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It's, like, a safety bomb."
-Iggy -- James Patterson
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He gives new meaning to the word bombed. -- Lee Davidson
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The coward's weapon, poison. -- John Fletcher
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If I want my children to learn what bomba and plena is, I will teach them. -- Luis Guzman
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People often ask me what I recommend, no doubt expecting me to reveal some hitherto secret storage weapon. But I can tell you right -- Marie Kondo
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Tritons Trident! -- Anna Banks
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I've always thought that the most powerful weapon in the world was the bomb and that's why I gave it to my people, but I've come to the conclusion that the most powerful weapon in the world is not the bomb but it's the truth -- Andrei Sakharov
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voluptuous sluggard, -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Aelin of the wildfire. -- Sarah J. Maas
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You're so the fucking bomb, you'd level Hiroshima again if you visited. -- Kristen Ashley
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dangerous weapon -- Okyere Bonna
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I don't just want to ban The Bomb. I want to ban all bombs, whatever, and all bombers, whoever, and all bombings, whyever. There have to be better ways of saying no and making changes. -- Aidan Chambers
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British Imperialism has been engaged, during the last two hundred years, in conferring upon its victims the dubious benefits of the Bible, the Bottle and the Bomb. And of these three, I might perhaps venture to add, the Bomb has been infinitely the least noxious. -- Christopher Isherwood
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Thank God for the bomb. Nuke ya, nuke ya. -- Ozzy Osbourne
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If that's the only thing that's stopping war then thank God for the bomb. -- Ozzy Osbourne
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It is nayat one fraigen, lita. It has naya honed scales to rip yon wide. -- Fawn Bonning
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Didn't know what to say but I did know what to think and that was that Jake Spear was ... the ... bomb. -- Kristen Ashley
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That sounds like bulshytt! -- Neal Stephenson
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Gracious Lord, oh bomb the Germans. Spare their women for Thy Sake, And if that is not too easy, We will pardon Thy Mistake. But, gracious Lord, whate'er shall be, Don't let anyone bomb me. -- John Betjeman
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The greatest danger of bombs is in the explosion of stupidity that they provoke. -- Octave Mirbeau
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We like to set off bombs. -- James Hetfield
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I don't regret setting bombs. -- Bill Ayers
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I'm nothing you can catch now. I am black powder, I am singe, I am the bomb that bursts the night. -- A.m. Homes
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The hideous god of war. -- William Shakespeare
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There's a bomb under the school. -- Stuart Gibbs
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Doomed people celebrate peace with sky bombs. -- Lauren Groff
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On the morning of January 17, 1966, a real-life dirty bomb crisis occurred over Palomares, Spain. A Strategic Air Command bomber flying with four armed hydrogen Bombs - with yields between 70 kilotons and 1.45 megatons - collided midair with a refueling tanker over the Spanish countryside. -- Annie Jacobsen
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Bombs were generally the tools of cowards or the desperate, those who either had no stomach for looking their opponents in the eyes or those who were so outclassed that honor had become a dangerous and entirely unaffordable affectation. -- Evan Currie
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anglepoise lamp. -- Garth Risk Hallberg
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When I think of a bombshell, I immediately think of Bridget Bardot. She's a woman who is so secure and just oozes sexy. Whether you are super feminine or more into that boyish style, you just own your look. -- Candice Swanepoel
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You smell that? Do you smell that? Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. -- Robert Duvall
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The Bombyx mori caterpillar," her brother supplied, thinking of snack time at the Shaolin Temple. "It tastes like chicken. -- Gordon Korman
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The nuclear bomb is the most useless weapon ever invented. It can be employed to no rational purpose. It is not even an effective defense against itself. -- George F. Kennan
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Through the overcast sky, I looked up and saw the tin-can planes. I watched their stomachs open and drop the bombs casually out. They were off target, of course. They were often off target. -- Markus Zusak
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poxy shitweasel, -- Kevin Hearne
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worked, the bomb, in all probability, would shorten -- Harry Truman
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He looked me directly in the eye. 'So you live in America?'
'We do.' I smiled.
He stopped, opened his backpack, pulled out an empty tear gas grenade and handed it to me.
'I believe it was a present from your country.' Majid smiled. 'Tell your friends thanks. We got their grenade. -- Michelle Cohen Corasanti
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The nouvelle cuisine of anarchy. Barium nitrate in a sauce of sulfur and garnished with charcoal. That's your basic gunpowder. Bon appetit. -- Chuck Palahniuk
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A fertilizer bomb that kills hundreds in Oklahoma. Fuel-laden civil jets that kill 4000 in New York. A sanctions policy that kills one and a half million in Iraq. A trade policy that immiserates continents. You can make a bomb out of anything. The ones on paper hurt the most. -- Raj Patel
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You're going to need a dann big can of big spray! Or maybe a rocket-propelled grenade. I have one in the garage, you want it? -- Kevin Hearne
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The greatest danger of a terrorist's bomb is in the explosion of stupidity that it provokes. -- Octave Mirbeau
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Funny how easily you could look this shit up online. Explosives, bombs, Molotov cocktails, IEDs . . . anything you wanted. Learning how to blow someone up was easier than buying a frigging beer. -- Lauren Oliver
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bradawl. It was just a blunt steel spike set into a handle. -- Lee Child
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You know that old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran? Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran. -- John Mccain
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Everyone should try to scratch their name on the bomb of life. -- George Carlin
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If we want to fight people in the world, we should fight them with pillows - pillows stuffed with food, medicine, music ... That would be so much cheaper than bombs. -- Alice Walker
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The Internet doesn't like you to learn too much about explosives. -- John Updike
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If I had to think it over for weeks and take a vote on it, I'd not bomb anyone. -- Mike Bove
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Don't you know. I am a ticking time bomb. I'm going to explode. This time, I may never be able to recover from it! -- Lee In-Woo
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Shalom is the medicine I'd prescribe for Jerusalem - a deep, God-breathed indwelling of peace and prosperity and blessing. An end to the unrest and a sense of wholeness is what the Holy City needs. It's what the Middle East needs. It's what I need. -- Jared Brock
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It's cheap, and you have a thinking, breathing bomb that can adjust to circumstances and cross the street to hit another target if the original one doesn't look good. -- Mia Bloom
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It is raining bombs on the house of the Lord. I go in fear and trembling lest one of these terrible bombers gets into difficulties. -- Denis Diderot
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You threw a bomb at me Jerry...frowny face. -- S.l.j. Shortt
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The word is the prettiest weapon in the world. -- Andre Linke
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No kind of bomb ever built will extinguish hatred. -- Barbara Kingsolver
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the BTK Killer (which to me sounds more like something you order from a drive-thru window). -- Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff
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Beelzebug n. Satan in the form of a mosquito that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out. -- Steven Pinker
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I am going to give you such a weapon that the police and the army will not be able to stand against it. It is the weapon of the Prophet, but you are not aware of it. That weapon is patience and righteousness. No power on earth can stand against it. -- Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
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Guils is the greatest weapon vecause its cuts rarely heal and it aims for the heart -- Orson Scott Card
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Almost pedantically, she added: They're not really bombs
they're acoustic provocations. -- J.g. Ballard
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Pepto-Bismol straight from the bottle. -- Donna Tartt
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Before it was a Bomb, the Bomb was an Idea. Superman, however, was a Faster, Stronger, Better Idea. -- Grant Morrison
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The bombs were coming-and so was I. -- Markus Zusak
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What you mons making all the racket about? You wake me again and I'll put the voodoo hex on you. All you only call me Tuberculosis behind my back now. You want the real thing?" Sergeant "T. B" Tinkerbelle Bettina Jones. -- Ellen Dawn Benefield
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My god! It's a hamster with explosives taped around it's waist! -- Colin Mochrie
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Bugrit! Millennium Hand and Shrimp -- Terry Pratchett
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If you really want to kill a libriomancer, hook a bomb up to a big red button and tell him not to press it -- Jim C. Hines
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You have a death ray so when your enemies invade your secret lair, you pull out it out and you can swing it back and forth in a swath of doom, obliterating all your enemies while laughing maniacally! -- Dennis Liggio
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There is a bomb on board, we are meeting their demands, we are heading back to the airport. -- Ziad Jarrah
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Is that what I think it is?" - Colt
"Plastic explosives." - Oz
"You have stuff like that lying around your house?" - Colt
"Doesn't everybody?" Oz smiled as he walked to the far corner of the bunker, dragging Colt with him. -- Jon S. Lewis
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I was said of these bombs (referring to FAI bombs) that they were 'impartial'; they killed then man they were thrown at and the man who threw them. -- George Orwell
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Are we making a bomb?"
"This is a trust exercise, like in drama," she says.
"Are we making a bomb as a trust exercise? -- Joe Dunthorne
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As a school boy I played with a plastic grenade, it was grey and with caps, it was loaded. In the dirt we would cry and dramatically die, as it flew through the air and exploded. -- Tom Paxton
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'Blasto' is a new game for Sony Playstation. It's an awesome three-dimensional game, and I play the character Blasto who's sort of a Flash Gordon barrel-chested superhero who goes to Uranus and shoots these little green alien Fascist guys. He rescues babes; he goes on wild rides. -- Phil Hartman
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I want to get non-aerosol mace, you just rub it in. "Dude who is attacking me - come a little closer!" -- Mitch Hedberg
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I won't hesitate to detonate, I'm short fused. -- Gza
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Did you ever notice you always attack monsters with sticks? You need to start carrying a bazooka in that backpack of yours," Emmet complained.

Spradlin, Michael P. -- Michael P. Spradlin
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Unleash in the right time and place before you explode at the wrong time and
place. -- Oli Anderson
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On the day they dropped the bomb Frank had a tablespoon and a Mason jar. What he was doing was spooning different kinds of bugs into the jar and making them fight ... I can remember other bug fights we staged later on ... They won't fight unless you keep shaking the jar. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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EXTERMINATE!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Dalek
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Faith, Princess," the Prism Cat repeated. "It is a highly underrated weapon against the dark things in this world. -- Terry Brooks
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As Stephanie and Lula were going after the bad guys, Lula was making preparations from the trunk of her Firebird. Stephanie looked inside and stopped breathing for a beat. "That's a rocket launcher!" "Yep," Lula said. "It's a big boy. I got it at a yard sale in the projects. -- Janet Evanovich
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Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil ... prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon ... -- Terry Pratchett
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Voldemort's fury at the fall of his last, best lieutenant exploded with the force of a bomb. -- J.k. Rowling
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Is the warrior's greatest weapon, -- Erin Hunter
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Aelin of the Wildfire. Aelin Fireheart. Aelin Light-Bringer. -- Sarah J. Maas
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prestidigitator, -- Jay Samit
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Brick by brick, I will destroy you. -- Leigh Bardugo
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I Think The Fact That A Human Being Created "Dettol" ... A Product Which Protects You 99%
You Should Learn That Nothing In This World Can Do It 100% Except God. -- Cyc Jouzy
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Fobbit is fast, razor sharp, and seven kinds of hilarious. Thank you, Mr. Abrams, for the much needed salve
it feels good to finally laugh about Iraq. Fobbit deserves a place alongside Slaughterhouse Five and Catch-22 as one of our great comic novels about the absurdity of war. -- Jonathan Evison
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Holy freaking crap. A suicide bomber just detonated a bomb in my brain, -- Megan Thomason
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I'm a grenade, one day I'm going to explode a destroy everything in my past. -- John Green
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Sandpaw, put that fire ant down. No, I don't care that Firepaw might not know what it is. -- Erin Hunter
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An equal doom clipp'd Time's blest wings of peace. -- Petrarch
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During the Japanese invasion, bombs had fallen from the sky and people could run for cover. Now, they exploded in the middle of the road, or in the fields while people were playing soccer. -- Mohamed Latiff Mohamed
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As the missile flew high above the moat-lake, there was a small, almost inaudible explosion, like that of a fire cracker meant for a child.

Lakshman's awe was quickly replaced by disappointment. He frowned. 'That's it? Is that the famed Asuraastra? -- Amish Tripathi
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The most effective weapon is love. -- Debasish Mridha
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Like mortars in old war films, they are often ready to destroy the opponent's unsupported defences. -- Alexey Suetin
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By Moradin's arm and Clangeddin's horn, by Dumathoin's tricks and Delzoun true born, open I tell ye, open yer gates! Me name's Athrogate, me blood's Delzoun, and I'm told me home awaits! -- R.a. Salvatore
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Distringit librorum multitudo
(the abundance of books is distraction) -- Seneca.