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I'm not an angry kind of person. What I am is a principled person.
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Being angry isn't always for a reason that makes sense.
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It's futile to talk reason to anger
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Are you really angry, or simply aware of anger in the body and mind? Don't speculate, simply look at what is there.
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I wouldn't mind being labeled as "angry," if it wasn't used once again to denigrate and belittle.
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Mad as a fucking hatter. Jesus,
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Anger is a signal that you're distracted by judgmental or punitive thinking, and that some precious need of yours is being ignored.
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The hours and days you spend being annoyed or frustrated are times when you deny yourself access to life's best possibilities. When you live in anger and resentment, you cut yourself off from life's goodness.
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Feeling angry is a universal human phenomenon. It is as basic as feeling hungry, lonely, loving, or tired. The capacity to feel angry and to respond in some way to that feeling is in us from birth.
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Anger is never without a Reason, but seldom with a good One.
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I am angry about the world's conditions for black people.
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Im not angry. I have never been angry in my entire life. The only thing that makes me angry is people videorecording me. Making me mad. NOW TURN IT OFF!
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I get angry when I think that people are blatantly incorrect on matters of fact.
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Unhappy, but not unhappy enough.
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No reason to be angry. Anger just distracts from the all-encompassing sadness.
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We're not mad. We're inhabited
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Only you can allow yourself to be angry.
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I can't even say the word, it's too early in the day to get upset.
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perceptibly with anger. "I
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I don't think I get angry.
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Irritation. I'm too old to get angry. Anger, that's an emotion for more serious things
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I was angry about the fact that my father would beat my mother on a daily basis, that my mother would take it in turn and beat on me. I was an abused child. I was mad about all those things, very bitter and very angry.
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Why would I be angry? Because they believe a thing does not make it so. There is no dignity in anger. But I am also not a kicked dog.
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I am mad, and I embrace it. Madness is part of my heritage.
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I'm not an angry man.
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Be angry, it's okay. To be angry, that is very human. And to learn how to smile at your anger and make peace with your anger is very nice.
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The things that make me very angry are injustice and bullying. If I see someone bullying a woman or child in the street, or kicking a dog, I go completely mad.
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When something upsets you in life, you only have two choices: Get over it or die mad.
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I'm angry and mean and I can't be bothered to care.
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I'm mad at you because...I don't know why. I just am.
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It's not that I'm angry;
You've done nothing wrong.
I'm just not sure why I'm staying
When you're already gone.
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All my life, people have asked me what I was so mad about. 'Why you so mad?' And I was never mad. I'm not mad, I just look mad.
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Angry people may appear strong, willful, or certain, but be assured that beneath the veneer are fear and loneliness and insecurity and pain. Especially, there is pain.
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Anger is poison. You must purge it from your mind or else it will corrupt your better nature.
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Well, I'm mad, but I'm not primer-in-the-face mad.
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Sometimes, you have to get angry to get things done.
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I get angry when people bring derisory actions against me.
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There is no time to be angry, always be busy with love.
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I am angry nearly every day of my life, but I have learned not to show it; and I still try to hope not to feel it, though it may take me another forty years to do it.
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When you're not sure your anger is justified, the thing to do is ask yourself exactly where it's coming from.
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I am mad about my wife.
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I'M ANGRY because the stories of injustice that have been passed down for generations seem to be continuing before our very eyes.
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I'm not mad. I'm a writer.
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That's my secret Cap: I'm always angry.
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Expressing anger is necessary.
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No one can make you angry! No one can make you mad! You get to choose.
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I am never angry, although sometimes distressed.
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When you are angry, it means you, yourself are unhappy. Even if you are wronged, you are still making yourself unhappy if you feel anger.
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You must not be angry with me. You must think of me as an incomplete person.
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Disappointed, yes. Annoyed, yes. But I'm not really mad.
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Anger makes us all stupid.
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The truth is often angry.
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Anger is a violent emotion, vindictive, and as dangerous to he who is driven by it as to anyone on whom it is turned.
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You do angry. I just saw it. And you left at least one hole in my carpet to prove it.
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Angry means you're not dead. Maybe you should think about that.
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Anger is distress.
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Anger usually only serves us, and even then, only very fleetingly.
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Words cannot express how pissed off I am. I am going to have to invent a new word to explain how angry I am. Karflagled. I am so karflagled off at you right now!" "See,
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When you're young you really think you're angry for reasons and causes. As you get older, you realize you might just be angry.
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Everyone is more or less mad on one point.
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Mad as a dog. Mad as a god.
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I don't like anybody to be angry with me. I'd rather have friends.
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Why are we acting as if we're angry. Are we angry?
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Anger is my biggest enemy in life.
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You become angry because something or someone has done something against your expectations.
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I'm angry enough to set fire to a house just by looking at it ... I'm angry enough, at last, to stop being afraid of life, and angry enough ... before I die to fucking well live.
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And I'm so angry I wish I were dead.
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I'm angry that you keep pushing me away when I know you don't want to.
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There is something wrong with you if you don't get angry about something.
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Anger is a handy term and words are tricky, as we know. What one man perceives as anger, another person - in my case the deliverer of material - is, "Don't you see it, don't you see how badly you're doing?" It's like shaking a child - which you're not supposed to do.
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We're all a little mad, aren't we?
Especially if we have a heart and yet must deal with the world.
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Anger is a noble infirmity; the generous failing of the just; the one degree that riseth above zeal, asserting the prerogative of virtue.
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I was agitated something fierce.
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There are a few things that make me angry. Mostly things not going my way.
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Life is so fleeting. I am so busy enjoying it that I have no time to get angry.
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I am much fucking angrier than you think.
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Expressing anger is an art. The more grace you apply to it, the more effective it shall be.
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The only way I can be angry at you is when I have thought, said, or done something that is unkind in my own opinion.
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Breathe a word of prayer, not anger.
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Don't get even, get mad.
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I didnt know I was mad about anything. I guess if the New York Times says I am, I must be.
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Anger is a symptom, a way of cloaking and expressing feelings too awful to experience directly - hurt, bitterness, grief and, most of all, fear.
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Anger clouded judgement.
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There's no point in getting angry. Anger makes you ask questiona. Anger sets up expectations and demands to know the truth.
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Anger is a loaded weapon, be careful where you point it."~
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You have the right to be mad, but be mad with a purpose. Be mad at the right thing.
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Grow angry slowly - there's plenty of time.
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Of course, there are a lot of things I'm angry about in the world.
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Anger is a powerful, transformative emotion, one that can light the fire under us that propels us ever higher. However, the woman wasting time at the grocery story, the man cutting us off, the website that will not load are not the right targets for our energy.
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I'm not angry. And I don't like the thing of the 'angry black woman,' either.
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course it was angry. Gender as it functions today is a grave injustice. I am angry. We should all be angry.
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He wasn't mad, he was sad.
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Anger does not solve anything; it builds nothing.
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To be in anger is impiety, but who is man that is not angry?
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Anger is just an emotion, don't let it rule you
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Anger is nothing more than an outward expression of hurt, fear and frustration
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Anger simply means that your personal power - your personal space, your personal sense of being - has been violated
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I don't feel I'm angry. I feel as though I'm describing something true. If I had stabbed my husband, I could understand being called "angry." If I had an affair with my husband's best friend and written about that experience, I could see the anger. But I'm not doing that.
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We're all a little mad, my friend. Keeps life interesting.
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I have some anger issues.