are a friendly lot, but the Taliban are as barbaric as the Huns from the past.