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Two great European narcotics, alcohol and Christianity. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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What are reason and sobriety without the knowledge of intoxication? -- Hermann Hesse
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Dehortations from the use of strong liquors have been the favourite topic of sober declaimers in all ages, and have been received with abundance of applause by water-drinking critics. But with the patient himself, the man that is to be cured, unfortunately their sound has seldom prevailed. -- Charles Lamb
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homemade wine or a -- Anonymous
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Beer soothes the upset soul. -- Thomas E. Mann
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Alcoholism is a dread, an awful, and fatal disease. -- Malachy Mccourt
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Who keeps putting alcohol in my alcohol? -- Tara Sivec
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I drink because I want to suffer profoundly! -- Anonymous
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Human beings mistakenly believed alcohol was a disguise that stopped real life from recognizing them. In fact, it was just a temporary hiding hole ... -- Colin Cotterill
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Drink reacts on its practitioners in conflicting ways. One brave can knock off a quart of Scotch and look and act as sober as Herbert Hoover. Another, after three Martinis, makes two-cushion carroms off the chaise lounge as he attempts to negotiate the bathroom. -- Tallulah Bankhead
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Alcoholism is a Curse -- Honeya
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What does drunkenness not accomplish? It unlocks secrets, confirms our hopes, urges the indolent into battle, lifts the burden from anxious minds, teaches new arts. -- Horace
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The greatest enemies of us alcoholics are resentment, jealousy, envy, frustration, and fear. -- Alcoholics Anonymous
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I drink to make other people interesting. -- George Jean Nathan
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I don't get the whole getting drunk thing. -- Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Alcohol is the motorcycle of beverages. Liver fast, die young. -- Jarod Kintz
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I like the effect drink has on me. -- Oliver Reed
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Ah, sweet alcohol. Like a true friend, you replace the anger with better, louder anger. -- R. K. Milholland
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What's drinking? A mere pause from thinking! -- Lord Byron
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Beer. It always seems like such a good idea at the time, doesn't it? What's worse is beer seems like an even better idea after you've had some beer. -- Steven Hall
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Alcohol, I had learned, was an eloquent if somewhat inaccurate interpreter. I had placed my trust that December night in glass after glass of it, eager not for drink but for a bit of talk. -- Monique Truong
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Alcohol is the devil and I need Chinese food. -- Rihanna
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I don't drink these days. I am allergic to alcohol and narcotics. I break out in handcuffs. -- Robert Downey Jr.
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It can give the courage to talk dirty and the permission to go home with the bartender.
It's the alibi. The cover story.
It wasn't really you - you were possessed by Captain Morgan and the Grey Goose.
Unfortunately, I have a very high tolerance for alcohol.
Sucks to be me. -- Emma Chase
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Alcohol is the monarch of liquids. -- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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Why would anyone get drunk? Why does anyone need anything like that to escape the world, when the world is its own antidote? -- Holly Bourne
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pint of champagne. -- Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Alcohol was the reason we formed complex civilizations, and having to deal with the complexities of civilization is the reason most of us need alcohol. -- David Wong
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I drink to make other people more interesting. -- Ernest Hemingway,
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Alcohol is like pouring smiles on your brain. -- Chris Hardwick
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Alcohol is barren. The words a man speaks in the night of drunkenness fade like the darkness itself at the coming of day. -- Marguerite Duras
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I don't like to abuse alcohol-anything you abuse will abuse you back. -- Michka Assayas
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For in the end, alcohol is merely us, a materialization of our own nature. To repress it is to repress something that we know about ourselves but cannot celebrate or even accept. It is like having a dance partner we cannot trust with our wallet. -- Lawrence Osborne
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Drink is the feast of reason and the flow of soul. -- Alexander Pope
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Alcohol is an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind. -- Rita Mae Brown
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I'm the demon alcohol, demon alcohol, demon alcohol, demon alcohol. Let's party. -- Ozzy Osbourne
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It is very easy to see the allure of alcohol to dull the prain and the temptation to punish myself for something that is not my fault. But he sobering truth is that if I step onto the path of self-destruction, I know I will never come back. -- Bill Jenkins
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Drinking has become one of the most serious social problems. It is basically the result of an attempt to escape from the responsibilities and realities of life. -- Billy Graham
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Liquor is the chloroform which enables the poor man to endure the painful operation of living. -- George Bernard Shaw
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Gin for executions, beer for birthdays, wine for weddings. -- P.j. Wolfson
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Drunkenness - that fierce rage for the slow, sure poison, that oversteps every other consideration; that casts aside wife, children, friends, happiness, and station; and hurries its victims madly on to degradation and death. -- Charles Dickens
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Alcohol is a misunderstood vitamin. -- P.g. Wodehouse
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Alcoholics crave a drink because it offers escape, relaxation, companionship, the blunting of anxieties, and an opportunity for emotional release. -- Charles Duhigg
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I'm not an alcoholic - I don't have the discipline to become one - but, -- Matthew Norman
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Modern life ... is often a mechanical oppression and liquor is the only mechanical relief. -- Ernest Hemingway,
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Where else can we find happiness for a day other than from something that can offer momentary relief, something like the booze? -- Janvier Chouteu-Chando
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If there was a pill that allowed you to drink and not get drunk, an alcoholic would go What happens if you take two? -- Robin Williams
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Wine ... moderately drunken it doth quicken a man's wits, It doth comfort the heart. -- Andrew Boorde
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Tobacco and alcohol, delicious fathers of abiding friendships and fertile reveries. -- Luis Bunuel
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Drunks conjure an endless drama from their bottles. -- Mason Cooley
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Alcohol is evil ... until your loved one gets employed by a brewery. -- Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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Drinking is in reality an occupation which employs a considerable portion of the time of many people; and to conduct it in the most rational and agreeable manner is one of the great arts of living. -- James Boswell
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It's not the drinking to be blamed, but the excess. -- John Selden
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Drinking is a way of ending the day. -- Ernest Hemingway,
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It's hard to understand other people, to know what's hidden in their hearts, and without the assistance of alcohol it might never be done at all. -- Michel Houellebecq
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Liquor teaches you to confuse the means with the end -- William Faulkner
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Nothing uses up alcohol faster than political argument. -- Robert A. Heinlein
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Liver failure is the easiest way to say 'no' to alcohol. -- Bauvard
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I don't drink since it ruined the best thing I ever had. -- Kimberly Lauren
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I don't drink. I don't like it. It makes me feel good. -- Oscar Levant
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Drinking intensifies all your pressures and your needs. -- Desi Arnaz
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The Destiny Of A Drunkard Is In The Bottle . -- Peter Irabor
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Beer is a gift from the goddesses, a soothing balm given our species to bring joy and comfort in compensation for the curse of self-awareness, the awful realization of our mortality -- Alan D. Eames
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The alcoholic trance is not just a haze, as though the eyes were also unshaven. It is not a mere buzzing in the ears, a dizzinessor disturbance of balance. One arrives in the garden again, at nursery time, when the gentle animals are fed and in all the world there are only toys. -- William H Gass
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WINE. Because...KIDS! -- Tanya Masse
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My second marriage had a lot to do with alcohol. -- Mercedes Mccambridge
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It was through reading that I discovered the crucial, even sacrosanct place the rituals of drinking held in the American imagination - the ingenious way alcohol seemed to lubricate everything from onerous chitchat to self-conscious sexual advances. -- Daphne Merkin
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Liquor and love rescue the cloudy sense banish its despair give it a home. -- William Carlos Williams
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Christmas is the alcoholidays -- Sigmund Freud
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Liquor is the kiss of the angels as well as the curse of the devil. It can conceal but also can reveal -- Thrity Umrigar
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I'm drunk. Correct. What the f*** is it to you? -- Calamity Jane
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All along the line, physically, mentally, morally, alcohol is a weakening and deadening force ... -- Beatrice Webb
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Unlike some men, I had never drunk for boldness or charm or wit; I had used alcohol for precisely what it was, a depressant to check the mental exhilaration produced by extended sobriety. -- Frederick Exley
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Alcohol is like Photoshop for real life -- Will Ferrell
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99% of all problems can be solved by money
and for the other 1% there's alcohol. -- Quentin R. Bufogle
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Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity. -- Sammy Davis Jr.
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This is one of the most dreadful evils of alcohol, that it kills insidiously, as if it were doing no harm, or as if it were doing good, while it is destroying -- Martha Meir Allen
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I drink so the others become interesting. -- George Jean Nathan
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I drink to not giving a damn . . . -- Sheridan Hay
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Alcohol provokes stupidity; opium provokes wisdom. -- Sebastian Faulks
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What makes you so lavish that you can afford to spend every sober moment feeling angry and bored? -- Ani Difranco
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Alcohol carries the pleasures of the palate to their highest degree. -- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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Always remember, that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me. -- Winston S. Churchill
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Drink promises you everything, but gives nothing ... -- Nancy Astor
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So at twelve, I discovered that alcohol could dull pain and saw it as a friend. It was only in later years I realized that a friendship with a bottle can overnight turn into a relationship with the enemy. -- Toni Maguire
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What can I say, I'm an alcoholic. It's what I do. -- Ron Wood
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For a long time, when it's working, the drink feels like a path to a kind of self-enlightenment, something that turns us into the person we wish to be, or the person we think we are. In some ways the dynamic is simple: alcohol makes everything better, until it makes everything worse. -- Caroline Knapp
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My anger made me drink as an escape from reality, a way of forgetting. But you don't know when the medicinal effect ends and the poisoning begins ... This is my sixth year of sobriety. Overcoming alcoholism has been my greatest challenge and my greatest reward. -- Mercedes Mccambridge
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Drinking's funny. When I look back on it, all of our important decisions have been figured out when we were drinking. Even when we talked about having to cut back on drinking, we'd be sitting at the kitchen table or out at the picnic table with a six-pack or whiskey. -- Raymond Carver
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Drugs and alcohol can be so destructive. -- Kyan Douglas
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Hangovers had a way of teaching people that drinking alcohol was not a good idea. -- John Flanagan
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Even as it clouds our corporeal vision, intoxication clarifies our spiritual vision. The mind, set free from the heavy bondage of the body, flees away like a prisoner whose guard has fallen asleep, leaving the keys at the prison gate. -- Gerard De Nerval
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I don't know how anyone can drink alcohol, just based on the taste. -- Carrie Fisher
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Under the pressure of the cares and sorrows of our mortal condition, men have at all times, and in all countries, called in some physical aid to their moral consolations - wine, beer, opium, brandy, or tobacco. -- Edmund Burke
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Absinthe now, absent never -- Sian Lavinia Anais Valeriana
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I've always been partial to the image of liquor as lubrication, a layer of protection from all the sharp thoughts in your head. -- Gillian Flynn
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This used to be my drug of choice. In my teens my drug of choice was acceptance, in my twenties it was approval, in my thirties it was love, in my forties it was Scotch. -- Louise Penny
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You know a little drink now and then never hurt nobody, but when you can't git started without asking the bottle, you in trouble. -- Alice Walker
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I drink because I wish to multiply my sufferings. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Alcohol is probably one of the greatest things to arrive upon the earth - alongside of me. -- Charles Bukowski