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Let's get my part of this over with," Vlad said shortly. "And if the name 'Buffy' comes out of my mouth, it will be the last word you ever hear. -- Jeaniene Frost
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How many times, in any actor's life, do you get to be a part of something that has a legacy like [Buffy]? I think that's only fortunate. I don't see the negative. -- Sarah Michelle Gellar
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She was wearing her T-shirt with the bull's-eye printed over her heart, the one that says, GO AHEAD AND TRY IT, BUFFY. -- Dana Cameron
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I was very burned out after Buffy. It was exhausting. It took me from essentially 18 on the pilot to being 24 and married when we finished. That show was my life. I was doing movies on the hiatuses and on weekends, but I needed to explore and live that gypsy lifestyle. -- Sarah Michelle Gellar
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You know the legend. Stab them in the heart and they'll die. (Ravyn)
Call me Buffy. I'm even blond, but don't ask me to wear a halter top. Or corset. (Susan) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Spike: Bloody hell, woman, you're cutting off my circulation!
Buffy: You don't have any circulation.
Spike: Well, it pinches -- Joss Whedon
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What Sarah brings to the part is her intelligence, at the same time, she's got that hormonal, idiosyncratic goofiness that makes Buffy not just the Terminator. -- Joss Whedon
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I'm working on Buffy: Deep Space Nine . It will be dark and badly received. -- Joss Whedon
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Riley Blackthorne - kicking hell's ass one demon at a time. -- Jana Oliver
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Without passion we'd be truly dead. Angelus - Passion - Buffy The Vampire Slayer -- Josh Whedon
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Joss was lonely kid who thought that if he could just crack the code, people would understand what an awesome person he was and love him for it. As Buffy executive producer and Angel cocreator David Greenwalt said, 'If JossWhedon had had one good day in high school, we wouldn't be here'. -- Amy Pascale
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Is Buffy the Vampire Slayer her personal savior?
Because that would bum you out?
The slaying part would, yeah. Not the Joss part. We all love Joss. -- Chloe Neill
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I totally feel like Buffy right now. All I need is a girly leather jacket," L said breathlessly.
"And some vampires. Don't forget that."
"Lighters qualify."
"I guess they do. So, your turn. Stab me. -- Shelly Crane
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A pair of freshmen rushed by our door talking about who would make a better Gallagher Girl: Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Veronica Mars (a debate made much more interesting by the fact it was taking place in Farsi). -- Ally Carter
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I'm a big Sarah Michelle Gellar [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] fan. Huge. I love her. She's gorgeous. I see her Maybelline ads, and I'm like, 'How can she be that pretty?' -- Kirsten Storms
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Vampire Diaries instead of Supernatural?
(Bad choice.) -- Madeleine Kuderick
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Just so you understand; he's using a scene from Buffy to ask me out!!!! -- Jenn Cooksey
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Huh. Veronica Mars, speechless. I'll have to write this one in my feelings journal. -- Rob Thomas
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I've lost my mind," Alex muttered, grabbing her knives again and stomping back across the kitchen. "I woke up this morning a boring little chef on planet earth, and somehow ended up in the Twilight Zone as a third-rate stand-in for Buffy the Vampire Slayer". -- Lynsay Sands
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What are you?" he demanded. "A slayer?" I rolled my eyes. "The name's Val, not Buffy. Do I look like a blond cheerleader with questionable taste in men? -- Parker Blue
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It's changed so much.There were no blogs when I was on Buffy. There were no weekly magazines, aside from People. Now, to be able keep your secrets for your show is so hard. -- Sarah Michelle Gellar
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We'd even devised the Buffy scale of life relationships: you start off wanting Xander, spend your twenties going out with Spike and setttle down with giles. -- Jenny Colgan
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I am a longtime fan of 'Freaks and Geeks'. -- Hayley Mcfarland
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Inari screamed and swung her stake, but her Buffy impersonation wasn't any better than mine. -- Jim Butcher
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I first bought a Buffy Sainte-Marie record when I was 12, and her music has always remained with me. In the 1960s, as a political activist, Buffy's lyrics were fearless, and I'm very grateful for all the risks that she took. -- Morrissey
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Eastlake High makes Buffy's hellmouth look like a crack in the sidewalk. -- Rachel Vincent
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If she's so important, why aren't you here guarding her? (Wulf) Mostly because this ain't Buffy and there's not one single Hellmouth to guard. I'm up to my armpits in Armageddon down here in New Orleans and not even I can physically be in two places at once. (Acheron) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I'm a huge fan of 'Buffy,' 'Angel' and 'Doctor Who.' People like Joss Whedon, Russell T. Davies, and Steven Moffat are really amazing about making you feel like you had a complete meal and yet leaving you hungry for more. -- Andrew Kreisberg
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I'd love to be on a show like 'ER.' Just watching it is like, 'Phew.' I loved watching 'Veronica Mars.' 'Buffy' was a big ... I loved 'Buffy.' I would go out of my way to watch 'Buffy.' -- Enrico Colantoni
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The Internet community started forming right when 'Buffy' started airing, and the notion of a show creator being anything other than a name people recognize on the screen was completely new. -- Joss Whedon
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I've been lucky between 'Buffy,' 'Angel,' 'Alias,' and then 'Lost.' The thing they all have in common is that they were all fearless. They were not afraid to be different and try something different. Even if you didn't know that it was going to work, just try to do something new and fresh. -- Drew Goddard
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After I graduated high school and came out to do 'Buffy,' I was enrolled at my mom's university, and I was going to go get a real job. I never thought of acting and never really wanted to be an actor. -- Eliza Dushku
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Battlestar Galactica. -- Melissa Draughn
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Oh hell no," he exclaimed, shaking his head. "I'm not playing Buffy the goddamn Vampire Slayer with you. -- D.l. Wainright
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I think that I have this core group of fans that fell in love with the character I played on Buffy and now they're following me to everything I do. They're very dedicated and loyal. I'm very lucky. -- Amber Benson
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Ringer is the perfect balance of what audiences want ot see me do. It's Cruel Intentions meets Buffy. -- Sarah Michelle Gellar
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I advise all my novel students to write in the company of 'Veronica Mars.' -- Andrea Seigel
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I was a huge 'Bewitched' fan growing up. -- Madchen Amick
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The outside world is what kept Buffy and Angel from being together. -- Jane Espenson
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I learned that you don't refer to Buffy, the Winchesters, or even the Frog Brothers from The Lost Boys in front of Council officials. They do not have a sense of humor about that sort of entertainment. -- Anonymous
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You just think I'm cool, because I have all of the seasons of Vampire Diaries on DVD. -- Penelope Douglas
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In the 'Buffy' room, it was never about a plot twist, ever. It was always about, 'Tell the story, tell the characters, complicate their lives, make things get worse,' but we never worked backwards from the plot, and it was always a great lesson. -- Drew Goddard
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No vampires? You know, the kind that sparkle? I giggle to myself, thinking "Go Team Edward!" - Willow -- Mira Monroe
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It was Saturday evening and we were in the throes of a Veronica Mars marathon (season two DVD). I decided that when I left "Ms. Townsend, Ice Princess" behind, the New Sadie was going to be like Veronica Mars. She was plucky, cute as a button and she had a smart mouth. -- Kristen Ashley
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Who doesn't love Veronica Mars? -- Molly Quinn
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Now, I bought us a movie to watch, the one that has sparkly vampires in it. -- Jennifer L. Armentrout
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I wrapped 'Buffy' and I always felt on 'Buffy' that they wanted to keep me younger for a specific reason. It seemed like I was getting younger every year that I was on the show. I think there was a reference to me being 15, then 14. -- Michelle Trachtenberg
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I used to go with blonde, but ever since Buffy, it doesn't work as well. The -- Audra Brown
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'Dexter' I'm very fond of. I got addicted to that. -- Sam Neill
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The batteries in his radio died and came back so often they could have had regular roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. -- Nevada Barr
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Five Nights at Freddy's The Silver Eyes -- Scott Cawthon
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Some of our best episodes of 'Buffy' were written over a weekend. You can really get in touch with your creative spirit when you're at your most desperate. -- Drew Goddard
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I forget I'm on a TV show sometimes. -- Tom Hopper
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Wicked Witch of the West -- Rachel Renee Russell
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I sidestepped the vampire's rush, and drove my half of the former blasting rod down at its back, Buffy-like.
Maybe it works better on television. -- Jim Butcher
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I second that. This is all so creepy. I feel like we are in some sort of strange movie, forget an episode of Buffy. We have passed into official horror movie territory.
-Nessa and Cora -- Andrea Heltsley
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Bite Me!-Shane Collins to Eve Rosser.
The Morganville Vampire Series -- Rachel Caine
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You upped the ante with the wrong vampire, Caitlin. -- Lindsay J. Pryor
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I revisit old favorites like 'Buffy' and 'Battlestar Galactica' when I'm bored. I am obsessed with 'Scandal.' I love TV. -- Jessica Valenti
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Saving for a Buffy tattoo on the other arm. Ink wasn't cheap. -- Joe Hill
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Spike (to Giles) : Oh, poor Watcher. Did your life pass before your eyes - 'Cuppa tea, cuppa tea ... almost got shagged ... cuppa tea'? -- Marti Noxon, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
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I now had two handy shafts of wood with jagged, pointy ends. I stepped between Inari and the nearest vampire and passed her one broken half of the rod. "Here," I said. "If you get the chance, make like Buffy. -- Jim Butcher
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I am Heathcliff! -- Emily Bronte
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Prague is a threshold."
"A threshold?"
"Yes. Between the life of good and ... the other."
Sarah thought of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "I'm not going to have to fight demons, am I? -- Magnus Flyte
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Aaron Spelling kept trying to bring vampires about, and I feel badly that it happened so much later. He was ahead of his time, in that regard. -- Brigid Brannagh
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Well, I just finished starring in a new episode of the new The Twilight Zone television series. -- Bill Mumy
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It's funny that a lot of the fans of 'Angel' have come over and hung out with me on 'Leverage.' I was so fortunate to have been on that show. It created one of the best fan groups ever. I just have the best fans in the world. -- Christian Kane
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Okay, you got me. The screenwriter is a vampire. Now go to your own desk and call Mimi so she can call me and I can get my day started -- Tere Michaels
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She was the Slayer. Normal teen angst didn't stack up to fangs at your throat. -- Christopher Golden
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What do you privately consult about?"
Haunted houses, exorcisms, that sort of thing," he answered.
Wow. You're like-"
Don't say it."
-Giles from Buffy."
He rolled his eyes. "If I had a quarter for every time someone said
that. -- Rhiannon Frater
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I love supernatural stuff. 'Battlestar Galactica' was my favorite show. -- Janina Gavankar
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I'm a vampire. I have secret powers".."Actually, your mom let me in" -Michael Glass -- Rachel Caine
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You gotta love an attentive vampire

--Kylie -- C.c. Hunter
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Vampire, come to me... -- Rose Wynters
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I went to school, I got good marks, I had a very low key after-school job, and I spent a lot of time watching 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Dawson's Creek.' -- Stella Young
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I am a big Bewitched fan ... something about the way Elizabeth Montgomery twitched her nose. -- Barry Williams
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Does Chloe remind you of anyone?"
One corner of his mouth lifted. "Linda Blair in The Exorcist?"
He laughed. "All right, then, maybe a little bit of a stretch. Who did you have in mind?"
His eyes widened. "Good God, I'd almost have Linda Blair. -- Karen Robards
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He blinked, then roared with laughter. "Eve Dallas, Vampire Slayer. One for the books."
~Eternity in Death -- J.d. Robb
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We watched Vamps hunting Vamps, Vamp hunters and Witches torching Vamps, teenage girls kissing Vamps. And we giggled and swooned through it all. -- Shelly Crane
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Look at me, Hannah! I want you to watch everything I do to you and then you'll always remember. -- A.j. Walters
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My name is Patricia Lauren Bordeaux, and I, like my creator before me, am a very lonely vampire. -- S.c. Parris
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Tabitha to Val
Baby, open your eyes & look around. We're all damned in one way or another. But damned is a far cry from dead. And you live like you're dead -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Extenuating Circumstances. That is me. That is Violet Markey. Poor forever-changed Violet and her Extenuating Circumstances. -- Jennifer Niven
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Amelia, meet my Honeydew. -- Alexandra Iff
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In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer. -- Joss Whedon
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I want you to do your vampire slayer thing and get the girl from the bad guys. -- Cyma Rizwaan Khan
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This is Penryn Young, Daughter of Man, Killer of Angels. -- Susan Ee
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Nina looked up, her eyes fixing on mine with such ferocity I could almost see the undead vampire in them.
"There is something under here," she said, and I shivered.
"Yeah, we know, dirt nap," Jenks said.
"Rachel already told us. -- Kim Harrison
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One reason I relate to 'Veronica Mars' fans is because I can totally geek out about shows. I mean, I write Vince Gilligan fan mail every year. -- Rob Thomas
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Vampire Willow: "Bored now. -- Joss Whedon
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'Supernatural' was great because my character changed so much from beginning to end, always keeping me on my toes. -- Julie Mcniven
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I am here, Bella. Let me cherish you as you deserve.
- Sebastian Stanhope -- Diana Quincy
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Heath Slater, or the chick from Wendy's -- John Cena
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Using supernatural beings to build the perfect weapon? Intriguing idea."
"Not really," I said. "They did it on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A sub-par season. I slept through half the episodes. -- Kelley Armstrong
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Vampires?' Evie smirked. Her head hit the leather cushion
of the banquette behind her. 'Are you trying to tell me that
that was Edward Cullen outside? Because, you know, I
thought he was supposed to be hotter than that. And a whole
lot more romantic -- Sarah Alderson
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Couldn't you hypnotize her or something?"
"It doesn't work like that."
"I thought vampires were all sex gods with the ladies."
Cade looked at him. "What gave you that idea?"
"Uh ... late-night TV, mostly ... "
"Humans are our food. Do you want to have sex with a cow? -- Christopher Farnsworth
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When 'Friday Night Lights' finished, I cried for a day. I have a problem. -- Bojana Novakovic
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I started out doing things like 'Flash Forward,' where I was the girl-next-door, and then, I did a show called 'Higher Ground,' where I played this really mean, sarcastic girl. Then 'Firefly' happened, and everybody thought of me as this bubbly, sweet girl-next-door again. -- Jewel Staite
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It's always been you, Paige. I've waited my whole life for you. You're the air I breathe, my heart and soul. Without you, I'm in hell. -- Rebekkah Ford
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Elizabeth Spencer. -- Julia Glass