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I love Australian people. -- Geri Halliwell
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America this is the impression I get from looking in the television set.
America is this correct? -- Allen Ginsberg
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The land of embarrassment and breakfast. -- Julian Barnes
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Wales! Where the men are men and the sheep are scared! -- Dougie Poynter
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I'm a very proud Australian, always bragging about our country wherever I am in the world. -- Kylie Minogue
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I think Australians do well here because we feel a bit naughty, like we're in America and if they only knew how much fun we were having, we'd all get thrown out, you know. -- Melissa George
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I've always wanted to go to Australia. I hear it's a great place. I mean, kangaroos are pretty awesome. That's an up factor. -- Zachary Gordon
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Aussie culture is pretty relaxed in general, but at the same time people know how to work really hard to go above and beyond what's expected of them. -- Keiynan Lonsdale
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No country. is as harsh as the world. -- Fernando Meirelles
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I talk about being Australian a lot. -- Poppy Montgomery
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I have always had, as I know many people have, a singular passion for Australia. I do love the sunburnt country, its ancient landscapes, its exhilarating reaches of sand and sea. -- Peter Garrett
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If you think about the map of Europe with Italy and Germany and Spain and all the different people and cultures, well, Australia is like that. And the white people from England, they are like a lot of noisy, angry visitors on a holiday that never really ends,' Mary giggles to herself -- Anita Heiss
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Australia is all that and more, and Argentina, after yet another implosion of the civil order, is once again none of it and less. -- Clive James
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I absolutely love working in Australia. Overseas is a lot tougher - it's really hard to break into campaigns over there. -- Emma Ishta
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Australia is breathtakingly beautiful, and I can't wait to visit again. -- Joe Nichols
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England is my home, but Australia is my land and my country. This is where my heart is and where my family are. Australia will always be there, but I've made the decision to live here. -- Jason Donovan
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I wonder if it is Australia's great distance from more populated land masses that allows its inhabitants to be left to their own devices, to be incredibly creative and, at times, to be wonderfully weird. -- Henry Rollins
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Australian weather's amazing! You notice that when you go overseas. -- Flume
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When I was young I never believed that Australia was anything else except blessed. I thought it was a little dull when I was young, but that was 'cause I was a snob. -- Clive James
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(Australia. The only continent designed with a difficulty rating of "ha ha fuck you no.") -- Seanan Mcguire
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No one knows who I am in Australia. They don't even know I am Australian, because 'The Secret Circle' is on in Australia, and I'm sure everyone's like, 'Oh, she's American. She's from, like, North Carolina.' Like, nobody knows me in Australia, I'm just telling you. -- Phoebe Tonkin
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There's an ease that I have living in Australia. The best things about Sydney are free: the sunshine's free, and the harbour's free, and the beach is free. -- Russell Crowe
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A country of long shadows on county cricket grounds, warm beer, green suburbs, dog lovers, and old maids cycling to holy communion through the morning mist. -- John Major
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II grew up in Australia, but I'm not from there originally. Like, my dad's South American, so I know what that's like to grow up in a culture that's not your own. -- Nathalie Kelley
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Once people come to Australia, they join the team. -- Tony Abbott
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When the world is in trouble, Australia responds. Australia is a good, global citizen. -- Tony Abbott
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If this is the United States, mail me home. -- Junot Diaz
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beautiful country with spectacular views. As -- John Grisham
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Austrailia, Sydney Might run up in Disney Out in LA with Lindsay -- Nicki Minaj
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The Australians, it seems to me, thrive on their remoteness from the world and see it as a way of keeping up a code of "No worries, mate," while peddling their oddities to visitors: nonconformity is at once a fact of life for many, and a selling point. -- Pico Iyer
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China. The Kaiser had temporarily -- Margaret Macmillan
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You mustn't judge Australia by the Australians. -- Dame Edna Everage
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I feel really qualified to write about Australia. -- Chris Lilley
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I like Australia less and less. The hateful newness, the democratic conceit, every man a little pope of perfection. -- D.h. Lawrence
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Australians are geniuses with a good sense of humour. -- Fred Schneider
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Way of life in Australia focuses more on the outdoors. -- Thomas Muster
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New Zealand has the best government money can buy. -- Grant Mclachlan
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I love working in Australia. I'm happiest when I get to do it. -- Josh Lawson
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Alone of all the races on earth, they seem to be free from the 'Grass is Greener on the other side of the fence' syndrome, and roundly proclaim that Australia is, in fact, the other side of that fence. -- Douglas Adams
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Australia is a remarkable country with incredible technical and physical resources and a capacity to be a world leader in renewables. -- Cate Blanchett
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I think Australian food is probably some of the best in the world. -- Karrie Webb
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I try to get back to Australia as much as possible. -- Teresa Palmer
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AUSTRALIA, n. A country lying in the South Sea, whose industrial and commercial development has been unspeakably retarded by an unfortunate dispute among geographers as to whether it is a continent or an island. -- Ambrose Bierce
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I have always been attracted to Australians and Australia. -- Elizabeth Hurley
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It's a perfect day here in Australia, glorious blue sunshine -- Christopher Martin-Jenkins
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Land of the Free, Home of the Brave -- Americans
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I wanna say 'China', but I don't really mean 'China.' I just mean the places that Chinese people come from. -- Patrice O'neal
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The thing we often forget to talk about, or perhaps we take for granted, is our country's dazzling beauty. Our natural environment is so much a part of Australia's art, writing, music and culture, both indigenous and non indigenous. -- Quentin Bryce
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Per capita, I would say that Australia has more biomimetic projects going than many other countries I've been to. -- Janine Benyus
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I do have a lot of Australian friends. -- Simon Baker
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On YouTube you can tell what countries are watching and I've definitely noted a strong Australian following. You can plan your tours around where the love is on Twitter and YouTube - before, you couldn't tell. -- Imogen Heap
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America .. the international Jekyll and Hyde ... the land of a thousand disguises, sneaks up on you but rarely surprises -- Gil Scott-Heron
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Australia lives with a strange contradiction - our national image of ourselves is one of the Outback, and yet nearly all us live in big cities. Move outside the coastal fringe, and Australia can feel like a foreign country. -- Kate Grenville
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As a result of all this hardship, dirt, thirst, and wombats, you would expect Australians to be a dour lot. Instead, they are genial, jolly, cheerful, and always willing to share a kind word with a stranger, unless they are an American. -- Douglas Adams
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New Zealand is the only country I know well enough to write about. It can sometimes lead to complications. -- Margaret Mahy
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Australia is a country not so much of fulfillment as of theatrical expectation. -- Jan Morris
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When it applies to the Olympics and making a decision, I have to claim Australia as my country. -- Kyrie Irving
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I am in a country which is five hours behind my beloved homeland Pakistan and my home in the Swat Valley. -- Malala Yousafzai
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In Australia, kids play in American accents. -- Yael Stone
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Australia is one of my favorite places in the world. I spend a lot of time there. And I find Sydney a lot like LA in some ways, and it's beautiful, great for kids, and I absolutely love it over there. -- Nicole Richie
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I'm a proud Australian, a very, very proud Australian. -- Steve Irwin
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Australia is an island surrounded by water. My fondest memories growing up were trips to the beach, walking around the harbor and playing in the beautiful parks. -- Tammin Sursok
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I'm from the US of A. Born in Des Moines, raised in the New York suburbs. -- Stephen Collins
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New Zealand looks like the future to me -- Paula Scher
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We travel a lot from Australia and deliberately route ourselves through the U.A.E. because my whole family loves the place. -- Fiona Mcintosh
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I have had people come to the site from all over the world. The US and Canada predominantly, but also Brazil and South Africa and Greece and Indonesia and Hong Kong and Ireland and Argentina and Spain and Israel and Australia. -- Sophie Blackall
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Unlike New Zealand, which has nothing especially predatory, Australia is full of spiders and crocodiles and all kinds of animals that will eat you and sting you. -- Brian Cox
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Australia's not so bad with me, really, people are pretty cool with me at home, but in England it feels a little bit scary. -- Guy Pearce
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I am blessed to have been born in Australia where water sports are loved and swimmers are revered. -- Shane Gould
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I truly love Australia; I miss Aussie kids and their attitude! -- Nicole Trunfio
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New Zealand is a place where you can get well. -- James Nesbitt
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I love Australia passionately. I love our landscape. It's influenced most of my work, really. Almost everything I've written is about the landscape. Trying to find, the sacred, the spiritual in it. -- Peter Sculthorpe
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We believe in the Australian promise; that if you work hard, you won't be left behind. -- Wayne Swan
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What other country has had the privilege of making the world's heart beat faster? -- Barbara W. Tuchman
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One of the cool, chaste countries - Canada or Sweden. -- John Updike
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As we grew to love South Australia, we felt that we were in an expanding society, still feeling the bond to the motherland, but eager to develop a perfect society, in the land of our adoption. -- Catherine Helen Spence
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Growing up in Australia, you never feel like you're going to live beyond that place. You wake up and you go to the beach, and you do your homework. You're just a kid. -- Heath Ledger
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Although my father is English, I was brought up in Australia. -- Adelaide Clemens
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You feel free in Australia. There is great relief in the atmosphere - a relief from tension, from pressure, an absence of control of will or form. The Skies open above you and the areas open around you. -- D.h. Lawrence
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Even though I live in America more, I feel like when I go to Adelaide, that's when I get to go home. -- Ben Folds
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Aussies are big and empty, just like their country. -- Ian Botham
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Turkey, Australia, and Japan are three of my top destinations. -- Rick Riordan
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After going to Australia, it's hard to go anywhere after that. I want to move there. I'm obsessed with it. -- Nina Dobrev
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I actually did my research and tried to get kind of like a working visa for Australia. It always seemed like it was a land of opportunities. The same size as the United States with one-tenth of the population. -- Rick Nielsen
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Australia was great. I would advise anybody to go there. In fact, if you couldn't live here, Australia would be the place to live. It's the most Americanized country that I've ever seen in the world. -- Jerry Lawler
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For much of the latter part of the 20th century, Australia seemed to be opening up to something large and good. It believed itself a generous country, the land of the 'fair go.' -- Richard Flanagan
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Being lost in Australia gives you a lovely feeling of security. -- Bruce Chatwin
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England, where nobody ever says what they mean: and by denying feeling, kill it off stone-cold at the roots ... -- Caitlin Thomas
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Seattle, Washington. -- Sarah Mayberry
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I've been to Australia.
I've met the devil
drank beer
and snogged kangaroos. -- Alan C. Martin
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United States: the country where liberty is a statue. -- Nicanor Parra
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If Australia is The Lucky Country, the Aborigines must be the unluckiest people in the world. -- Frank Hardy
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Australia is a resource-rich nation. We have been good at exploiting our minerals base and agricultural sector for exports. -- Anthony Pratt
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Australia is a huge rest home, where no unwelcome news is ever wafted on to the pages of the worst newspapers in the world. -- Germaine Greer
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In Australian culture, people are just more laid back, people aren't as serious, they just take their time with things. It's just like, whatever, if I don't get it done I don't get it done. -- Andrew Bogut
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Australians, we've got a very healthy sense of humor in us. God forbid we take ourselves too seriously so it's kind of a cultural trait. -- Rose Byrne
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Do the people in Australia call the rest of the world 'Up Over'? -- Steven Wright
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Ireland. Great for the spirit - very bad for the body. -- Hugh Dancy
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I have been disappointed in all my expectations of Australia, except as to its wickedness; for it is far more wicked than I have conceived it possible for any place to be, or than it is possible for me to describe to you in England. -- Henry Parkes
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In a way Australia is like Catholicism. The company is sometimes questionable and the landscape is grotesque. But you always come back. -- Thomas Keneally