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To a great mind, nothing is little. -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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They get this little nubbin of a penis," Dr. Karpman said. And no one, he said, likes having a nubbin. -- Sarah Varney
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The change from atoms to bits is irrevocable and unstoppable. Why now? Because the change is also exponential - small differences of yesterday can have suddenly shocking consequences tomorrow. -- Nicholas Negroponte
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Better hold the hand for coin, though small, Than lose, for one half a dang, it all. -- Saadi
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I didn't worry if a bit got no response, as long as I believed it had enough response to linger. -- Steve Martin
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How sweet it was to be scolded by such a tiny. -- Margo Lanagan
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Little from you is really a bit too much -- C.s. Lewis
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You have a steady fella?" Sam asked after a bit.
"No fella can hold me for long."
Sam gave her a sideways glance. "That a challenge?"
"No. A statement of fact. -- Libba Bray
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You've gotta be slightly stupid. -- Joe Strummer
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Small things become small folks. -- Horace
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There is no future in which bits will be harder to copy than they are today ... Any business model that based on the idea that bits will be harder to copy is doomed. -- Cory Doctorow
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This was disapproval with a bite. -- Courtney Milan
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Thank you for tearing Tim into small Tim bits. -- Patricia Briggs
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Nubs?" the doctor asked. "It's okay," Charlie said. "He's our dog. He isn't a person or anything." "I would hope not." "Sometimes he eats his own poop," Charlie explained. -- Ania Ahlborn
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You're good, did you know that?'

Oh, yes. -- Emma Bull
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I am small, but sometimes I am a small part of great things. -- Jo Walton
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Bonkie bit Garp!"
Garp bit Bonkie -- John Irving
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When you write songs, you're writing little bits here, little bits there. -- Albert Hammond Jr.
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At its most fundamental, information is a binary choice. In other words, a single bit of information is one yes-or-no choice. -- James Gleick
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::: Little thing is a little thing, but faith in a little thing is a BIG thing ::: -- Na
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This is Mr. Round."
"SHORT Round. -- James Kahn
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The shirt says; 'I bite.' You prick, not 'I blo -- Antoinette Houston
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generous statement -- Danielle Steel
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Nothing is little to a great mind. -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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I seen too many you guys. If you had two bits in the worl', why you'd be in gettin' two shots of corn with it and suckin' the bottom of the glass. -- John Steinbeck
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Did you know that a jiffy is an actual measurement of time? It's a sixtieth of a second. -- Cassandra Clare
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Nugget?" said Micah, offering a lump to Toby.
"Thanks," said Toby. He took a bite and chewed thoughtfully.
"I think maybe it is a squirrel." He said. -- Ridley Pearson
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I am bit sending messages with my feet. All I ever wanted was not to come up empty. I did it for the dough and the old applause. -- Fred Astaire
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You charming idiot. -- Gregory Maguire
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Well, you may abuse me, be angry with me if you like," Porfiry Petrovitch began again, "but I can't resist. Allow me one little question (I know I am troubling you). There is just one little notion I want to express, simply that I may not forget it. -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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It's a small thing, a life. -- Antoine Leiris
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Have you seen the new Polish jigsaw puzzle? One piece. -- Henny Youngman
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It's a little blip. There's a tiny little blip in my belly. Tiny. Wow. I forget my discomfort as I stare dumbfounded at the blip ... The little blip is a baby. A real honest to goodness baby. Christian's baby. My baby. Holy cow. A baby! - Ana Grey -- E.l. James
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ipgrkr916848 -- Shriya
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was mildly surprised to see) and in the smallest -- Jeffery Deaver
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One of These Days I'm Going to Cut You Into Little Pieces. -- Pink Floyd
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Okay. -- John Green
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How great in number are the little minded men. -- Plautus
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One day, I shall explode like an artillery shell and all my bits will be found on the writing table. -- Gustave Flaubert
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In for a penny, in for a pound. -- Manda Collins
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We live in a world of virtual goods where none of us own the 0s and 1s. What are you going to do? -- Warren Spector
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thought a little, and suddenly laughed a -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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I think you just gave me a mini-orgasm," I shared.
"If you get your ass over here, I'll give you one that is not mini. -- Kristen Ashley
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Everyone should have ten megabits and then the web will be a wonderful thing. -- Jon Postel
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My heart breaks literally into a thousand tiny pieces. -- Lilah K. London
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I promise not to bite - unless you ask nicely. -- Paige Tyler
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You killing me smalls. -- Cambria Hebert
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A lot of learning canbe a little thing. -- Spike Milligan
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Don't ever reject a small
when you can't take it all. -- Toba Beta
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Good things come in small packages. -- Aesop
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You're a part of me. I'm a part of you and we are all a part of this great nothingness. -- Frederick Lenz
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It makes no sense to ship atoms when you can ship bits. -- Nicholas Negroponte
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There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary numerals, and those who don't. -- Ian Stewart
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Lo, what huge heaps of littleness around! -- Alexander Pope
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He who owns little is little owned. -- Henry David Thoreau
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Poor fool! in whose petty estimation all things are little. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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small things comes in big packages.* -- Assia Djebar
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The smallest part is worthy of the whole. -- Elsie De Wolfe
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( ... ) You cruel creature, little mite of a thing with a heart the size of a fullstop. -- James Joyce
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I brug you two [gifts] ... I gots the little here in my pockie.' He dug one hand deep into his pocket and pulled out a handful of nuts and a dead grasshopper. 'Nope. Be the other side.' (Matt) -- Lois Lowry
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You're a part of me ... You're in my heart. Forever and always, all right?
- D -- Jacqueline Woodson
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If "good" is not necessarily good, and "bad" not necessarily bad, what is "small"? -- Benjamin Hoff
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Can you be serious for two words?"
"Not without effort. -- Steven Brust
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I received 500,000 discrete bits of information today, of which maybe 25 are important. My job is to make some sense of it. -- David Foster Wallace
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And of course a bit of whoever we want to change into." "Excuse me?" said Ron sharply. "What d'you mean, a bit of whoever we're changing into? I'm drinking nothing with Crabbe's toenails in it - -- J.k. Rowling
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Should I, like, bite? -- John Green
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Cayse you left a jagged hole.
And I can' stand it any more. -- The Wanted
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Remember: there are no small parts, only small actors. -- Constantin Stanislavski
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You're going to the ball?"
"Aren't you? I was led to believe we had no choice in the matter."
Vol cracks a wry smile. "Ah. You've met Kira, then."
"If that self-congratulatory guinea pig in my doorway this morning was Kira, then yes. We're acquainted. -- Nenia Campbell
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This? It's a feather-coin. I made it.'
'What is it for?'
'It isn't for anything. It's a toy.'
'It's for annoying people,' said Mogget from Sam's pack. 'If you don't put it away, I shall eat it. -- Garth Nix
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Well ... It might be a little broken.'
'A little broken is still broken,' I pointed out.
'But fixable. -- Laurie Halse Anderson
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However you must have sensed a lurking 'but' skulking beneath my happy, blithe, and chipper exterior. A minuscule vexation, like the teeniest lump of raw liver sticking to the inside of my boot. -- Neil Gaiman
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The thingy? You want me, the most intelligent cognitive processor in the known worlds, to say thingy?"
"Yes," I reaffirmed. "That is correct."
Do you stay up nights thinking of ways to humiliate me?" HARV asked. -- John Zakour
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A moment is such a slight thing, I mean, that its abiding is a most gracious reprieve. Once, -- Marilynne Robinson
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Don't judge me by a little thing like this. In little things, I am a little thing myself - I always was. But in great things, I hope not; I don't mean to boast, but I hope not! -- Charles Dickens
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Zeros now have a place, and they displace the phallic order of ones. -- Judy Wajcman
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Now, young man. That's no small thing, -- Jim Butcher
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Football is a game of skill, we kicked them a bit and they kicked us a bit. -- Graham Roberts
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There's a bit of the kid in me. -- Jeff Bridges
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Quanity has it's own quality. -- Joseph Stalin
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I'm one half of a two-piece puzzle. -- Charles Martin
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Small Acts of Kindness are Priceless -- M.g. Wells
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Googol?' 'That's a one with one hundred zeroes after it. -- Jonathan Safran Foer
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Not everything that's small is insignificant. -- Adra
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A forty-foot worm?" Will muttered to Jem as they moved through the Italian garden, their boots - thanks to a pair of Soundless runes - making no noise on the gravel. "Think of the size of the fish we could catch."
Jem's lips twitched. "It's not funny, you know."
"It is a bit. -- Cassandra Clare
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Nice. Now that's an overrated quality -- Beth Fantaskey
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The little things? The little moments? They aren't little. -- Jon Kabat-Zinn
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You are a saucy little thing aren't you? -- Simon Cowell
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Little things are great to little men. -- Oliver Goldsmith
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I... I think I broke his jaw. And bit his finger off."
"You bit his finger?"
"I bit his finger off. -- Derek Landy
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Programmers are Tiny Gods -- Derek Powazek
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Careful, she bites. -- Ellen Potter
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You've got to dig it to dig it, you dig? -- Thelonious Monk
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Answer me this, did you hesitate at all or did you see the giant, go 'Wheee!' and run toward it?"
"She ran toward it," Juke quipped.
"He was biting people in half."
"I rest my case," Curran said. "A note wouldn't have made any difference. -- Ilona Andrews
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Money is information, like bits. -- Fred Wilson
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You've got a bit of a temper, don't you? -- Stephenie Meyer
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I'm sorry to tell you this, sprite, but you are definitely little. -- Cherise Sinclair
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Oh, anybody can run a tick down that don't belong to them. I'm satisfied with it. It's a good enough tick for me." "Sho, there's -- Mark Twain
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I'm a little devil. -- Roger Moore
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I remember. You take a great deal of
pleasure in small victories." Damen
quoted Laurent's words back to him.
"It's not small," said Laurent. "It's the
first time I've ever won a play against
my uncle. -- C.s. Pacat