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You're beautiful," he said.
"I'm as big as cow."
"A beautiful cow."
She chuckled. "I'm fat."
"You're not fat."
(Stella & Beau) -- Rachel Gibson
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Who you looking at -- Darren Shan
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The beautiful soul! -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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hey gallagher girl -- Ally Carter
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Love is a great beautifier. -- Louisa May Alcott
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As far as Beau is concerned, we're on the same team, we root for each other. If my parts are slightly more attractive, or are perceived that way by others, he's very content. -- Jeff Bridges
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I wonder what became of you, your Johnny
Rotten skin, no Emerald City eyes.
You'd have been a beauty if you let inferiority
steam your glasses with its candor, sans laughter. -- Kristen Henderson
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How's your business doing?"

"What business would that be, Jimmy?"

"The escort service." I try to stifle my laugh, but to no avail. Chelsea slaps me across my arm. It stings, but I don't show it. I can't let her know that she still affects me in any way. -- Heidi Mclaughlin
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Doing some late-night home improvements, my man? ( ... ) For what it's worth, I never had any use for that froufrou French shit, either. - Tegan -- Lara Adrian
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I'm Tally Youngblood. Make me pretty. -Tally Youngblood -- Scott Westerfeld
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The Frenchman, easy, debonair, and brisk, Give him his lass, his fiddle, and his frisk, Is always happy, reign whoever may, And laughs the sense of mis'ry far away. -- William Cowper
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I googled it, Sir ~ Brie -- Red Phoenix
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My name is Reggie, and I, am happy. -- Reggie Fils-Aime
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Beauty is our business. -- Edsger Dijkstra
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Bruckner he is my man! -- Richard Wagner
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In his heart, she'd been smiling for him.
But now she was smiling at Colin Bridgerton, he of the famous charm and sparkling green eyes. -- Julia Quinn
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Brandon is just the kind of man whom every body speaks well of, and nobody cares about; whom all are delighted to see, and nobody remembers to talk to. -- Jane Austen
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He looked like Bree, didn't he? He was like her?" "Yes." He breathed heavily, almost a snort. "I could see it in your face - when you'd look at her, I could see you thinking of him. Damn you, Claire Beauchamp," he said, very softly. -- Diana Gabaldon
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Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers. -- Jennifer E. Smith
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In another life, I would be your belle -- Katy Perry
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I think buddy is man talk for sweetie. -- Emma Donoghue
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Jean-Claude said. I stared at him, and for the first -- Laurell K. Hamilton
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I'm the guitar player in Belle & Sebastian. -- Stevie Jackson
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I am working with the enthusiasm of a man from Marseilles eating bouillabaisse, which shouldn't come as a surprise to you because I am busy painting huge sunflowers. -- Vincent Van Gogh
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A pretty girl with one blue eye and one brown one. -- H.l. Mencken
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Sasha? What is it?" My face slipped off my palm and jerked my shoulders toward the table. Blinking away the daydream, I tore my eyes away from the balmy day peeking out of the window. My boyfriend, Jared, stared at me out of a cute, boyish face, his eyebrows quirked quizzically. -- K.f. Breene
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My Jenn. Not Billy's Jenn. Mine. -- Penny Reid
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Here's Joe Cool hanging around the student union -- Charles M. Schulz
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Prettiest thing I've ever seen."
"In that getup, in your jeans and tees, in your bikini on the lawnmower, when I open my eyes in the morning and see you next to me, anytime I see you, that's what I think. First thing that comes to mind. Anytime. Every time. -- Kristen Ashley
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Darcy staring handsomely out from the shelves. Well, Colin Firth, really. 'The face that launched a thousand bookmarks, -- Victoria Connelly
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Bless thy simplicity, Tess -- Thomas Hardy
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This is beautiful." Eugenie ran her fingers along a massive mahogany sideboard, on the top of which rested a red velvet sash with fine embroidery on it and, on top of the sash, a silver dagger. That little vignette was Jean Lafitte in a nutshell. Refined gentleman and renegade. Velvet and violence. -- Suzanne Johnson
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Hey, beautiful. - Joe Covelli -- Martha Sweeney
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What am I?" he asked. "I am Edmund Herondale, and, my lady, I am always and forever at your service. If you will have me." He smiled, and the smile was slow and devastating. In the dark narrow street long past midnight, his eyes were high summer. -- Cassandra Clare
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What the heck kind of name was Sir? -- Cherise Sinclair
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A tall, dark-haired boy ... stared after me curiously. He gave me a slow smile before turning his attention back to Miller. That smile sent chills racing down my arms, leaving gooseflesh in their wake, but not in a good way. It was less Mr. Sexypants and more Mr. Windowless Van. -- Cara Lynn Shultz
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No smiling!" said Melinda. "Look stern, everyone."...
He kissed her. "Our American Gothic."
"Sweet Montana Farms style." And she kissed him back. -- Roxanne Snopek
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tall, dark-haired guy -- Barbara Delinsky
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You're mine, Savannah. -- Jaci Burton
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Oh Constance, we are so happy. -- Shirley Jackson
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How does he look, Jeeves?"
"What does Mr Bassington-Bassington look like?"
"It is hardly my place, sir, to criticize the facial peculiarities of your friends. -- P.g. Wodehouse
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I shall be dark and French and fashionable and difficult. And you shall be sweet and open and English and fair. What a pair we shall be! What man can resist us? -- Philippa Gregory
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My beauty is dark chocolate and it's delicious and it's sweet. -- Gabourey Sidibe
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Beauty is the illumination of your soul. -- John O'donohue
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Wait a minute, hold up. Stop everything. His name is Barry -" i started. "-Derry?" Mimi finished. We collapsed on the floor howling amid chopsticks and soy packets. "Silence, whores, silence. Besides, Reynolds, you dated a guy named James motherfucking Brown," Sophia snapped back. -- Alice Clayton
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THE "GLORI A SCOTT -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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Handsome is he who handsome does. -- Anonymous
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Our clients' faces, with the customary outward paleness and inner glow of the book lover. -- Diane Setterfield
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There is nothing that special to see when looking at me. I'm a painter who paints day in day out, from morning till evening - figure pictures and landscapes, more rarely portraits. -- Gustav Klimt
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It's my partner, he said, smiling. It didn't look easy for him, that smile, but it transformed him from a thin-faced freckled man with a blade of a nose to a man with sexiness to spare. -- Charlaine Harris
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You know why you hate me so much, Jeffery? Because I look the way you feel. -- Joe Pesci
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I love you, Jemmaline Girard. I always have and I always will. You are my future and my forever. You have already claimed the deepest part of my soul, femme de mon coeur. -- Katlyn Charlesworth
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I've known a boy. I've measured beauty. What more do I want? -- Gordon Merrick
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You're with me, baby. When you're with me, I want you to know it. Say my name, Devin. -- Sibylla Matilde
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You're a beautiful boy, Clay, but that's about it. -- Bret Easton Ellis
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(Hunter) "conner was at his desk, tapping away at another computer. It was amazing how much he and Quinn looked alike. Quinn nudged me as if he knew what I was thinking.
"I'm cuter,"he informed me loftily. -- Alyxandra Harvey
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nothing more than his favorite image of himself. The mirror in my room in the Windsor Hotel in Paris reflected my favorite image of me - a darkly handsome young airline pilot, smooth-skinned, bull-shouldered and immaculately groomed. Modesty is not one of my virtues. -- Frank W. Abagnale
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When you say gorgeous," Jen started, "are we talking Brad Pitt boyish good looks, or Johnny Depp make ya want to slap somebody?" "No, we're talking Brad and Johnny need to bow down and recognize" Jacque answered. -- Quinn Loftis
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I love Charles Fuller. -- Rutina Wesley
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Something making you smile, Hunter?"
"Yeah! I never got a round of applause before."
"Maybe she was applauding me."
"Nah, she thinks I'm a stud, I can tell. -- Jane Harvey-Berrick
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I am a lover of beauty, he of humanity. Each -- Ted Chiang
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I'm the handsome Butterboy," Jack announced. "I'm the queen's soul mate. I just don't know it yet because I'm emotionally immature. Sorry Connor. -- Chris Colfer
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Cowgirl...or Belle. Just not Cow Belle. -- Belinda Mcbride
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Are you stalking me, Mr. Fulton? The idea both amused and horrified Jazz. -- Barry Lyga
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Okay, Trent. Pop my cherry. -- Jamie Mcguire
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It's Sir Ben. I've not been a Mister for two years. -- Ben Kingsley
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Lady Bracknell, I hate to seem inquisitive, but would you kindly inform me who I am? -- Oscar Wilde
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Lorenzo Gambini, I presume? Or would you prefer to be called - "
"Sir," I cut in before he can say Scar. "You can call me sir, if it gives you the tingles. Otherwise, let's just stick with Gambini. -- J.m. Darhower
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fine artistry of my paintings. Her profile -- E.l. James
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I like you, Tess. -- C.j. Duggan
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Jared, "I like anything that ends in you and me. -- A.l. Jackson
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Want to come back to the morgue with me after lunch? (Tate)
I shudder at the thought of the pickup line you must have used the night you met LaShonda. Come with me, baby, and see my collection of stiffs. (Simone) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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The blushing beauties of a modest maid. -- John Dryden
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Tim -- Sean Waller
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I'm a regular Joe ... I just have the unique ability to accessorize. -- Rupaul
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When the beauties come together, there emerges a super beauty! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Every available inch of his face busts into a smile - whoa. Has he blown into our school on a gust of wind from another world? The guy looks unabashedly jack-o'-lantern happy, which couldn't be more foreign to the sullen demeanor most of us strove to perfect. -- Jandy Nelson
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My name's Jet Steele. -- Richelle Mead
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Mr. Lely, I desire you would use all your skill to paint my picture truly like me, and not flatter me at all; but remark all these roughnesses, pimples, warts, and everything as you see me, otherwise I will never pay a farthing for it. -- Oliver Cromwell
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You and me, professor."
"You and me, beauty. -- Nina Lane
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I'm jus a shadow on the floor wi' out ye, Genevieve. -- Amy A. Bartol
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His full name is Matthew Gabriel Philippe Bertrand Sebastien de Clermont. He was also a very good Sebastien, and a passable Gabriel. He hates Bertrand and will not answer to Philippe. -- Deborah Harkness
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Whitney and I have fun reading the newspaper sometimes. You'd be amazed at the places they say I've been. -- Bobby Brown
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Sean, my mate. Mate of my Heart(Jennifer Ashley, Primal Bonds). -- Jennifer Ashley
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And what I want to know is how do you like your blue-eyed boy -- E. E. Cummings
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Jonas, Tate's teenaged son ... looking like mini-Tate, giving me the understanding that in a few years, me and every woman over twenty-five years of age in Carnal would be moved to become a cougar. -- Kristen Ashley
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Markham," I tell him. "Ky Markham." Because that's the name she knows me by. That's my real name now. -- Ally Condie
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Gage wants to know more about his neighbor, Miss Dupree the one who keeps getting undressed at night with the curtains open and the lights on.In mock horror,Parker swung in his chair. Hey! you and Ashley are Gage's neighbors! -- Richie Tankersley Cusick
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Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent; got kiss myself I'm so pretty. -- Bruno Mars
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My real name's McGill. The Jew thing I just do for the homeboys. They all want a pipe-hitting member of the tribe, so to speak. -- Saul
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I serve your Beaune to my friends, but your Volnay I keep for myself. -- Voltaire
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Hi, my name is Tess. -- Embee
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Trust me with your heart, Remy. -- Corrine Jackson
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We're branded. You and me. We are so in love, Charlie. You feeling it yet? Do I make your hear go pitter patter? -- Colleen Hoover
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Be your own kind of Beautiful -- The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
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Every trait of beauty may be referred to some virtue, as to innocence, candor, generosity, modesty, or heroism. St. Pierre To cultivate the sense of the beautiful, is one of the most effectual ways of cultivating an appreciation of the divine goodness. -- Christian Nestell Bovee
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You must all, somewhere deep in your hearts, believe that you have a special beauty that is like no other and that is so valuable that you must not abandon it. Indeed, you must learn to cherish it. -- Sophia Loren
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I have a cotillion event. Some yacht-club charity fundraiser thingy. Whitney is insisting, and Kit took her side." Three wide smiles. "Oh shut up. -- Kathy Reichs
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What's his name? -- Anthony Marra
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I now pronounce you husband and wife. Chloe, you may kiss your groom. -- Christina Lauren