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The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations.
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Don't spend money on things ... spend money on experiences. You'll enjoy life a lot more!
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The bigger the budget, the more trouble there is.
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With more than half the population now checking their account balances more often as a direct result of the downturn, and with more of us comparing prices in virtually every market, it is natural to turn budget management into a skill, an accomplishment, a badge of lifestyle success.
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some things cost more than you realize
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Buy less, choose well & do it yourself!
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Although we are being presented in Carnegie Hall, we have to furnish a budget for our guest stars, and for the music writing - which is a huge budget in any orchestra that plays popular music.
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What is the purpose of budgeting? Most
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If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it.
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Newlyweds shooting budget: 5k for actors, 2k insurance, 2k food and drink. 9k in the can. We only shot 12 days. That's how to make an independent film.
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Never say you cannot afford something. That is a poor man's attitude. Ask HOW to afford it.
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Money is scarce; spend if you have to, not because you want to.
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Try to live with whatever you can afford and avoid putting yourself in an awkward position of thinking how you can afford what you have failed to afford, please free your life on earth.
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What is the cheapest to you now is likely to be the dearest to you in the end.
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Everything that I've done so far has had a bigger budget than the last, but I've never ever felt the benefit of the bigger budget because the ideas always exceed the budget.
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I hate to make the comparison here, but think of me as one of those expensive boutiques. If you have to ask about the cost, you probably can't afford me.
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I don't think you can discriminate against budgets, you know? I'm an actor, I guess, so I'm just trying to play as many characters as I can. If there's a character I think I can play, and they're going to let me do it, I'll do it whether it's $10 or $1 million or more.
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A budget should be judged by whether it creates a foundation for the success of American working families striving to buy a house, or to send their kids to college, or to save a little for retirement and, if they're lucky, a vacation.
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Doing a budget means learning an ancient and powerful word: NO.
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I feel that your ambitions should always exceed the budget. That no matter what budget you're doing, you should be dreaming bigger than the budget you have, and then it's a matter of reigning it in to the reality. You try to make things count.
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You don't need to waste money on a fancy program or app to do a basic budget. I've been using a simple Excel spreadsheet since 2005 to track my monthly budget.
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You always have to write script with a budget in mind. Although it's always good to write the big story, you really have to think about how things are going to work as far as cast, effects and settings. It's a process. You have to always think budget and then execute and make it happen.
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Build to a standard, not a price.
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Affordable luxury - these are two words that don't go together.
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I'm pretty cheap, to be honest.
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Buy not what you want, but what you have need of; what you do not want is dear at a farthing.
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Well, I've learnt this much: it doesn't matter
what it costs, it's worth paying the price. You can't live cheap
and you can't live for nothing. Pay the price and be proud you've
paid it, that's what I reckon.
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I was extravagant in the matter of cameras - anything photographic - I had to have the best. But that was to further my work. In most things I have gone along with the plainest - or without.
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get a good price for
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What makes the production of my work so expensive? The whole installation thing - the construction, the objects, the technology. It really adds up.
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Our new budget now, with no wriggle room for anything extra - not a pot of jam, or a new pair of shoes. We cannot do anything other than stay very still. We are on 11 percent less of was-never-enough-in-the-first-place.
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I am trying to make sure that I don't spend on ridiculous things, so that after all this YouTube thing goes, I'm not left there, like, 'Uh oh, I have nothing.'
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What you really remember at the beginning was that you have to throw a budget together. We made some terrible mistakes at the beginning in my own budget that took us at least a year to catch up on.
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The only really expensive thing in our family budget, frankly, is private air travel.
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It's not what you spend but how you wear it that counts. The key is often to dress up inexpensive basics with accessories. Something like a beautiful designer bag or belt can make everything else look richer and more luxurious.
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My buildings are all on budget.
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If you want something you can't afford, think what else that money could buy: a week's groceries, a month's rent, or a weekend away. That will put things into perspective.
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Don't spend...but mend yourself...
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Keep your eyes on the price when spending, don't regret later to find that you have nothing for tomorrow.
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The word "budget" is the idea-killer. It slaughters any idea.
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I'm not an extravagant person. You don't get a chance to spend money when you're working on a TV show.
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This budget is a Sanjeevani (new life) and an Arunoday (sunrise) for the last man in the line. This budget converts hopes and aspirations of the people into trust. It adds a new ray of hope for the poor and downtrodden sections of the society.
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If you have a lot of money, you know that you can make almost anything happen, but with a smaller budget you don't have a lot of time or too many resources, so you have to conceive things in a very simple manner and make them happen fast.
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It's always money no matter kind of budget you have, though, it forces you to be creative and not take anything for granted.
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For the kind of thing that we were showing, the budget was sufficient. As we were speaking of in Haiti, we had not done that before in exactly this form and we had to have costumes for it.
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I never use the word "cheap." Instead, I say, "more affordable." Never detract from what you can add to in measure!
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Now and then, living more with less means paying more money. It may mean buying better quality - leaving behind repetitive purchases of discount junk for one expensive, well-made, thoughtfully designed tool that will last.
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You can find a lot of reasonable buys at Wal-Mart. But one key to making it on a budget is by donating your time and labor to the project. Do-it-yourself projects will always help you save.
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In a budget, how important is art versus music versus athletics versus computer programming? At the end of the day, some of those trade-offs will be made politically.
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It's not what you make, but how you feel about what you make and what you spend.
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Nothing more costly than item that has no price.
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The bigger the budget, the more you can afford to compromise with Mother Nature. The smaller the budget, the more you're like, "Okay, well, we have to do this, but how can we afford to do it." That's when you have to get really creative on the business side, as far as making compromises.
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You can't buy what you want. It all comes as a gift.
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When I first got signed, I bought a vintage guitar from the 1930s for £1000. I've bought a £400 SLR camera, too, which was quite extravagant.
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I am fairly average in my expenses as a person in a technical line/CEO of work.
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Cheap people are expensive.
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Don't buy much but make sure that what you buy is good.
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Putting together a sustainable budget requires that we all work together, that we focus our scarce resources on key priorities, and that we strengthen our capacity to deliver the best product we can for the American people. And that takes money.
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Waste of time is the most extravagant and costly of all expenses.
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Price is the most important factor to use in relation to value.
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There's a very apt saying in show business: "If you don't go over budget in Paris, you're either very rich or very sick. "
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You can't get more for less. You get what you pay for.
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I don't design down to a price.
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Live below your means but within your needs.
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The important aspect as we look at this budget, and as we look at previous budgets, is the budget system - what I'm trying to get at is changing budgeting itself in Wisconsin.
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Sorry dear, i prefer cheap products not cheap people.
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It is not how much one makes but to what purpose one spends.
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Let not your expenditure exceed your income.
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At any given moment, there is always a line representing what your boss will believe. If you step over it, you will not get your budget. Go as close to that line as you can.
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Nothing comes cheap, though the educated eye will always spot very nice things for the least money.
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Budget thy expenses that thou mayest have coins to pay for thy necessities, to pay for thy enjoyments, and to gratify thy worthwhile desires without spending more than nine-tenths of thy earnings.
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Cheap is small and not too steep, best of all cheap is cheap.
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It isn't the amount you spend today, it's what you want to invest in for the future!
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Build into each budget the cost of hiring and don't lump yourself with capital investment.
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If you don't mind a word of advice, one never asks a lady to set her own price. If you have to ask, the answer will always be more than you can afford.
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Any sensible family has a budget that lays out how much will be spent for household and other purposes. Without such planning, things would quickly go awry.
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Two hundred dollars! OMG! Shopping spree!
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I want to do weird things and big budget things and no budget things. I don't have a five-year plan.
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You've got to be frugal. If you want to make one peso and you spent two, you'll never make it. You must be very stupid if you don't know what you should save on.
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Your first try will be wrong. Budget and design for it.
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Nothing is ever so expensive as what is offered for free.
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The Budget is in line with our vision for a skilled & digital India, guided by Mantra of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas'.
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I grew up working in Canada so everything was low budget.
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When one is traveling, one must expect to spend a certain amount of money foolishly.
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I am badly cursed with low budget and high taste..
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In a novel, the only budgetary limitations are that of your imagination.
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You know, a low budget, you have to work harder. You have to plan well; you don't have much time to rehearse.
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least monthly. Use cash whenever possible to avoid busting your budget.
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We each focus on what we're going to buy, but that's an incorrect focus. Focus instead on why you want to spend the money on this or that. What feeling in you does it satisfy?
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There is not economy in getting cheap service or equipment. Buy the best and cry only once.
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You have no idea how expensive it is to look this cheap.
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The grander the vision the greater the price tag.
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When you're generating your own stuff, you can never have too much money around, because you've already sacrificed so much and cut your budget so much that everything's taking a hit.
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I don't have lavish taste.
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Dive into the sea of thought, and find there pearls beyond price.
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A car for every purse and purpose.
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The pioneers researched for this book take a simpler approach: Budgets are established only if some forecast is needed to inform an important decision.
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Budgets are not merely affairs of arithmetic, but in a thousand ways go to the root of prosperity of individuals, the relation of classes and the strength of kingdoms.
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Your book bill ought to be your biggest extravagance.
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The most I ever spent on technology is building a studio - I built one at home in Los Angeles. I can't tell you how much exactly, but the whole process is very expensive.