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Awake,chaos:we have napped. -- E. E. Cummings
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A nice definition of an awakened person: a person who no longer marches to the drums of society, a person who dances to the tune of the music that springs up from within. -- Anthony De Mello
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millions are awake enough for physical labor; but only one in a million is awake enough for effective intellectual exertion, only one in a hundred millions to a poetic or divine life. To be awake is to be alive. I have never yet met a man who was quite awake. How could I have looked him in the face? -- Henry David Thoreau
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I have come not to teach but to awaken. -- Meher Baba
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Awake. And alone with demons of my own. -- Khaled Hosseini
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Awaken soul, revive spirit. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Awake,arise,and assert yourself,you dreamers of the world. Your star is now in ascendancy. -- Napoleon Hill
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It's exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful. -- Adrienne Rich
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Awakening others is an impossible endeavor until I myself am awakened. -- Pooja Ruprell
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At last awake from life, that insane dream we take for waking now. -- Robert Browning
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I call that man awake who, with conscious knowledge and understanding, can perceive the deep unreasoning powers in his soul, his whole innermost strength, desire and weakness, and knows how to reckon with himself. -- Hermann Hesse
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Awakening is to become aware of your awareness.
Be in the awareness of your presence, rather than being in the now. -- Gian Kumar
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You must wake because your name awaits, and your blood is called. -- N.d. Wilson
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This surprised me because it made me realize that what I sought was not outside myself. It was within me, already there, waiting. Awakening was really the act of remembering myself, remembering this deep Feminine Source. -- Sue Monk Kidd
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invasion by night -- B.z. Kelly
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The silence of the night awakens my soul -- Dorinda Duclos
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The bottom line remains the same: you're either awake or you're not.One day, there it is. Nothing. No more enemies, no more battles. -- Jed Mckenna
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When we're awake in our bodies and sense, the world comes alive. Wisdom, creativity, and love are discovered as we relax and awaken through our bodies. -- Tara Brach
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As you awaken, the present moment becomes your home. You still play in the world of time, but you're not identified with the story unfolding there. -- Leonard Jacobson
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Seek awaken of being. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Awakening is not something you achieve. It is something you relax into. -- Leonard Jacobson
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The awakening is finally realizing that you are a part of God, like a single cell that finally sees it is a part of you. -- L.j. Vanier
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The soul is awakened through service. -- Erica Jong
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Wakeful they lie. -- Robert Graves
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IT is not we who choose to awaken ourselves, but God Who chooses to awaken us. -- Thomas Merton
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The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play! -- Sarah Nathan
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My soul is not asleep. It is awake, wide awake. It neither sleeps nor dreams, but watches, its eyes wide open far-off things, and listens at the shores of the great silence. -- Antonio Machado
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Old powers waken. Shadows stir. An age of wonder and terror will soon be upon us, and age for gods and heroes. -- George R R Martin
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Don't go to sleep now, for you have been awakened. Don't shut your eyes, or you will put out the light. Stay awake to the power and force that guides and protects your divine essence. -- Debbie Ford
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Wake the happy words. -- Theodore Roethke
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Strike from the shadows, disapear into darkness -- Derek Landy
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Since ancient times the term awakening has been used as a kind of metaphor that points to the transformation of human consciousness. There are parables in the New Testament that speak of the importance of being awake, of not falling back to sleep. -- Eckhart Tolle
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I'm not certain what I notice first, the bright flickering light that illuminates the darkness underneath my eyelids, or the shrill screams that pull me form the dredges of sleep. Either way, I'm awake. And afraid. -- Christine Fonseca
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Contemplate to see that awakened people, while not being enslaved by the work of serving living beings, never abandon their work of serving living beings. -- Nhat Hanh
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An ambitious and beautifully produced fever dream. Don't wake me up, I want to stay in. -- Jonathan Hickman
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There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now. -- Gautama Buddha
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I am awake but asleep, a ghost floating in a space that has no beginning or end, just an endless hall of grief. -- Ronald L. Smith
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The awakening passed from simple recognition of my need for God at the center of my life, to a depth where the will is stirred And that is a deeper place by far. That is the place of response, of unifying one's heart, mind, soul and feet around a decision. -- Sue Monk Kidd
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The Dreamer awakes
The shadow goes by
The tale I have told you,
That tale is a lie.
But listen to me,
Bright maiden, proud youth
The tale is a lie;
What it tells is the truth. -- Traditional Folktale Ending
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Sleep calls to me from a land of foreign dignitaries I know not by name as I visit rarely often. The ticket in my hand, only word: "Darkness -- Spider N. Mann
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I wake the dead. I bring Jackie Robinson and the Roosevelts to life. Who do you think Im trying to wake up? -- Ken Burns
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Wisdom is awaken spirit. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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The only way you will ever awaken is through silence, not through analyzation of facts. Not by sorting out good and bad, but through simple silence, letting go. Letting go of all thoughts, all the hurts, all the dogmas and concepts. Letting go of these things daily. -- Robert Adams
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Whatever you have awakened to, you belong to. -- John De Ruiter
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A huge number of people are going through the process of awakening, some in the early stages, some in later stages, and it's wonderful to see. -- Eckhart Tolle
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Hiresha felt something she struggled to describe. Power and possibility swirled within her, along with a a sense of gasping potential in each moment. When she could a find a name for it, tears beaded her eyes. I am awake. -- A.e. Marling
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Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached. -- Swami Vivekananda
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Floating upward through a confusion of dreams and memory, curving like a trout through the rings of previous risings, I surface. My eyes open. I am awake. -- Wallace Stegner
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Eventually I fall asleep, savoring the melancholy pleasures of victory. I wake with a start to a muffled sound: the wolves could not wait for us to withdraw; they are already devouring the bodies. -- Shan Sa
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Awake, my soul! Stretch every nerve, And press with vigor on; A heavenly race demands thy zeal, And an immortal crown. -- Philip Doddridge
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Awake! for Morning in the Bowl of Night, Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to. Flight. -- Gene Wolfe
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I want to wake up! a young woman shouted to the classroom ceiling. With her wide-set eyes and freckles, she looked like a nice person. Then a knobby-boned creature advanced on her. But she couldn't wake. And she likely wouldn't ever again. -- Erin Kellison
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Living in filth is dark doom. The light of awaken leads to cleanliness. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Wide awake I can make my most fantastic dreams come true. -- Lorenz Hart
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Only by awakening can you know the true meaning of that word. -- Eckhart Tolle
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Awake. Reach out. Press onward. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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For me, my awakening came when I was kidnapped. -- Patty Hearst
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The millions are awake enough for physical labor; but only one in a million is awake enough for effective intellectual exertion, only one in a hundred millions to a poetic or divine life. To be awake is to be alive. -- Henry David Thoreau
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We must close our eyes and invoke a new manner of seeing ... a wakefulness that is the birthright of us all, though few put it to use. -- Plotinus
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Awakening is the experience of forgiving the illusion of manifesting, for Identity Is Spirit. Christ comes not into form, but calls you out of the world to recognize your Self as eternal Spirit. -- David Hoffmeister
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Life is a dream from which there is but one awakening. -- Jack Sanger
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Holdfast the Dream -- Tom Townsend
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the man of acute consciousness, -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Like a kick in the butt, the force of events wakes slumberous talents. -- Edward Hoagland
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To awaken, sit calmly, letting each breath clear your mind and open your heart. -- Gautama Buddha
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I see my life as an unfolding set of opportunities to awaken. -- Ram Dass
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I have never been more than a dream
and the dreamer
is awake -- Nirmala
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A major character has to come somehow out of the unconscious. -- Graham Greene
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Wake! For the Sun, who scatter'd into flight
The Stars before him from the Field of Night,
Drives Night along with them from Heav'n,
and strikes
The Sultan's Turret with a Shaft of Light -- Omar Khayyam
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I woke in the hour before dawn, stuck in that strange state where the memory of your dreams is still powerful enough to motivate your actions. -- Ben Aaronovitch
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I cannot be awake, for nothing looks to me as it did before, or else I am awake for the first time, and all before has been a mean sleep. -- Walt Whitman
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But the time has come; the revelation has already occurred, and the guardian seers have seen the lightning strike the darkness we call reality. And now we sleep in the brief interval between the lightning and the thunder. -- William Irwin Thompson
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Don't let sleep overtake you; the world's awake within you. -- Vasko Popa
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An awake heart is like a sky that pours light. -- Hafez
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In the conscious- intellect awakens
In the subconscious- awareness dissolves.
In the unconscious- spirit awakens. -- Gian Kumar
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Wake. But no matter what the pleasure - whether it be brawls or seduction, -- Liliana Hart
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Everything that happens is designed to awaken us. Everything. -- Leonard Jacobson
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A great Awakening has begun. People around the world are opening their eyes to their own spiritual natures. They are beginning to see who they truly are and what they have always been-beings with an eternal past and a glorious future. -- Betty Eadie
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And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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I awakened. is that not a wonderful statement? -- Mary Anne Radmacher
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Silver-the first book of dreams -- Kerstin Gier
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I am awake. I know what you took. I am coming for you. Vengeance is mine. -- Robin Burks
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As we awaken individually, we will act more powerfully collectively. -- Marianne Williamson
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Dawn: When men of reason go to bed. -- Ambrose Bierce
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If you fully awaken, you will not know yourself. Understand this, and you will understand all. -- Leonard Jacobson
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Awake! Arise! And be exalted! Make your life a success!. -- Haidakhan Babaji
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Learn to awaken within your dreams, Isobel. -- Kelly Creagh
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The secret of awakening is to unconditionally accept this moment as it is. -- Eckhart Tolle
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Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number-
Shake your chains to earth like
Which in sleep had fallen on you
Ye are many-they are few. -- Percy Bysshe Shelley
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One who awakens gradually out of a dream, a delicious, grotesque, impossible dream, to feel again the realities pressing into her soul -- Kate Chopin
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Who would awaken the past?
It shines like a sunrise
And cuts like a fine blade. -- Juliet Marillier
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The kingdom of sleep demands its forfeits, and the world looks very different through eyes cracked and yellow with its denial. -- Alaya Dawn Johnson
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You are already the awakeness that you seek! -- Loch Kelly
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Hero, let hostile spirits sleep, and every gentler genius wake: -- Various
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And so I am become a knight of the Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows -- Mark Twain
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VII. A Knock at the Door VIII. A Hand at Cards IX. The Game Made X. The Substance of the Shadow XI. Dusk XII. -- Charles Dickens
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How should the little creatures, the awakened worlds, reach out to knowledge of the whole cosmos, and of the divine? Instead they must play their own part in the drama, and appreciate their own tragic end with godlike detachment and relish. -- Olaf Stapledon
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I call a man awake who knows in his conscious reason his innermost unreasonable forces, drives, and weaknesses and knows how to deal with them. -- Hermann Hesse
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Mark Samuels reached a hand into the darkness to silence the shrilling of his mobile phone alarm and felt his reflexes pull him awake sharply, with no consideration for the vestiges of his disordered dreams. -- Justin Isis
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Man always need discomfort for awaken. -- Lailah Gifty Akita