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We Irish are too poetical to be poets; we are a nation of brilliant failures, but we are the greatest talkers since the Greeks. -- Oscar Wilde
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This town of Sheffield is very populous and large, the streets narrow, and the houses dark and black, occasioned by the continued smoke of the forges, which are always at work: Here they make all sorts of cutlery-ware, but especially that of edged-tools, knives, razors, axes, &. and nails -- Daniel Defoe
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Irish tory employers hid[e] their sweatshops behind orange flags, and Irish home rule landlords us[e] the green sunburst of Erin to cloak their rack-renting in the festering slums of our Irish towns. -- James Connolly
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I'm just a true Irish boy at heart. -- Colin Farrell
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It is in that English Parliament the chains for Ireland are forged, and any Irish patriot who goes into that forge to free Ireland will soon find himself welded into the agency of his country's subjection to England. -- Jeremiah O'donovan Rossa
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I may be Irish, but I'm not stupid. -- Joe Biden
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I was gazing back in the direction of Wales, watching the Prudence clone, when I noticed a couple of drunks lurching in my direction. Night people who live in service stations. The insufficiently deceased. -- Iain Sinclair
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Gust of British wind tousles my hair. (Top of the morning! Oh, no, wait, that's Irish.) It's -- Patrick Ness
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When Ronan thought of Gansey, he thought of moving into Monmouth Manufacturing, of nights spent in companionable insomnia, of a summer searching for a king, of Gansey asking the Gray Man for his life. Brothers. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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In one of the Welsh counties is a small village called A
. It is somewhat removed from the high road, and is, therefore, but little known to those luxurious amateurs of the picturesque, who view nature through the windows of a carriage and four. -- Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1St Baron Lytton
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An Irishman needs three things : silence, cunnning, and exile. -- James Joyce
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I'm just an Irish biddy. -- Judy Garland
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Fookin' Irish, they're a race of political masochists, they love their fookin' chiefs and princes an' a strong hand belting. It's like the man said in the play, Abair and focal republic i nGaoluinn? -- Gwyneth Jones
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does my Anerew's hert guid to hae a crack wi' ane 'at kens something o' what the Maister wad be at. Mony ane 'll ca' him Lord, but feow 'ill tak the trible to ken what he wad hae o' them. -- George Macdonald
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Hapmshire" typo, -- Nicholson Baker
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Here, are the stiffening hills, here, the rich cargo
Congealed in the dark arteries,
Old veins
That hold Glamorgan's blood.
The midnight miner in the secret seams,
Limb, life, and bread.
- Rhondda Valley -- Mervyn Peake
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Irish has not so much a common formula as a common character. -- Lew Bryson
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Dublin was an English city, one of the loveliest. The most Irish thing about it was the shifting drab flow of the poor people -- Jan Morris
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The 'Irish Question' has dogged English politics for four hundred years and will continue to measure out its irresolution in blood and human lives until there is peace in Ireland. -- Kevin Toolis
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Oh sod me, Sir, not another bloody Paddy. Even a Brummie is better than another Paddy. -- Jim Mcgrath
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A ghra. A amhain. My love. My only. -- Nora Roberts
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If we turn to early Irish literature, as we naturally may, to see what sort of people the Irish were in the infancy of the race, we find ourselves wandering in delighted bewilderment through a darkness shot with lightning and purple flame. -- Sean O Faolain
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I should tell you that honestly, on my honour of a Nearwicked, I always think in a wordworth's of that primed favourite continental poet, Daunty, Gouty and Shopkeeper, A.G., whom the generality admoyers in this that is and that this is to come. -- James Joyce
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Ireland is not at all a simple place, and in many ways it is spare and sad. It has no wealth, no power, no stability, no influence, no fashion, no size. Its only real arts are song and drama and poem. But Limerick alone has two thousand ruined castles and surely that many practicing poets. -- Shana Alexander
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Aberdeen, a city in the northern reaches of HSBC-London. Their -- Gary Shteyngart
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Anakana Schofield is part of a new wave of wonderful Irish fiction-international in scope and electrically alive. -- Colum Mccann
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Do you not listen to our daily meetings about the state of your lands?"
"Of course I don't. They're dead boring."
"Not everything can involve bloodshed, Annwyl."
"Can't you come get me when there is bloodshed? Otherwise just leave me alone to read. -- G.a. Aiken
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I'm troubled. I'm dissatisfied. I'm Irish. -- Marianne Moore
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I am an Irishman, sir." "Irish Irish?" "Yes, sir. -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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This is Ireland, Finley. It's rough. It's wild. And it is holy. -- Jenny B. Jones
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Not in vain is Ireland pouring itself all over the earth ... The Irish, with their glowing hearts and reverent credulity, are needed in this cold age of intellect and skepticism. -- Lydia M. Child
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I come from the Lynchs of Sligo. You know, I went there, but I looked in the phone book and there are nine million Lynches in Sligo. -- Jack Nicholson
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Geographically, Ireland is a medium-sized rural island that is slowly but steadily being consumed by sheep. -- Dave Barry
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Good ale, the true and proper drink of Englishmen. He is not deserving of the name of Englishman who speaketh against ale, that is good ale. -- George Henry Borrow
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I had a ploughman's lunch the other day. He wasn't very happy. -- Tommy Cooper
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Each Australian is a Ulysses. -- Christina Stead
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Whenever possible, Gowan Stoughton of Craigievar, Duke of Kinross, Chief of Clan MacAulay,
avoided rooms crowded with Englishmen. They were all babbling gossips with more earwax than
brains, as his father was wont to say.
Though Shakespeare had got there first. -- Eloisa James
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In farm country, the plover has only two real enemies: the gully and the drainage ditch. Perhaps we shall one day find that these are our enemies, too. -- Aldo Leopold
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What's feeding in Derry? What's feeding on Derry? -- Stephen King
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Take heede of an oxe before, of an horse behind, of a monke on all sides. -- George Herbert
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For a tiny speck in the Atlantic, Ireland has made an outsize contribution to world literature. It's a legacy we can all be proud of, one that would take many pages (or indeed a whole library of books) to recount in full. -- Rashers Tierney
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Ireland, Ireland. That cloud in the west, that coming storm. -- William E. Gladstone
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Desmond O'Grady is one of the senior figures in Irish
Literary life, exemplary in the way he has committed
himself over the decades to the vocation of poetry and
has lived selflessly for the art -- Seamus Heaney
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Romney Marsh remains one of the last great wildernesses of south-east England. Flat as a desert, and at times just as daunting, it is an odd, occasionally eerie wetland straddling the coastal borders of Kent and Sussex, rich in birds, local folklore and solitary medieval churches. -- David Hewson
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A harrassed and dubious childhood under the hand of a well-meaning but barbarous mother's help from County Armagh led me to think of the North of Ireland as prison and the South as a land of escape. -- Louis Macneice
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Try and fit in in a New Zealand playground with an Armagh accent - it doesn't work. -- Sam Neill
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English dragoons -- Diana Gabaldon
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...early medieval Ireland sounds like a somewhat crazed Wisconsin, in which every dairy farm is an armed camp at perpetual war with its neighbors, and every farmer claims he is a king. -- David Willis Mccullough
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In Memoriam, Louis Anglesey, Earl of Upnor, finest swordsman in England, beaten to death with a stick by an Irishman. -- Neal Stephenson
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Save the trees of Ireland for the future men of Ireland on the fair hills of Eire, O. -- James Joyce
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Nocht is your fairnes bot ane faiding flour, Nocht is your famous laud and hie honour Bot wind inflat in uther mennis eiris. -- Robert Henryson
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Good morrow, fair ones; pray you, if you know,
Where in the purlieus of this forest stands
A sheep-cote fenc'd about with olive trees? -- William Shakespeare
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A person from Northern Ireland is naturally cautious. -- Seamus Heaney
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The GAA is the sporting wing of the IRA. -- Sammy Wilson
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Damn it all, MacMurrough, are you telling me you are an unspeakable of the Oscar Wilde sort?'
'If you mean am I Irish, the answer is yes. -- Jamie O'neill
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When anyone asks me about the Irish character, I say look at the trees. Maimed, stark and misshapen, but ferociously tenacious. -- Edna O'brien
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When you have lost your inns, you may drown your empty selves. For you have lost the heart of England. -- Hilaire Belloc
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Irish-sparkle-fish, -- Anne Eliot
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Ye rigid Ploughman! bear in mind Your labor is for future hours. Advance! spare not! nor look behind! Plough deep and straight with all your powers! -- Richard Henry Horne
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I am the Earl of Ravensmoor. And you are? (Sparhawk) Totally freaking out. (Taryn) Tis a most peculiar name, milady. Are you by chance Welsh? (Sparhawk) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Fenchurch had red mullet and said it was delicious.
Arthur had a swordfish steak and said it made him angry. He grabbed a passing waitress by the arm and berated her.
"Why's this fish so bloody good?" he demanded, angrily. -- Douglas Adams
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We thought you would not die - we were sure you would not go; And leave us in our utmost need to Cromwell's cruel blow - Sheep without a shepherd when the snow shuts out the sky - Oh, why did you leave us, Eoghan? Why did you die? -- Bill O'reilly
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I know of no place where the wind can be as icy and the damp so penetrating as in Oxford round about Easter time. -- Vera Brittain
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May you always have a friend that is worth that name. Irish blessing -- Faith Lyon
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That's how vile i am! I live Ireland, I breathe Ireland, and Christ how I loathe it, I wish I were a bloody Scot, that's how bloody awful it is being Irish! -- Iris Murdoch
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Again and again, I find something eerie in many Irish occasions - the unrelenting whiteness, the emotional tribal attachments, the violent prejudices lurking beneath apparently pleasant social surfaces, the cosy smugness of belonging. -- Tom Paulin
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My life started on the banks of the Boyne in County Meath. Navan is the name of the town; only me, Mom, Dad. -- Pierce Brosnan
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There's ten thousand wyes a hen can get into a gairden, but only the wan wye she can get oot, and it's gey ill for her to find it. -- Neil Munro
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Ireland sober is Ireland stiff. Lord help you, Maria, full of grease, the load is with me! Your prayers. I sonht zo! Madammangut! -- James Joyce
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NORTH WALES, LLANDUDNO and SNOWDONIA: What to see, where to go, what to do. By -- Gary Mckraken
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At the beginning of my acting career, I worked for two seasons at the RSC and spent a lot of time in the Cotswolds exploring Shakespeare's countryside. It's my kind of English landscape, with its tiny villages and one-room thatched pubs. -- Cherie Lunghi
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Akthent on thee latht thyllable. -- Bret Easton Ellis
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What is it ye have there, Murtagh? -- Diana Gabaldon
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Each county has usually some family, or personage, supposed to have been favoured or plagued, especially by the phantoms, as the Hackets of Castle Hacket, Galway, who had for their ancestor a fairy, or John-o'-Daly of Lisadell, Sligo, who wrote Eilleen Aroon, -- W.b.yeats
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We Irish have a gift for resignation. Or, put another way, fatalism." He -- Emma Donoghue
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It seems to me you do not care what banality a man expresses so long as he expresses it in Irish. -- James Joyce
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I've always been fascinated with Ireland, especially Northern Ireland, having lived in London in the '80s when there was an Irish republican bombing campaign there. -- John Gordon Sinclair
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Ireland, sir, for good or evil, is like no other place under heaven, and no man can touch its sod or breathe its air without becoming better or worse. -- George Bernard Shaw
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Mad Ireland hurt you into poetry. -- W. H. Auden
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My mum's family are from Blaenau Ffestiniog, the slate town. My grandfather was Elis Humphreys Roberts, so that's quite Welsh isn't it? -- Simon Fowler
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Aberystwyth (n.)
A nostalgic yearning which is in itself more pleasant than the thing being yearned for. -- Douglas Adams
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If there were only three Irishmen in the world you'd find two of them in a corner talking about the other. -- Maria Brandan Araoz
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An English homegrey twilight poured On dewy pasture, dewy trees, Softer than sleepall things in order stored, A haunt of ancient Peace. -- Alfred Lord Tennyson
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That gate," said the under-gardener, turning with great deliberation towards the south, and embracing the whole of that part of England with one comprehensive sweep of his arm. "Curious, -- Wilkie Collins
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He plough on Sunday, Sir.
Plough on Sunday?! -- Arthur Miller
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No genuine Irishman could relax in comfort and feel at home in a pub unless he was sitting in deep gloom on a hard seat with a very sad expression on his face, listening to the drone of bluebottle squadrons carrying out a raid on the yellow cheese sandwich. -- Flann O'brien
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MILTON! thou shouldst be living at this hour:
England hath need of thee: she is a fen -- William Wordsworth
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The fierce pulsation of resurgent pride that disclaims servitude may one day cease to throb in the heart of Ireland - but the heart of Ireland will that day be dead. While Ireland lives, the brain and the brawn of her manhood will strive to destroy the last vestige of British rule in her territory -- Thomas Macdonagh
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Out of Ireland have we come, great hatred, little room, maimed us at the start. I carry from my mother's womb a fanatic heart. -- William Butler Yeats
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Kerry Gold Irish butter. -- Florian Kammerer
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As a young man on the streets of Derry, I saw Ian Paisley as an immortal opponent of everything to do with equality, justice, fairness, and respect for Irishness. -- Martin Mcguinness
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An I mo chridhe, I mo ghraidh. - In Iona that is my heart's desire, Iona that is my love. -- Saint Columba
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This tired abstract anger; inarticulate passive opposition; always the same thing in dublin -- Samuel Beckett
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Poison ivy, because who needed a case of that on your pecker). We're all here in Derry. No camp, no relatives, no vacations, no AWAY. All right here. Present and accounted for. There's -- Stephen King
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Maybe blow-up dolls invaded Ireland during the Dark Ages, landing in the bay here. They raped the men and pillaged the women, adopted the children to imprint their rubbery ways on them, turning them into blow-up orphans. Hence,' she concludes, 'Dollymount Strand. -- Jonathan Dunne
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Certes, they been lye to hounds, for an hound when he cometh by the roses, or by other bushes, though he may nat pisse, yet wole he heve up his leg and make a countenance to pisse. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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We come bulletproof in Ireland. We're reared tough, and we fight. -- Conor Mcgregor
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There is a river in Macedon, and there is moreover a river in Monmouth. It is called Wye at Monmouth, but it is out of my prains what is the name of the other river; but 'tis all one, 'tis alike as my fingers is to my fingers, and there is salmons in both. -- William Shakespeare
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Listen, I'm from Belfast. We're not polite people. And it's language. We're direct. -- Paula Malcomson
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Let any stranger find mee so pleasant a county, such good way, large heath, three such places as Norwich, Yar. and Lin. in any county of England, and I'll bee once again a vagabond to visit them. -- Thomas Browne