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All I can think about is bed." "We're sharing the same thought." "You're thinking about bed too?" "I'm thinking about YOU in MY bed. -- Becca Fitzpatrick
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The bed was no longer a daisy-field for her and Joe to play in. It was a place where she went and laid down when she was sleepy and tired. -- Zora Neale Hurston
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If you drink enough beer, everything turns in to a bed. -- Demetri Martin
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Thinking about the bed leaves you horny, but thinking beyond the bed gives you honor, freedom and wisdom. -- Michael Bassey Johnson
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My bed is the magical place where I love to overthink like a PSYCHO. -- Tanya Masse
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This could be heaven or this could be hell'?"
"A lot will depend on the mattress. -- Josh Lanyon
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Some people are better imagined in one's bed than found there in the morning. -- P. J. O'rourke
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And bed, he thought. Bed is my friend. Just bed, he thought. Bed will be a great thing. It is easy when you are beaten, he thought. I never knew how easy it was. And what beat you, the thought. -- Ernest Hemingway,
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With a bed, you can sleep in it in a safe shelter which means that if you die, you will re-spawn in your bed and your items won't disappear. -- William Herobrine
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To read in bed is to draw around us invisible, noiseless curtains. Then at last we are in a room of our own and are ready to burrow back, back to that private life of the imagination we all led as a child and to whose secret satisfactions so many of us have mislaid the key. -- Clifton Fadiman
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I love my bed. It is larger than a desk and better designed to hold books and papers. It is softer than a desk and better designed for naps. It is the center of all good things. And day or night, everyone knows where to find me. -- Cathleen Schine
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Some people make bad bed. They just have to lie in it. -- Virginia Woolf
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Confrontation while lounging in bed. -- J.d. Robb
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You want to come home to a nice firm bed with the corners tucked in so you start over, like each night is like a new night. -- Gabrielle Union
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the bed, narrow apple-green draperies at -- Mary Higgins Clark
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In bed by herself: adorable condition. -- Elizabeth Von Arnim
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A question: when is a bed not a bed? When it is angled lie-flat. My back hurts, my legs ache and my clothes are all rumpled - and all because the airline, which claimed to have a bed, actually offered up a torture machine which I prefer to call a slide. -- Richard Quest
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We all know the experience of sitting in bed feeling exhilarated one day and lackluster the very next. The issue is not whether we need to find a more fulfilling bed. -- Alexandra Katehakis
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It is in bed that we learn to bear the inevitable. We are learning this all the time while we lie with our face turned to the wall thinking we are doing nothing. -- J. E. Buckrose
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Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed. -- George Burns
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There are not enough poems in praise of bed ... -- Sylvia Townsend Warner
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I love your bed." I rolled onto my stomach, smiling.
"I love it so much I'd marry it if I could."
Seth laughed out loud. "You'd marry my bed?"
"Mmm. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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can rent a bed. It's either -- Danielle Steel
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In reality, everyone is good in bed. Close eyes. Shutdown brain. Pause as necessary. Restart brain. Open eyes. What's there to not be good at? Bed is the one place where laziness is rewarded. -- John Dobbin
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What a magical thing is the bed, and what a vulnerable, innocent creature is the sleeping human - the human who never looks more truthful or pitiful or benign; the curled-up, childlike dreaming soul who has for a few hours become an angel adrift. -- Michael Leunig
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Some people make a bad bed, they just have to lie in it. -- Virginia Euwer Wolff
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Is the bed comfortable? Please say no. Just give me any reason to get you in my bed. -- Elizabeth Finn
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lying on "mattress graves. -- Christopher Hitchens
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Commune with your own heart on your bed and be still. -- Maimonides
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What do you say we go find a hotel near here, have a nice dinner, hot showers and call it a night. I'd like to sleep in your bed, too." "What did you say?" "I said I'd like to sleep in a bed, too." "Oh. -- Penelope Ward
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Most beds aren't as intimate as people think they are. -- Malcolm Bradbury
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I put a row of toys on the bed. A brown-haired Barbie doll, then a Lego ambulance...then a gray Buckbeak the Hippogriff. -- Emily Barr
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If you want breakfast in bed, you have to concider sleeping in the kitchen> -- Foster "Raul" Mkhabele
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children get to bed now. -- Harper Lee
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One of the most adventurous things left us is to go to bed. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams. -- Edward Verrall Lucas
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I lay in the middle of an orgy-sized bed without the orgy, or anybody for company except a butterfly flirting with the sheers over the window. -- Karen Chance
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This bed yawns
beneath the weight
of our absent selves. -- Maya Angelou
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Give me a bed and a book and I am happy. -- Logan Pearsall Smith
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In the bed of suspicion, no cushion can make a man to sleep -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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BED. He smelled his adult sweat, tasted it -- David Baldacci
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I love being in bed almost as much as I love food. -- Niall Horan
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We do not go to bed in single pairs; even if we choose not to refer to them, we still drag there with us the cultural impedimenta of our social class, our parents' lives, our bank balances, our sexual and emotional expectations, our whole biographies-all the bits and pieces of our unique existences. -- Angela Carter
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I love men in bed when they are sleeping. But then they have to go and wake up. -- Daphne Zuniga
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I had fun last night," I told Patch, flicking off my chin strap and handing over my helmet. "I'm officially in love with your sheets."
"That the only thing you're in love with?"
"Nope. Your mattress, too."
Some smile crept into Patch's eyes. "My bed's an open invitation. -- Becca Fitzpatrick
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Half Asleep in Frogg pajamas. -- Tom Robbins
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His bed was where they slept and where the great thing people warned about or giggled about took place. It was not so much painful as dull. Cee thought it would get better later. Better turned out to be simply more, and while the quantity increased, its pleasure lay in its brevity. -- Toni Morrison
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Will you mess up my bed with me? -- Angeline Kace
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Where's my bed?!" Dairine shrieked.
"It's on Pluto," Nita said. "On the winter side, somewhere nice and dark and quiet, where you won't find it if you look all day-which you're not going to have time to do, becaus you'll be in school. -- Diane Duane
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I want to sleep in your bed."
Her thighs tingled. "You must really like my mattress."
He grinned. I never heard it called that, but yeah. -- Stephanie Bond
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No matter how big or soft or warm your bed is, you still have to get out of it. -- Grace Slick
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I'm going to bed, where I may die. -- Diana Wynne Jones
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In bed," she said calmly. "I want you to come to bed with me. -- Diana Gabaldon
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Ugh - moral choice: couch or bed, couch or bed? The decision was taken out of my hands as Noah hooked a finger on my back belt loop and tugged me, backward, toward the bed. His arms snaked around my waist and pulled me down alongside him. -- Katie Mcgarry
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The sleep which lay heavy upon the furniture, the room, the whole surroundings of which I formed but an insignificant pat and whose unconsciousness I should very soon return to share. -- Marcel Proust
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Reading in bed can be heaven, assuming you can get just the right amount of light on the page and aren't prone to spilling your coffee or cognac on the sheets. -- Stephen King
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My best office is my bed. -- Philippe Starck
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I can't bear to look at my bed without seeing you in it. -- Michelle Hodkin
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Sprawled out on the photographer's mattress with my clothes lying in a heap somewhere in the kitchen, I pull the waistband of my briefs down to expose my hipbones, and I think of home. -- Kris Kidd
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It is a delicious moment, certainly, that of being well nestled in bed, and feeling that you shall drop gently to sleep. The good is to come, not past; the limbs have just been tired enough to render the remaining in one posture delightful; the labour of the day is gone -- Leigh Hunt
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There are many ways to die in bed, but the best way is not alone. -- George Burns
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I am good in bed - I don't snore. I don't take the duvet. I just lay there and go straight off to sleep. That's all you want out of a bloke. -- Len Goodman
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Half the joys and half the sorrows of this world are discovered in bed. -- Kathleen Winsor
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Do you expect to suffer long nights of languishing and days of pain? O be not sad! That bed may become a throne to you. You little know how every pang that shoots through your body may be a refining fire to consume your dross
a beam of glory to light up the secret parts of your soul. -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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It's only worth staying in bed if you're young and in good company. -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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When one turns over in bed, it is time to turn out. -- Arthur Wellesley
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I don't like futons. They can't commit. I'm a bed! I'm a couch! I'm a bed! I'm a couch! -- Jennifer Weiner
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Why can't you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone. It's very charming. It's very sweet. It's what the whole world should do. -- Michael Jackson
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I was polluting the bed with dreams. -- Henry Miller
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As I'm sure you know, to be in one's own room, in one's own bed, can often make a bleak situation a little better. -- Lemony Snicket
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Sleep on, Baby, on the floor, Tired of all the playing, Sleep with smile the sweeter for That you dropped away in! On your curls' full roundness stand Golden lights serenely
One cheek, pushed out by the hand, Folds the dimple inly. -- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Only a fool would make the bed every day. -- Nancy Spain
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Location. Alaina gave a last pat to the freshly made bed in the newly occupied room and sat down on it, facing Mindy. She smoothed the quilted bedspread beside her as she asked, "Will you sleep here now?" Mindy's nod came without hesitation, but again there were no words, only the fleeting smile, -- Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
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Pulling his weight back off of her, he nodded over his shoulder. "Show me what's in the bedroom."
Though her body leapt in expectation, she tried to play it cool. "Oh, just a dresser, a TV, a dead stuffed deer, and, oh, yeah, a bed."
"Forget the deer. Show me how the bed works. -- Erin Mccarthy
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Sometimes, an afternoon spent in bed with someone can be the most important thing in the universe. -- Malcolm Wilson
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I'm making the bed now, oh, do come up and bring a sheet grandfather, for every bed must have a sheet. -- Johanna Spyri
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It seems we only sleep well in our own bed. -- Georges Perec
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Get over here. We're having intimate bed conversation and I won't do it with a foot of mattress between us. -- Jane Seville
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I plan on bedding you, well and often. -- Meghan Ciana Doidge
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Son, you walked into the den of a master. If you aren't able to extol the virtues of your mattress, Mara will guide you to one that you are. So, while you're here, you need to let Mara show you our Spring Deluxe -- Kristen Ashley
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There's also something about your bed; it's sort of a symbol of yourself and of your marriage, if you're married. Making your bed doesn't seem to be an important thing in a happy life, and yet it can be that tiny foothold into a more orderly life that sometimes people need. -- Gretchen Rubin
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I'm taking you to get a bed. A big-ass bed. One that costs a fucking fortune, -- Abbi Glines
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It was truly an abomination of nature that one always found the most comfortable spot in the bed five minutes before one had to leave it. -- Mia Ryan
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It's not the sort of night for bed, anyhow. -- Kenneth Grahame
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The joy of motherhood: what a mother experiences when all her children are in bed -- Barbara Johnson
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In my free time, I love to lay in bed. -- Elizabeth Reaser
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Want to sleep over? -- Robin Bielman
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A little while after we'd moved into the depot, we heard Mom and Dad talking about buying us kids real beds, and we said they shouldn't do it. We liked our boxes. They made going to bed seem like an adventure.
pg. 52 -- Jeannette Walls
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What's so nice about laying in bed all day?" "I don't have to see anybody." "You like that?" "Oh, yes. -- Charles Bukowski
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ends up sleeping in your bed. -- Marian Keyes
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Sleep with me sleep with my dogs- -- Sinclair Lewis
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I love to go to sleep, when bed takes me like a lover -- Erica Jong
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Leave your bed upon the first desertion of sleep; it being ill for the eye's to read lying, and worse for the mind to be idle; since the head during that laziness is commonly a cage for unclean thoughts. -- Frances Osborne
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Mighty proud I am that I am able to have a spare bed for my friends. -- Samuel Pepys
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How would you feel about sharing your bed?" she asked.
Tristan blinked. "Excuse me?"
"He'd love to!" Gary said.
Tristan shot him a look,
"Good," said Ivy, failing to notice Gary's wink. "Ella can be a pillow hog, but all you have to do is roll over her. -- Elizabeth Chandler
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I just want some head in a comfortable bed. -- Drake
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Now go to sleep. I'll wake you up when I want you."
"Should I just sleep with my legs spread or what? -- Dominique Frost
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You are mine, Elena. If you choose to sleep in another bed, I will simply pick you up and bring you home. -- Nalini Singh
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Making love was never about you and me in a bed. We made love whenever we held hands. -- Pleasefindthis
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We are sitting on our honeymoon bed in the honeymoon suite. We are in a state of honeymoon, in our honey month. These words are so sweet: honey, moon. This bed is so big, we could live on it. We have been happily marooned
honey marooned
on this bed for days. -- Kelly Link
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What the hell kind of bed you giving us, anyways? We don't want no pants rabbits. -- John Steinbeck