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Birds are the magicians of the nature! They are here, they are there and they are everywhere!
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One bird's an eagle born - FALK. And one a hen.
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Who gets the bird, the hunter or the dog?
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Birds are the most popular group in the animal kingdom. We feed them and tame them and think we know them. And yet they inhabit a world which is really rather mysterious.
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A bird in the open never looks Like its picture in the birdie books - Or if it once did, it has changed its plumage, And plunges you back into ignorant gloomage.
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How do you know but ev'ry Bird that cuts the airy way,
Is an immense world of delight, clos'd by your senses five?
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Birds are an ecological litmus paper.
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Birds are the lunatics of the animal world.
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She - come to think of it, she was kind of like a bird herself - real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and - fluttery.
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When a bird breaks out of its shell it is defying its greatest opponent: fear.
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The bird is fighting its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Whoever wishes to be born must destroy a world. The bird is flying to God. The god is named Abraxas." After
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"What?" A small bird rises from a tree in front of us.
"What should I be when I grow up?"
The bird disappears over a far ridge. I don't know what to say. "Honest," I finally say.
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Is this chicken or is this fish?
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With a few exceptions, birds are not to be trusted; it is not normal to have such soft, vulnerable bodies bookended with slashing beaks and razor-sharp claws. It is as unnatural as an armed marshmallow.
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But cow well you ass therefore my bird
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I am the bird of the spiritual Garden,
not of this world of dust; for a few days,
they have a cage of my body made.
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Spotted Park Bench
I am a park bench.
Ordinary words cannot
express my thoughts on birds.
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I'll always be a word man, better than a bird man
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A bird who wants to fly high will never frighten of sky
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You sure telling me this won't cause a problem with your bird?" "Stop calling chicks birds. It's fucking weird." He rolled his eyes. "Isn't a chick a baby chicken?" I asked as he shot me the finger.
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A bird in hand is a certainty. But a bird in the bush may sing.
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Let the bird sing without deciphering the song.
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If all else fails, birdie the last.
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How do you catch a beautiful bird without killing it? By becoming the sky.
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You're just an empty cage girl, if you kill the bird.
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A chicken doesn't fly like other birds, but it is still a bird.
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My shoe is off. My foot is cold. I have a bird I like to hold.
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Bat, pigeon, ravens - I don't care about distinctions right now. Any fluttery, flappy thing is not cool with me.
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My mother, she killed me,
My father, he ate me,
My sister Marlene,
Gathered all my bones,
Tied them in a silken scarf,
Laid them beneath the juniper tree,
Tweet, tweet, what a beautiful bird am I.
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Thou little bird, thou dweller by the sea, Why takest thou its melancholy voice, And with that boding cry Along the waves dost thou fly? Oh! rather, bird, with me Through this fair land rejoice!
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Abs? What are you, a workout video?" he sneered.
"Pigeon?" I said with the same amount of disdain. "An annoying bird that craps all over the sidewalk?"
"You like Pigeon," he said defensively. "It's a dove, an attractive girl, a winning card in poker, take your pick. You're my Pigeon.
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I am a caged bird,
rattling the bars of my cage,
with furious flutterings,
break my chains!
Free my spirit!
Let me fly with the wings you have drawn upon my soul
with heaven dipped ink
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If God were an object to the bird, he would be a winged being[.]
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If I was a bird, Kline Brooks could go fuck himself.
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I wasn't LOOKING at a bird
wow where is this even coming from
the BIRD
wouldn't stop LOOKING
at ME
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Birds have done great jobs for the progression of humanity: They kept alive our love for freedom and they insistently motivated us to reach the skies, to reach the stars!
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Run Momma bird is coming!
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When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.
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My father was a vulture. My mother was a magpie. My oldest brother is a crow. My sister, a sparrow. I have never really been a bird."
Lila resisted the urge to say he might have been a peacock. It didn't seem the time.
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Hast thou named all the birds without a gun?
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Feathers needed, swan preferred.
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A lost bird appeared in the court and was half an hour jumping around between the spikenard. It sang a progressive note, rising an octave at a time, until it became so acute that it was necessary to imagine it.
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I don't have feathers, but I feel like a bird sometimes.
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You must be crazy, after all, if a bird loves you.
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No matter. The dead bird does not leave the nest.
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So you're the Pigeon, huh?"
"No," I snapped. "I have a name."
He seemed amused at the way I regarded him, which only served to make me angrier.
"Well? What is it?" he asked.
I took a bite of the last apple spear on my plate, ignoring him.
"Pigeon it is, then," he shrugged.
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Birding, after all, is just a game. Going beyond that is what is important.
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Better a starving eagle, than a well-fed pigeon.
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A bird is safe in its nest - but that is not what its wings are made for.
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Birds have a powerful sense of home.
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Pigeons: They've got wings, but they walk a lot ...
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Stop that! What were you doing, perched on the window ledge like a big chicken?"
Despite his aches and irritations, he couldn't help but grin. "I prefer to think of myself as a more noble bird, like a hawk."
"I'm sure you do. But you flew like a chicken than any hawk I've seen.
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A pigeon flying with the ravens will start to caw!
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If ever there was an avian candidate for psychotherapy, the male blue heron is our nominee.
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The behavior of the pigeon
is beyond reproach,
but the mountain cuckoo?
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The bird is gone, and in what meadow does it now sing?
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How can a bird that is born for joy Sit in a cage and sing?
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A rare bird on this earth, like nothing so much as a black swan.
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So many birds sitting around, on a dead wire, a bare branch, a cold ground, a drifting seashore; never realizing the glory in their wings and where it can take them, nor the envy as we look on them.
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While tearing apart a bird with fat fingers,
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Set the bird's wings with gold and it will never again soar in thesky.
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I don't know whether the bird you are holding is dead or alive, but what I do know is that it is in your hands. It is in your hands.
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Carter-headed chicken.
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The demented strutting of a dumb bird in the moonlight.
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Alright, the next pretty bird that walks through that door is up for grabs.
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Birds, it must be admitted, are the most exciting and most deserving of the vertebrates; they are perhaps the best entre into the study of natural history, and a very good wedge into conservation awareness.
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No man had ever heard a nightingale, When once a keen-eyed naturalist was stirred To study and define
what is a bird.
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There will be a bird today. It will be white with streaks of gold like a crown atop its head. It will fly.
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The bird music sank into her, like a song you used to know but forgot long ago. You hear a piano play it some day, and for a minute you feel a happy pain, but you don't know why. Bird felt like that.
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Phoenix, n.
The classical prototype of the modern 'small hot bird.'
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Nearly never kills a bird
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No bird ever looked at a plane in envy
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Few forms of life are so engaging as birds.
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You are nothing but a bird with an attitude.
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This bird sees the white man come and the Indian withdraw, but it withdraws not. Its untamed voice is still heard above the tinkling of the forge ... It remains to remind us of aboriginal nature.
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about a bird, wasn't there, Mike?
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But who does hawk at eagles with a dove?
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You are nothing but a bird with attitude.
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If I were an animal, I would be an eagle.
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On our way over to see the bird,
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No more birds for me."
"I like birds," I said.
"I've given them up. You saved my life."
"I told you. I didn't do it on purpose.
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I really like birds. Everyone always wants me to say that I can't stand to go near them, just like they want Janet Leigh to confess that she can't bear to take a shower. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
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It has thrown off its disguise as a meal and has revealed itself to me for what it is, a large dead bird. I'm eating a wing. It's the wing of a tame turkey, the stupidest bird in the world, so stupid it can't even fly any more. I am eating lost flight.
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When eagles are silent, parrots begin to chatter.
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I am a waning bird
encased in a glass sphere;
I cannot see my prison,
and my cries no one can hear.
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A bird awoke in his chest, and it cautiously spread its wings, amazed to find that it was still alive. It wanted out. It wanted to burst from his chest, taking his heart with it, and soar up into the sky.
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Rooster, maybe well crows, but the eggs still bears the chicken.
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The kingdom of birds is divided into two departments - birds and House Sparrows. House Sparrows are not real birds - they are little beasts!
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Thou art an eagle, thou doest belong to the sky and not to the earth, stretch forth thy wings and fly.
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Birds and the people who love freedom have something common: They must fly freely to feel that they are alive!
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If a bird flies straight at you, prepare for a bad day.
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The bird that flutters least is longest on the wing.
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Two birds went for dating. The male bird was killed and the female bird is being murdered.
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Do we ask what profit the little bird hopes for in singing?
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Magpie, n.: A bird whose theivish disposition suggested to someone that it might be taught to talk.
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Let us praise the noble turkey vulture: No one envies him; he harms nobody; and he contemplates our little world from a most serene and noble height.
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A Fly can't bird, but a bird can fly.
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Once a bird kid, always a bird kid. - maximum ride series
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It was as if someone had left
the bird there
as a kind of telegram
of feathers, oily feathers
that looked like they'd struggled,
shuttered a little before letting go
into flight