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Animals are, like us, endangered species on an endangered planet, and we are the ones who are endangering them, it, and ourselves. They are innocent sufferers in a hell of our making.
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Animals, like us, have rich and spacious interiors. They contain inner landscapes: desert places and lonely canyons, cliffs of madness and rivers or serene awareness that merge in tranquil seas.
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When I watch animals, I realize I am watching individual with lives that matter, to them. It isn't just another chicken or another mouse. She is that particular hen, autonomous and unique. He is that particular mouse with a unique life and social identity.
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Animals give us their constant, unjaded faces, and we burden them with our bodies and civilized ordeals.
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My own relationships with the animals in my life are absurdly complex: Some I love, some I eat, and the scraps left over from the ones I eat, I feed to the ones I love.
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Which animal do you see when you hold me and close your eyes and think of animals?
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Animals mean everything to me. We have to be their voice and protectors.
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We should venture on the study of every kind of animal without distaste; for each and all will reveal to us something natural and something beautiful.
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God answered the prayers of animals.
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Animals are just pure, uncomplicated entities of creation from God. They live like the Maasai do in Kenya-for each day is forever to them and the "Now" is what they live in. You can get aggravated with your pets and yell at them, but in a matter of minutes they are licking your hand again in love.
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Animals are inspirational. They don't know how to lie. They are natural forces.
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Animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around. An extremely yang solution to a peculiar problem which they faced.
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Humans have a fraught relationship with beasts. They are our companions and our chattel, our family members and our laborers, our household pets and our household pests. We love them and cage them, admire them and abuse them. And, of course, we cook and eat them.
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Men are the devils of the earth, and the animals are its tormented souls.
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Animals are on earth to protect mankind. When you gather a bunch of them together like this, you create a safe haven. Nothing can touch you here.
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Animals are good humans and humans are bad animals.
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Humanity has determined it is supreme in the kingdom of animals, yet [the] beasts live a less tragic existence ... and many of their tragedies are a consequence of so-called human brilliance.
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We humans should never forget our capacity to connect with the collective spirit of animals. Their energy is essential to our future growth.
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Our knowledge and understanding of nonhuman animals is polluted far more than we acknowledge by our belief in our own superiority, our unrecognized cultural programming, and our separation from nature.
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I wonder what the animal's name was.
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Animals are thinking, feeling creatures. They're sensitive.
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I believe man . . . in the same predicament with other animals.
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Animals have two vital functions in today's society; to be delicious and to fit well.
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Animals may be our friends, but they won't pick you up at the airport.
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Animals are near and dear to my heart, and I've devoted my life to trying to improve their lives.
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Animals are wonderful, because they put you in a great emotional state.
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Surely we ought to show them (animals) great kindness and gentleness for many reasons, but, above all, because they are of the same origin as ourselves.
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Animal protection is education to the humanity.
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[Animals] do not so much act as be put into action, and that objects make an impression on their senses such that it is necessary for them to follow it just as it is necessary for the wheels of a clock to follow the weights and the spring that pulls them.
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Of the top 30 words that parents are calling kids' attention to ('look at the'), 12 are animals.
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I grew up in a home where animals were ever-present and often dominated our lives. There were always horses, dogs, and cats, as well as a revolving infirmary of injured wildlife being nursed by my sister the aspiring vet.
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This world has seen the birth of several strange animals.
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They're animals, all right. But why are you so sure that makes us human beings?
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Animals don't do this.
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The horse and the cow, the rabbit and the cat, the deer and the hare, the pheasant and the lark, please us better as friends than as meat.
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Animals are neither gods nor fiends, but men in their way without the lust and greed of man.
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When we have relationships with animals, we often make up who they are.
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Cruelty to animals is one of the most significant vices of a low and ignoble people. Wherever one notices them, they constitute a sign of ignorance and brutality which cannot be painted over even by all the evidence of wealth and luxury.
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Animals teach us about the animals in ourselves. We need their spirits.
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Subject has the variety of life.
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Animals give so much love. What would a heaven be without them?
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I love animals. They give so much to you and demand so little. And you can trust them.
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I wish people would realize that animals are totally dependent on us, helpless, like children, a trust that is put upon us.
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Animals are our inferior brothers and sisters. They are not meant to be eaten, but must be treated with love.
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Most people would say they love animals, but the reality is, if your using animals for food, clothing, or entertainment, you're only considering the lives of certain animals, typically those of cats and dogs.
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Animal? As in lion and tiger and chipmunk? Who's he kidding?
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My neighbors are crocodiles and tigers and giraffes.
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Cats. Furry little sociopaths that we invite into our homes.
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The animals possess a soul and men must love and feel solidarity with our smaller brethren. All animals are fruit of the creative action of the Holy Spirit and merit respect and they are as near to God as men are.
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poachers and Methodies, of course. Oh,
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Dogs and wolves and lions, may the Others take them all.
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Some animals are cunning and evil-disposed, as the fox; others, as the dog, are fierce, friendly, and fawning. Some are gentle and easily tamed, as the elephant; some are susceptible of shame, and watchful, as the goose. Some are jealous and fond of ornament, as the peacock.
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We're all animals.
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Nearly all of us have a deep rooted wish for peace-peace on earth; but we shall never attain the true peace-the peace of love, and not the uneasy equilibrium of fear-until we recognize the place of animals in the scheme of things and treat them accordingly.
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Animals keep you company when you're really lonely. It helps because when you have a friend around who always likes you no matter what - it's harder to feel bad or down.
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One can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats its animals.
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To survive today, other animals must endure global warming, pollution, and fewer habitats. More tragically, they must endure the silence of human hearts.
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Animals are footprints of God.
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Dolphins : Animals that are so intelligent that, within a few weeks of captivity, they can train a man to stand on the edge of their pool and throw them food three times a day.
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Nature clasps all her creatures in a universal embrace; there is not one of them which she has not plainly furnished with all means necessary to the conservation of its being.
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I think our animals are angels, earth-angels, pointing out for us the steadfast path of love, loyalty, optimism, faith, joy, hope. They teach us everything important about life.
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Animals may aid us in our everyday lives, in our dreams, meditations. Since they were created before humans, they are closer to THE SOURCE and can act as allies, guides and familiars in our search for wholeness. - An Inuit woman I
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Animals form an inalienable fragment of nature, and if we hasten the disappearance of even one species, we diminish our world and our place in it.
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The case for exploiting animals for food, clothing and entertainment often relies on our superior intelligence, language and self-awareness: the rights of the superior being trump those of the inferior.
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Nothing is more priceless and more worthy of preservation than the rich array of animal life with which our country has been blessed. It is a many-faceted treasure, of value to scholars, scientists, and nature lovers alike, and it forms a vital part of the heritage we all share as Americans.
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What exists are not separated animals, but an inter-animality.
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I'm very passionate about animals.
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Anne is quite the animal lover," Fang said to me as we followed Angel. "Horses, sheep, goats. Chickens. Pigs." "Yeah," I said. "I wonder who's for dinner?
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We fill the hands and nurseries of our children with all manner of dolls, drums and horses, withdrawing their eyes from the plain face and ... Nature, the sun and moon, the animals, the water and stones, which should be their toys.
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People are beginning to see that the first requisite to success in life is to be a good animal.
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Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul.
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Human beings are the only animals of which I am thoroughly and cravenly afraid.
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Animals were not made for us, or our use. They have their own use, which is just being who they are.
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Nothing can be more obvious than that all animals were created solely and exclusively for the use of man.
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Animals for the most part just need to be left alone.
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Animals ... are there merely as a means to an end. That end is man.
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A lifelong intimacy with animals has got me out of the common notion that they are automata with a slight infusion of intelligence in their composition. The mind in beast and bird, as in man, is the main thing.
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Do you have any idea of the pain [the animals have] suffered at human hands?
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One should love animals. They are so tasty.
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Animals should be given a chance to express their natural behavior.
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Fetishes ... they're the pet you feed or the beast that eats you. We'll feed your beast until it's tamed.
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Animals are companions on this planet, not necessarily our feedbags.
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Love the animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled.
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In the garden of humanity there are tigers and lion, deer and doves. Deer and doves live carefully but with beauty and joy.
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Animals are better than humans. They aren't complicated or evil. They do what they have to do to survive. And they have emotions just as strong as we do.
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We should remember in our dealings with animals that they are a sacred trust to us from our Heavenly Father. They are dumb and cannot speak for themselves.
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One of the poets says somewhere that animals are a different people. I killed them by the ten, by the hundred, thousand, not even knowing what they were called. I destroyed their houses, their secrets. And buried them. Buried them. Leonid
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Animals have this way of constantly confronting us with ultimate questions - about truth and falsehood, guilt and innocence, God and sanctity and the soul - forcing us to define ourselves and our relationship to the world.
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Animals, birds, and fish confirm Your power and Your existence.
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They parade for us
In zoos - in portraits
Of every generation.
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Toads, beetles, bats.
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Animals love and suffer, cry and laugh; their hearts rise up in anticipation and fall in despair ... they feel.
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The animals are those things that God likes but doesn't love.
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things riding mules
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Birds are the first and the greatest performers.
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One day, God said 'Let there be prey.' And he created pigeons, rabbits, lambs and Gene Wilder.
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Animals interest me more than anything else.
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Humans. Sometimes they make chimps look smart.
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Scientists have reported that elephants grieve their dead, monkeys perceive injustice and cockatoos like to dance to the music of the Backstreet Boys.
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I'm a big animal fanatic.