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Nobody can count Shane Mosley out. He is a good, good fighter, especially when he fights an aggressive opponent like Manny Pacquiao. -- Bob Arum
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Can Aa-a-ana-liese come out and play? -- Jeannine Garsee
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I'm going to beat Alexis Davis then take a nap -- Ronda Rousey
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Charles Kenny's Getting Better.17 -- Steven Pinker
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Obvious, Elbert. -- Nicole Sager
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Madeline Reynolds -- Natasha Lowe
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Who is his manager? Milton Bradley. -- Edge
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Fenwick, sitting down to -- Laura Lippman
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His Tender Roni. -- Ana E Ross
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I would say Randolph's a horse's ass, but that would be unfair to the horse. -- Suzanne Johnson
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Let the boy win his spurs. -- Edward Iii Of England
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Best defender I have played against? Carles Puyol -- Cesc Fabregas
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Tina Blackstone, -- Kristen Ashley
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Poor Harper Seven Beckham, having to live with that name all her life. It's the Boy Named Sue syndrome; at the very least it will toughen her up. -- Simon Hoggart
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Philo Vance / Needs a kick in the pance. -- Ogden Nash
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Think Pickelman's our guy?'
'Maybe. Or maybe he knows who is. Or maybe he's guilty of something else.'
'Glad you could narrow it down,' Bailey replied.
'Always here for ya. -- Marcia Clark
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Shawn Kemp was the player that I grew up watching, when he was with the SuperSonics. -- Amar'e Stoudemire
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The luck of Teela Brown. -- Larry Niven
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looked at Jock Dundas, who was -- Alexander Mccall Smith
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My little Jasnah, insufferable and wonderful. -- Brandon Sanderson
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Quite the bromance you have there Cole, with Alex Riley.. -- Josh Mathews
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Lochsong - she's like Linford Christie ... without the lunchbox. -- Frankie Dettori
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silver jubilee. He -- Roger A. Price
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Jane Austen Emma -- Anonymous
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Robin Roberts - what a trailblazer she has been in sports TV! One of the best in TV. -- Megan Alexander
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Titus Bramble: The only explanation for his existence in the Premiership is that he is already here. -- Pete Gill
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He's no John Walton. -- Haven Kimmel
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I'm going with Darrelle Revis. -- Antonio Cromartie
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Rosie Germaine Mole. -- Sue Townsend
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And Burford needs a momma. -- Kristen Ashley
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Hamm: There's something dripping in my head. A heart, a heart in my head. -- Samuel Beckett
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I'd like to throw Betsey Andreu and Travis Tygart in a wood-chipper. That would be my idea of a good time. Maybe I could get George to come over and help me clean up after. -- Jens Voigt
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Tobias Eaton is a powerful name. -- Veronica Roth
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I always beat Jankovic so who do you think I want to play? -- Marion Bartoli
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Estelle Getty used the language of a truck driver, or a sailor. Bea Arthur didn't wear shoes. Bea Arthur was a comic genius. Her timing was extraordinary. -- Leland Orser
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Indiana was such a devout disciple of Shakti that she had once considered taking her name until her father, Blake Jackson, managed to convince her that a Hindu goddess's name was not appropriate for a tall, voluptuous blond American with the looks of an inflatable doll. -- Isabel Allende
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Whose Daddy's Little Girl Now? -- Lauren Bradshaw
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Allie-Cat? Oh help me Rhonda. He's given me a pet name. -- Elle Kennedy
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She's the Indian who lives in my attic. -- Tracy Letts
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Get Julian Jackson in here baby! ... Julian Jackson, winner take all baby, that's all I gotta say, winner take all! Arghhh! -- James Toney
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Avery started coughing. -- Jack Conner
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I think Ashley Young is world class, Id put him in a bracket with Lionel Messi and Ronaldo -- Martin O'neill
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C J Gibson Gabrielle Covers Lina Posada Shawn Dillon -- Unknown
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Nash has been the sun lighting up the horizon of my life, outshining everything else in my world. I'd thought once that he was to good to be true. Turns out I was right. -- Rachel Vincent
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Just like I'm the king on the microphone, so is Dr. J and Moses Malone
I like slam dunks, take me to the hoop my favorite play is the alley-oop
I like the pick-and-roll, I like the give-and-go
Cause it's basketball, uh, Mister Kurtis Blow. -- Kurtis Blow
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Blake lifted a plastic champagne flute filled with bubbling apple cider. "To Beckett - we wouldn't be here without him."
"To Beckett," the others agreed. -- Debra Anastasia
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This merriment of parsons is mighty offensive. -- Samuel Johnson
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Alex Hailey, who traced his roots all the way to the back of the bus. Never got a dinner! -- Red Buttons
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I held onto her and the world slipped away. She calmed my mind and my soul lifted when close to her. Mina Harris was the better part of me, and I would keep her happy for the rest of my life. -- Belle Aurora
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Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look -- Julius Caesar
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Everton are literally a bag of Revells. -- Paul Merson
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Alison Rosen IWHI! From the easter egg chapter. -- Bryan Bishop
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Gwyneth Paltrow names her kid Apple. I'm not going to let that stand. -- Kathy Griffin
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Wilshere looks like he's got the grit between his teeth -- Darren Gough
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Ryder - the oldest, Avery continued. He's standing as job boss on this project. Owen's the detail guy, runs the numbers, makes the calls, takes the meetings. Or most of them. Beckett's an architect. -- Nora Roberts
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Simon. She might not know many things, but -- Susan Mallery
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Jay Cee's ugly as sin. -- Sylvia Plath
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Nothing is more inspiring than a person with seemingly mediocre talent rising against the odds to become a champion by way of hard work, effort, and perseverance toward their goals. -- Zig Ziglar
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Wil. Of course. - Tobiah -- Jodi Meadows
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I don't know how you keep the world record holder off your team. -- Ryan Hall
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Got any excuses tonight Roy? -- Antonio Tarver
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Michael Cole is a visionary! -- The Miz
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Jason struck out the first, second, and third batters.
"Do not go talk to him," Bird said.
"No problem."
"Don't even look at him," she said.
"Now, that I can't do. He's so cute. -- Rachel Hawthorne
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It means a lot to be compared to Eric Roberson. He's a hero of mine. -- Avery Sunshine
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Beckham? His wife can't sing and his barber can't cut hair. -- Brian Clough
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Legacy Damian Green -- Damian Green
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I'm in love with Tucker Avery. -- Cynthia Hand
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When I first came to Arsenal, I realised the back four were all university graduates in the art of defending. As for Tony Adams, I consider him to be a doctor of defence. He is simply outstanding. -- Arsene Wenger
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I think if you look at Andre then and now, you look at two different models. Of course it's personal preference, I think Andre now is a great role model for the kids. He has started training differently than he was before, and so on and so on. -- Ivan Lendl
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Alvin's the coach. We must be the Clippers. And I must be Olowokandi. Nooooo! -- Shaquille O'neal
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Parsons are soules waggoners. -- George Herbert
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Gilderoy Lockhart -- J.k. Rowling
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If Raymond Chandler came from the South, his name would be Ace Atkins. -- Kinky Friedman
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The talent should speak for itself. -- Jennifer Hudson
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Ashleigh was the answer to a prayer I hadn't even known how to put together. She was all up in my boundaries, and it was a wonderful thing. -- Annabel Joseph
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Little princess, lovely as the dawn, well named Aurore. -- Cameron Dokey
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Who's more important than Diana Ross? -- Don Cornelius
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Unlike Ronan, Adam's Aglionby jumper was second-hand, but he'd taken great care to be certain it was impeccable. He was slim and tall, with dusty hair unevenly cropped above a fine-boned, tanned face. He was a sepia photograph. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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That is NOT the arse of a £7million player! -- Eamon Dunphy
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Henrietta, who might well have been responsible for the first A.A. work in institutions. -- Ed Nyland
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Ally McCoist will always get you a goal, whether he's playing or on the bench. -- Mark Hateley
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It is another Justine Henin who will try and go out there and achieve her dream of finally winning Wimbledon, -- Justine Henin
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Alayana would forget my compliments -- Manisha Koirala
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Which one of you is going to be runner-up? -- Walter Hagen
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What a hell of a league this is. Ah hit .387, .408, and .395 the last three years and Ah ain't won nothin' yet! -- Joe
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Cole should be scoring from those distances, but I'm not going to single him out. -- Alex Ferguson
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Elbowed Danny. You think Shields is the father of that baby? -- Greg Iles
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If Ashley Cole is ready we have 15 players for the final. I'll have to choose between Hilario, who's not bad playing forward or I'll bring in one of the kids. -- Jose Mourinho
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A distinctly ordinary player of extraordinary dirtiness. -- Pete Gill
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I look like Julian Clary on steroids. -- Jo Brand
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Ulick Norman Owen. -- Agatha Christie
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When Mia Hamm touches the ball, you just hold your breath. -- Anson Dorrance
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Clay Blaisdell Western -- Stephen King
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Protect for ernest drake -- Ernest Drake
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Georgie Porgie, he might buy the whole league, but he doesn't have enough money to buy fear to put in my heart. -- Pedro Martinez
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Name 12 players better than me. -- Jalen Rose
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Well, schmear my bagel, if it isn't Mara Dyer. -- Michelle Hodkin
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Tim Howard is as sharp as a tank. -- Andy Townsend
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Miss America Singer of Carolina, Five." I -- Kiera Cass
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While at BUD/S - Marcus Luttrell. -- Chris Kyle