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peace and happiness and wisdom, and these once lost are harder to recapture.
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I will bring you a whole person and you will bring me a whole person and we will have us twice as much of love and everything.
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You give to yourself by giving of yourself.
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You cant gain something, without giving something in return
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When I give, I give myself
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Every burden on the back can become a gift in the hand.
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You don't get anything without giving up something.
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Good givers are great getters.
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Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging.
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Only what I am not giving can be lacking in any situation.
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What is bought is cheaper than a gift.
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Every need brings in what's needed. Pain bears its cure like a child.
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A CD of great music and drums that punch with power and energy.
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Memory is satisfied desire.
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Things which of themselves avail nothing, when united become powerful.
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Fortune reigns in gifts of the world.
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To get something, you must give something away.
To hold something, you must give something away.
To love something, you must give something away.
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Create a need for closure.
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Our gifts to this world, and this realm's gifts to us can come in many ways, often as we least expect them but they come especially when we are open to give, open to receive.
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The gift of kindness brightens the life of other people.
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You get to give.
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He that lends, gives.
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Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others.
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He who will lose a present good for one in expectation hath some wit, but a small store of wisdom.
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Love gives. It's given.
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What comes at you comes from you.
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The More I Give, The More I Bring
P.C.M. Hermans
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People like to give the sort of presents they
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Anything that has real and lasting value is always a gift from within.
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We like the gift when we the giver prize.
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Collecting is my joy; it gives me great satisfaction.
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(A smile) costs nothing, but creates much.
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Possession which cloys man, only increases the affection of woman
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What God gives, no one can take.
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What we find in a dog is what we bring to a dog.
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What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life.
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Positive action, positive impart.
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You have on hand those things that you need if you have but the wit and wisdom to use them.
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books. They are friends to the lonely, companions to the deserted, joy to the joyless, hope to the hopeless, good cheer to the disheartened, a helper to the helpless. They bring light into darkness, and sunshine into shadow.
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What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly; it's dearness only that gives everthing its value.
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Unlike the sale of a commodity, the giving of a gift tends to establish a relationship between the parties involved. When gifts circulate within a group, their commerce leaves a series of interconnected relationships in its wake, and a kind of decentralized cohesiveness emerges.
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Loyalty binds me,
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Giving is sharing.
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Revived spirit, restored strength.
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The jolt of a new purchase makes Mummy feel powerful, if only for a moment.
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Needs must, and so on.
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Integrity gives. It is not a taker.
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Attract, Comfort, and Seduce.
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Knowledge can bring many things..but the consciousness of the heart brings love, and love brings everything
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To give requires good sense.
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Giving is a way of having what you need.
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Joy is increased by spreading it to others.
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Knowledge enlightens.
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...and a suitcase of memories.
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Everything comes to him who waits
if he waits till it comes.
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To give is to receive ...
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Gratefulness brings Great Fullness
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Those who have they give, those who need they get
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Every generation enjoys the use of a vast hoard bequeathed to it by antiquity, and transmits that hoard, augmented by fresh acquisitions, to future ages.
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I like to give back.
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Gifts make slaves.
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To help someone, or make them feel special; all it needs is to offer the tools which are thrust, and guidance, and show that you believe in the persons potential. The product is musical notes floating everywhere.
Katia M. S.
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Renewed mind, revived spirit and restored strength.
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Restored in you, to be renewed in you, to receive from you
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The Lord's presence always brings blessings. These will not always be material things, for the joy of communing with God is in itself a blessing.
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From abundance springs satiety.
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The man who buys what he does not need will often need what he cannot buy.'
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Men loves pleasure
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In any given situation you will find only what you bring with you ...
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A man's own addition to what he learns is cement to bind an otherwise loose heap of stones into a structure of unity, strength, and use.
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When much is taken, something is returned.
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Life gives to the give and takes from the taker.
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Everything worthwhile, everything of any value, has its price. Everything anyone has ever wanted has come neatly wrapped up in its penalties.
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Bring the pure wine of
love and freedom.
But sir, a tornado is coming.
More wine, we'll teach this storm
A thing or two about whirling.
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Let us give something to each person we meet: joy, courage, hope, assurance, or philosophy, wisdom, a vision for the future. Let us always give something.
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But some gifts are worse than curses, and the dark side of the gift is that they know. The lost, the stragglers, those who should not have been taken but were, the innocents, the struggling, tormented shades, the gathering ranks of the dead, they know. And they come.
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If you posses more than just eight things then y o u are possessed by t h e m
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You have to talk about what you love, to bring what you love to you.
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You Fill Up My Senses
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No gift comes without a price.
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There is no substitute for love and caring and compassion and human beings helping one another.
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In giving you are throwing a bridge across the chasm of your solitude.
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strength and honor
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Everyone has got something to give.
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A great gift - a gift of Dharma conquers all gifts.
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Gift is the blessing of the giver.' The
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When a gift is difficult to give away, it becomes even more rare and precious, somehow gathering a part of the giver to the gift itself.
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Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions.
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A smile within your heart,
lightens up the world around" rd
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Sometimes it's good to give people something they're not expecting.
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You can't substitute material things for love or for gentleness or for tenderness or for a sense of comradeship
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May suitable doses of guaranteed sensual pleasure and slow, long-lasting enjoyment preserve us from the contagion of the multitude who mistake frenzy for efficiency.
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Things worth having don't come easy,
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In nature nothing can be given. All things are sold.
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Too much engenders too much.
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The true purpose of a present is to be received.
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Giving is a stream of abundance.
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Sometimes what we think we need isn't what we need at all, and what gets thrown in for good measure is that which fills our hearts.
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Spirits bring contentment for a time carry us closer to the sacred moving through bitterness our yearning to hold on to moments of ecstasy where we imagine we hear clearly destiny calling
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That which we give makes us richer, that which is hoarded is lost