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In the folklore of the British Isles, a bodach is a vile beast that slithers down chimneys at night and carries off children who misbehave. Rather like Inland Revenue agents. -- Dean Koontz
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Nordlings. The men before men, creatures of great power and incredible cruelty. -- Barbara Bartholomew
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Most of my characters aren't hillbillies anyway. Let's just call them proletariat with a disposition towards criminal activity. -- Daniel Woodrell
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Fookin' Irish, they're a race of political masochists, they love their fookin' chiefs and princes an' a strong hand belting. It's like the man said in the play, Abair and focal republic i nGaoluinn? -- Gwyneth Jones
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Rotten, dirty, back-slapping, wine-quaffing, haemorrhoid-hosting, goat-shagging, fart-sniffing, Crispin-loving, gold-snatching bastards!!! -- Aaron D'este
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Waterside was poor. Hillside was rich. Waterside stank. Hillside was clean. Waterside had thieves. Hillside had bankers -I'm sorry, burglars. -- Patrick Rothfuss
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Boys Shack, MEN build homes
-- Steve Harvey
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Our rural ancestors, with little blest,
Patient of labor when the end was rest,
Indulged the day that housed their annual grain,
With feasts, and off'rings, and a thankful strain. -- Alexander Pope
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I come from pioneer stock, developers of the West, people who went out into the wilderness and set up home with nothing but a pair of oxen. -- Joni Mitchell
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On my mother's side, I come from Midlands engineers and, on my father's, from tenant farmers near Oxford. -- John Sulston
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Brunch, a meal invented by rich white chicks to rationalize day drinking and bingeing on French toast. -- Caroline Kepnes
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Remember the people in the back streets of Derby. -- Arthur Christiansen
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I do not believe, from what I have been told about this people, that there is anything barbarous or savage about them, except that we all call barbarous anything that is contrary to our own habits. -- Michel De Montaigne
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a bunch of granola eaters who hate George Bush. -- C.j. Box
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Where I'm from on the Gold Coast, we say that there are a lot of 'cashed-up Bogans,' you know, people with no class but a lot of money. -- Margot Robbie
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But for most practical purposes Tarbean had two pieces: Waterside and Hillside. Waterside is where people are poor. That makes them beggars, thieves, and whores. Hillside is where people are rich. That makes them solicitors, politicians, and courtesans. I -- Patrick Rothfuss
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Apparently after six days baking pigs and herding bricks, the inhabitants would kick back with a spot of cock-fighting, bullbaiting, and ratting. It was the sort of place an adventurous gentleman might venture only if he didn't mind being beaten, rolled, and catching an exciting venereal disease. -- Ben Aaronovitch
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Bloody bullocks, beggin' your pardon, gentlemen, but they'd take the wooden leg off a cripple to kindle a fire! -- Alexander Kent
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The land girls from Shillingbury Farm looked the most altered -- Erica James
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Mint-street and Kent-street--those old plague-spots that disgrace and disfigure the fair face of the Borough of Southwark--teem with blackguardism and vice; but here, too, you find that the birds who here flock are strictly of a feather. Cow-cross, -- Henry Mayhew
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Not to mention Graceless, Pointless, Feckless and Aimless, who are all under-producing and their milk is sour and they won't go anywhere near the yard. -- Charles Stross
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I grew up in Lincolnshire, trying to get the daughters of farmers and policemen to like me. It didn't go well until I got to college where, suddenly, there were different sorts of humans. -- Robert Webb
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There was once a community of scoundrels, that is to say, they were not scoundrels, but ordinary people. -- Franz Kafka
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Peace to the shacks! War on the palaces! -- Georg Buchner
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Those dull, unmusterious city unemployables, dressed in their grey, secondhand suits. -- Anthony J. Carson
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The Main Street Babbitts
are fucking like rabbits,
competing and coping
in a crowded place,
overeating and moping,
bleating and hoping,
it's not the end
of the human race. -- Beryl Dov
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Towns with redbrick buildings and whitewashed -- John Grisham
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What's feeding in Derry? What's feeding on Derry? -- Stephen King
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They were evidently small men, all wind and quibbles, flinging out their chuffy grain to us with far less interest than a farm-wife feels as she scatters corn to her fowls. -- D.h. Lawrence
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They're a symbol of the whole town, pretending to fight, love, weep and laugh all the time - and they're phonies, all of them. And I head the list ... their phony hearts were dripping with the milk of human kindness. -- Ben Hecht
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Poltroons, cowards, skulkers and dastards. -- Eustache Deschamps
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I am a planter - a cotton planter. I am a Southern man and a slaveholder - a kind and a merciful one, I trust - and none the worse for being a slaveholder. -- John C. Calhoun
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The Bolshevists would blow up the fabric with high explosive, with horror. Others would pull down with the crowbars and with cranks
especially with cranks ... Sweating, slums, the sense of semi-slavery in labour, must go. We must cultivate a sense of manhood by treating men as men. -- David Lloyd George
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Afrikander cattle. -- Justin Cartwright
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Stained raincoats, I reckon." "And shitpaper stuck to their shoes. -- Daniel Woodrell
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A dull, decent people, cherishing and fortifying their dullness behind a quarter of a million bayonets. -- George Orwell
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Ours are the only farmers who can read Homer -- Thomas Jefferson
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It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black, the cobbledstreets silent and the hunched courters'-and-rabbits' wood limping invisible down to the sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat-bobbing sea. -- Dylan Thomas
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an unlovely gaggle of contrary old codgers". -- Bill Rowe
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Hobbits, just another Tolkien Minority -- Mental Floss
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Poetry and visions, springing as they do from an ever-present sense of mortality, might easily appear morbid to the sturdy
common sense of a burgher-class in the making. -- Hope Mirrlees
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Men - ' said Miss Williams, and stopped.
As a rich property owner says 'Bolsheviks' - as an earnest Communist says 'Capitalists!' - as a good housewife says 'Blackbeetles' - so did Miss Williams say 'Men! -- Agatha Christie
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Yet Burzee has its inhabitants - for all this. Nature peopled it in the beginning with Fairies, Knooks, Ryls and Nymphs. As long as the Forest stands it will be a home, a refuge and a playground to these sweet immortals, who revel undisturbed in its depths. -- L. Frank Baum
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I suppose I am a snob. I loathe towns. I loathe townspeople. They have small minds and giant backsides. Which is to say, what they lack in interiors they make up in posteriors. -- Kami Garcia
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"People," Marsh said. "People who were just trying to do the best with what life gave them."
"Well, I'm just doing the same thing," Kelsier said. "And, fortunately, life gave me the ability to push men like them off the tops of buildings. -- Brandon Sanderson
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They were streetwalkers, women who sold themselves for money to men- good, God-fearing men who went to church with their wives the following Sunday without a care. -- Chris Priestley
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Where are the rough brave Britons to be found With Hearts of Oak, so much of old renowned? -- Bill Vaughan
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Educated fools; from uneducated schools. -- Curtis Mayfield
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For most practical purposes, Tarbean had two parts: Waterside and Hillside. Waterside is where people are poor. That makes them beggars, thieves and whores. Hillside is where people are rich. That makes them solicitors, politicians and courtesans. -- Patrick Rothfuss
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Yorkshire word and means spoiled and -- Frances Hodgson Burnett
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Where do the homeless make toast? -- Angela Flournoy
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Noseless and Handless, the Lannister Boys. -- George R R Martin
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Southern slave economy, sharecroppers after that, coal miners after that, and machinists and millworkers during more recent times. -- J.d. Vance
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The buildings of the great city of Placeholder sprawled either side of the dark crack of the river like boils on buttocks. There -- Barnaby Yard
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hob-gob of folks. And sometimes it's -- David Baldacci
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Up and down the lanes, the last unevacuated townspeople wake, groan, sigh. Spinsters, prostitutes, men over sixty. Procrastinators, collaborators, disbelievers, drunks. Nuns of every order. The poor. The stubborn. The blind. -- Anthony Doerr
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Monkeys who very sensibly refrain from speech, lest they should be set to earn their livings. -- Kenneth Grahame
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We sprung from thin soil, and raised more kin than crops, but we were proud folk... -- Louis L'amour
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Idealistic and self-sufficient and rugged people they had once been, and -- John Green
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These blithering women who thought they could do a man's work. Why the hell couldn't they stay at home and mind their pots and pans and stick to their frocks and gossip and leave men's work to the men. -- Ian Fleming
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White [...] "Indian wannabees" or as those who mine indiginous traditions the way multinationals mine their land. -- Derrick Jensen
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There were two kinds of people in our town. The stupid, and the stuck. -- Kami Garcia
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Hobbits are an unobtrusive but very ancient people, more numerous formerly than they are today; for they love peace and quiet and good tilled earth: a well-ordered and well-farmed countryside was their favourite haunt. -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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I was raised on the Hudson, in a house that had been the stable of the financier and Civil War general Brayton Ives. In midcentury, we had fire pits in the floor for heating, and rats everywhere, because they nested in the hay insulation. -- Mark Helprin
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London, ... like a bowl of viscid human fluid, boils sullenly over the rim of its encircling hills and slops messily into the home counties. -- H.g.wells
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Trackers and hunters sworn to deepwood with clan names like Forrester and Woods, branch and bole. -- George R R Martin
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What are a handful of reasonable men against a crowd with stones in their hands? -- George Eliot
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Damoclean, but these were people without pretense or affectation, -- John Cheever
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of body, tall Negroes from Africa, small wizen-faced Jews, -- Eleanore M. Jewett
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Anywhere in town, kept to themselves, a predilection -- Harper Lee
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They burned this neighbourhood down in the early 1900s to prevent the spread of bubonic plague, and it occurs to me that they should consider doing it again, to purge the blight of well-meaning hipsters desperately trying to paint it rainbow -- Lauren Beukes
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Someone once claimed I was not really a Yorkshireman! -- William Hague
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White, black and yellow men - they all cry salt tears. -- Claude Aveline
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She did come from a family of bards, Jake," Atticus said. "Beards?" Dan asked. "Bards," Atticus said with a snort of laughter. "Poets. The learned scholars of Ireland." "I bet they had beards, though," Dan said, and Atticus laughed and threw an eraser at him. "The -- Jude Watson
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There was a long-ago saying that was still heard from time to time in town: Waverleys know where to find the truth, they just can't stomach it. Bay -- Sarah Addison Allen
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Bulgy Bears," said -- C.s. Lewis
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In this country, some aristocratic families automatically categorize persons with dark skin, thick lips, and kinky hair as "Barias" [Amharic for slave] ... let it be clear to everybody that I shall soon make these ignoramuses stoop and grind corn! -- Mengistu Haile Mariam
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[on the Irish] A race of poets and wordsmiths, my ass. -- M. Edward Mcnally
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Things happen in these kinds of towns that could never happen anywhere else - proud, poor kids make things happen with more heat, and intensity, and attack, than could ever be managed somewhere with pleasant villages or well-tended gardens. -- Caitlin Moran
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Sill. Their horses and weapons were confiscated, and they were imprisoned. In a field just -- N. Scott Momaday
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Call them robbers and cutthroats
were they not amiable enough when they had sufficient to fill their bellies? Something was out of joint in a world that drove these men to steal. -- Eiji Yoshikawa
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Feathers fell from the sky. Like black snow, they drifted onto an old city called Bath. -- Stefan Bachmann
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Firstly, the farmers, the most stupid set of people in existence, who, clinging to feudal prejudices, burst forth in masses, ready to die rather than cease to obey those whom they, their fathers and grandfathers, had called their masters; and submitted to be trampled on and horse-whipped by. -- Friedrich Engels
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Author relates the reaction of an Irish village to a landowner who tried to raise rents on the land's occupants. The villagers refused to talk to or trade with the man, whose name was Captain Boycott. -- Patrick N. Allitt
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The lifers
who, even seven states away, are the porches
where we land. -- Ellen Dore Watson
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What is interesting to me about Vikings is that they were failed farmers. -- Roger Avary
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Who wept at the romance of the streets with their pushcarts full of onions and bad music, who sat in boxes breathing in the darkness under the bridge, and rose up to build harpsichords in their lofts -- Allen Ginsberg
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A country peopled by peasants, priests and pixies. -- Robert Kilroy-Silk
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The dumpling-eaters are a race sprung partly from the old Epicurean and partly from the Peripatetic Sect; they were first brought into Britain by Julius Caesar; and finding it a Land of Plenty, they wisely resolved never to go home again. -- John Arbuthnot
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Homesteads fronting on streams went like oranges aboard a scurvy-ridden ship. -- Marc Reisner
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They looked more like day laborers than seamen. -- Erik Larson
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Brownsville, having missed their road and wandered in the -- Diana Gabaldon
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Blind mouths! That scarce themselves know how to hold A sheep-hook. -- John Milton
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I come from generations of farmers. -- Chuck Palahniuk
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a city that took more from them than it ever gave back -- Anne-Marie Casey
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they don't want a modern Beartown, because they know that a modern Beartown won't want them. Ramona -- Fredrik Backman
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What kind of people?
The dead kind. The still-walking-around kind. The reeking, stinking, rotting-from-the-inside-out kind. Toothy and grinning, nasty with the dark and the dust of abandoned strip mines. But none of that was the whole truth. They were more than that. - page 135 -- Brenna Yovanoff
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What the fuck are cavemen doing here? -- Peter Clines
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The city was filled to overflowing with persons who had neither brains nor individuality, who bore no resemblance to men that live by bread, and had only their outward shape to distinguish them from sheep. -- Lucian Of Samosata
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They're just grossly overgroomed people. It's a disappointing thing to know. -- Matt Wallace