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Boring' is not a virtue.
-May -- Seanan Mcguire
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Boredom comes from a boring mind. -- Metallica
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I am very boring, but it has allowed me to survive better than other people. If you don't drink, you don't smoke, and you don't do drugs, and you're not missing it and never even wanted it, and you sleep for seven hours. I tell you, life is quite pleasant. -- Karl Lagerfeld
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Life becomes boring when it has no destination or purpose. -- Debasish Mridha
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Normal is boring. Who wants that? -- Sarah Mlynowski
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Continuity is boring. -- Peter Greenaway
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Everything intelligent is so boring. -- Leo Tolstoy
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I hate boring. I always do my best to find the imperfections. That's where the fun usually is. -- Pittacus Lore
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Nothing is boring if you are aware of it. It may be irritating, but it is not boring. If it is pleasant the pleasure will not fail so long as you are aware of it. Being aware is the hardest work the soul can do, I think. -- Ursula K. Le Guin
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I lead a very boring life. -- Catherine Mccormack
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There are no boring subjects, only disinterested minds. -- G.k. Chesterton
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Debates are boring. -- Mario Cuomo
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I think one of the most boring things is a person's taste. -- Ian Williams
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Most people, they're trying to escape from boredom, but I'm trying to get into the thick of boredom. That's why I'm not complaining when I say my life is boring. It was enough to make my wife bail out, though. -- Haruki Murakami
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I really am pretty boring. There's no reason to take pictures of me. -- Kat Dennings
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Christianity, boring? So is television ... if we don't plug in. -- Reinhard Bonnke
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Not being boring is quite a challenge. -- Ian Mcewan
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But you know, only boring people get bored. They have to prod themselves continually in order to feel alive. -- Charles Bukowski
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Boring people are a reflection of boring people. -- Douglas Horton
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There is no sin worse in life than being boring and nothing worse than letting other people tell you what to do. -- Paris Hilton
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Boredom is merely a symptom of an apathetic soul. -- Tim
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You know what's not boring? Food, delicious food! -- John Green
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If you think reading is boring, you're doing it wrong. -- Anonymous
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Sex is only boring if you are. -- Merlyn Gabriel Miller
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If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all. -- John Cage
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When there is no room for improvement, it's boring. -- Ben Tolosa
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I have a very low boredom threshold. -- Garth Kravits
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Only teenagers think boring is bad. Adults, grown men and women who've been around the block a few times, know that boring is a gift straight from God. Life has more than enough excitement up its sleeve, ready to hit you with as soon as you're not looking, without you adding to the drama. -- Tana French
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I'm a dull person. -- John Updike
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Boredom is a concept that I don't understand. -- Christian Louboutin
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Any game becomes boring when it lacks thrills. -- Sebastian
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Only boring people are bored in relationships. -- Osayi Emokpae Lasisi
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Nothing is as boring as other people's dreams. -- John Green
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The brain doesn't pay attention to boring things, -- John Medina
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Dying's a boring side effect. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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I think I'm dull. I would rather watch other people. -- Mia Kirshner
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I tend to get bored quickly, which means I must be boring. -- Anthony Hopkins
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So boring you fall asleep halfway through her name. -- Alan Bennett
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I'm boring. My beliefs are neither here nor there. -- A. N. Wilson
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I'm not boring to be around. Something will always happen. -- Mila Kunis
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I hate getting bored. -- Edward Hall
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Boring' can be a lot of fun. Especially if it's on your own terms. -- Hugh Macleod
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I have a really low boredom threshold. -- Nick Hornby
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What I know now is that nothing is universally boring - what's boring to you could be totally engaging to someone else. If you're bored and hating it, it's a big sign that you're most likely just in the wrong place. -- Sophia Amoruso
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Boredom is what happens to people who have no control over their minds. -- Rebecca Stead
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I'm incredibly boring; I had a very happy childhood. I never starved, nor did I have a silver spoon in my mouth. I'm one of those terribly middle-of-the-road, British middle class, South London gents. -- Jude Law
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Nothing is more boring than talking to people who share my opinion anyway. -- Yanis Varoufakis
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Most people are boring and stupid. -- Oscar Wilde
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There's nothing more boring than actors talking about acting. -- James Caan
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There is nothing as boring as the truth. -- Charles Bukowski
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Boring people stay alive. Aunt Eda said. -- Matt Haig
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Life is boring. The weather is boring. Actors must not be boring. -- Stella Adler
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I'm a pretty boring person. I have a dog that I love, and friends that I love, and a family that I love. I'm just trying to spend as much time with them as I can. -- Anne Hathaway
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There is nobody more boring than the undefeated. -- Tina Brown
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Kind of boring, by some standards, but happy in a way you appreciate only when you understand the consequences of not being boring. -- J.d. Vance
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If you aren't giving people something to talk about, you've become too dull. -- Sue Monk Kidd
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For nothing is more boring than being forced to play. -- Angela Carter
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Stating the obvious is not interesting. -- Virginia Nelson
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I always like routine. I suppose I never found boredom very boring. -- John Green
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Boredom is a symptom of a conditioned and closed mind. If you are bored, you're doing yourself a tremendous disservice. Open your mind, break-free from your conditioned routine, and reignite the flames of excitement and discovery. -- Steve Maraboli
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Boredom is the price one pays for not enjoying everything. -- Marty Rubin
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Being normal is boring! -- Marilyn Monroe
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Doing anything when you're bored is very very boring. Anyway, doing nothing is the point of being bored. The pleasure of being bored is mooning about and doing nothing. -- Aidan Chambers
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Boredom is a sign of satisfied ignorance, blunted apprehension, crass sympathies, dull understanding, feeble powers of attention, and irreclaimable weakness of character. -- James Bridie
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Life can be boring unless you put some effort into it. -- John C. Maxwell
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Probably I'm boring, but I have a reason about it and I'm doing behind this, so take it, like it's a fake face. -- Deyth Banger
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If you open my wardrobe, it's very boring. -- Domenico Dolce
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Appropriate is boring -- Marie Sexton
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What is boredom? It is when there is simultaneously too much and not enough. -- Jean-Paul Sartre
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People doing rote assembly-line movements, or someone tossing dough over and over in a pizza parlour is boring. It's boring to watch and boring to perform. But if you're a bad pizza thrower who drops the dough or watches it stick to the ceiling, then we know something more about your character. -- Mark Sutton
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It's boring to do that every two minutes. -- J.d. Salinger
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I'm never bored. Only people bore me, so I avoid them -- Dexter Petley
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If you are bored, you're doing yourself a tremendous disservice. Open your mind, break-free from your conditioned routine, and reignite the flames of excitement and discover. -- Steve Maraboli
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The tendency is to blame boredom on the environment. "This town is really dull" or "What a boring speaker." The particular town or speaker is never dull, it is you experiencing the boredom, and you can eliminate it by doing something else with your mind or energy at that moment. -- Wayne Dyer
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Boredom is a mask frustration wears. -- Neal Stephenson
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The only thing worse than saying something boring is to quote someone else's boring saying -- Lee Owens
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I don't like to think about stuff that's boring. -- Eric Bachmann
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People soon get tired of things that aren't boring, but not of what is boring. -- Haruki Murakami
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It is unutterably boring, the multitudes in progression from innocence to inkling to knowledge to the inevitable apotheosis of desperation. -- Catherynne M Valente
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There's nothing worse than being bored with a boring man. -- Antoine Laurain
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Baseball is dull only to dull minds. -- Red Barber
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I'm truly, truly boring! I don't change. If people know me, I have not changed. -- Donna Karan
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Boredom comes simply from ignorance and lack of imagination. -- Susan Ertz
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Like a lot of kids, you kind of think baseball's boring - that's the perception. -- Tony Gwynn
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A person who finds silence and solitude boring is a person who is himself boring, empty of anything worth consideration. -- Ted Dekker
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Life is boring if it's easy. -- Micalea Smeltzer
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Life has not been boring for me. -- Nathan Myhrvold
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Boredom is the very opposite of beauty and truth. Life has been sacrificed to profit, and the result is boredom on a massive scale. -- Tom Hodgkinson
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I can't remember the last time I was bored. -- Carolyn Murphy
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Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so.
After all, the sky flashes, the great sea yearns,
we ourselves flash and yearn -- John Berryman
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I feel, as a person, very uninteresting. -- Jeremy Piven
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Sad fags are boring fags. -- T.j. Klune
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Getting bored is not allowed. -- Kay Thompson
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Boredom, like beauty, is in the mind of the beholder. 'There is no such thing as an uninteresting subject,' said Chesterton. 'The only thing that can exist is an uninterested person. -- George Sheehan
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There are no boring places, only boring people, -- John Corey Whaley
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Many persons lead lives of crushing boredom. -- Elizabeth Peters
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Boredom is actually the feeling of being trapped doing one thing while wanting to do something else. If we have no sense of being stuck, we simply leave the dull situation -- Unknown
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I'm a really boring bloke, actually. My business is my hobby. -- Lloyd Dorfman
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I'm a very boring person, and all I do is want to paint and to record what I feel moves me or what interests me, and that can be in the form of a pig or in the form of President Kennedy. -- Jamie Wyeth
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When a thing bores you, do not do it. -- Eugene Delacroix