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Kalevala, whereas -- Arthur C. Clarke
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...Traduttore, traditore. -- Peter Manseau
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Audentes fortuna iuvat. Fortune favors the bold. -- Wynne Channing
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Bat asks Goucher if his leg is good, and Goucher shrugs. "All right." "Good or all right?" "All right enough." Batliner has been through the ringer enough, so he gives Goucher some advice he hopes Goucher will heed, "Be brave enough to call it early. -- Chris Lear
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Angleterre Hotel, -- Masha Gessen
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Bonzo, he pre-cise. He so careful, he piss on a plate and never splash. -- Orson Scott Card
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Your bat is your life. It's your weapon. You don't want to go into battle with anything that feels less than perfect. -- Lou Brock
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Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who's afraid of the big black bat? -- Jim Carrey
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Growing up,I came up with this name: I'ma Cablinasian. -- Tiger Woods
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My rookie is manly, so manly, oh so manly his name is Derrick Bateman. -- Daniel Bryan
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Batman: One more thing. When you find something out, you can call me on this.
Commissioner Gordan: A cell phone with one button?
Batman: A bat signal.
Commissioner Gordan: Christ. He actually put a bat on it. -- Geoff Johns
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Great," mumbles Kelly. "Bat stew cooked on a bat shit fire by an old bat. -- Philip Webb
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Baikida Carroll, whose balance of bravada and tenderness, facility and understatement mark him as a player to be reckoned with. -- Jon Pareles
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Swore. "Barabas said you might say that. I'm supposed to tell you this." Ascanio cleared his throat and produced a remarkably accurate impression of Barabas's tenor. "Courage, Your Majesty." "I will kill him." "The Beast Lord or Barabas?" "Both. -- Ilona Andrews
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Noli me tangere; for Caesar's I am. -- Norah Lofts
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What bosom beast not in his country's cause? -- Alexander Pope
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corn maque choux. He -- Rachel Harris
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Rico Gear. What a great-sounding name. He sounds like a drug dealer from Brazil. -- Murray Mexted
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Young man, if that bat comes down, you're out of the game -- Bill Klem
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He is an interesting player - short back legs. -- David Pleat
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There are certain tribes in the middle Sepik that eat raw bat. A certain kind of raw bat is a delicacy. -- Lily King
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And I will capture your minds with sweet novelty.
[Lat., Dulcique animos novitate tenebo.] -- Ovid
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Lord Bendtner is the best player of all times -- Barack Obama
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The Bat Phone to the Universe, some kind of Iva-only, open-round-the-clock special channel to the divine. -- Elizabeth Gilbert
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It's good to find the barrel of the bat again. -- Chase Utley
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Bellona has answered my prayer. She doesn't fight my battles for me. She doesn't guarantee me easy victory. She grants me opportunities to prove myself. She gives me strong enemies and potential allies. -- Rick Riordan
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What the hell kind of man decides to dress up as a bat and run around the city? There's got to be something a little bit loose in there. -- Christian Bale
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But I've bought a big bat.
I'm all ready, you see.
Now my troubles are going
To have trouble with me! -- Dr. Seuss
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It is as it is. Betren son of Bromwell Defender of Delmarath -- Cynthia Willerth
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That Reyes Farrow boy. -- Darynda Jones
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In hoc signo vinces -- Machado De Assis
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Valar Dohaeris. All men must serve. -- George R R Martin
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How do you say 'delicious' in Cuban? -- Herman Cain
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It is a delight to watch a young and gifted chess player. To him have come no sinister experiences; to him continual carping care is foreign. Therefore he loves the attack and the bold sacrifice; for theirin lies the shortest way to his ultimate objective. -- Richard Reti
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Albert tin. Why're -- Anne Tyler
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Jacques Rudolph at the moment is using the inside edge as much as the middle of the bat. -- Ian Botham
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StocktontoMalone -- Hot Rod Hundley
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Prickomo fucking cocksca. That bastard old arsehole-fucker. -- Joe Abercrombie
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Atalanta in Calydon -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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Do you even know what Avila is? -- Anonymous
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My dad named me after Hannibal Barca, the Carthaginian general who attacked Rome. But nobody knows about him. -- Hannibal Buress
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Francesco Damiani punches with all the violence and bad intentions of Mahatma Gandhi. -- Jerry Izenberg
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Bruce Sutter and his new pitch, the split finger fastball, fascinate the manager of the Cuban national teams. 'We must find out about this new weapon,' he said. 'Are the American hitters plotting to murder him? -- Thomas Boswell
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FOR SONIA SANCHEZ -- Nikki Giovanni
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He's the equivalent of the Spanish David Beckham. -- Ron Atkinson
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I'm a bat. All my greatest, creative ideas come at night. So I hardly ever sleep. -- Jessica White
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The Spaniard is gallant and patriotic, and sacrifices everything, in favorable moments, for his country's good. He has the intrepidity of his bull. -- Jose Rizal
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Hand me down the shark repellent Bat-Spray! -- Adam West
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Its not Wingardium Levio-sa its wingrardium levi-o-sa -- J.k. Rowling
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A noble pair of brothers.
[Lat., Par nobile fratum.] -- Horace
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Valar Dohaeris. All must men serve. -- George R R Martin
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Ignazio Michele Vitale," I say playfully, intentionally flubbing the middle name, just to get more of a rise out of him. "I can't believe you were singing a song from the eighties."
"You were seeing things. -- J.m. Darhower
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Wasabi. Now hoiteys. Seriously, you'd think I really didn't know English. -- Simone Elkeles
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Mountain bats, those massive serpentine creatures of myth. Those ancient scavengers of the battlefield. -- Susan Dennard
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I'm always alright, as long as I've got [a bat]. -- Justin Morneau
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My name actually is Francesco Castaluccio. -- Frankie Valli
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A full mind is an empty bat. -- Branch Rickey
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Concetta and Domenico Costa, Mariana Pontillo, the Arena family. We live. -- Laurie Fabiano
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Gabriel Batistuta. He was a spectacular No 9 - great at finding space, shooting from outside the box, good in the air. He was always a reference for me and I used to watch the way he played. -- Luis Suarez
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The werehyena Casanova strikes again. -- Ilona Andrews
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Have you had this place inspected?" he asked. "The house is ready to fall off its timbers. I couldn't risk coming in here without offering a quick prayer to Butyakengo."
"A Gypsy protective spirit." He smiled at her. "But now that I'm here, I'll take my chances. -- Lisa Kleypas
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Melissa officinalis -- Ann Bellows
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Semmelweis reflex. They -- Peter Watts
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Do not pursue with the terrible scourge him who deserves a slight whip.
[Lat., Ne scutica dignum horribili sectere flagello.] -- Horace
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Cagliari central defender Comunardo Niccolai became celebrated for his ability to score bizarre own goals in the 1960s, so much that self inflicted problems in general are often referred to as 'Niccolai-like'. -- John Foot
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(Al) Lopez is a great believer in speed and hustle, in the go-go style of baseball. No other manager is so determined a foe of stodgy baseball, lack of hustle and slipshod practices and so powerful an advocate of the unexpected. -- Nellie Fox
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Inigo Montoya: He's right on top of us. I wonder if he is using the same wind we are using. -- William Goldman
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I'll take anyway to get into the Hall of Fame. If they want a batboy, I'll go in as a batboy. -- Phil Rizzuto
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Azevedo Bandeira is an expert in the art of progressive intimidation, in the satanic maneuver of gradually humiliating his interlocutor by combining verities and gibes. -- Jorge Luis Borges
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Bats have no bankers and they do not drink and cannot be arrested and pay no tax and, in general, bats have it made. -- John Berryman
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Vagisil. Any one of them will give you another two to three inches drop on your curve ball. Of course if the umps are watching me real close I'll rub a little jalapeno up my nose, get it runnin', and if I need to load the ball up I just ... (wipes his nose) -- Eddie Harris
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Guarda il cielo. Non troverai mai un arcobaleno se stai guardando per terra.
Look up to the sky. You'll never find rainbows if you're looking down. -- Charlie Chaplin
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Yossarian!!!(?)! -- Joseph Heller
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Que busca? Tal vez busca su destino. Tal vez su destino es buscar.
... what is he searching for? Perhaps he searches for his destiny. Perhaps his destiny is to search. -- Octavio Paz
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"Benedetto" means the "blessed one" and I feel that I have truly been blessed. -- Tony Bennett
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He is an example of a La Masia player. Technically he is unbelievable. -- Gerard Pique
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Why can't a 'bania' play hockey or football for India? Because every time he gets a corner, he opens a shop! - Old Indian Joke -- Ashutosh Garg
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I have an Alka-Seltzer bat. You know-plop, plop, fizz, fizz, when the pitcher sees me walking up there he says, 'Oh, what a relief it is'. -- Andy Van Slyke
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Playing black, I put great stake in the Ruy Lopez: I liked it, feel it, and understand it; in matches with Hjartarson and Timman it served me well. - on preparing for World Championship versus Garry Kasparov -- Anatoly Karpov
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On a visit or vacation to Toba Lake,
you may say 'Horas' to Batak people,
when we meet, visit and shake hands. -- Toba Beta
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Them bats is smart. They use radar! -- David Letterman
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Lysandra Barbas, please meet Princess Cleiona Bellos. -- Morgan Rhodes
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In a village of La Mancha, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind, there lived not long since one of those gentlemen that keep a lance in the lance-rack, an old buckler, a lean hack, and a greyhound for coursing. -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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The man who flies shall fight again.
[Lat., Qui fugiebat, rusus praeliabitur.] -- Demosthenes
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Caterina, a great adventure is in store for you. -- Rachel Harris
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They make their fortune who are stout and wise,
Wit rules the heavens, discretion guides the skies.
[Lat., Che sovente addivien che'l saggio e'l forte.
Fabro a se stesso e di beata sorte.] -- Torquato Tasso
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Fortuna, that vicious slut. -- John Kennedy Toole
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La Closerie, in Ansouis. -- Peter Mayle
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Alis volat propiss. (She flies with her own wings.) -- Jan Karon
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Sta come torre ferma, che non crolla
Giammai la cima per soffiar de' venti.
Be steadfast as a tower that doth not bend its stately summit to the tempest's shock. -- Dante Alighieri
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Chess was Capablanca's mother tongue. -- Richard Reti
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Kaka' (literally, paternal uncle). -- Mahatma Gandhi
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Casildea de Vandalia, the rawest and best -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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Victor Hernandez, like an orchestral conductor directing his troops ... -- Jon Champion
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Noli me tangere, for Caesar's I am /
And wild for to hold, though I seem tame. -- Thomas Wyatt
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Isaac Rothe, Matthias -- J.r. Ward
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Fucking Magnus DuCane. I'd -- Sloane Kennedy
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The Bat sets free - The herds are shut in byre and hut For loosed till dawn -- Rudyard Kipling
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passacaglia by the old master Buxtehude. -- Hermann Hesse