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The worst kind of arrogance is arrogance from ignorance. -- Jim Rohn
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Porsche and BMW drivers are arrogant. -- Carroll Shelby
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You don't appreciate confidence?" "I don't appreciate arrogance. There's a difference." "And what is the difference?" "Confidence is arrogance without an asshole -- Larissa Ione
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A little arrogance in the hands of the capable is well earned - and in most case, deserved. -- Siddharth Katragadda
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Because arrogance is born in personal vanity, arrogant people are driven without mercy. They can never get enough power to fill the soul's needs or enough respect to overcome the fear that they deserve less than they are getting. -- Lewis B. Smedes
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Among some people arrogance supplies the place of grandeur, inhumanity of decision, and roguery of intelligence. -- Jean De La Bruyere
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I can come off as pretty arrogant, but it's because I know I'm right. I'm very, very good at writing protocols. I've accomplished more working on my own than I ever did as part of a team. -- Bram Cohen
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Arrogance is inimical to prudential reasoning, to accepting that for all we know and learn we also accumulate ignorance of the questions we do not ask, the risks we do not and cannot comprehend. In short, arrogance is what causes us to ignore our fallibilities. -- Ziauddin Sardar
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An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person's main task in life - becoming a better person. -- Leo Tolstoy
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Arrogance is a map of a road that leads to bridges that are out. -- Craig D. Lounsbrough
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I'm not arrogant enough to look back on my career and criticize my choices. It's really not my place. -- Matthew Mcconaughey
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Is it arrogance if one is truly superior? -- Rachel Caine
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I am arrogant enough to know that I am a good actor and people will like me for my work. -- Ranbir Kapoor
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There are two circumstances that lead to arrogance: one is when you're wrong and you can't face it; the other is when you're right and nobody else can face it. -- Criss Jami
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Your arrogance is rooted in stupidity. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Arrogance is one of the flaws in the Erudite heart
I know. It is often in mine. -- Veronica Roth
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Confidence is not arrogance. -- Sheila Renee Parker
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Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand. -- Metallica
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Arrogance corrupts. -- Toba Beta
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Arrogance is actually just ignorance. Ignorance of what you really are in relation to the world-but most of all in relation to God. -- Yasmin Mogahed
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deep humility. There is nothing the arrogant hate more. -- Stephen Harrod Buhner
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I am not arrogant to claim that I can achieve the impossible, but I am not ignorant enough not to try to -- Shane Porteous
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The taint of arrogance will I not know ... -- Walter Russell
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I have been called arrogant myself in my time, and hope to earn the title again, but to claim that I am privy to the secrets of the universe and its creator - that's beyond my conceit. -- Christopher Hitchens
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Arrogance is, as it were, a solicitation on the part of one seeking honor for followers, whom he thinks he is entitled to treat with contempt. -- Immanuel Kant
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Arrogance always destroys opportunity -- T.d. Jakes
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Of course people think Washington is arrogant. It is. -- Carly Fiorina
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I've not spent much time with arrogant little prats.I don't know what sorts of things your kind talk about. -- March Mccarron
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Of all the arrogant men in this world, you are possibly the worst. -- Liesel Schwarz
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When an arrogant individual reacts aggressively to a question he is not proving anything but defending the meaning of his arrogance. -- Robin Sacredfire
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I guess I'm reasonably confident in all honesty. But I definitely don't think I'm arrogant. I'm pretty down to earth, I mean I'm genuinely down to earth. -- John Key
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I don't pay much attention to career or what other people think. I've always been quite arrogant. -- Ewan Mcgregor
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It is not only arrogant, but it is profligate, for a man to disregard the world's opinion of himself. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Never mistake arrogance for intellect. -- D.b. Harrop
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Any child that wants special attention is arrogant". -- Abdulazeez Henry Musa
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You're so arrogant, you're almost macho. -- Peggy Webb
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Arrogance cometh before reality. -- Wes Fesler
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Dilute your arrogance with a smile. -- Sukant Ratnakar
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For without a measure of arrogance, how can one attempt the impossible? -- Renee Ahdieh
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But it is arrogance that keeps one alive: the belief that one can choose, that one' choice is important, that one is responsible only to oneself. Without arrogance what would we be? -- Penelope Mortimer
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The arrogance of these people! -- Soheir Khashoggi
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I read all the time that people think I'm arrogant. They say I am cocky, a bad character. I had that from a young age. But when they meet me, they say, 'That image doesn't fit you.' -- Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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Arrogant people beat each other. -- Toba Beta
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There are some things the arrogant mind does not see; it is blinded by its vision of what it desires. -- Wendell Berry
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Arrogance is the armor worn by hollow men, -- Eric Greitens
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To disregard what the world thinks of us is not only arrogant but utterly shameless.
[Lat., Negligere quid de se quisque sentiat, non solum arrogantis est, sed etiam omnino dissoluti.] -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Arrogance is a blindness we choose. -- Brent Weeks
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What is more arrogant than to assume that of all the paths through the woods yours is the only true one. -- Marty Rubin
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I'm extraordinary, but I'm not arrogant; I'm a future seer, or more simply put - I'm psychic. -- J.a. George
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Arrogance created to project a self-image of superiority is the very trait that demonstrates to others deeply hidden inferiority. -- Sam Owen
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So, if you think I'm arrogant? Selfish? Spoiled? You're probably right. But don't hold it against me. It's not my fault. I am a product of how I was raised. -- Emma Chase
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People call us arrogant, but just because we know we are right, it doesn't make us arrogant. -- Kevin Rowland
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Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one. -- Jose Mourinho
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Every time I think you've reached the limits of arrogance, you show me new heights. Truly, your egotism is like the Universe - ever expanding. -- Ilona Andrews
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I'm a very egotistical person. -- Joe Jamail
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There is a thin line between confidence, and arrogance. Sadly those people who have no confidence often confuse the two when confronted with a person who possesses belief in themselves. -- Sai Marie Johnson
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Don't you dare call me arrogant!If ever I had any at all-which I deny!- how much could I possibly have left after having been ridden over rough-shod by you and Thomas, do you imagine? -- Georgette Heyer
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Stupidity alone can sometimes be tolerable, but when you add arrogance to the mix, you then become a stupid bitch. -- D.s. Mixell
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In my younger days, I was arrogant - jail helped me to get rid of it. I did nothing but make enemies because of my arrogance. -- Nelson Mandela
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Arrogance can be obnoxious when it's not earned. But if you're good at something and you know it, then it's fake and a waste of time to pretend that you're not. -- Samantha Young
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Arrogance is the obstruction of wisdom. -- Bion Of Smyrna
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You have to admire such arrogance, it must have taken years to cultivate. -- Lisa Kleypas
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People express their arrogance in their failed expectations. -- Travis Luedke
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That outgrowth of arrogance comes at a price: some people don't like is. I take responsibility for that. -- Donny Deutsch
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Arrogance is ever accompanied by folly. -- Plato
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He is not in the least arrogant. The last album was written in a room in Sussex. He was like a mad professor, spending all day writing and then coming out with brilliant tunes. -- Linda Mccartney
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If you are aware of your humility, then you are arrogant. -- Ibn Ata Allah
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A person unlearns arrogance when he knows he is always among worthy human beings; being alone fosters presumption. Young people are arrogant because they always associate with their own peers, those who are all really nothing but who would like to be very important. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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Arrogance is the last thing to die -- Bangambiki Habyarimana
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I'll take honest arrogance over fake humility any day. -- Mary Doria Russell
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Arrogance is a great obstruction to wisdom. -- Wilfred Bion
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Arrogance makes you stronger from outside, but even more weaker from inside. -- Ujas Soni
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Arrogance is the armour of the weak. They are always at war to hide their real self. -- Balroop Singh
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It's so funny you judge me arrogant after I succeeded.
You didn't help me at all when I was so poor and needy. -- Toba Beta
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A lot of people think I'm stuck up. Pretty much that I'm arrogant. I only do that when I'm on the field. -- Terrell Owens
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What begins in arrogance often ends in shame. -- Walter Russell Mead
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I don't think I've become arrogant. I'm pretty much the same person. I think the world has changed. I think I'm pretty consistent. Because you stick to what you believe does not make you arrogant. -- Raymond Kelly
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Intelligence is the unlimited ability to conceive of concepts, and arrogance is the belief that one "knows" anything. -- Monk E. Mind
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Some people have called me arrogant or believe that is my reputation, which is far from what I really am like. -- Sourav Ganguly
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It's not arrogance. [Tamilians] are quiet people. -- Chetan Bhagat
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If you have the choice between humble and cocky, go with cocky. There's always time to be humble later, once you've been proven horrendously, irrevocably wrong. -- Kinky Friedman
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Unremarkable, but with a brainy arrogance wafting from them. -- Gillian Flynn
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Yeah, I'm cocky and I am arrogant. But that doesn't mean I'm not a nice person. -- Jeremy Roenick
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Never confuse determination with arrogance. Arrogance will look down on you, determination will run over you. -- Grant Mclachlan
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Confidence is believing in yourself. Arrogance is telling others you're better than they are. Confidence inspires. Arrogance destroys. -- Simon Sinek
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Arrogance is truly the child of impiety, but from health of soul comes happiness, dear to all, much prayed for. -- Aeschylus
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What is arrogant pride (abhimaan)? It is to believe the weight of the body-complex [pudgal] to be one's own weight. It is to believe that 'I am Great'. -- Dada Bhagwan
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Few moments in life are more gratifying than those when the arrogant are exposed as the ignorant. -- Wes Fesler
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Arrogance is blind to the stumbling block. -- Toba Beta
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Anna, there's something very arrogant about insisting on the right to be right. -- Doris Lessing
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People mistake shyness and reclusiveness- both of those- for arrogance. It's a convenient label slapped on by those who see only the surface of things and nothing more. -- Robert James Waller
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We're traveling into the territory of I don't care. Let's not take that trip, hmm?"
Arrogant. Mean. Still gorgeous. -- Madison Thorne Grey
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anti-intellectual -- Nicholas Carr
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stupid, overbarbering, possesive, fur ball -- Quinn Loftis
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Just because I believed in what I was doing on the field and dedicated myself to playing the game, does that mean I'm cocky? Does that mean I'm arrogant? -- Rickey Henderson
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The most arrogant and admired people have a special kind of ignorance that the ignorant cannot see. -- Robin Sacredfire
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You try to be arrogant in songs because you can't be in real life. -- Chrissie Hynde
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Arrogance on the part of the meritorious is even more offensive to us than the arrogance of those without merit: for merit itself is offensive. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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On being: Arrogance is not the prerogative of the gifted. -- Andy Hargreaves
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My success isn't a result of arrogance - it's a result of belief. -- Conor Mcgregor