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The House shewes the owner.
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Repeat: Sharing the kids bathroom while my master bath gets renovated is family bonding. So fun.
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I wanted people to come to the restaurant and feel at home, so I put it in a house.
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There is just something about starting your day with something luxurious like a bath.
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Real men don't take Baths!
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Shunning the upstart shower, / The cold and cursory scrub, / I celebrate the power / That lies within the Tub.
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A house of which one knew every room wasn't worth living in.
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I like bubble baths.
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We were so poor we had no hot water. But it didn't matter because we had no bathtub to put it in anyway.
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In a house where there are small children the bathroom soon takes on the appearance of the Old Curiosity Shop.
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We live in bloodbath times ... and looks like tonight is bath night.
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a thousand years without a bath.
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Soapland, where a guy lies on a waterproof mattress and a woman covers them both in soapy water and slides all over him. You can pay extra for additional services
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the basement. Katz
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Prison house for the soul
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Baths, she thought, were just like her relationships, all "ooh, ah" in the beginning and then suddenly, without warning, she had to get out, out, out!
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I think a lot of contemplation happens in bathtubs. It does for me. Nothing like a hot bath to ease the tension and think about what's going to happen next.
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house at Otowi Bridge.
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Our cellar home had a kitchen and a combination bedroom and half bath, which meant we had a sink next to the bed. We had no refrigerator, no shower or tub, and no privacy. My parents shared the bedroom with my sister and me.
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There's something really simple and idyllic about living in a house very close to the water.
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History - that little sewer where man loves to wallow.
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I love to take baths.
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Here I am, in a lovely hotel room, with my own bathroom. I have never experienced such incredible luxury.
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[On growing up in a large family with little money:] ... to take a bath ... we just had a pan of water and we'd wash down as far as possible, and we'd wash up as far as possible. Then, when somebody'd clear the room, we'd wash possible.
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What a house - nothin' but rooms!
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Somewhere to take shelter from the elements but not the storms of life.
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Those comfortably padded lunatic asylums which are known, euphemistically, as the stately homes of England.
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the front door of our apartment,
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The beauty of a house by the lake side in the middle of wilderness can best be appreciated not by those who permanently live in the house but by the travellers passing by!
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I love standing under a steaming shower when I'm tired in the morning. I don't really get a chance for baths.
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I thoroughly enjoy a good hot bath. That is my ultimate luxury.
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London, dirty little pool of life
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A man's bathroom is his castle
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A spa hotel? It's like a normal hotel, only in reception there's a picture of a pebble.
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her bathroom, likely not to surface for a while. She had agreed to
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Barb's house, when I finally
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To survive the daily bumps and bruises that come with living our lives, we all need a gentle and loving home both within and outside of ourselves.
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If the retreat house was a trap, it was a very nice one.
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A beach house isn't just real estate. It's a state of mind.
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What is a cozy home? Where you enter and you feel the radiance of your divine self.
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What Jeremy likes about showers is the way you can stand there, surrounded by water and yet in absolutely no danger of drowning, and not think about things like whether you fucked up on the Spanish assignment, or why your mother is looking so worried.
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the spare bedroom?
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The house is a machine for living in.
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Houses are like people - some you like and some you don't like - and once in a while there is one you love.
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The last swimmers have come in from the beach now and are dressing upstairs; the cars from New York are parked five deep in the drive, and already the halls and salons and verandas are gaudy with primary colours, and hair bobbed in strange new ways ...
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Hello - what hotel is this - ?
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business of the house with guests.
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There are no houses to wife. only window seats to occupy when the weather needs changing & waters to flow past our ankles on Sundays as we fish.
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[My guilty pleasure is a] deep, eco-unfriendly, hot bath. Preferably with a glass of champagne and someone sitting on the loo seat gossiping.
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The bathroom was humid with steam and soap. The elderly Palm Beach sybarite who had ordered the pleasure barge for his declining years had added many nice touches.
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Self-care should include the cold shower as well as the scented tub.
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The 'incredible frog hotel' - really a local bed and breakfast - ... the frogs stay (in their tanks) in a block of rented rooms.
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It's the kind of house you'd like to wake up in on Christmas morning.
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The bathroom was jungle-fogged, flooded with puddles, piled with soaked towels; cakes of soap with long strands of blonde baked in.
A girl in pieces: Barbie-thin ankles, a shaving cut on her knee; hipbones she could stab you with; white hands gelled with strawberry body lotion.
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Back to the house.'
The house?'
Yes. You know ... the oversized box in which we live?
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Every man has a right to a Saturday night bath.
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Think Tank, noun: The shower.
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The worst of Bath was the number of its plain women ... He had frequently observed, as he walked, that one handsome face would be followed by thirty, or five-and-thirty frights.
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I noticed every time I spent a lot of time in the bathtub, I would just get fantastic realizations about myself, and they were so valuable and liberating.
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The room has to be comfortable; the house has to look habitable.
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It's not a house to us. It's a home. And it's not a home, it's s way of life. Our summertime happens here. This house is part of our past, it's our present, it'll be our future. It's who we are.
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I was just bathing."
"Aren't you the fortunate man. Bathing."
"Only a shower.
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Yves did not like showers, he preferred long, scalding baths, with newspapers, cigarettes, and whiskey on a chair next to the bathtub, and with Eric nearby to talk to, to shampoo his hair, and to scrub his back.
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Bath toys are reserved only for the oldest, more lethal vampires.
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the wizard prison,
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My family and I live in a wing of a Georgian mansion in East Sussex, which was built in the 1780s and fell into disrepair. It was rescued in the Seventies and carved into six terrace houses.
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It was an old fashioned house
the sort of house in fact, as Strange expressed it, which a lady in a novel might like to be persecuted in.
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One may make their house a palace of sham, or they can make it a home, a refuge.
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They always gives me bath salts," complained Nobby. "And bath soap and bubble bath and herbal bath lumps and tons of bath stuff and I can't think why, 'cos it's not as if I hardly ever has a bath. You'd think they'd take the hint, wouldn't you?
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In the evening of the first day my father conducted us to the public baths.
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When Hitler came to power I was in the bath.
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She'd stumbled into Norman Bates' attic. There in the bathroom was a gaudy heart shaped pink bathtub, and standing proudly next to it was a bear. Holding a clean white towel draped over his arm like a waiter.
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Cottage is the palace of humble man!
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What the fuck kind of twisted fun house is this?
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A bachelor, a studio, those were the names for that kind of apartment. Separate entrance it would say in the ads, and that meant you could have sex, unobserved.
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Screen porch in a tree.
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A bath is not enough to remove all your dirt if you are dirty from inside.
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My father was a motor mechanic, and my mother a homemaker. We moved to Bath when I was four, and so I consider myself a Bathonian.
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The kitchen. The bathroom. The yin and yang of the household.
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There's no place like home. And there's no toilet like your own.
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A house made of ice in the middle of desert! And that house is the house of lies!
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I built the ideal house down in the Caribbean. All Englishmen dream of leaving the rain of England and getting a place in the sun - out in the grounds with separate guest houses; that is the ideal scenario.
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The Caddo Bayou Marina.
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A country without bordellos is like a house without bathrooms.
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What is the soup kitchen?
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Obviously some cheap motel is missing a shower curtain.
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The Australian backyard was once built for tradesmen and outdoor toilets. As suburbs spread, it became a playground and source of pride ...
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Now my favourite pastime is to take a bath with my son.
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When I lived in New York, I discovered these Russian & Turkish Baths in East 10th Street. Great for a platza treatment - plus, you'll run into the world and his wife there.
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How oft a summer shower has started me; to seek the shelter of a hollow tree
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What house, bloated with luxury, ever became prosperous without a woman's excellence?
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It's only a house when it's filled with people you love.
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her, climbing out of the bath.
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I like cosy, intimate houses.
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the cottage lights
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Something had happened. The bath towels knew it, the bathtub and the toilet knew it. My father turned and walked out the door. He knew it. It was my last beating. From him.
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Happiness is a hot bath on a Sunday afternoon.
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I love to have a bath with beautiful, relaxing music on and have no rush to do anything. It's a wonderful indulgence, and it helps me to calm down and stop my mind running overtime.
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I hate to sound esoteric, but there is something about a house that leads you to that one chair, that one corner, where you just sit and feel comfortable.