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I sometimes suspect they don't take Dr. Aphrodite very seriously. Which is sad, really. Because what's more serious than love?
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Hail, Piper McLean," Chiron announced gravely, as if he were speaking at her funeral. "Daughter of Aphrodite, lady of the doves, goddess of love.
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Not knowing is half the fun," Aphrodite said, "Exquisitely painful isn't it? Not being sure who you love and who loves you? Oh, you kids! It's so cute I'm going to cry!
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We must have a creature made of Darkness to break through the cage of Darkenss that imprisons your grandmother," Thanatos said.
"That creature is me." Aurox stepped forward.
"Oh, for shit's sake! We are absolutely fucked!" Aphrodite said.
Sadly I had to agree with her.
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Mother of Aeneas, pleasure of men and gods. -Aeneadum genetrix, hominum divomque voluptas
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I am the god Apostolos. The Harbinger of Telikos. The Final Fate of all. Beloved son of Apollymi the Great Destroyer. My will makes the will of the universe. [Apostolos / Acheron Parthenopaeus]
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I am Athena. Before that I was Thea, singer and slave and lover of gladiators. Before that I was Leah, daughter of Benjamin and Rachael of Masada. I am as mortal as you, you common little man. And I fear no one!
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I'm so glad you're here," Aphrodite said. "War is coming. Bloodshed is inevitable. So there's really only one thing to do."
"Uh ... and that is?" Annabeth ventured.
"Why, have tea and chat, obviously
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They stared at her together for a moment. Sun beams played over marble, making the pink alabaster glow as if rosy blood danced just under the surface of Aphrodite's skin.
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Venus, taking pity on the artist Pygmalion when he fell hopelessly in love with his statue, granted his fondest wish and turned the statue into a beautiful woman, Galatea.
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Cassiopeia? She was a queen long ago, in a different part of the world. The stories say she was very beautiful, but very proud. Too proud. She smack-talked some goddesses and got herself stuck up there for all eternity.
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Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon ... probably the demigod Hazel admired most. He'd saved her life so many times on their quest to Alaska; but when he had needed Hazel's help in Rome, she'd failed him. She'd watched, powerless, as he and Annabeth had plunged into that pit.
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Exquisitely painful, isn't it? Not being sure who you love and loves you? -Aphrodite
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The curtains would open and it would be just her standing in some ludicrous pose, like Aphrodite.
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She was a diamond in a quarry full of quartz.
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Gemellus, who had loved and worshiped her from afar, she who was in his arms now ...
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I vote, I challenge Bathymaasy and we shoot arrows at you dearest brother. Artemis
Set and Bathymaas laughed.
Apollo, not so much.
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That orbed maiden, with white fire laden, Whom mortals call the moon.
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Lady, I was gonna cut you some slack, 'cause you're a major mythological figure ... but now you've just gone nuts!
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He Who Cannot Be Named is involved," I whispered. "Oh for shit's sake. This isn't Hogwarts," Aphrodite said.
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They say: Philosopher's Stone; I hear: Lot's Wife!
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Her name was Zenobia and she was a descendant of Cleopatra. She
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Zoey~ 'Listen to me, whinning about money and a scarf. Ah, hell! I'm starting to sound like Aphrodite.'
Stark~ 'If you turn into Aprodite I'm going to stab myself.'
Zoey~ 'If I turn into Aprodite, stab me first.'
Stark~ 'Deal.'
Zoey~ 'Deal.
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Oh for craps sake. You're not dying again, are you? It's seriously inconvenient when you do that. -Aphrodite
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Katniss the mockingjay
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She ate the stars and swallowed the earth,
She is the girl with all the power.
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Zhadi. Of admirers and foes, she had plenty. They said she
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He who called her so called her by her true name, for she is the full moon of full moons, afore God!
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In Greek, Humanity, anthropotita, is female and it feels suitable
to call her a she from now on. She is all. She is the poet of
the universe, She is the image that god was crafted to resemble.
She is the Imago Dei.
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Born to destroy kings, born to reshape the world, born to horrify and break and remake, born to endure and never be erased. Hekate Medea, more than god and more than woman, alive now, in the time of origin.
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Annabeth is the most level-headed demigod
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Of urgency I was feeling. "Tonight, Zoeybird? I can't wait a few hours until morning?" "Tonight." As if to punctuate my request through the phone, Aphrodite and I heard the chilling sound of a raven's deep, creepy, croaking
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Ohmygod. Did hell just freeze over? - Zoey Redbird when Aphrodite LaFonte tells her parents that Zoey deserves to be leader of the Dark Daughters
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Sing, goddess, of Achilles' ruinous anger
Which brought ten thousand pains to the Achaeans,
And cast the souls of many stalwart heroes
To Hades, and their bodies to the dogs
And birds of prey.
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Elizabeth Spencer.
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Pandora, possessed by the unleashed contents of her box.
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Like at the DMV when you've passed your driver's test and had a really bad picture taken and you're waiting for them to bring you your license?" Jack said.
"Exactly, only without the filth and peasants," Aphrodite said.
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Love conquers all," Aphrodite promised. "Look at Helen and Paris. Did they let anything come between them?"
"Didn't they start the Trojan War and get thousands of people killed?"
"Pfft. That's not the point. Follow your heart.
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Aziraphale. The Enemy, of course. But an enemy for six thousand years now, which made him a sort of friend.
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Helen of Troy, a hooker from Upstate New York. Never got a dinner!
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Ilauria on Phaedrus: His love was like the sun and the moon all wrapped in one.
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Artemis the bitch goddess. You know her. She's the one who stole your soul. (Simi)
She didn't steal it. (Gallagher)
Of course she did. She steals everything. (Simi)
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Her beauty ... The more she's defiled, the more it grows!
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Bathsheba! to whom none ever said scat- No worthier cat Ever sat on a mat, Or caught a rat. Requiescat!
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She is best who is least spoken of among men, whether for good or evil.
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Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of exiles.
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Katniss Everdeen, The Girl On Fire!
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Ah, she doth teach the torches to burn bright, it seems she hangs against the cheek of night like a rich jewel from an Ethiope's ear, beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear.
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It's not important," Silena insisted. "We have to find Charlie!"
Another first: a child of Aphrodite uninterested in jewellery.
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The first Goddess, Gaia, who was the earth, wide hipped, big bellied, the womb of the human race, the nurturing breast of all humans, the opulent and voracious beginning of all things female.
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Was it because she was an apsara that whatever she touched she could seduce?
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ANTIGONUS If it prove She's otherwise, I'll keep my stables where I lodge my wife; I'll go in couples with her; Than when I feel and see her no further trust her; For every inch of woman in the world, Ay, every dram of woman's flesh, is false, If she be.
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In all things rest is sweet; there is sur feit even in honey, even in Aphrodite s lovely flowers.
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Paulinus, everyone knows. Say the word, and I'll run the bitch over with my chariot
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This dangerous girl. This captivating beauty.
This destroyer of worlds and creator of wonder.
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The woman was beautiful in timeless, regal way- like a statue you might admire but could never love.
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naked goddess with
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One that was a woman, sir; but, rest her soul, she's dead.
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She was Lilith, First Wife of Adam, Queen of the Night, Mother of Demons, Stealer of Children, and he was her Revenant - her undead warrior. And she would use him, and the power of his spear, to destroy her enemies and punish her wayward children.,
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She was beholden to no man, held her tongue for none, she would stand before the gods themselves and inform them of what they could do with their immortal souls.
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They're Twin-like," Shaunee said.
"Hilarious," Erin agreed.
"Shut up!" Aphrodite and Stevie Rae said together, which made the Twins convulse into laughter.
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She was the goddess of... herself.
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Goddess, ... do not be angry with me about this. I am quite aware that my wife Penelope is nothing like so tall or so beautiful as yourself. She is only a woman, whereas you are an immortal. Nevertheless, I want to get home, and can think of nothing else.
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Who the hell is that?!
Some call her Satan. Others, Beelzebub. She goes by many names.
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The scientific mind is atrophied, and suffers under inherited cerebral weakness, when it comes in contact with the eternal woman
Astarte, Isis, Demeter, Aphrodite, and the last and greatest deity of all, the Virgin.
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Adam & Eve. The serpent cracked the mirror in a thousand pieces, & the apple was his rock.
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Who can know her, and himself, and entertain much hope? Who can see and know such a creature, and not love her to distraction? She has all the softness that does not imply weakness ... she is not made to be the admiration of everybody, but the happiness of one.
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She was truly one of the most ancient and wildest of creatures.
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in the linked arms of Bacchus and Aphrodite.
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She has the care of a mother, the love of a sister, a prostitute in bed. Who is she?
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She is of the strangest beauty and the darkest courage, and when she walks with intent the earth trembles beneath her feet.
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Aedion - every breath she took seemed to echo his name. Aedion, Aedion, Aedion.
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The myth is not my own; I have it from my mother. Euripides
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Beauty! Terrible Beauty!
A deathless Goddess
so she strikes our eyes!
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What woman could I hate enough to marry her to the Dragon Reborn?
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Piper to Drew:
P: In case youthink Im not a true Daughter of Aphrodite dont even look at Jason Grace. He may not know it yet but he's mine. If you even try to make a move, I will load you into a catapult and shoot you across Long Island Sound.
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Her who whose beauty is not like earthly beauty, dangerous to look upon, but like the morning star which is its emblem, bright and musical.
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Angel, who found a flower blooming in hell and died for it ...
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Fiery goddess in search of the perfect god. Soar with me through clouds, frolic under the stars, hand me the moon for my own. Mortals need not reply.
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Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls.
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Roarke." Eyes watering, she reached for more tissue. "Jesus, Eve. Jesus Christ, you never sleep with anybody. And you're telling me you slept with Roarke?"
"That's not precisely accurate. We didn't sleep.
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Ruin, eldest daughter of Zeus, she blinds us all, that fatal madness - she with those delicate feet of hers, never touching the earth, gliding over the heads of men to trap us all. She entangles one man, now another.
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O! she doth teach the torches to burn bright
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear;
Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear.
- Romeo -
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I'm not ashamed of heroic ambitions. If man and woman can only dance upon this earth for a few countable turns of the sun ... let each of us be an Artemis, Odysseus, or Zeus ... Aphrodite to the extent of the will of each one.
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What girl could fail to make a conquest who collapsed at a man's feet in the moonlight?
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When I did see the story of Persephone, I was really drawn to it. Persephone, the goddess of spring, was kept from Olympus by her mother, Demeter, because Demeter was very worried that the gods of Olympus would do something terrible to her.
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Theseus: What is the crime for which you must pay by death?
Phaedra: My life.
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Despairing Dido, queen of ancient Carthage, slain by her own hand as her magnificent lover Aeneas lifts anchor and sails away forever: this is one of the most haunting and permanent images of the classical world.
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I could say she looks like da Vinci's "Lady with Ermine" if there had ever been such a thing.
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Some animalistic, eerie courtier. Who had caused her amulet to glow.
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I love Athena. I love all the goddesses and the archetypes and what they represent because I think they're always going to be relevant not just to women but to humanity. They're living energy. There's a lot we can still learn from them.
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(Who Did No Harm to No Man all the Dais of Her Life. Reader, Can You Say Lykewise?).
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Hello, Goddess."- Roman Arceneaux
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She is the crescendo, the final, astonishing work of God. Woman. In one last flourish creation comes to a finish with Eve. She is the Master's finishing touch.
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There isn't a man alive who doesn't have the potential to philander, given the right material to philander with. Taryn in A Meeting of a Different Kind
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She's like a queen, magnificently tall, with a lovely figure, a stately neck, and a face of the most delicate and finished modelling: the flow of surface from the temples over the cheek is exactly like the carving of a Phidean goddess
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Even far away, I know it's her by the way her dark hair tangles with the wind and how she stands on the red rocks of the Carving. She's more beautiful than snow.
Is this real?
She points to the sky.
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A creature so beautiful that God would have preferred her to the Virgin and have chosen her for his mother and have wished to be born of her if she had been in existence when he was made man!
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Our Euripides the human,
With his droppings of warm tears,
and his touchings of things common
Till they rose to meet the spheres.