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Enormous? Did you just call me fat? -- Cassandra Clare
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Larger than life ... I've never understood that expression. What's larger than life? -- Nicole Krauss
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The Heisman is the biggest award I've ever won. -- Barry Sanders
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Someday we'll be bigger. -- James Dashner
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Bigger than life is not difficult for me. I am bigger than life. -- Rita Moreno
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I am bigger than the box I'm in. -- Rachel Cohn
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Your world is as big as you make it. -- Georgia Douglas Johnson
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Gorillas are the largest of the great apes. A mature male may be six feet tall and weigh 400 pounds or more; his enormous arms can span eight feet. -- Dian Fossey
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I am bigger than anything that can happen to me.
All these things, sorrow, misfortune, and suffering, are outside my door.
I am in the house, and I have the key. -- Charles F. Lummis
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The big time is not a place; it's the state of your heart. It's not something you get; it's something you become. -- Frosty Westering
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The biggest day in the history of Kentucky's program. -- John Calipari
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To be big, you have to think big. Don't limit your imagination. -- Ehab Atalla
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To me, bigger is better. -- Cindy Margolis
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Don't go bigger, go deeper. -- Joss Whedon
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I am large, I contain multitudes -- Walt Whitman
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I'm the biggest fighter in the history of the sport. If you don't believe it, check the cash register. -- Mike Tyson
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Nothing is bigger than art. -- Kenya Wright
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Well, check this out. Mine is bigger. -- Ilona Andrews
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The biggest family in the world is football, because football has more associate - and FIFA, for example - has more associates than UNESCO. -- Pele
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Pia was chopping up an enormous cabbage, a cabbage big as a basketball. The cabbage was of an extraordinary size. It was a big cabbage. "That's a big cabbage," Edward said. "Big," Pia said. -- Donald Barthelme
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Bigger than you or me. Discussions are healthy. Ignorance is not. -- Amandla Stenberg
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God is huge! He is ginormous! He is greater than every thought we have ever had of Him. -- Louie Giglio
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I know how you guys like to see who's bigger. Feel free to whip them out. I'll be the judge. -- Kate Allenton
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I'm not that big, physically. I'm just big where it counts - I got a big heart! -- Big Sean
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I began by playing for the biggest club in the Lorraine region, went on to the biggest club in France and ended up with the biggest in the world. -- Michel Patini
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The game of golf was bigger than Jack Nicklaus when Jack was dominating the game. -- Tim Finchem
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God is absolute. He is everything. If He is bigger than the biggest, then He is smaller than the smallest. -- Chukwuka Amu
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Hollywood large is so different than real-life large. -- Jordin Sparks
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Right now I would rank Norway as the largest country in the world, I have never seen anything like it -- Barack Obama
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The largest living land mammal is the absent mind. -- Don Van Vliet
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This terrible smallness of men was bigger than him, bigger than anything. -- Dennis Lehane
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Go big or stay home! -- Robin S. Sharma
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God is bigger than people think. -- Jimmy Dean
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America is huge. -- Ace Frehley
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From the waist down, Earl Campbell has the biggest legs I have ever seen on a running back. -- John Madden
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A thing is mighty big when time and distance cannot shrink it. -- Zora Neale Hurston
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I always tell people I'm very large in Uzbekistan. -- Iris Apfel
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We boast the highest standard of living when it's only the biggest. -- Frank Lloyd Wright
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When I first came in the league, I thought Jack Clark and Steve Garvey were big. Then all of sudden it seemed like everyone was that big. -- John Kruk
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I've got enormous breasts. -- James Carville
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You never think your life will be that big. Just -- Megan Abbott
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Whatever you're thinking, think bigger. -- Tony Hsieh
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I'm a passionate, hardcore fisherman. Biggest fish I caught? A 200-pound tarpon. -- Dwayne Johnson
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Big as a horse turd floating in a milk shake.
Wyatt Dixson -- James Lee Burke
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Really big people are, above everything else, courteous, considerate and generous - not just to some people in some circumstances - but to everyone all the time. -- Thomas J. Watson
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Smaller Is Smarter: Hint, Bigger Is Not -- Miles Anthony Smith
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It's not how big you are, it's how big you play -- John Wooden
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c'mon now, honey, don't be mad at me. I don't mean to lie, I just remember big. -- Beth Hoffman
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No challenge is bigger than us! -- Osama Bin Noor
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I didn't get how big it was until I went home, turned on the television and saw it on all the news, and later that night on the front pages of all the newspapers. Then I got it. -- Paul Simon
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It's so large"
"It's the world dear, did you think it'd be small?"
"smaller -- C.s. Lewis
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You are bigger than your circumstances. -- Liz Murray
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It's important to me to create the largest wonder. -- Doug Henning
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You don't have to be a giant to think big. -- Amit Pandey
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The most astonishing, the most surprising, the most marvelous, the most miraculous ... the greatest, the least, the rarest, the most common, the most public, the most private till today ... I cannot bring myself to tell you: guess what it is. -- Marie De Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise De Sevigne
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If size mattered, the elephant would be king of the jungle. -- Rickson Gracie
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longest of his works -- Plato
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I'm going to do something bigger and better,
bigger and better
and bolder, but first,
I'm going to do something
smaller and worse. -- Jonarno Lawson
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If you're going to be thinking, you may as well think big. -- Donald Trump
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Houston has its largest crowd of the night here this evening. -- Jerry Coleman
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There is no smallest among the small and no largest among the large, but always something still smaller and something still larger. -- Anaxagoras
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Larger than life itself, and I can't even believe this striking creature was once a little bit mine. -- Katy Evans
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I've got a huge, gigantic deal. We're talking about huge deals. -- Mike Judge
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Big, and when you all come to visit it's too small." "We'll be fine, -- Anne Tyler
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That's one huge puppy. -- Ksenia Anske
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Your beaver is huge. -- Ashley Pullo
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I am kind of giant ... on (the True Blood) set. -- Joe Manganiello
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Wow! Brazil is big. -- George W. Bush
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Don't talk about the size of your problem. Talk about the size of your God. -- Joel Osteen
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Surpass the best to be the best -- Eiichiro Oda
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thee times their size -- Stephanie Marks
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Enormous? Did you just call me FAT? I am not fat. - Jace -- Cassandra Clare
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Every one thinkes his sacke heaviest. -- George Herbert
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Our football program is bigger than any one person. -- Craig Johnston
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Our dreams make us large. -- Jack Kirby
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Tallest usable pogo stick -- Guinness World Records
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Whenever something is wrong, something is too big. -- Leopold Kohr
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The further in you go, the bigger it gets. -- John Crowley
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I think the play actually became bigger than me. No pun intended. -- Camryn Manheim
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The greatest mystery the universe offers is not life but Size. -- Stephen King
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I have such a big mouth. -- Kelly Hu
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I don't believe in 'greatest'. I believe in favorites. -- Steve Vai
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I wouldn't say I'm bigger than Jesus. If I had to guess, I'd say probably, yeah, but as far as I know, the bible is never clear on this. -- Zach Braff
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I think big! I choose to help thousands and thousands of people! -- T. Harv Eker
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Floor: the world's biggest shelf. -- Frankie Rose
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Think big from the beginning. -- Ehab Atalla
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The bigger the better; in everything. -- Freddie Mercury
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I'm probably the biggest reality television star living. -- Janice Dickinson
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God is infinitely bigger than your biggest problem or biggest dream. And while we're on the topic, His grace is infinitely bigger than your biggest sin. -- Mark Batterson
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How big can we get before we get bad? -- Jay Chiat
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Big minds dream big. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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Even bigger than Japan is the inside of your head. -- Soseki Natsume
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The Best Is Yet To Be -- Robert Browning
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Think BIG right now- you can always make it smaller later! -- Jack M. Sasson
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I can't take a dick-measuring contest."
"I know Meshack has a big one. And from what I've felt, Zulu is big. Both of your dicks are equally big. -- Kenya Wright
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Half as big but twice as mad. -- George R R Martin
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Had Jupiter been several dozen times more massive, the matter in its interior would have undergone thermonuclear reactions, and Jupiter would have begun to shine by its own light. The largest planet is a star that failed. -- Carl Sagan
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How big is your God? The size of your God determines the size of everything. -- Howard G. Hendricks
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Size doesn't matter, when Matter thinks big. -- Robert G. Moons
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Whatever you think you are, you are always bigger than that ... -- Gino Norris