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Averages ... seduce us away from minute observation.
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God didn't create you to be average. You were created to excel You have everything
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okay. You're not that much below average." "I'm not below average at all! I'm above average! Way, way above average!" Quin shrugged. "Maybe you're a grower, not a shower," he said. "I'm going to throttle you," said Matheus.
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I, uh, don't think I'm, y'know, so different than your average, y'know, average.
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Don't settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had. We need to live the best that's in us.
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125.00% Mean 149.17% Standard Deviation 43.47%
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I wasn't going to be average.
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If you think you're average, then you'll be average. If you think you're ordinary, then you'll live ordinary. The truth is, there is nothing ordinary about you. You have something to offer that nobody else can offer.
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Average men and women don't really exist except as a statistical conceit.
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Average. It was the worst, most disgusting word in the English language. Nothing meaningful or worthwhile ever came from that word.
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As a kid, I was just a kid. Average.
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Beware of averages. The average person has one breast and one testicle.
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You were born awesome. Please don't die average.
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You can't win by being more average than average.
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I'm an average, everyday girl.
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I'm just an average woman with average concerns.
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Why be an average person? All the great achievements of history have been made by strong individuals who refused to consult statistics or to listen to those who could prove convincingly that what they wanted to do, and in fact ultimately did do, was completely impossible.
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Success and average don't have nothing to do with each other.
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When you're average, you're just as close to the bottom as you are the top.
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In real life there is no such thing as the average man.
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is about equal to your
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I'm an utterly average, total geek.
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Looking back, I just think I was a really average sort of girl.
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My mom always used to say that average people are the most special people in the world. And that's why God made so many.
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Half the world is below average and it's not going to get any better.
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You are the average of your five closest associates.
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You have a destiny to fulfill, something greater than you've ever even imagined. But if you're going to become all you were created to be, you've got to take off the "average" label.
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Most people are such fools that it is really no great compliment to say that someone is above the average.
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Because of our freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. People assume the most important word in that sentence is 'freedom,' when, in fact, it is 'pursue.' If we don't pursue life, we are just as free to waste it. Our averageness is the degree to which we fail to attempt that pursuit.
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If you know what you are going to write when you're writing a poem, it's going to be average.
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Not doing more than the average is what keeps the average down.
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It's a good news - bad news type of situation. The good news is that we won; the bad news is that my average is 9.00.
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'Is that really the best you can say? An average-looking boy? An awful lot of boys are average-looking, S.Q.!' And poor S.Q., he just kept arguing that 'this boy was especially average-looking.' " ~ Kate Wetherall, The Mysterious Benedict Society
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I am an average player, but even the great players don't have an average of 42, with a strike-rate of 75.
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In social media marketing, average is no longer adequate.
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It is so easy to be average. It takes a little something to be special. Why be around average?
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Did you know that half of all people are below average?
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When you go to bat as many times as I do, you're bound to get a good average. That's why I keep my projects diversified.
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I abhor averages. I like the individual case. A man may have six meals one day and none the next, making an average of three meals per day, but that is not a good way to live.
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The average IQ in America is - and this can be proven mathematically - average.
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The difference between average and good. Good and Great! Great and Phenomenal! It's their mindset!
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What is normal is up for debate.
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Normal is Overrated
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To conform is to be average.
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I'm pretty normal.
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When we teach kids to follow the rules that there's only one right answer & to avoid mistakes at all costs, we're resigning them to average.
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Without this differentiation, you have nothing. You're average, and average ain't gonna win the race.
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Whenever I read statistical reports, I try to imagine my unfortunate contemporary, the Average Person, who, according to these reports, has 0.66 children, 0.032 cars, and 0.046 TVs.
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We've become so used to the concept as a measuring and sorting tool, that it and its correlates - below-average, above-average - are everyday speech. We don't even question the language, although the challenges we face require a different mindset.
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As much as I'd like to think I'm a really good designer, I'm average.
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If we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average.
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Normal is not an opinion, it is a consensus.
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But none of us wants to be average. That we are so is a melancholy fact borne in upon us in middle life, and we do not always relish it.
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The difference between great and average is, mostly, having the imagination and zeal to re-create yourself daily.
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Nothing. There's nothing you can do. As soon as you do something you'll no-longer be average.
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If I were pretentious I would say that I'm not an average person. But really, I know how that is.
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I'm an average enough person to point to the things I've gotten to see that are awe-inspiring.
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You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
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Average is the enemy of excellence, and average commitment will prevent you from enduring to the end.
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I'd rather say something profound in an average way than say something average in a profound way.
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Normal is a piece of string. What's normal for one person is off the chart for another.
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By definition, fifty percent of every large group that let's anyone join is below average.
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If you don't succeed the first time - you're about average
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I'm an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.
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What we call normal may be the psycho-pathology of the average.
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Refuse to be average.
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Not only is my wardrobe totally average, my body's totally average. I love all the candy-fantasy fulfillment of Sex and the City.
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Normal: lacking in taste, compassion, understanding, kindness, and ordinary human decency.
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I'm just average, common too. I'm just like him and the same as you. I'm everybody's brother and son. I'm no different than anyone.
Bob Dylan - Talking WWIII Blues
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I am only an average man, but by George, I work harder at it than the average man.
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I refuse to let adversity allow me to be average.
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Statistics cannot substitute for the human being before you; statistics embody averages, not individuals.
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Normal's overrated.
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The hardest question for anyone who takes responsibility for what he or she does is, What if I turn out to be average?
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I feel like a fugitive from the law of averages.
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Every Englishman is an average Englishman: it is a national characteristic.
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Nothing us normal.
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For the average person, terrible days are scattered sporadically amongst unremarkable days. Nobody should settle for average.
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Normal is the average of deviance.
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Our modern conception of the average person is not a mathematical truth but a human invention, created a century and a half ago by two European scientists to solve the social problems of their era.
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If I'm spending time on something, I may as well do good as opposed to average.
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Normal is whatever you have come to take for granted.
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Things in this world are very roughly averaged; and although averaging is a useful, rapid way of dispatching business, it does undoubtedly waste a great deal which is too good for wasting.
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Last time I checked, there is no 'Hall of Average.'
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Well, normal is relative.
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I'm neither plain nor pretty. I'm irrevocably average.
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There's nothing average about you, Cash says quietly.
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For the first time ever, overweight people outnumber average people in America. Doesn't that make overweight the average then? Last month you were fat, now you're average - hey, let's get a pizza!
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Average dies quicker than ever before. Digital doesn't mess around. It's binary.
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I think I look slightly like a horse. Hand on heart, I think I'm pretty average.
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A decapitated head will live, on average, fifteen minutes, and I've always been above average.
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I've never professed to be anything but an average student.
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Hardly anybody is exactly normal in any way, just as one hundred tossed pennies will rarely come up exactly fifty heads and fifty tails.
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Most people are happy being average. Most are happy being faceless in a sea of faces.
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In my everyday life, I'm pretty normal.
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I'm intimidated by the fear of being average.
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No one pursuing a life of average was ever made fun of by other average people. But if you decide to travel the road to awesome, you will be.
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Averageness is a quality we must put up with. Men march toward civilization in column formation, and by the time the van has learned to admire the masters the rear is drawing reluctantly away from the totem pole.
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From average to great is a leadership journey; it takes vision, passion, confidence, problem-solving skills, and teamwork to match up.
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I have long been disposed to judge men by their average. If it is reasonably high, I am charitable with faults that look pretty black.