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Rae Carson's heroine is a perfect blend of the ordinary and the extraordinary. I loved her. -- Megan Whalen Turner
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That nasty, blonde, skank Hayley looked pleased with herself. Draped all over my boyfriend in her oh-so-trite, size negative-two, designer clothes. Her attitude matched the price tags. -- Harriet Showman
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Rita Haywood gave good face. -- Madonna Ciccone
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There was Manderley, our Manderley, secretive and silent as it had always been, the gray stone shining in the moonlight of my dream ... -- Daphne Du Maurier
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I can live without love. And with that she left Westley alone. -- William Goldman
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Tess exited YouTube, Binged Richard Widmark, and found what she expected, given -- Stephen King
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I didn't know Westley liked 'em pretty.
I didn't know Westley liked 'em at all. -- Kelly Oram
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The colonel laughed, effectively halting Bingley's speech. "Uncharacteristically reclusive? Do we speak if the same man? Darcy's very character is defined by his reclusiveness! He prefers to keep his own counsel, especially when he ought to do the opposite - the bacon-brained buffoon. -- Karalynne Mackrory
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I think Lucy Ferry, now Birley, is absolutely beautiful. She's a modern girl, but she moves beautifully. Amanda [Harlech] moves beautifully when she's not working. All those English leftover society girls. -- Manolo Blahnik
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From her father, Anna-Sophia had inherited a love of burning down houses. Dutch remembered exactly the first words he'd said to her. 'This is somebody's home.' Anna-Sophias face had been puzzled. 'Of course it is.' And then she dropped the burning rag onto the couch. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Katniss, the girl who was on fire! -- Suzanne Collins
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curvy." I liked Lacey, but I saw Margo's -- John Green
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The great event of the evening was Jenny Lind's appearance and her complete triumph. She has a most exquisite, powerful and really quite peculiar voice, so round, soft and flexible and her acting is charming and touching and very natural. -- Queen Victoria
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People like to hear me say, 'You love me, Chandler Bing. You just don't know you love me.' -- Maggie Wheeler
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Blonde Queenie, the most beautiful girl ever to don witches' robes, is standing in a silk slip, supervising the mending of a dress on a dressmaker's dummy. Jacob is thunderstruck. -- J.k. Rowling
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To whom the wilie Adder, blithe and glad. -- John Milton
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Anne of Windy Poplars -- L.m. Montgomery
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Jessica, who loves stories, -- J.k. Rowling
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Elizabeth Hay has intelligence coming out of her fingertips - integrity, insight, and wonder in every paragraph of her writing.She connects. She stirs and provokes. -- Timothy Findley
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Jane Austen. Anyway, I'm not -- Edna Ferber
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Phoebe Wolkind Ephron cracked wise like Dorothy Parker and looked like Katharine Hepburn. -- Hallie Ephron
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I'm the first actress in the family, but when I'm home, I'm just Kimberley. -- Kimberley Nixon
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Jane," I said quietly.
She opened her eyes, she had been far away in prayer.
"Yes, Mary? Forgive me, I was praying."
"If you go on flirting with the king with those sickly little smiles, one of us Boleyns is going to scratch your eyes out. -- Philippa Gregory
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Wicked Witch of the West -- Rachel Renee Russell
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Katniss the mockingjay -- Suzanne Collins
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What is a week-end? Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey. -- Julian Fellowes
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Mallory Quinn was sweet, warm, and caring. She was a white picket fence and two-point-four kids. She was a diamond ring. She was someone's keeper. -- Jill Shalvis
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She's a lovely young woman from upstate New York, but you should be very thankful for those romance-novel-reading, tween-movie-watching women. They've had a big hand in making our town a success." "And Julian's love life, once he learned to spray himself with glitter. -- Kristen Painter
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Violet Markey.There's more to you than meets the eye. -- Jennifer Niven
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Well, pumpkin, if you'd stop hiring boozehounds with a hard-on for Marlowe, someone might get the job done. -- Daniel Younger
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But she was already in. Gareth couldn't help but stand back in admiration. Hyacinth Bridgerton was clearly a natural born athlete.
Either that or a cat burglar. -- Julia Quinn
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William is the most skilled protector that I have ever seen. He is the best." Determination began to swell inside of me.
"Then I will have to be better." Margo Westly -- Meredith T. Taylor
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I love Cate Blanchett; I think she's brilliant. -- Judy Greer
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He addressed himself to Miss Bennet, with a polite congratulation; Mr. Hurst also made her a slight bow, and said he was "very glad;" but diffuseness and warmth remained for Bingley's salutation. -- Jane Austen
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I am a huge 'Downton Abbey' fan - huge! -- Joan Rivers
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Is there nothing the prodigiously talented Ann Patchett can't do? She's channeled the world of opera, Boston politics, magic, unwed motherhood, and race relations, creating scenarios so indelible, you swear they are right outside your door. -- Caroline Leavitt
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There's a part of my heart that forever has Anne Boleyn written on it, who I played in 'The Tudors.' -- Natalie Dormer
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I'm a Jane Austen/Jane Eyre kind of girl. -- Maggie Grace
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Ah, yes. Harry Potter. Our new - celebrity. -- J.k. Rowling
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The Woes of Mrs Weasley -- J.k. Rowling
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She was the sort of girl called "bonny" - not beautiful, but lively and nicely made, with something about her that took the eye. -- Diana Gabaldon
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Katniss Everdeen, The Girl On Fire! -- Suzanne Collins
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Ingersoll is with Homer and Tully and Shakespeare and Burns. -- William Stewart Ross
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I'll go further and say she was one of the best cooks in the world! The compimentary expression, "This food will make you slap yo' Aint Emma" was apt in her case. -- Mars Hill
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Mr Darcy is my severest critic. -- Elizabeth Bennett
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Briar Greyson, in the bedroom, with the letter opener. -- Kelley York
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Your sister Betsey Trotwood... -- Charles Dickens
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A cherefull looke makes a dish a feast. -- George Herbert
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Ben was it. Her perfect fit - her thrill and balance and heartbeat. (Preeya) -- Rissa Brahm
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CASTLES IN THE AIR Laurie -- Louisa May Alcott
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It was good to be here with Jem and Cecily an Charlotte, to be surrounded by their affection, but without her there would always be something missing, a Tessa-shaped part chiseled out of his heart that he could never get back. -- Cassandra Clare
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Fenwick, sitting down to -- Laura Lippman
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Margaret: Oh you weak people, you weak, beautiful people! - who give up. What you want is someone to [she turns out the rose-silk lamp] take hold of you. Gently, gently, with love! And I do love you, Brick, I do!
Brick [smiling with charming sadness]: Wouldn't it be funny if that was true? -- Tennessee Williams
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I like Sam Bailey - she's got a huge voice. -- Rebecca Ferguson
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I think what I've recognized over the years is that I'm very, very bingey, extremely bingey when it comes to writing. -- Tony Gilroy
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Unlike other young actors I've worked with who will remain nameless, Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry would never go out partying after work, but would immediately hunker down to start working on the reams of labyrinthine dialogue they had to navigate for the next day's work. -- Mark Waters
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I'm Clara Lord. I own Bloodline's Tattoo Parlor, have a filthy mouth, no filter, and a really strong -- K. Larsen
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The Swendish queen - whose name I couldn't pronounce to save my life. -- Kiera Cass
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off with Utley." We were all quiet then, Susan and I -- Robert B. Parker
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My name is Jerrod Ross, Squire from Pendern Hall. And who might you be, madam?"

"I? I am Sandra Cranston, Mistress of the walk-up second story flat," she replied coldly.~Timeless Heart -- Karyn Gerrard
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'Downton' is one of the best jobs in the world, and I'm looking forward to the next series for Maggie Smith's wicked sense of humour. -- Samantha Bond
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My wife." "By what name is she called, Kincaid?" "Mine. -- Julie Garwood
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Badly done, Emma! -- Jane Austen
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I had some crumpets with Lady Harbury, who seems to me to be living entirely for pleasure now.
I hear her hair has turned quite gold from grief. -- Oscar Wilde
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MRS. REYES FARROW. -- Darynda Jones
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Cate's absolutely spellbinding. She was like that just eating a sandwich. I knew at the time I was privileged, but since she's become God's gift to actresses I realise exactly how lucky I was. -- Emily Blunt
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Oh my God, of course she was Lily - and she was sickeningly beautiful. Suddenly, I was even more nauseous than usual. I was going to vomit all over myself and be dubbed hurl-girl for the rest of eternity. I was going to throw up all over Lillian Hunt. - Nicole Abbot -- Jennifer Delucy
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NICOLE CULLEN Long Tom Lookout -- Jennifer Egan
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The girl who played Gwendolen stood out like a good deed in a naughty world. -- Stephen Fry
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The cynical, caustic, acid-tongued New York drama critic Addison De Witt introduces his protege/date of the moment, a bimbo date and so-called actress named Miss Casswell (Marilyn Monroe) in another very famous line: "Miss Casswell is an actress, a graduate of the Copacabana School of Dramatic Art." -- George Sanders
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Matt is a tortured soul,' Amanda insisted. 'He's Heathcliff and you're Cathy. He's Rochester and you're Jane Eyre. He's-'
'Darcy and I'm Elizabeth. I get it. And you're wrong. -- Robin Brande
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Daniel swept Ainsley into a strong hug. "I knew you'd come back. Didn't I say so? Dad!" he bellowed up the stairs as he set Ainsley on her feet. "It's Ainsley!"
"He knows, lad". Mac laughed. "I think the whole county knows. -- Jennifer Ashley
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Bailey was trouble, but she was the best kind of trouble, the kind that made you want to return again and again. -- T.j. Kline
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She's no flibberti-gibberti mamzell, but a whir-stir-get-lost-sir bundla dynamite! -- Salman Rushdie
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Courteney Cox is such a great actress. -- Marley Shelton
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And then she was looking up into the deep-set, dark eyes of the Marquess of Rockley. -- Colleen Gleason
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Brynne was my heaven. I'd seek out my heaven endlessly. -- Raine Miller
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The closest to Hepburn is Cate Blanchett. -- Robert Osborne
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Tessie Moran, eighteen and not yet in love, was dreaming of handsome young men and moonlight. She could not easily be roused from her enchantment. -- Antoinette Stockenberg
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And Clare, always Clare. -- Audrey Niffenegger
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Ann Boleyn...a Renaissance Audrey Hepburn in a little black dress. -- Joann Spears
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I've dreamt again of Manderley. -- Mike Noonan
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I'm going to finish off the last of Three's Company tonight. Frankly, I like Mr. Furley more than the Ropers. -- Andy Weir
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Isn't he beautiful? Hadley says longingly.
Yes, I think, but not in the way she obviously sees him. He's beautiful in the way the apple in the banned book my father read to me ages ago was beautiful to the princess.
Tempting but deadly. -- Trisha Wolfe
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Marie Laurencin. -- Stella Gibbons
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Meadowlark, you are the best! -- Jerry Colangelo
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Janelle, you're my home. -- Elizabeth Norris
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What's her name? Claire, what's her name? -- Rachel Caine
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Bindy Mackenzie talks like a horse. -- Jaclyn Moriarty
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I love Cate Blanchett: she takes risks, but is still refind. -- Rose Mcgowan
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Shirley! Don't call me Shirley! -- Leslie Nielsen
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Miss Wyndham, when I first met you in London, I thought you the most intelligent and the strongest girl I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. She would never moon after some mopey, dark boy. She would look for the man that challenged her, amused her, and made her sparkle and enjoy life. -- Tarun Shanker
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Is it...Richard Frederic?"
"No, and I am not going to--"
"Russell Francis?"
"No. You're being--"
"Rumpelstiltskin Finnegan?"
Jackaby sighed. "Yes, Miss Rook. Rumpelstiltskin. You've found me out. I am the devious imp of the fairy tales. -- William Ritter
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Phoebe Marks was a person who never lost her individuality. Silent and self-contained, she seemed to hold herself within herself, and take no colour from the outer world. -- Mary Elizabeth Braddon
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They call him the Colonel, and he's Farley's father." "I'd feel sorry for her, but my family's infinitely worse." I -- Victoria Aveyard
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Callie a wink. As Will and Beth took turns with the Eton Mess, Sid -- Terri Osburn
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I like you very much. Just as you are. Mark Darcy, Bridget Jones -- Helen Fielding
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That Gilbert of yours is a darling, Anne, -- L.m. Montgomery
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Just a little off the top!"- A. Boleyn -- Robert Lynn Asprin
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Shayla McKinnon, this mark proves what I already suspected. You are my mate. You are destined to walk beside me, rule with me, share my blood and, through that, my immortality. -- Laura Kaye