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barely looked at me, blew out the -- Blair Amour
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I paid, got up, walked
to the door, opened
I heard the man
say, "that guy's
out on the street I
walked north
honored. -- Charles Bukowski
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Passed. As per usual. -- Belle Aurora
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You were the one who brightened up the dull days, Gram, Hadleigh thought now. You, with your love and your laughter and with that magical smile of yours. -- Linda Lael Miller
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congratulated or "saved"? -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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He smiled, looked handsome, and said many pretty things -- Jane Austen
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Hazel, watching, lent help here and there and encouraged the others. -- Richard Adams
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We were on stage. We were supposed to speak our dialogues. But at times, a smile says more than words ever can! -- Avijeet Das
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He smiled. It was small and magnetic. I took a mental snapshot; spending time with him confirmed my suspicion that Duane's smiles were few and should be treasured. I -- Penny Reid
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Now his grin lit his face with a sunny halo. -- Sharon Shinn
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As I princessed in the tower, he knight-in-shining-armoured up the drive. -- John Harding
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You were stalwart. -- Jeff Hirsch
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Everything laughed. -- Michael Montoure
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For years the strangers among us had passed sullenly in the hallways; now we looked, we nodded, we smiled. -- Jerry Spinelli
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Then he smiled - a lovely sunbeam of a grin. -- A.m. Jenkins
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I walked backstage, standing ovation. Everyone was backstage clapping. -- The Miz
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Want to give a very strong energy to someone with a simple act? Then, smile! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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carefully negotiated his way -- Greg Iles
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He looked at me again and his eyes shone in the lamplight, or with the inner light of delighted anticipation.
His enthusiasm made him beautiful. -- Rachel Hartman
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I smiled into the air the way I smiled when customers unbuckled their belts, and I made my eyes laugh as if everything were some version of a good time. -- Miranda July
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Emit gratitude as though it was done -- Henri J.m. Nouwen
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It was impossible not to smile back-Nick radiated light. -- Michelle Madow
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The sun was shining like a congratulation. -- Margaret Millar
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Sharzad was rewarded with one of his uncommonly effortless smiles. The kind that changed a face of shadows into one of light". -- Renee Ahdieh
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Again, and was saluted in return. Each -- Jacqueline Winspear
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A stranger to compliments, she turned her face to this one, like a sunflower worshipping the sun. Thanks. -- Katy Regnery
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Thank you," I said with pride, tucking the money away in my bra.
"You are incredibly sexy right now," Travis said in my ear as we walked to the living room. -- Jamie Mcguire
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You have reached the always awesome, ever charming, and obscenely handsome Finnegan Lane," he chirped in my ear. "How may I be of service to you today? -- Jennifer Estep
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I came, I saw, I blew chunks. -- Jeff Lindsay
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And I walked across the room past all that was missing, through the door, and into the light that shone like a sweet wide smile over all that was actually there. -- Sarah Weeks
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That left Cam, who was standing close to
Daniel, their arms clapped around each other's
"You pulled it off, brother."
"Course I did." Daniel played at being
haughty, but it came off as love. "Thanks to
you. -- Lauren Kate
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The man grinned back at me with that perfect sincerity we fear and call simple-minded. -- Gregory David Roberts
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Yellow joy was radiating from her. When you're happy for yourself, it fills you. When you're happy for someone else, it pours over. It was almost too bright to watch. -- Sarah Addison Allen
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You were good."

It was a very small compliment, but it came from someone who mattered, about something that mattered. I felt a smile spread across my face. "Really? -- Leila Sales
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and gave her a thank-goodness hug -- Blue Balliett
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And then I saw him waving to us from behind the sky's reflection. -- Alice Mcdermott
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I was the star of the choir. -- Jai Rodriguez
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Give something that wasn't expected. -- John Madden
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went downstairs, -- Susannah Calloway
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Tack's eyes stayed locked on Shy's two beats then he said quietly. "Make her happy."
Shy held his gaze as, for the first time in fucking months, he began to breathe easy.
There it was.
Tack just gave it.
His blessing. -- Kristen Ashley
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He gazed up at me in that way that made me feel cherished. His expression was simultaneously wondrous and joyful. I realized that I put that expression on this beautiful man's face. -- Mia Sheridan Archer's Voice
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In that match for Holland I asked for a big responsibility, I got it and I dealt with it. I played well, I scored goals and the team qualified for the Euro 2004 finals. It was a big night and an important moment for Holland. -- Ruud Van Nistelrooy
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Laurie, you're an angel! How shall I ever thank you?"
"Fly at me again. I rather liked it," said Laurie, looking
mischievous, a thing he had not done for a fortnight. -- Louisa May Alcott
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He was right; I was amazing. -- Shannon Greenland
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All Thing Serve the Beam -- Stephen King
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It was a most magnificent -- Rose Gordon
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Let your infectious smile infect the whole world with love and joy. -- Debasish Mridha
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It was so nice that Simon was here for it - tell him I enjoyed every minute - ' it was glorious writing that - almost like telling him I was glad he'd kissed me. But after I'd posted the letter I was worried in case he guessed what I'd meant. -- Dodie Smith
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Your smile brightens the lives of all who see it. -- Dale Carnegie
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She caught a piece of my smile and shone it back at me. -- Patrick Rothfuss
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I faced the gaudy sunflower on her canvas bag
it looked hand-painted and at last my eyes fell into hers. I said, 'Thanks for the card.' Her smile put the sunflower to shame. She walked off. -- Jerry Spinelli
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And fit, and he carried himself with a confident poise that inspired trust and respect. He gestured at one of the two seats in front of his glass-and-chrome desk and waited until I sat to settle into his Aeron chair. Against the backdrop of sky and skyscrapers, Mark looked accomplished and powerful. -- Sylvia Day
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through and took the -- Claire Svendsen
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tried to raise money for him, to enhance -- David Brooks
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Clive, at moments like this, had a smile like the lace in an old-style football. Anyone could be forgiven for wanting to boot it. -- Graham Joyce
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I came, he said.
Good Lord! If there were an orator-of-the-year award, he would be in dire danger of winning it. -- Mary Balogh
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The first to greet me was Robbie McNeill, who jumped up from his post at the helm and said, "Welcome aboard, Captain! I cannot tell you how happy I am to meet you!" His handsome Celtic face shone with mischief, and I felt the first gladdening of a spontaneous friendship. -- Kate Mulgrew
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The Colonel led all the cheers. Cornbread!" he screamed. CHICKEN!" the crowd responded. Rice!" PEAS!" And then, all together: "WE GOT HIGHER SATs." Hip Hip Hip Hooray!" the Colonel cried. YOU'LL BE WORKIN' FOR US SOMEDAY! -- John Green
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charmed the words out of -- Victoria Clayton
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glowered, and she returned -- Amy Tan
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He was bright, bright, bright, like a lantern above a pub door in November- he made you want to come in and never leave. -- Caitlin Moran
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You touched people's lives, glancingly, and those lives changed forever. -- Guy Gavriel Kay
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Joel sat back in his chair and laughed at what seemed to be an inside joke, one in which I wanted very much to be let in on. An amiable smile stretched across his lips quoted by perfect dimples. I stared at him wanting nothing more than to indulge myself in that smile. -- Shawn Kirsten Maravel
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All members must have a chance to shine -- Sunday Adelaja
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Was ever woman in this humour wooed?
Was ever woman in this humour won? -- William Shakespeare
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I offered one of my best smiles, but this time it was genuine. It was another one of those Happy Abby moments I sort of wished for these days. -- Jamie Mcguire
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Dedicated to: You.
You were a total gentleman and a relief. And I believe that joy becomes you - you most certainly deserve it. -- J.r. Ward
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I felt exalted.
It was my moment. This was my place and my
time and my own perfection.
I was no longer afraid. Weird. If I'd had a
mouth I'd have smiled.
I said.
No one moved.
I asked.
No answer.
I said, almost laughing. -- Katherine Applegate
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Finding a seat in the back, she worshipped with the early service congregation, eyes closed, arms held wide, her heart offering it all to the One who wooed her with love and grace. Unconditional and uncompromising. Perfectly done on His part, not so much hers. But -- Rachel Hauck
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the challenge of cheering a troubled soul is compelling, each fleeting smile worth a hundred hours of a lesser suitor's happiness. One -- Kate Eberlen
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Her vivid smile was like a light held up to dazzle me. -- Edith Wharton
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His presence in a room was more cheering than the brightest fire. -- Charlotte Bronte
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For the first time in my life I had received an assurance that I had been of use to someone on this earth, and my astonishment at the thought that I, a commonplace, unsophisticated young officer, should really have the power to make someone else so happy knew no bounds. -- Stefan Zweig
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Major-General Sir Wilfred Bosher came to distribute the prizes at that school', proceeded Gussie in a dull, toneless voice.'He dropped a book. He stooped to pick it up. And, as he stooped, his trousers split up the back'.
'How we roared! -- P.g. Wodehouse
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I looked at myself in that window, oblivious to all the people around me and I stared and smiled that particular smile. You know that smile that seems to knock you and tell you how pathetic you are? That's the smile I was smiling. -- Markus Zusak
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To my sister who believed in me. -- Gabrielle Michael
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Kiel just winked -- James Riley
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It's a great honor," said Fedyor. "To save a life. You saved many. -- Leigh Bardugo
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Raffe turns to me. It's the first time I've seen his face look less than perfect. He's squinting in pain and blinking rapidly. He came to help me. Through all the screaming noise and blinding lights, he came. -- Susan Ee
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He made me feel. -- Priya Kanaparti
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Kindness went out to play all on a summer's day. With her about many smiles came out and joined in sweet array. -- Sara Loo
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Took him to a rink. Andy had watched the other skaters, -- Jennifer Weiner
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John had been a footman nearly all of his adult life. He knew decorum and appropriate behavior for his situation. But when he glanced from one twin to another, he nearly ruined his reputation and self-respect forever with...a smile. -- Sarah Brazytis
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Why are you here? To shine... just shine -- Akosua Dardaine Edwards
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It was not a big smile, not particularly bold or polite or ironic or glib, not asking for anything or offering anything, not stringy or careless, not, in short, like any smile I had ever experienced before. But such a smile! You could burn a hole in the world with that smile. -- Meg Rosoff
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I hope you are pleased with yourself. You have made a spirit cry. -- Katie Macalister
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It was lovely to receive the affection from some of the supporters of our biggest rival, ... It doesn't happen to you very often in your career. -- Ronaldinho
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My heart filled with endless praise. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Stark looked strong and healthy and totally gorgeous. I was distracting myself by wondering what exactly Scottish guys did, or didn't, wear under those kilts when he turned to face me.
His smile lit up his eyes. I can practically hear you thinking. -- Kristin Cast
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I felt very honored, and I knew that people would be watching very closely, and I felt it was very, very important that I do a good job. -- Sally Ride
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I flew in on a cloud and came blitzing down from the heavens like a bolt of lightning on this kid -- Alexandra Bracken
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A smiling friend was a true friend. -- Anna Godbersen
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Somebody took the time to notice me. Somebody was impressed with me, for once. -- Shelley Sly
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How happy she was, how elated! -- Joyce Carol Oates
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I acted my heart out. -- F. Murray Abraham
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He was sitting not far away, watching me, and I surprised a smile on his face, the first real smile I had ever seen him give, a smile that curved and softened the tight mouth, and warmed the ice-cool eyes; a smile that brought the blood to my face and made my heart turn over. -- Juliet Marillier
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He looked at me like I was beautiful. -- Lauren Oliver
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he treated me today. -- S.k. Epperson
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He gave me an appealing look, which fell with a thud between us: -- Ross Macdonald