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When you play by the rules, defy mental demons, overcome every challenge, and enjoy a walk in the country at the same time - that's being alive.
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Everything is alive ... Everything is interconnected.
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I am breathing. That's how I'm staying alive!
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I am not alive if I am only a wispy memory in someone's fickle brain . . .
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Not dead. Just dreaming.
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To stay alive, we just need to move on. Even breathing is one step to move on.
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Being alive is being aware, being able to be touched and moved and changed, being able to respond rather than to react, being able to see and hear.
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Some live, some survive but others merely exist.Live to unlock closed doors
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I'm ALIVE. Thinking about it, noticing it, is new. You do things and don't watch. Then all of a sudden you look and see what you're doing and it's the first time, really.
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I can tell you that God is alive because I talked to him this morning.
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Just because you're alive doesn't mean you're living.
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I am here now, half alive, but alive. I am no longer waiting for the world outside to let me live, slow and sure, as I finally learn how to breathe alone.
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I'm alive. That's a good thing.
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I'm still alive. And I'm still fabulous.
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Alive is better than dead. Always.
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Every now and then I know it's kinda hard to tell,
but I'm still alive and well.
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Just because you're breathing, doesn't mean you're alive.
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When we are present, life is also present.
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I'm alive but I have no life. I'm alive but also dead. I'm dead and alive.
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There is nothing so actively alive as the dead.
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We are most alive when we're in love.
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Isn't it wonderful to be alive? You know, you can forget all about it. Then suddenly you remember, and think of all the things you can do. Here I am. I can walk around. I can talk. I can see things and remember things. I am alive. How wonderful!
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I'm dying, but otherwise I'm in very good health.
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living soul for ever.
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Everything we are is at every moment alive in us.
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To be alive is to totally and openly participate in the simplicity and elegance of here and now.
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Love is still alive in my heart. Dreams are still alive at the dead of night. Hopes are still dancing in my mind.
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He is not dead, he is just - away.
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I think i'm just breathing, that's all. And there's a difference between breathing and being alive.
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Life does not live.
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Yes, I'm alive," Mat said. "I'm usually pretty good at staying alive. I've only failed one time that I can remember, and it hardly counts.
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When you are present, the world is truly alive.
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My heart hurts that means I'm alive.
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you are not dead, but you are not alive.
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I'm not dead. But when I am, it's likeI don't know, I guess it's like being inside a book that nobody's reading.
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I'm still here, I'm still alive, I'm still blessed, on my way to my destiny, because the favor of God is on my life.
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If you're not living I mean really living, you're dead already.
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I am alive because I know how to love love.
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I am alive, he says to himself, I am alive! And life energy surges hotly through him, and delight, and appetite. How good to be in a body - even this old beat-up carcass - that still has warm blood and live semen and rich marrow and wholesome flesh!
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I am most alive when I let myself be touched by the fingers of life.
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The knocker chuckled. Alive? I'm made of bronze. I do not breathe, nor do I eat or drink. So, no, I am not alive. Nor am I dead, for that matter. I simply exist.
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We're all here. Alive and unwell.
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Everything is dead while it lives.
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Mama's still alive today.
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i will stay alive.
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You are not alive unless you know you are living.
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Only the present moment contains life.
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You're here, you're breathing, you are the recipient of an extraordinary act of generosity called life.
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I am Dead, but it's not so bad. I've learned to live with it.
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No, I'm not dying, and I sure ... ain't dead.
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I may be old but I'm not dead.
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Dying is not dead.
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Maggie the cat is alive. I'm alive.
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I'm really alive when I'm on stage,
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You are not dead
You are not dead
You are not dead
You are still
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Dead. Never been that before. Not even once.
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Being alive and living aren't the same.
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Life is what we are alive to.
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What is living? Forging memories. What is dying? Forgetting them.
I never die.
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To be alive today is to have a story to tell. To be alive is precisely to be the hero, the center of a life story. When you can be nothing more than a minor character in somebody else's tale, it means that you are truly dead.
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We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
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I was alive. But I was alive without a memory, without a name; I was cut off from hope as well as from remorse or regret. I had no past and would probably have no future; I was buried alive in a void which was the wound that had been dealt me. I was like the wound itself.
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I know dead. I've been there, done that and got the freakin' T-shirt.
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The Word is alive. We have always known it. But it needs to be uttered, aloud or in the mind of a reader. Without a consciousness to tickle them into life, those books were dead.
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All living things aren't alive.
All dead things are not dead.
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The meaning of being alive is just being alive
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Only the inanimate can be so alive.
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i am awake and alive
and swollen and heavy
with love.
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In the midst of death life persists ...
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He's not dead. But I have a feeling he's bored. That's worse.
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We're alive. We have words and shapes and ideas. We will throw them at you when you do not believe. We will throw our love and our hate and our failure and success. We'll split in two right in front of you and be our best and our worst. We'll lie and tell the truth.
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To be awake is to be alive.
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We're not sure if he's alive. Nobody has the guts to check it out.
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A person who can break wind is not dead.
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Living exists when life lives through us ... life is a living now!
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We are as much alive as we keep the Earth alive.
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There is life, and there is living.
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We are most alive when we are loving and actively giving of ourselves because we were made to do these things.
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I am only alive because I have not yet died.
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I'm alive,' said Shadow. 'I'm not dead. Remember?'
'You're not dead,' Laura said. 'But I'm not sure you're alive, either. Not really.
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Speaking of which, would you like to explain to me how you're alive
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Awake! thou that sleepest, arise from the dead! The Lord still lives today. His power has never abated. His Word has never changed. The things He did in Bible days, He still lives to do today. Not a burden is there He cannot bear nor a fetter He cannot break.
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I have survived. I am here.
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I am here and I'm alive. That's enough.
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The only living life is in the past and future - the present is an interlude - strange interlude in which we call on past and future to bear witness that we are living.
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I wasn't living. I was just existing.
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you're not dead-you're dormant.
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Even after death, life still goes on.
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How do you tell if something's alive? You check for breathing.
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Right now. Living. Aiming to misbehave or just trying not to fade away.
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I am living while I am living.
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Close your eyes and turn your face into the wind. Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation. Suddenly, you know you are alive.
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We're all alive, but we don't know why or what for; we're all searching for happiness; we're all leading lives which are different and yet the same.
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So long as a person is capable of self-renewal they are a living being.
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I have found that life is alive and we are requested to have a friendship with it, to have a conversation with life and that conversation is restorative and healing and always nearby.
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The question before me, now that I am old, is not how to be dead, which I know from enough practice, but how to be alive, as these worn hills still tell, and some paintings of Paul Cezanne, and this mere singing wren, who thinks he's alive forever, this instant, and may be.
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To be in the here and the now - solid and fully alive - is a very positive contribution to our collective situation.
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Feeling alive is merely a rush of adrenaline.
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[ Osama bin Laden is] either alive and well or alive and not too well or not alive.
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I am happy to be alive.