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My non-career. My excuse for a career? Honestly, I never think about the word 'career.' I've had managers, the minute they say it to me, they look at me and just roll their eyes. -- Tom Verlaine
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Life is a mission and not a career. -- Robert L. Millet
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A career is something that you train for and prepare for and plan on doing for a long time. -- Sonia Sotomayor
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Don't make your career be your life. let it be your passion. Let it bring you pleasure. But don't let it become your identity. You are so much more valuable than that. -- Celine Dion
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My family is my career. -- James Mcbride
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A career for me is something like building a bridge. You know, where to put the lifts. You have a plan. I have a blueprint for each film, but not for my life. -- Claire Denis
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It's not WHAT you do for a living that brings career satisfaction. It's WHO you get to be while doing what you do that does. -- Laura Berman Fortgang
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You have the ability to shine and make a mark in some field. Your job is to find your niche, excel and build a lasting legacy. -- Roopleen
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My face is my career. -- Carol Kane
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When you become famous, being famous becomes your profession. -- James Carville
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Career is a mindset. The wrong mindset. Career is linear. Especially when you are trapped in the TV or film world. The next thing you do has always got to be bigger, or it is perceived as a failure. -- Paul Provenza
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Mr. Franz, I think careers are a 20th century invention and I don't want one. -- Jon Krakauer
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It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career. -- Carlton Fisk
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I'm an actress, and that's my work and my passion. -- Hani Furstenberg
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My career keeps shifting; I keep doing the next thing and it keeps growing. -- David Friedman
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My career is based on the slow build of an audience based on putting on a good show live and putting out a record every couple of years. I was already doing really well in terms of my goals, to keep my fans coming back. -- Bonnie Raitt
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Careers are funny things. They begin mysteriously and, just as mysteriously, they can end. -- Edward Albee
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My career is there for everyone to see and delve into. -- Cat Stevens
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A job is not a career. I think I started out with a job. It turned into a career and changed my life. -- Barbara Walters
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My chosen occupation isn't necessarily movie star; I see my chosen occupation as actor. -- Sarah Gadon
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What I love about how my career has gone up to this point is that I've always, always put my head down on my pillow at night, and I've been able to say that I've done, honestly, what I've felt like I wanted to do. And that's really all you can hope for in everything you do. -- Debbie Gibson
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Life and career are the same thing. Every life has to have a plot and a plan. You have to recognize this early and be quite cold-blooded in the discovery and articulation of that plot. -- Iain Sinclair
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I need my career. That's what validates me. -- Anita Baker
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I could describe my career in two words: who knew. I was on the path to becoming a professional baseball player, but I got injured in college. When I decided to move out to L.A. to try acting, nobody was betting on me, not even my family. But it's always been that way for me; nothing has come easy. -- Shemar Moore
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I don't want to think my life as a career. I'm interested in my work only because of the meaning I can make. -- Audrey Tautou
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I have a career I love more than I can tell you, and I have it because I work incredibly hard pretty much every single day. -- Kate Reardon
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A profession is like a great snake that wraps itself around you. Once you are enwrapped, you are in a slow fight for the rest of your life, and the lightness of youth leaves you. -- Mark Helprin
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I have to have a passion in my life. -- George Mcgovern
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I had a career that was very short, but it had a lot of thrills. -- Gale Sayers
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I think my career will be remembered for what it was and what it is, and I don't need more than that. -- Jim Abbott
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My art and profession is to live. -- Michel De Montaigne
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I'm not really a career person; I'm a gardener, basically. -- John Lennon
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I'm in showbusiness. I'm an entertainer. -- Chris Isaak
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Leave it to a kid to sum up the state of my career so accurately in two words. And leave it to an adult to rationalize it in three: "It's a living. -- A.g. Riddle
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Your career has but one goal: To ensure your book of life is more than an anthology of salary slips. -- Gyan Nagpal
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You build a successful career, regardless of your field of endeavor, by the dozens of little things you do on and off the job. -- Zig Ziglar
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Long-term career aspirations encompass emotional and intellectual impact of work on society. -- Henry Samueli
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Career success is using your daily work, schoolwork, work in the world, work at home, as a way of advancing your mental state. -- Frederick Lenz
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When you select a career, it not only affects you but many people who depend on your work. -- Dhaval Gajera
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I am hoping for a long career. -- Zoe Saldana
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Use career to develop yourself. Have fun with it. Dedicate your activities and your career, to eternity, and to enlightenment. -- Frederick Lenz
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Right now I'm pretty single ... My career is my boyfriend. -- Christina Aguilera
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People don't need careers. People should just exist. -- Elizabeth Olsen
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Career isn't about making money as everyone makes something. Rather it's a way of living that would create memorable memories to look back and smile -- Santosh Avvannavar
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This profession has fed me creatively and allowed me to have a home life and a private life. -- Julia Barr
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It's important to put all I have into my career. -- Cliff Richard
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Your career and your passion don't always match up. -- Amy Poehler
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You should not confuse your career with your life. -- Dave Barry
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You can't focus on other people's careers. Everybody is different. -- Andy Murray
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I don't like the word 'career'. When somebody says to me, 'oh, you've had such a wonderful career', I think, 'career - that's after you're dead.' I just don't think that way. -- Stephen Sondheim
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My career is just kind of crazy. -- David Spade
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What I wanted more than anything was a long career. -- Terence Stamp
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I'm an actress. It's my passion. -- Sophia Loren
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As far as career goes, make sure you're in it for the right reasons - and make sure that the work itself is the most important thing. -- Clive Owen
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My career has been over since 1990. -- Mike Tyson
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Not a great deal is known about the factors in childhood that doubtless underlie a person's choice of career - I'm talking now about a career to which one is passionately committed, in contradistinction to a career chosen merely as a means of earning a living. -- Nathaniel Branden
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A career is a series of ups and downs, of comebacks. -- Steve Guttenberg
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One thing I always did in my career was writing. I always was writing. I was trying to create things. For myself, for other people. -- Aasif Mandvi
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I had a good career. I've been very fortunate. -- Johnny Ramone
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Desire! That's the one secret of every man's career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents. Desire. -- Johnny Carson
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My career has always been one of the most important things, but after having a baby you find that it drops down on the totem pole. -- Marion Jones
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A lot of people think I had such a rosy career, but I wanted to identify that one of the things that helps you have a long career is learning how to deal with adversity, how to get past it. Once I learned how to get through that, others things didn't seem so hard. -- Cal Ripken Jr.
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I've always had a hunger for realizing myself through my career. -- Holland Taylor
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If I had to design a career for myself, I would have done comedy. -- Rene Russo
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I don't believe in careers. I believe in work. I'm not interested in some 'big picture that would be really good for me'. -- Debra Winger
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Work on your craft, and your career will come. Work on your community, and your career will come. But just work on your career, and you'll have neither a craft nor a community. -- Ali Farahnakian
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It's not about my career now. It's just about finding great work and having a good time. -- Melanie Griffith
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I can't say that I pursued a career. I really didn't, it just sort of happened. -- Angela Lansbury
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Acting is my career and activism is my passionate hobby. But acting is my livelihood. -- William Baldwin
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I've dedicated my career to fighting the mundane. My hope is that my career will be a shining example to children everywhere that life is more meaningful when you are not afraid to see all colors of the rainbow. -- Rupaul
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The ability to earn a living by doing the thing one loves must be one of life's greatest gifts. -- Jojo Moyes
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If your career doesn't work out, write a book about it. -- Marcy Sheiner
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I have a kind of objective luxury about my career. -- Martin Short
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A passion should remain a passion and should not become a job -- Anonymous
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We have many windows to build up our career, but we can look after our career successfully from one window -- Ahsan
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In the future, each of us must have the courage to follow our gift or to be engaged in a favorite occupation, even if it does not bring you any income at the moment -- Sunday Adelaja
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Whatever happens with my career, I'm going to prosper no matter what. -- Don Lemon
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You are called to serve people and humanity with your talent -- Sunday Adelaja
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In order to build a career and to be successful, one has to be determined. One has to be ambitious. I much prefer to drink coffee, listen to music, and to paint when I feel like it. -- Saul Leiter
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Always have a passion in your life. -- Mithilesh Tiwari
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My greatest ambition is to have a career without becoming a career woman. -- Audrey Hepburn
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If you seek enlightenment, then career is a very important idea on your agenda. -- Frederick Lenz
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I'm not great at judging a career. Or planning one. -- Jennifer Jason Leigh
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My first career was as a coach and a teacher. -- David Friedman
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Obviously my career's important to me and I'm really, really passionate about trying to keep it. -- Katherine Heigl
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I'm a performer, comedian, entertainer, writer and director. -- William Shatner
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I've had a long career and I want to continue to have a long career. The way to do that is not to go away. -- Chris Cornell
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People do not choose a career; the career envelopes them. -- John Dos Passos
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No one's just going to hand you a career. I waited for years for someone to hand me one and it never happened. -- Jane Lynch
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My best career decision was probably not giving up when I wanted to. God as well as my family and friends were there for me during my toughest times. -- Jeremy Lin
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More than a career, I feel that I've got a function. I see things in a much more holistic way. Some people bake the bread, and some people write the songs. -- Jackson Browne
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Career is just posh slavery. -- Tom Hodgkinson
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Stardom isn't a profession, it's an accident. -- Lauren Bacall
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I chose to have a career, and I enjoyed it while I had it. -- Nancy Reagan
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My career has evolved at its own peculiar pace. American careers are supposed to have a much more singular direction than I've been able to ... stomach. -- Tim Curry
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A career is a career, but you're a mother until you die. -- Shirley Eaton
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I have experienced a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth, and I feel incredibly lucky that I'm able to make a career out of doing the things that I love. -- Jose Garces
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To nurture your career, it makes sense to cultivate your strengths. To nurture your moral core, it is necessary to confront your weaknesses. -- David Brooks
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A career is all very well, but no one lives by work alone. -- Lorna Luft
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It is important to always love what you do and do what you love. This is my mentality towards my career and my personal life. -- Jake T. Austin