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Who does not more admire Cicero as an author than as a consul of Rome? -- Joseph Addison
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Caesar's kindnesses are conscious, done for Caesar's benefit, and Caesar no longer sees the world as a place wherein magical things can occur. Because they can't. Men and women ruin it with their impulses, desires, thoughtlessness, lack of intelligence and cupidity. -- Colleen Mccullough
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There never was any hope," Caesar muttered.
"There was, before you destroyed it. -- Meagan Spooner
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When Caesar says, 'do this,' it is perform'd. -- Mark Antony
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TITUS. Hail, Rome, victorious in thy mourning weeds! -- William Shakespeare
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Julius Caesar was one of the thirty-four Roman emperors (out of the total of forty-nine that reigned until the division of the empire) who were killed by guards, high officials, or members of their own families. -- Steven Pinker
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Go on, my friend, and fear nothing; you carry Caesar and his fortune in your boat. -- Julius Caesar
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Rome had Caesar, a man of remarkable governing talents, although it must be said that a ruler who arouses opponents to resort to assassination is probably not as smart as he ought to be. -- Barbara Tuchman
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Et tu, Caesar? Then fall, Caesar.
Et tu, Estha? Then fall, Estha. -- Arundhati Roy
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In other words, according to Jesus, Caesar is entitled to be "given back" the denarius coin, not because he deserves tribute, but because it is his coin: his name and picture are stamped on it. -- Reza Aslan
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Caesar tarried in Egypt, Taking in all the spoils, The Lighthouse, the Library, Queen Cleopatra and Her many-perfumed oils. -- Margaret George
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Julius Caesar burned down a library?" I asked. "Fucker. -- Rose Christo
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[Napoleon] swept away everywhere the establishments of feudality ... [He was] Caesar himself. -- Karl Marx
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Caesar freely confessed to me, that the greatest actions of his own life were not equal, by many degrees, to the glory of taking it away. -- Jonathan Swift
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Strike as thou didst at Caesar; for I know / When though didst hate him worst, thou loved'st him better / Than ever thou loved'st Cassius. -- William Shakespeare
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Why is it, Caesar, that there's always a man like Lucius Metellus?" "If there were not, Antonius, this world might work better. Though if this world worked better, there'd be no place in it for men like me," said Caesar. -- Colleen Mccullough
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To god what is God's, to Caesar what is Caesar's. To humans - what? -- Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
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The best that can be said of the Alexandrian War is that Caesar acquitted himself brilliantly in a situation in which he stupidly found himself. -- Stacy Schiff
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These growing feathers pluck'd from Caesar's wing
Will make him fly an ordinary pitch,
Who else would soar above the view of men
And keep us all in servile fearfulness. -- William Shakespeare
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I am not the worst thing that can happen to you, but I will be the last. ~Caesar~ The Goodbye Man. -- A. Giannoccaro
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Pietas prevailed, and out of the blood of Caesar the monarchy was born. -- Ronald Syme
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I'm up for the Julius Caesar Author of the Year Award this year. I'm tremendously proud, considering Caesar is the guy who burned down the Library of Alexandria. -- Jarod Kintz
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Religion Caesar never knew Thy posterity shall sway, Where his eagles never flew, None as invincible as they. -- William Cowper
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For Caesar met failure each time he relied on the direct, and retrieved it each time he resorted to the indirect. -- B.h. Liddell Hart
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Caesar gives his legions free rein to chase women and gamble when they are off duty. "My men fight just as well when they are stinking of perfume," he says. -- Anonymous
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Classical Studies
Question: What were the circumstances of Julius Caesar's death?

Answer: Suspicious ones -- Richard Benson
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(whose initials were probably OCTAVIAN). -- Rick Riordan
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Emperor Sid Caesar is gone to eternity himself now. He takes with him the gratitude of every one of us who first learned the relief of laughter from this genuinely great performer. -- Ben Stein
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To the birds and trees he talks:
Caesar of his leafy Rome,
There the poet is at home. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I would like to thank Julius Caesar for originating my hairstyle -- Kanye West
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I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him - but he was a good and faithful horse.

From "Eulogy for a Percheron" in "The Horse Lawyer and Other Poems -- Greg Seeley
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... why would Caesar fear Ovid, except for knowing that neither his divinity nor all his legions could protect him from a good line of poetry. -- Tobias Wolff
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Cicero was nothing if not a genius at character assassination. -- Anthony Everitt
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Caesar broke the law when he crossed the Rubicon," Frank said. "Great leaders have to think out side the box sometimes. -- Rick Riordan
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Gold is Caesar's treasure, man is God's; thy gold hath Caesar's image, and thou hast God's. -- Francis Quarles
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In Gaul were two orders, the nobility and the priesthood, while the people, says Caesar, were all slaves. -- John Lothrop Motley
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CASSIUS : "Will you dine with me tomorrow?"
CASCA : "Ay, if I be alive, and your mind hold, and your dinner worth the eating. -- William Shakespeare
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[I]t is impossible that any people of government should ever prosper, where men render not unto God, that which is God's, as well as to Caesar, that which is Caesar's. -- William Penn
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But I, Caesar, have not sought to amass wealth by the practice of my art, having been rather contented with a small fortune and reputation, than desirous of abundance accompanied by a want of reputation. -- Vitruvius
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When a portent repeats itself three times, like something out of Julius Caesar, even Caliban, a couple of plays over, is bound to notice. -- Karen Joy Fowler
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We cannot continue to send our children to Caesar for their education and be surprised when they come home as Romans. -- Voddie T. Baucham Jr.
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Apollodorus came, Caesar saw, Cleopatra conquered. -- Stacy Schiff
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There is no power like oratory. Caesar controlled men by exciting their fears, Cicero by ... swaying their passions. The influence of the one perished; that of the other continues to this day. -- Henry Clay
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The court jester had the right to say the most outrageous things to the king. Everything was permitted during carnival, even the songs that the Roman legionnaires would sing, calling Julius Caesar 'queen,' alluding, in a very transparent way, to his real, or presumed, homosexual escapades. -- Umberto Eco
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Caesar might have married Cleopatra, but he had a wife at home. There's always something. -- Will Cuppy
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Caesar recognized the omens, but he didn't believe they applied to him. -- Nate Silver
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Caius was one of those who gloried in his ignorance, called his lack of letters purity, scorned any subtlety of thought or expression. A man for his time, indeed. -- Iain Pears
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Two white men in two days had their hands around her. Was this a condition of her freedom? Caesar -- Colson Whitehead
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From Paul to Stalin, the popes who have chosen Caesar have prepared the way for Caesars who quickly learn to despise popes. -- Albert Camus
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I hope for a light grief in old age.
I was born in Rome and it has returned to me.
My autumn was a kind of she-wolf,
And August - the month of Caesars - smiled at me. -- Osip Mandelstam
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I chop 'em into salad and my name ain't Caesar. -- Black Thought
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Friends, romans, countrymen lend me your ears i want to burry ceasar but not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them the good is often entered their their bones if it were so then let it be with ceasar. -- Gaius Iulius Caesar
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From the first time I saw Sid Caesar be funny I knew that's what I had to do. -- Billy Crystal
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He (Cato) never gave his opinion in the Senate upon any other point whatever, without adding these words, "And, in my opinion Carthage should be destroyed." ["Delenda est Carthago."] -- Plutarch
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Shut up, Julius! I mean, quiet a moment, Commander. -- Eoin Colfer
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I, therefore, O Caesar, do not publish this work, merely prefixing my name to a treatise which of right belongs to others, nor think of acquiring reputation by finding fault with the works of any one. -- Vitruvius
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Make as many laws as you please, men; but keep them for yourselves. The tribute to Caesar is never anything but the remnants of the tribute to God. -- Victor Hugo
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He he he ... Crazy? Cicero? He he he he! That's ... madness ... -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Clericalism: the habitual confusion between that which is of Caesar, and that of God. -- Giulio Andreotti
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Be brave, gladiatrix, he said, And be wary. Bright things beget treachery. Beautiful things breed envy. Once you win Caesar's love, you'll earn his enemies' hate. -- Lesley Livingston
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There is none but he
Whose being I do fear; and under him
My genius is rebuked, as it is said
Mark Antony's was by Caesar. -- William Shakespeare
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Maybe I'd think that, too, Caesar," says Petta bitterly, "if it weren't for the baby."
There. He's done it again. -- Suzanne Collins
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The history of Rome presents various men of greater genius than Scipio Aemilianus, but none equalling him in moral purity, in the utter absence of political selfishness, in generous love of his country, and none, perhaps, to whom destiny has assigned a more tragic part. -- Theodor Mommsen
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And Brutus is an honorable man, -- Julius Caesar
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The strongest poison ever known came from Caesar's laurel crown. -- William Blake
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The laws of Caesar are one thing, those of Christ, another. Papinianus judges one way, our Paul another. -- St. Jerome
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Caesar's wife must be above suspicion. -- Julius Caesar
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Little Caesar's Pizza, -- J.j. Dibenedetto
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It is a fine sunny day and great matters loom across the horizon of history. Carthage in my rearview mirror, I blend into Time. -- Charles Bukowski
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Those who served both the Almighty and secular lords did their best to follow Jesus's teachings and render unto Caesar the things which were Caesar's, and unto God the things that were God's, all the while praying they'd never have to choose between the two. -- Sharon Kay Penman
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And when my own Mark Antony
Against young Caesar strove,
And Rome's whole world was set in arms,
The cause was,
all for love. -- Robert Southey
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The soldier swears to respect no man above Caesar, but we to respect ourselves first of all.'10 'When you appear before the mighty of the earth, remember that Another looks from above on what is happening, and that you must please Him rather than this man.'11 -- Anonymous
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The Canadian version of Julius Caesar's memoirs? I came, I saw, I coped. -- Clive James
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In Rome, the emperor sat in a special part of the Colosseum called the Caesarian Section. -- George Carlin
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How DARE you and the rest of your barbarians set fire to my library? Play conqueror all you want, Mighty Caesar! Rape, murder, pillage thousands, even millions of human beings! But neither you nor any other barbarian has the right to destroy one human thought! -- William Shakespeare
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There have certainly been many periods in history when virtue was more rare than under the Caesars; but there has probably never been a period when vice was more extravagant or uncontrolled. -- William Edward Hartpole Lecky
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Into what dangers would you lead me, Cassius,
That you would have me seek into myself
For that which is not in me? -- William Shakespeare
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This was the noblest Roman of them all. All the conspirators save only he Did that they did in envy of great Caesar; [70] He only in a general honest thought And common good to all made one of them. His -- William Shakespeare
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I am Roman, alas, because Horace is Roman. -- Pierre Corneille
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What means this shouting? I do fear, the people
Choose Caesar for their king. -- William Shakespeare
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Throw that dreary man Cicero out of the window, and request the divine Virgil (with the utmost love and respect) to take a seat along with his fellow-Augustans and the First Consul, until your pupils are ready to be ushered into the presence. -- Dorothy L. Sayers
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If, as the emperor Augustus says, from his time the coast of the ocean from Cadiz to the mouth of the Elbe obeyed the Romans, the obedience in this corner of it was far from voluntary and little to be trusted. -- Theodor Mommsen
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Quintilius Varus, Give me back my legions! -- Augustus
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Those renowned generals [Alexander and Caesar] received more faithful service, and performed greater actions by means of the love their soldiers bore them, than they could possibly have done, if instead of being beloved and respected they had been hated and feared by those they commanded. -- Benjamin Franklin
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Philo of Alexandria, -- Sara Lewis Holmes
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In 1890, Donnelly published Caesar's Column, a dystopian science fiction novel set in the far-off 1980s, when the United States had become a capitalist tyranny controlled by a ruthless Jewish oligarchy. -- Arthur Goldwag
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Kill them with kindness, slay them with a smile and murder them with a kiss. ~Caesar~ The Goodbye Man. -- A. Giannoccaro
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Let your voice be heard, whether or not it is to the taste of every jack-in-office who may be obstructing the traffic. By all means, render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's - but this does not necessarily include everything that he says is his. -- Denis Johnston
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The ides of March are come.
Soothsayer: Ay, Caesar; but not gone. -- William Shakespeare
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I'll betide thee, say I, and may the Gods, or at least the Athenians, confound thee for a vile citizen and a vile third-rate actor! Read the evidence. -- Demosthenes
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What Roman power slowly built, an unarmed traitor instantly overthrew. -- Claudius Claudianus
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I would rather be an expert on me than on Cicero -- Michel De Montaigne
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It costs your life," says Caesar. "Oh, no. It costs a lot more than your life. To murder innocent people?" says Peeta. "It costs everything you are." "Everything you are," repeats Caesar quietly. A -- Suzanne Collins
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The Rome he has been trained to serve, the Rome of Augustus and Germanicus, was gone. In its place stood Neronopolis, ruled by a megalomaniac brat. -- James Romm
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Pontius Pilate! God will not let you clean your hands of this! -- Arthur Miller
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Roman, remember that you shall rule the nations by your authority, for this is to be your skill, to make peace the custom, to spare the conquered, and to wage war until the haughty are brought low. -- Virgil
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Oh Ireland my first and only love
Where Christ and Caesar are hand in glove! -- James Joyce
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a poker-rectumed pillar of the establishment [Marcus Corvinus on a Roman Senator] -- David Wishart
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O God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains! - Cassio (Act II, Scene iii) -- William Shakespeare
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Caesar's wife should be above suspicion. -- Plutarch