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I won't take no for a question. -- Dane Cook
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It's okay to ask questions, but get the answers. So, where are the answers? Since the questions came from within you, guess where the answers are? Within you. -- Prem Rawat
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and wimple of the Order?" asked -- April Holthaus
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Questions are creative acts of intelligence. -- Francis Kingdon Ward
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Will you talk to me -- Kathy Reichs
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If you have to keep asking - I'll answer it as many times as you ask. But this is always going to be yes."
"Don't 'always' me. -- Nora Sakavic
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Question is the Champion of Quest -- Vineet Raj Kapoor
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A question that wasn't asked was a question that didn't need an answer. -- Henning Mankell
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I do not ask much, only Total Power -- Umberto Eco
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said slowly, "May I ask you a question, dear? -- Louisa May Alcott
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I'll take care of this. All you had to do was ask. -- Alex Riley
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It wasn't quite a question. It was more of an invitation to tell him whatever I chose. Eldric game me a choice, and it was this that made me want to tell him everything. -- Franny Billingsley
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If someone asked you, why not help him out? -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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Ask me again. Please. -- Maya Banks
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I wanted to write in you. -- Beatrice Sparks
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With questions that are orders -- Yann Martel
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Aske much to have a little. -- George Herbert
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unanswered questions -- Rachel Renee Russell
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want to ask you a question." He nodded. "Take me to the dance next weekend." He tilted his head to the side and frowned. "Lilly, that was not in the form of a question. A question is a request that ends with a question mark. What you just said was a statement. -- Amber L. Johnson
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Don't ask me anything else. My essence is wordless. -- Anonymous
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Questions are places in your mind where answers fit. If you haven't asked the question, the answer has nowhere to go. It hits your mind and bounces right off. You have to ask the question - you have to want to know - in order to open up the space for the answer to fit. -- Clayton Christensen
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Why ask a question whose answer would demand ten more questions? -- David Mitchell
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Remember that we have to ask things of God that are in keeping with the God whom Jesus Christ revealed. -- Oswald Chambers
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Ask without pettiness Being before doing Convictions without compromise Discipline without dreariness Ask -- Ravi Zacharias
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The question is there in each silence. The question is there in the space between you. But you cannot bring it aloud. -- David Levithan
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Live the questions now -- Rainer Maria Rilke
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Ask whatever questions you want, but remember, I may not answer. -- Haruki Murakami
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We cannot ask in behalf of Christ what Christ would not ask Himself if He were praying. -- A.b. Simpson
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Who am I?? No, No you don't ask the questions I ask them my question is how much stupid are you??...You are so quite, why?? You don't have answer, it's not a problem you don't need to answer I kwow it! -- Deyth Banger
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There are no answers, just questions. -- Quinn Barrett
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It's the nature of man to ask questions.
Belgarath -- David Eddings
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Ask Your Higher Self -- Pamela Stadnyk
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You should know me well enough by now to know I don't ask for things I don't think I can get. -- Bette Davis
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What are the questions you wish to ask? -- James Schuyler
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I wanted to know what your lips taste like after a smile. -- Leylah Attar
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Don't say NO for an answer -- Ericson Eusebio
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If somebody says 'no', you're asking the wrong person". -- Kris Jenner
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Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts. -- Mother Teresa
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I ask myself questions that journalists don't dare to ask or don't know how to ask. -- Pedro Almodovar
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To ask questions can become the laziest and wobbliest occupation of a mind, but when you must yourself answer the problem that you have posed, you will meditate your question with care and frame it with precision. -- James Stephens
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Someone once asked me what was the weirdest question I was ever asked. And I was stymied. -- Martin Short
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the question i am asked daily by the world... was that all you wanted? -- Genine Lentine
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Questions are an under-used piece of communication in our culture. -- Mary Lee Labay
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close to midnight. I don't want to ask -- Nora Roberts
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I can answer the question, but am I bright enough to ask it? -- John Brockman
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I've come to ask my questions. The ones my dead girl left inside me.
Is it my fault.
What happened to you.
Are you happy.
What do you want from me. -- Lidia Yuknavitch
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Sometimes, we just have to be asked. -- Donald Trump
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Take No as a question. -- Mechai Viravaidya
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Questions are meant to be asked and, when they can be, answered. -- C. Gockel
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I must tell you what you will not ask, though I may wish it unsaid the next moment -- Jane Austen
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eaten for lunch. -- Laurie Fabiano
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If somebody's not prepared to answer the question, you can keep asking. -- Martin Bashir
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Do you have the tubes to ask me out or not? -- Charli Frisky
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You surpise me, because people nearly always force you to ask, don't they? -- Jean Rhys
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Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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You are important enough to ask and you are blessed enough to receive back. -- Wayne Dyer
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Asking is the first level of prayer. -- Sunday Adelaja
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Ask the next question. -- Theodore Sturgeon
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Well I'm trying to think what I put in ... I think I put in 'why?' to see if I'd confuse the computer. -- Karl Pilkington
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Only good questions deserve good answers. -- Oscar Wilde
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I'm writing this because you begged. You know how I love the begging -- C.j. Roberts
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Understand the power of asking. -- Drayton Bird
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WHAT is your name? WHAT is your quest? and WHAT is your favorite color? -- Graham Chapman
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I have questions too, but I'm not very interested in the answers. -- J.a. Huss
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You can ask whatever you want, doesn't mean I'm going to answer. -- Chelsea M. Cameron
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I ask a lot because I'm very curious - especially about ex-girlfriends. I'm pretty good at getting the answers, too. -- Brittany Murphy
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Asking questions is an art. -- Nina George
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I'm really not up for answering any questions that start with how, when, where, why or what. -- John Green
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Successful leaders are great askers -- Warren G. Bennis
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Ask, believing you have already received, And you shall receive -- Genevieve Behrend
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Asking a question simply implies that you already know the answer. However, the question that you are asking may simply be an illusion. The beauty of the answer truly blooms, when you ask the right question. -- Lionel Suggs
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I generally will answer any question about anything. -- Danny Masterson
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Gentlemen, I am tormented by questions; answer them for me. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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To question is the answer. -- Gregg Loy
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Don't ask me a lot of questions if you don't like the answers -- Ernest Hemingway,
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Baby, I thought you'd never ask. -- Stylo Fantome
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I did not hesitate to put the question that came to the tip of my tongue. After all, if you want to know something the best way is to ask. -- W. Somerset Maugham
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Don't ask, I'll tell. -- Dustin Adrian Rhodes
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I have never asked to be the highest-paid coach in football. I have never asked to be paid like a Super Bowl-winning coach. I have never asked for more power. -- Jim Harbaugh
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You don't ask questions of an attic -- Barbara Kingsolver
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My dear, you are not one person. You have many people in you, and each one can ask only some kinds of questions. -- Bilal Tanweer
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Sometimes, you ask questions not to get the answer but to get the better understanding of question itself. -- Foaad Ahmad
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I'm not too proud to beg. -- Maya Banks
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I asked questions when I was a stripling, and it is not my business to ask questions now, but to teach people what I have discovered. -- Apollonius Of Tyana
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Little I ask
And that little is not granted.
There are few crumbs
In this world any more. -- Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
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Once you were a child. Once you knew what inquiry was for. There was a time when you asked questions because you wanted answers, and were glad when you had found them. Become that child again: even now. -- C.s. Lewis
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I'm very, very questioned and cinnamoned out. -- Julia Kent
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That's not what I asked...I don't care about those boys who might've fumbled around between your legs a time or two. I want to know if you've been with a man. -- J.m. Darhower
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Do you want me to answer that? -- Monica Lewinsky
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I don't recall either of you asking me, you know I'm a lady and I need to be asked and agree to it. -- Amanda Kelly
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Does my hair look alright? Of course, it looks alright. Why am I asking you for? ... We get lunch right? ... Can we get this thing going? I gotta meet my girlfriend for a martini. -- Alex Riley
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Are you a traveling man he asked? -- Nancy B. Brewer
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Got everything I'm asking for but you. -- Drake
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[Moishe] explained to me, with great emphasis, that every question possessed a power that was lost in the answer ...
And why do you pray, Moishe?' I asked him.
I pray to the God within me for the strength to ask Him the real questions. -- Elie Wiesel
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Who is old enough to ask, is old enough to know. -- Sharon Lee
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I had received an answer to the question that Holmes had put to me. Now all I needed to know was why I had asked it. -- Anthony Horowitz
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Are you telling me, or are you asking me?" Kathel said sarcastically.
"Depends on your answer," Wharick
"Yes, Gwardian. It would be my honor to be your second."
"Then I was telling you," Wharick told him. -- Madison Thorne Grey
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You don't ask, you don't get. -- Java Davis
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I'm a very curious person. -- Domenico Dolce
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Come and see us if you feel like it,' she said. 'I always expect people to ask themselves. Life is too short to send out invitations. -- Daphne Du Maurier