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Cyanide. On ice with a twist of lime. Or water. But I'm not budging on the lime."

Lyon, Jennifer (2013-02-22). The Proposition (The Plus One Chronicles) (Kindle Location 1365). Jennifer Lyon Books. Kindle Edition.
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Calumny is like the wasp which worries you, and which it is not best to try to get rid of unless you are sure of slaying it; for otherwise it returns to the charge more furious than ever.
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What is Gornite? Why can't you heat it? Will it make you laugh? - I hope so
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They're putting cement dust into cattle feed to make the cows heavier; the FDA knows all about it.
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crystals that stung your
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Salinas for the alkali which was white as salt.
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The taste of chalk. The sun lays its copper thumbs on my eyelids. The radio plays the monologue of a dog. What is the formula for tomorrow?
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My ignorance of science is such that if anyone mentioned copper nitrate I should think he was talking about policemen's overtime.
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It's salt. Why don't you sprinkle some on me, honey? Aren't I just good enough to eat?
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A man's own addition to what he learns is cement to bind an otherwise loose heap of stones into a structure of unity, strength, and use.
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Problem is, once I sit at my desk and put all these down on paper. I realize something vital is missing. It doesn't crystallize - no crystals, just pebbles. And I'm not transported anywhere.
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With melted opals for my milk, Pearl-leaf for my cracker.
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Dealing with pain for surviving on this thirsty concrete
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Companies are experimenting with replacing sodium chloride with potassium chloride, because most of the health problems come from sodium. It works for some products, but if you diminish the amount of sodium, people want sugar and fat instead.
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Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea.
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Bodybuilding is 80% nutrition!
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You can't eat it, but it sustains you,
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I hope popchips will be the Vitaminwater of the snack aisle.
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Did you know that chocolate had special chemicals in it to make you feel happy?"
"I don't need an excuse for chocolate.
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I always have bananas with me for energy.
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Ingredients should not read like a chemistry experiment!
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I am convinced, by repeated observation, that marbles, lime-stones, chalks, marls, clays, sand, and almost all terrestrial substances, wherever situated, are full of shells and other spoils of the ocean.
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How could I live without powder?
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Cheese. The adult form of milk.
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[This legendary Amazonian substance is] a cybernetic transdimentional medium of some sort that is generated out of the mysteries of the physiology of the human body.
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Did we not all grow up saying we had to have four glasses of whole milk a day for healthy bones? It's ridiculous. It's liquid cholesterol.
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Rocks and minerals: the oldest storytellers.
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Carla Crumworthy, heiress to the Crumworthy panty-shield fortune. She had come to complain about the collagen injections that Rudy Graveline had administered to give her full, sensual lips, which is just what every rheumatoid seventy-one-year-old woman
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Gold like the sun, which melts wax, but hardens clay, expands great souls.
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Blacko-oxy-tonic phosphate, it's the latest scoop. But that's alright girls, you can call it goop.
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About chocolate: This is what laughing tastes like.
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the force of the water drop that hollows the stone. A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labors of a spasmodic Hercules.
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cheese cauldron.
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How do you make an elephant float? Take one elephant, two tons of ice cream, and one ton of soda. Blend. ***
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We make our heroes out of clay.
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What goes into a salt-mine becomes salt.
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How wonderful to find in living creatures the same substance as those which make up minerals. Nevertheless they felt a sort of humiliation at the idea that their persons contained phosphorous like matches, albumen like white of egg, hydrogen gas like street lamps.
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Rorshach's journal. October 16, 1985. Been waiting in Moloch's fridge for three hours. Ate two raw eggs and packet of honey mustard sauce. Just realized I am sitting on baking soda. Freezing ass off. Really have to take leak.
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-it's life... In all its granite hardness.
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Even in the investigations into direct production of calcium peroxide in an alkali melt with highly compressed oxygen, it was found to be necessary to bring the high-pressure gas into contact with the suspension of lime in caustic alkali melt by agitation or some other means of mixing.
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Doctor, what could you prescribe for Charlemund?"
The doctor looked down his nose at the unconscious form of the arch-diocel.
"Now, really. Something to give him a quality headache and a great deal of memory loss."
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A time will come, when fields will be manured with a solution of glass (silicate of potash), with the ashes of burnt straw, and with the salts of phosphoric acid, prepared in chemical manufactories, exactly as at present medicines are given for fever and goitre.
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We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins, carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains. 93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames, we are all just stars that have people names.
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There must be tons of human bone meal in the ground.
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I eat a lot of chocolate.
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Water - a thoroughly underrated drink.
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Everything is from absorption!
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I take a vitamin every day; it's called a steak.
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I should have mixed something stronger than Coke floats.
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I was looking at a bottle of water; they have nutritional facts printed on the side. You know, I'm no chemist, but I have a rough idea what's in water.
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Dominic Chocolate!!!
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If acids win - you lose!
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There were pecans, there were cashews and then there was just plain nuts.
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It's filled with ... baking soda. Because it really smells.
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I like cashew nuts.
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Synthetic chocolate sounds wrong.
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Mister, we deal in lead.
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Cacao is not just a food; it is a "superfood".
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Crystals amplify the consciousness.
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Whatever goes into a salt-mine becomes salt.
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Shape clay into a vessel; it is the space within that makes it useful.
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Each time, Jane's heart banged, her skin chilled, and she clamped down on the distracting ache in her gut with a bowl of something naughty, like Cocoa Pebbles.
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Calumnies are answered best with silence.
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And what can still delight an inert stone except to become, once more, the bed of a raging torrent?
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Sydney! Stop. Think of something else. Conjugate Latin verbs. Recite the periodic table.
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The rottenness of the matter which is the foundation of everything!
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Milk, powdered heavy cream, and powdered butter." "Didn't know a lot of these products existed,
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The finest minds, like the finest metals, dissolve the easiest.
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The word just hangs, until Severin starts the blender and there's only the sound of crunching and grinding vitamins, the silvery core of nourishment, containing every essential thing but the nourishment itself. (pg. 82)
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The nourishment is palatable.
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A brick could be crushed, mixed with water, and drunk like a sports drink. And hey, with no bromated vegetable oil, it's healthier than Gatorade.
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At my age the bones are water in the morning until food is given them.
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...the rich earth resembled crumbled flavors of chocolate.
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Crystals have power
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99 What kind of food do computers eat for breakfast?
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I feel like a brick made of porridge.
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Regardless of the shape he took, Cal had a nearly endless capacity for worrywarting.
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Concrete breathes sun's heat.
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Cat piss and porcupines!
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For chocolate's sake!
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Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food.
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Was it for this the clay grew tall? O what made fatuous sunbeams toil To break earth's sleep at all?
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At no other time has Nature concentrated such a wealth of valuable nourishment into such a small space as in the cocoa bean.
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There are dark, hard, cherty silt-stones from some deep ocean trench full of rapidly accumulating Pennsylvanian guck.
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Every day, without fail, I eat some dark chocolate.
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Salt is so common, so easy to obtain, and so inexpensive that we have forgotten that from the beginning of civilization until about 100 years ago, salt was one of the most sought-after commodities in human history.
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The artist's life nourishes itself on the particular, the concrete.
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Two scoops of crazy with a side of coo coo ca choo
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Aluminium's sixty-year reign as the world's most precious substance was glorious, but soon an American chemist ruined everything.
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The mineral world is a much more supple and mobile world than could be imagined by the science of the ancients. Vaguely analogous to the metamorphoses of living creatures, there occurs in the most solid rocks, as we now know, perpetual transformation of a mineral species.
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I'm a devil at a quick mistake, and when I make one it takes the form of Lead.
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Carisoprodol. Comes in a white tablet like a big-ass vitamin, 350 mg of muscle liquefier for those tense, recovering athletes and furniture movers. Too much, and those relaxed muscles include your diaphragm, then your heart.
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Hope and carbohydrates were a powerful combination.
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I'll never throw these small things away. There will never be a time when I don't want them, all the tiny parts of Cal that made a life.
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Chloride is essential for digestion and in respiration. Without sodium, which the body cannot manufacture, the body would be unable to transport nutrients or oxygen, transmit nerve impulses, or move muscles, including the heart.
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I'm a chocolate addict.
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Probably the most satisfying soup in the world for people who are hungry, as well as for those who are tired or worried or cross or in debt or in a moderate amount of pain or in love or in robust health or in any kind of business huggermuggery, is minestrone.
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I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates when he said ... I drank what?