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Shut up, butcher," snapped Aliah. 'We know what you are. -- Kevin Emerson
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Wow.Aren't you a little sneak.
- Siobhan Wrestles -- R.j. Morse, R.j. Brookes
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I look at you, Masha, and it is like drinking cold water. I look at you and it is like my throat being cut. -- Catherynne M Valente
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My life is so boring that your brains are going to melt and come out of your eyes. -- Roz Chast
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My ladsh," said Swithin, "are the besht there ish. It'sh not their fault they're up againsht better people. -- Terry Pratchett
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Never fear because Triple H is here. -- Triple H
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That's the girl ... that's the girl
" Annabeth punched him in the nose and knocked him flat. "And you," she told him, "lay off my friend. -- Rick Riordan
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Wabam wabisca ip pit tah." ("Look! The white fangs!") -- Anonymous
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Margareth is a bad influence for her."
"We all love Margareth. Don't be too hard on her."
"It's a nerd school, Papa. Engineering school. -- Rea Lidde
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Boogey boogey boogey -- Groucho Marx
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To hell with Trish's nose! -- Jim Ross
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Achmed the Dead Terrorist: Knock, knock.
Jeff Dunham: Who's there?
Achmed the Dead Terrorist: Me, I kill you! -- Jeff Dunham
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Baz. "Have you ever done this before?" Simon. "Yes. No." "Yes or no?" "Yes. Not like this." Baz. "Not with a boy?" Simon. "Not when I really wanted it. -- Rainbow Rowell
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I'm sorry Dolph, but around here, you gotta earn respect. -- Randy Orton
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The meth is kissing me softly, teasing me with its horrible, little claws, seducing my mind from the inside out. -- C.m. Stunich
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It's just too bad they have to die. They're totally bangable, you know?" "Bangable," Taylor mouthed in disgust. She wanted to show this boy another meaning for the word bang, and it involved his head against a steel door. -- Libba Bray
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Bet he was myrrh," said Josh. "Bastard, he brings the cheapest gift and now he wants to sodomize me. My mother told me the myrrh went bad after a week too." Did I mention that Joshua was not a myrrh fan? -- Christopher Moore
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But he's the most familiar thing in this house, and I fall asleep better, listening to Baz breathe, than I have since winter break started. -- Rainbow Rowell
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Hey, Haymitch, if you're not too drunk, we could use a little something for our skin. It's -- Suzanne Collins
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I will say it here on louder, all people to can hear it. I "DeYtH Banger" - I have masturbating problem ): . -- Deyth Banger
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Such inbred, bovine torpor! -- David Mitchell
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I'm sorry, I got you all snotty and wet. -- Melissa Kantor
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Excuse me while I go bleach my face. -- Elle Casey
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Achmed: Two Jews walk into a bar...
Jeff: No no no no no
Achmed: You don't let Jews in your bar? You racist bastard. -- Jeff Dunham
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Shh! Don't talk with your mouth full. -- Micky Dolenz
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It was a hot, moist armpit of a night... -- Mike Carey
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I bit my lip. 'Come on then, you dirty old man.' I stepped forward and smacked a kiss on Baz's lips. He looked petrified. The secretary looked horrified. I felt vindicated. 'Run along now, Daddy.' I said. -- Antony John
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Happy Birthday To Steph, You're a Hoe with Big Breasts, so take the Night off from Hooking ... If ya Smell what The Rock's cooking! -- Dwayne Johnson
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Ah! my poor Bahorel, she is a superb girl, very literary, with tiny feet, little hands, she dresses well, and is white and dimpled, with the eyes of a fortune-teller. I am wild over her. -- Victor Hugo
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If Penelope were her, I'd tell her she's wrong about me. She thinks I solve everything with my sword. But apparently, I can also solve things with my mouth -- because, so far, every time I lean into Baz, he shuts up and closes his eyes. -- Rainbow Rowell
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This message is brought to you by the BCBS [Booty Call Broadcasting System]. If you are back in town, get your wet ass over here. (The Hook Up, 42%) -- Kristen Callihan
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Th blu nyt
th stRs u can't c
th hum tht nevr gOs awy -- Jennifer Egan
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Someone ought to get Haymitch a drink. -- Suzanne Collins
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HARHARBLOODY HAR. Put that in your pipe hole and smoke it, society! -- Helen Fielding
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I am not a bat. ~Rephaim -- P.c. Cast
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And her mother says I'm handsome. That's really all her mum ever says to me. "Don't you look handsome, Simon."
What would she say to Baz? "Don't you look handsome, Basil. Please don't slaughter my family with your hideous fangs. -- Rainbow Rowell
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hey have a good day -- Ellis Cose
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Maa tujhe salaam
pher lete hai nazar jis waqt bete or bahu..
ajnabi apne hi ghar me hae ban jati hai maaa.. -- Muhammad Iqbal
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Shh! It happens. Sh!it happens. -- Vikrmn
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Abracadabra, moron. -- Sarah Rees Brennan
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Now what do you get in the Army? Bad helmets and Basra. Your guns don't work and everyone hates you when you come back. -- Rupert Everett
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B*tch: a reflection of people's lack of creativity & inability to acknowledge & embrace a powerful woman; a woman who won't comply. -- Kelly Cutrone
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My heart in an uproar. -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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It seems like James really doesn't like you, Siobhan."
"Nah. He's just mad at me because I didn't call him back after we slept together."
- Kayla Dorland and Siobhan Wrestles -- R.j. Morse, R.j. Brookes
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Rune: "They're getting away!"

Thatz: "Our Dragon Knights honor is at stake! Let's get 'em!"

Rath: "'Dragon Knights honor'? Really? -- Mineko Ohkami
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You lazy, floor banana motherf***** -- Allie Brosh
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It's just Annabeth mom jeez! -- Rick Riordan
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It's not as if it'd taste any different under all that curry," said Burleigh. "I was at a dinner in their embassy once, and do you know what they made me eat? It was a sheep's - -- Terry Pratchett
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Do you think that Asian girl over there is pretty? I ask Abram, testing him, wondering if I'm really his type, or if I'm just his type until that rare breed of slutty Asian drops into his lap.
Only when she lets me cheat off of her, he answers. -- Jay Clark
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Hello, hangover. You nasty, nasty bitch. -- Zoey Derrick
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You're so dehydrated I can hear you blink. -- Lori Lansens
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blatherskate," I -- Patrick Rothfuss
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Abracadabra, I'm up like Viagra. -- Lil' Wayne
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When Shah Rukh stated, "Bhootnath ... will be among the top three hits of the year!", I told him, "Aapke moonh mein dudh, ghee, shakkar sab! -- Amitabh Bachchan
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Jah show every mon him hand, and Jah has show I mine. -- Bob Marley
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You pussy-whipped douche waffle. -- Jamie Mcguire
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Babi (alt. spelling Baba) is a bloodthirsty Baboon God. -- Patrick Auerbach
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Don't threaten me, you piece of filth. -- M.j. Carter
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Think books aren't scary? Well, think about this: You can't spell "Book" without "Boo! -- Stephen Colbert
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Damn boudas. I tell him he's under siege and he goes to take a nap. -- Ilona Andrews
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Whatever ye say say nathin! -- Joe Brennan
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Shut your cake hole, you revolting young blot. -- Gail Carriger
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Baz arched an elegant brow. Are you going to snog the Humdrum-is that your plan? Because he's eleven. And he looks just like you. That's both vain and deviant, Snow, even for you. -- Rainbow Rowell
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For a girl gone wrong, you can't beat the banks of the Wabash. -- Florence King
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The words walked right out of my mouth. -- James Brady
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There'd been some nights when my fat ass had saved my ass (ba-dum-tsh). -- Lish Mcbride
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Such an angry little angel. Your wings are certainly dirty. They're black."
"Like your heart. -- Karina Halle
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I blinked the sleep out of my eyes and realized my head was in Khufu's lap. The baboon was foraging my scalp for munchies. "Dude." I sat up groggily. "Not cool." "But he gave you a lovely hairdo," Sadie said. "Agh-agh!" Khufu agreed. -- Rick Riordan
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Nothing says Christmas like a burning meth lab. -- Christopher Moore
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How do y'all say, 'hoorah' in Angel?
Rude Car. -- Amy A. Bartol
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The mistake ... was attributed in part to the fact that employees called the 3-year note 'Losh' and the 5-year note 'Bosh'. The comic mixing of 'Loshes' and 'Boshes' sounded more like a Dr. Seuss children's book than a cutting-edge risk-management operation. -- Frank Partnoy
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I'm drunk-nonsensical tired out. -- Robert Frost
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Abracadabra... nope you're still a bitch. -- Sophie Monroe
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One of the lambs fixed its attention on Jared. "Baa," it flirted.
"Boo," said Jared.
"Oh my God, Jared. Don't tough-talk the lambs."
"It was giving me a funny look. -- Sarah Rees Brennan
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Next time you want to hit me
hit me with a baseball bat or a crowbar! -- Stephenie Meyer
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I can't control my fingers I can't control my toes
Oh no no no no no . . .
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna be sedated -- Ramones
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Uh huh, that's what your mouth said. -- J. Riley Castine
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Farrukh, tonight you have won a dishwasher -- Paul Torday
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I give up," Baz whined. "I'm going to go drown myself in the moat. Tell my mother I always knew she loved me best. -- Rainbow Rowell
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Good morning sinners. vampiric red bull intake in pub smoking compound commenced. day of heavy brain-fingering ahead. -- Warren Ellis
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Aaro's mouth tightened. "I knew it," he said. "I knew, as soon as I saw who was calling, that this would be another massive goat-fuck with international implications. It always is, with you McClouds."
"I'm not a McCloud. I share no genetic material with those freaks! -- Shannon Mckenna
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I-man say don't make jah body a graveyard for de dead animals, -- Bob Marley
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Yuh cyah vex when soca playin -- Wayne Gerard Trotman
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We live in bloodbath times ... and looks like tonight is bath night. -- Richard K. Morgan
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Ah done been tuh de horizon and back and now Ah kin set heah in mah house and live by comparisons. -- Zora Neale Hurston
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Thud. Thud. Thud. -- V.e Schwab
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Beshrew the heart that makes my heart to groan. -- William Shakespeare
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Smell you later. -- Hank Moody
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Howay yabastaaz I'll t-t-take the f-f-fuckin lorrayaz! Am fuckin al reet me man. Why aye! -- Tony Benn
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Here comes another -- Hans Christian Andersen
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Lha Gyal Lo! (Victory to the gods) -- Dalai Lama Xiv
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Fuck off and die, you putrid bastard. (Jericho) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Hi I'm B-Rok of the Backstreet Boys, Jim Carrey wannabe. -- Brian Littrell
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I just ... ," Cath started again: "I realized that I'm not cut out for fiction-writing."
Professor Piper blinked and pulled her head back. "What are you talking about? You're exactly cut out for it. You're a Butterick pattern, Cath
this is what you were meant to do. -- Rainbow Rowell
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Bow your head little Okht, it's time. -- Ashley Nemer
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Bored is a four-letter word. -- Jill M. Singleton
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Come home with me, Cath. I miss you. And I don't want to say good night. - Levi. -- Rainbow Rowell
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The ultimate act of heroism shouldn't be death. You're always saying you want to give Baz the stories he deserves ... So you're going to kill him off? Isn't the best revenge supposed to be a life well-lived? The punk-rock way to end it would be to let them live happily ever after. -- Rainbow Rowell
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These are valentines for all the boys at school that I like ... And this is a very special one for my sweet babboo."
"Does your sweet babboo know who he is?"
"Oh, yes, he knows who he is ... "
"I do not! -- Charles M. Schulz