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I have known many chess players, but among them there has been only one genius - Capablanca! -- Emanuel Lasker
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Cabby was saying
"someday" ... someday Tony would love him. He hoped it might
be true. Perhaps Cabby knew things that he didn't -- Wm. Paul Young
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Something's going on in Cordell's room, but I'm not sure I want to know what it is. -- Esme Raji Codell
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Ciel: *Over Sebastian's 'dead' body* THAT'S AN ORDER! WAKE UP! RIGHT NOW!
Sebastian: *thinking* But I am awake ... -- Yana Toboso
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What bosom beast not in his country's cause? -- Alexander Pope
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Haste to thie kiste, thie onlie dortoure bedde.Cale, as the claie whiche will gre on thie hedde,Is Charitie and Love aminge highe elves;Knightis and Barons live for pleasure and themselves. -- Thomas Chatterton
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Baikida Carroll, whose balance of bravada and tenderness, facility and understatement mark him as a player to be reckoned with. -- Jon Pareles
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had been installed on top of each cab for the drivers. The cabs were stripped of everything that added excess weight but left otherwise intact, with doors that closed and windows of difficult-to-break automobile glass, -- Emily St. John Mandel
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cudgel! That's worth thy trouble, -- Jacob Grimm
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Cockmotherhumpershitpissbodoinkeewacker, -- Robyn Peterman
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!Cabron!" [Mariposa] stomped her foot. "Hijo de puta."
Hard to believe that she was two centuries old and not the young girl she looked and acted. Like Peter Pan, she'd never grown up. -- Patricia Briggs
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Has any progress been made on Cabal's notes?" "All a bit technical for me, I'm afraid," said Karstetz, who found getting dressed unassisted all a bit technical for him. -- Jonathan L. Howard
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Chadwickius frenemus, -- Heather Vogel Frederick
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Emil Drukker, the Head-hunter of Cologne. -- Earl Peirce
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You'd never think of taking a cab if you had to walk a mile down Chicago's Michigan Avenue. But in a bad city you take a cab just to go around the corner. -- Helmut Jahn
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To fairy flutes, As the light advances, In square black boots The cabman dances. -- J.b. Morton
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corn maque choux. He -- Rachel Harris
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I never really drove a cab, but I do have a hack license in case of emergencies - like no money. -- Harry Chapin
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Whom has not the inspiring bowl made eloquent?
[Lat., Foecundi calices quem non fecere disertum.] -- Horace
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Muzeul Gustave Moreau, -- Anonymous
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Do you smoke, Herr Cabal?"
"Only to be antisocial," replied Cabal, making no move. -- Jonathan L. Howard
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Janie calls Cabel.
"Hi, uh, Mom," she says.
Cabel snorts. "Hello, dear. Did you make it through the blizzard?"
"Yeah. Barely." Janie grins into the phone. -- Lisa Mcmann
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The guy's got a CCI sheet so long it begins with 'Call me Ishmael. -- James Patterson
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Raymond collected expressions. He repeated them in experimental accents, as if learning a tune. He sounded like an Eighteenth Street Mexican when he said cuate, like a Logan Square cubano when he said comemierda. -- Sebastian Rotella
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Cassoulet, like life itself, is not so simple as it seems. -- Paula Wolfert
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We're looking at eight straight months of chaqueta."
"Chaqueta? Jacket?" Reid translated with a frown.
"No, man." Garcia grinned, fisting his hand and mimicking jacking off. -- Victoria Vane
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Instead he gave Cabal his most professional pat on the shoulder. It was his best pat, the one that said, You have my most sincere albeit non-specific sympathies. It was all he could do. -- Jonathan L. Howard
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Chanel and Boy "Arthur" Capel met sometime around 1905. -- Karen Karbo
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Fucking Magnus DuCane. I'd -- Sloane Kennedy
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Barcelona is a very old city in which you can feel the weight of history; it is haunted by history. You cannot walk around it without perceiving it. -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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How are the cabs in your city? In Manhattan, where I work, they are rather awful. -- Barry Ritholtz
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I'm horrible with names" He said "I'm still not sure what your is. You say Blake, but I'm pretty sure it's like Bob. Or Sanchez -- C.l.stone
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The night, Charlene made the long ride -- Robyn Carr
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A noble pair of brothers.
[Lat., Par nobile fratum.] -- Horace
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It's funny that DiCarlo's security -- David Baldacci
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The Chanel woman? I don't even need to see; I smell her from round the corner. -- Raf Simons
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Combray, we used often to invite him to our house. -- Marcel Proust
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He found he was popular, known for a loose style and an appealing willingness to digress. "We spend most of our time talking about Twin Peaks and The Simpsons so they think I am an okay caballero," he told Markson. -- D.t. Max
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Cabal slapped him hard. Perhaps harder than necessary, but he felt he deserved a little recreation. -- Jonathan L. Howard
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Everything begins with chioce. -- S.j. Wardell
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Piss!" shouted Kosta, hoisting his tumbler toward Cosetta, who nearly came apart at the joints with the resulting fit of giggles.
"Thank you, Ravelle, for this gift of a daughter who will now be up all night repeating that word ... -- Scott Lynch
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Sir McCoolpants Von No Touchy -- Penny Reid
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Get out of my chair, dillhole! -- A.a. Milne
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Jesus Christ in a cockwagon. -- Jesse Andrews
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Cavall came simply and gave his heart and soul. -- T.h. White
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I am not Cugel the Clever for nothing! -- Jack Vance
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Lisbon Taxi,' a woman said, 'where the mileage is always smileage. How may we help you today? -- Stephen King
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Who is the man who can call from the back door at night: "Here, Champion Alexander of Clane o' Wind-Holme! Here, Champion Alexander of Clane o' Wind-Holme"? -- Westbrook Pegler
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StocktontoMalone -- Hot Rod Hundley
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Mercer!" Charlie -- Kym Brunner
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Who will bell the cat? -- William Langland
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He doesn't seem very impressed," Cimorene commented in some amusement.
"Why should he be?" Kazul said.
"Well, you're a dragon," Cimorene answered, a little taken aback.
"What difference does that make to a cat? -- Patricia C. Wrede
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Cassoulet, that best of bean feasts, is everyday fare for a peasant but ambrosia for a gastronome, though its ideal consumer is a 300-pound blocking back who has been splitting firewood nonstop for the last twelve hours on a subzero day in Manitoba. -- Julia Child
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Coach Genghis rather -- Lemony Snicket
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But surely," Breuer -- Irvin D. Yalom
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Fancy me between Scylla and Charybdis. -- Henry James
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Coelho is, of course, entitled to his dumb opinion, just as I am entitled to think Coelho's work is a nauseous broth of egomania and snake-oil mysticism with slightly less intellect, empathy and verbal dexterity than the week-old camembert I threw out yesterday. -- Stuart Kelly
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Castiglione has 150 employees. But every March another 120 are hired to work the tonnara. The leader is known by the Arab word Raiz, and the fishermen sing an Arab song, "Cialome" (pronounced SHALOMAY), to invoke the gods for the hunt. -- Mark Kurlansky
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Prickomo fucking cocksca. That bastard old arsehole-fucker. -- Joe Abercrombie
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Though a good cop, Luc Claudel has the patience of a firecracker, the sensitivity of Vlad the Impaler, and a persistent skepticism as to the value of forensic anthropology.
Snappy dresser, though. -- Kathy Reichs
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Blue skies of Barcelona. I took a taxi to the school, where I expected to be -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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Calcutta taxis carry two men in the front seat was explained to us later. One's job is to drive. The other's is to prevent passengers from murdering the driver and stealing the cab. Exciting -- Carveth Wells
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Dill if you don't hush I'll knock you bowlegged. -- Harper Lee
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A fine job of work and a fine colt. Shall I reward you or Coquette - or both? -- Beryl Markham
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Paola Calvetti takes readers on a delicious trip through Italy, books, letters and love, reminding us all of the joys of a completely compelling read."
Cathie Beck, author of Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship -- Paola Calvetti
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He knew Carolina de Silva. -- Meg Cabot
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He's painted himself into a corner and a thousand lazy reporters and ever-so-sincere politicians had rendered the only word that he could use comically melodramatic. 'I think ... Johannes Cabal ... is evil. -- Jonathan L. Howard
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Fenwick, sitting down to -- Laura Lippman
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Curs'd be that wretch (Death's factor sure) who brought Dire swords into the peaceful world, and taught Smiths (who before could only make The spade, the plough-share, and the rake) Arts, in most cruel wise Man's left to epitomize! -- Abraham Cowley
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For me, Chanel is like music. There are certain notes and you have to make another tune with them -- Karl Lagerfeld
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To the counsell of fooles a woodden bell. -- George Herbert
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... and who are you, anyway?"
"I'm Tina."
"Thank goodness!" I said so loudly she stepped back. "No silly-ass overdone names for you, m'girl."
"It's short for Christina Caresse Chavelle."
"Well, you did the best you could. -- Maryjanice Davidson
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Seville is a tower full of fine archers ... Under the arch of the sky, across the clear plain, she shoots the constant arrow of her river. -- Federico Garcia Lorca
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Chess was Capablanca's mother tongue. -- Richard Reti
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A cad of the lowest order with a soul as black as his fingernails. -- P.g. Wodehouse
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There's not much room left in a cabriolet after you've factored in two hoods, the armoury, a suitcase, the victim and the body odour -- C.s. Boag
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Chanel freed women, and I empowered them. -- Yves Saint-Laurent
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Cock-a-doodle-do! Any cock will do! -- Larry Kramer
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Cameron looked up at the ceiling, biting her tongue. Of all the murder and she-had-no-friggin'-clue-what-else-but-something-that-apparently-involved-the-FBI crime scenes in all the hotels in all of Chicago, Jack Pallas had to walk into this one. -- Julie James
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Chretien speaking to Dominic:
'Magda is no ordinary young woman. There is a blood price on her head way beyond that upon any Cathar, indeed way beyond mine. I advise you most strongly to think with your head, not your loins.'
'I am thinking,' Dominic said softly, 'with my heart. -- Elizabeth Chadwick
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No sooner is a Temple built to God but the Devill builds a Chappell hard by. -- George Herbert
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Chanel is here forever. She changed fashion, she changed culture, and she changed how people dress. -- Douglas Kirkland
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Mmm. O positive, my favorite."
"Is it? I thought it was a cabernet sauvignon."
"So it is," said Adrian, straight-faced. "My mistake. -- Richelle Mead
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Tortall and the Queens Riders! -- Tamora Pierce
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against Cameron's -- Sidney Sheldon
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FC Barcelona is the national team of Catalonia -- Carles Puyol
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Capablanca possessed an amazing ability to quickly see into a position and intuitively grasp its main features. His style, one of the purest, most crystal-clear in the entire history of chess, astonishes one with his logic. -- Garry Kasparov
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Claude Jade is a brave nice young lady. But I don't give any guarantee what she will do on a taxi's back seat. -- Alfred Hitchcock
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Every cocke is proud on his owne dunghill. -- John Heywood
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How wonderful it would be to meet an angel, I mused, but then I immediately realised that I already had. Not an archangel like Saint Michael, but my human engel from Detroit, wearing an overcoat and no hat, with lank brown hair and eyes the coler of water. -- Patti Smith
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And later we'll have action from the men's cockles pairs. -- Sue Barker
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Kitten, this is my best mate, Charles, but you can call him Spade. Charles, this is Cat, the woman I've been telling you about. You can see for yourself that everything I've said is ... an understatement. -- Jeaniene Frost
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Luckily Rollan was more unflappable. He stepped forward, bravely brandishing his long dagger, however pathetic it looked compared to the teeth of Cabaro. -- Eliot Schrefer
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...Roland de Chumsfanleigh (it wasn't his fault). -- Terry Pratchett
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He is the enigmatic, mysterious artist, who is undeniably attractive, and he is the man who every woman wants to pose for, but he wants none of that. He only wants her. It all begins and consequently ends with Chantel Rosenberg. -- Ella Frank
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Caterina, a great adventure is in store for you. -- Rachel Harris
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If there 's a hole in a' your coats, I rede ye tent it; A chiel 's amang ye takin' notes, And, faith, he 'll prent it. -- Robert Burns
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Glory be!' said the Cabby. 'I'd ha' been a better man all my life if I'd known there were things like this. -- C.s. Lewis
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I warned you the next time you spread your legs for me, I wouldn't be a gentleman. Did you expect a gentleman, Chelsea?" Rate St. Sebastian -- Samanthe Beck
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Chanel is composed of only a few elements, white camellias, quilted bags and Austrian doorman's jackets, pearls, chains, shoes with black toes. I use these elements like notes to play with. -- Karl Lagerfeld