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(Dylan air - gross) -- Rick Riordan
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Ashley to marry Melanie Hamilton! Oh, it couldn't be true! -- Margaret Mitchell
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Aubrey looked a little - what? I couldn't identify it. -- Charlaine Harris
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I really love Adina Porter. -- Rutina Wesley
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I can't get her out of my mind. She's all I keep thinking about both day and night. I haven't been

able to concentrate on anything else. I've cancelled all my dates because I only want to see Ellery."

Connor Black's thought on Ellery Lane. -- Sandi Lynn
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If you don't know what you want, and you won't tell me specifics, then I'll tell you what I think you need. You're mine now, Ashleigh. I'm claiming you. I'm claiming Kate too. If you want to be with me then I call the shots. And I've made my first decision. -- J.a. Huss
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Riley Blackthorne - kicking hell's ass one demon at a time. -- Jana Oliver
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Allie-Cat? Oh help me Rhonda. He's given me a pet name. -- Elle Kennedy
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Cassandra Gregory?" I say, not able to keep the question out of my voice. "I'm Grace, your
The door slams in my face before I can finish.
Well this is not a good start to our reunion. -- Tera Lynn Childs
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Anna was a star athlete at school, while Dawn was one of the last picks for any sporting teams. Dawn -- Susan May
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Does not like.
To be called.
Buffy. -- Lisa Mcmann
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I'd missed Annabeth probably more than I wanted to admit. -- Rick Riordan
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Katniss the mockingjay -- Suzanne Collins
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Hey what's your name"
"Candi." She's hesitant, like that beaten dog Jade mentioned. "Candi Woodward."
"I'm Ayla Monroe."
She laughs uneasily. "I know."
"Out, Candi Cane," Jane orders. -- Roxanne St. Claire
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Grace-" He scowled, then laughed. "What the devil is your middle name?"
"Catriona." she whispered.
"Grace Catriona Eversleigh," he said, loud and sure, "I love you. -- Julia Quinn
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Who is this and what do you want?"
"Is that how you answer the phone to every number you don't recognize?" Ash demanded. -- Sarah Rees Brennan
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Katie Arnold-Ratliff. Katie writes like a dream. But she told me that she'd -- Elizabeth Gilbert
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Move over, Emma Woodhouse. You have met your match. -- Diane Moody
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So you're the demon spawn," Finley spit out.
"Finn!" Aislinn snapped. Huh. So at least one of the Brannicks hated me. Weirdly, that made me
feel better. That was normal. And if there was one thing I knew how to deal with, it was Mean Girls.
"I actually go by Sophie. -- Rachel Hawkins
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You don't understand; this girl's different. She's beautiful, kind, giving, sweet, strong, stubborn, and quite a smart ass."

Connor Black's thoughts on Ellery Lane -- Sandi Lynn
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I'm just an average teenager. Sure, I've traveled the world and seen many things, but I'm still just your average Leah Rosewood. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my final switch. -- Jessica Lyn Cozzi
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I didn't even find out her name." "Trixie." "Jessica." "You two are a couple of gems. -- Anonymous
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Daniel swept Ainsley into a strong hug. "I knew you'd come back. Didn't I say so? Dad!" he bellowed up the stairs as he set Ainsley on her feet. "It's Ainsley!"
"He knows, lad". Mac laughed. "I think the whole county knows. -- Jennifer Ashley
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I love you, Laurelyn Paige Prescott. -- Georgia Cates
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Jane Austen Emma -- Anonymous
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Marie Laurencin. -- Stella Gibbons
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My name is August. I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse. August -- R.j. Palacio
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Salvation Amy from Flat Hill, Kansas. Just a trailer-park girl with a bunch of stupid dreams that would never come true. -- Danielle Paige
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Angela Wexler, person -- Ellen Raskin
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Great to know that I'm in love with a girl with a cool name."
"It's Taylor's middle name, -- Melina Marchetta
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Jess again. Mark had called her Jessica. As if she were a full person, not a truncated portion of one. -- Courtney Milan
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Abby. She's a pigeon. A demonic pigeon that fucks with my head so bad I can't think straight. Nothing makes sense anymore, Cam. Every rule I've ever made's getting broken one by one. I'm a pussy. No ... worse. I'm Shep. -- Jamie Mcguire
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What's your name ?
Hazel .
No , your full name .
Um , Hazel Grace Lancaster . -- John Green
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If you don't mind me saying, Mr. Hale. She's a keeper. He pointed in Kat's direction. -- Ally Carter
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It's just Annabeth mom jeez! -- Rick Riordan
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I'd like to add her initial to my monogram... -- Ira Gershwin
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Scarlett Avery is THE BEST!" - JC -- Scarlett Avery
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I have a girlfriend, Kayn. Her name is Chloe. She just doesn't know it yet, He smiled; he couldn't help himself, he knew it irritated her to no end. (The Children of Ankh series) -- Kim Cormack
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Katniss, the girl who was on fire! -- Suzanne Collins
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Jenny? Just as I was considering -- S.c. Stephens
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You never got her last name, did you?" Kayden asks, covering his mouth with his hand to try and hide a laugh. The one that still breaks through and makes the urge to hit him even worse.
"It didn't seem important. You wanna clue me in?"
"Taylor. Cadence Taylor. Dumbass. -- Melyssa Winchester
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Pick me Amelia. Please, pick me. Be the one who finally picks me. -- Stormy Smith
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My name," the boy said importantly, "is Stacey de Lacey."
"But that's a girl's name!" blurted Oliver.
Stacey de Lacey's face turned a dark shade of red. "Silence!" he shouted. "Stacey is one of those names that can be for a boy or a girl! Like Hilary, or Leslie, Anyway...! -- Philip Reeve
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You're beautiful, Ashlyn. I don't mean juts your looks. I mean your smarts, your tears, your brokkenness. I think that's beautiful. -- Brittainy C. Cherry
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Up next is Noelle.
'Hey, girl!'
'Don't you dare start calling me that. This is very nice of you to do. -- Ned Vizzini
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If you knew what I was, Ash, you would not like me either. -- C.v. Hunt
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Nesy. At last.
It has to be her. Who else can make Aydan smile? Make me smile. -- Christine Fonseca
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Ash Turner seduced her with the promise of her own self. -- Courtney Milan
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Hailey Dashford Reid, with her silky brown hair and big, smoky blue eyes, all prim and proper and so fucking sexy it makes my nuts ache. Also, totally off-limits. -- Ainsley Booth
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Och, Sarah, how shall I call augh' beautiful again unless it be the sight of you? -- Pamela Clare
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Callie a wink. As Will and Beth took turns with the Eton Mess, Sid -- Terri Osburn
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Ashurbanipal." Oh, baby, keep talking dirty to me. -- Jo Raven
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Sean, my mate. Mate of my Heart(Jennifer Ashley, Primal Bonds). -- Jennifer Ashley
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Elizabeth Spencer. -- Julia Glass
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Angie . . . she's the girl I breathe for. -- Corinne Michaels
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Heather turned her voice up full volume. "Gabriel Michael Archer, wake up this minute!"
With his eyes still closed, he grumbled, "My middle name isn't Michael."
"I don't care. Wake up! -- Chelsea Fine
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Finding Erin Campbell Kathy Cunningham -- Kathy Cunningham
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Ari is beautiful beyond comparison, and she has my heart and my soul for eternity. I thought I made that abundantly clear last night, but it appears I have further work to do. -- Siobhan Davis
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Ash, I want you. Bad, very very bad. But you deserve better than this -- Abbi Glines
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AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!' he screamed.
'So that's Sara,' I said.
'She seems nice. -- John Green
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My eye, though, is set on Miley [Cyrus]. -- Patrick Schwarzenegger
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Ash. It's short for Ashoka."
"A hero's name."
"I'm not a hero."
"Then we will make you one, Ashoka. -- Sarwat Chadda
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This is my Hanna. -- Christina Lauren
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Tina Blackstone, -- Kristen Ashley
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Hush, let me talk to the crazy lady. -- Nalini Singh
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Badly done, Emma! -- Jane Austen
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Meg, when people don't know who they are, they are open either to being Xed, or Named -- Madeleine L'engle
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Huntleigh's (Yes, I gave them a cheesy couple name in my mind) -- Genna Rulon
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What is her name? I don't know. I know her eyebrows. -- Salman Rushdie
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Angela Montgomery was in the hall, shadows and her own long black hair wrapping around her. Ash could see only her face, which gave the impression that she was a beautiful human Cheshire cat, come not to smile but to look deeply disdainful of everything. -- Sarah Rees Brennan
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Me and Ashley feel like we're totally different. -- Mary-Kate Olsen
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Whoa, who was that?"
"Madison Stone," Kiara mutters.
"Introduce me to her."
Because I know it'll annoy the shit out of you. -- Simone Elkeles
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Don't mind Mallory. She's a sweetheart, once you get past the fact that she's a horrible person. -- Rick Riordan
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Annabeth Chase, I took your advice. I chose myself a new fate. -- Rick Riordan
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What is your name?" I asked, voice hoarse.
"Alexandria," she repeated in a soft voice I'd never heard Alex use in real life.
"And who am I?"
"Aiden." She smiled, and I flinched. "You are my Master. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Is Adrian here?"
"Adrian. Tall. Brown hair. Green eyes."
She frowned. "Do you mean Jet?"
"I ... I'm not sure. Does he smoke like a chimney?"
The girl nodded sagely. "Yup. You must mean Jet. -- Richelle Mead
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Megan Luisa Garcia
I WAS HERE -- Gayle Forman
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Clare. Give me a reason to stay. -- Kim Harrington
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Just call me Caitlin, -- Michael Grant
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I am so proud of Amelia Boynton. I can burst with pride. -- Lorraine Toussaint
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Stranded A Winter Romance Duet Samantha Chase Noelle -- Samantha Chase
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You're what happened, Ash. You. -- Maya Banks
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Katniss Everdeen, The Girl On Fire! -- Suzanne Collins
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Charlotte. There's a girl on the roof. She says her name is Lena... She says she brought the helicopter you wanted? - August -- Brittany Cavallaro
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Rachel The Huffington Post -- Anonymous
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I loved this girl. I was in love with Aleena Moore. Now that I'd finally admitted it, it was all I could see. -- Anonymous
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Lochsong - she's like Linford Christie ... without the lunchbox. -- Frankie Dettori
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Diary Amy. She was meant to be likable. Meant for someone like you to like her. She's easy to like. I've never understood why that's considered a compliment - that just anyone could like you. No matter. -- Gillian Flynn
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What's your name?"
"Emma Gould," she said. "What's yours?"
"By all the girls or just the law? -- Dennis Lehane
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Heaven really knows what's best for us. Ariana ~ Her Footprints on His Heart -- Lea Agustina Citra
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When I look in the mirror, I won't see the things they will most likely say about me. I'll see me, Willow Tate, the woman who isn't perfect, but she is perfect in her imperfections. -- Harper Sloan
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Inhaler. Rylie crept around a tree, peering into the darkness. Maybe it was a deer or something. If that's you, Amber, you better hope I don't find you. I'll - I'll beat you -- S.m. Reine
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People actually say Miley mostly because they see Miley mostly on the show. When I have the wig on, they'll say Hannah, but when I don't, they'll say Miley. -- Miley Cyrus
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Percy grunted. "You sound like Annabeth." "Who?" "Nothing. -- Rick Riordan
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Luce recognized her from European history class. Amy Something. -- Lauren Kate
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It's always been you, Paige. I've waited my whole life for you. You're the air I breathe, my heart and soul. Without you, I'm in hell. -- Rebekkah Ford
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Cassia Reyes, the Society is pleased to present you with your Match. -- Ally Condie
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I used to be a baby!

I'm sorry. -- Charlie Kaufman
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For better or worse, I'm afraid you're stuck with me now. -Ash -- Julie Kagawa
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Amy Winehouse - her surname's beginning to sound like a description of her liver. -- Russell Brand