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Eddie Robinson is about one word: winning and losing. -- Paul Collier
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psychologist Timothy -- Malcolm Gladwell
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Whenever Elvin Jones comes to Seattle I try to go catch him. -- Matt Cameron
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What do you remember about Jason Robinson? His feet. Not how improved he was under a high ball or his kicking skills. Everyone remembers those feet. He could go round you in a phone box. -- Brian O'driscoll
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This dudes nuttier than squirrel shit.
-Ty Henderson -- Madeleine Urban
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Paul Scholes and Gary Neville are the centrefolds of Man United -- Dwight Yorke
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Robinson could deliver a knockout blow going backward. -- Bert Sugar
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Think Pickelman's our guy?'
'Maybe. Or maybe he knows who is. Or maybe he's guilty of something else.'
'Glad you could narrow it down,' Bailey replied.
'Always here for ya. -- Marcia Clark
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Top players don't come much topper than Gerrard and Carragher -- Robbie Keane
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Like everything else, Fletcher. Practice. -- Richard Bach
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When John (Giles) was manager of Ireland, much as he loved me, he still dropped me. -- Eamon
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There are few secrets in football. So execute. -- Hank Stram
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When Arthur had been a boy at school, long before the Earth had been demolished, he had used to play football. He had not been at all good at it, and his particular speciality had been scoring own goals in important matches. -- Douglas Adams
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been a signature -- Anonymous
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Every single player on the pitch is now in the Birmingham box, apart from two of them. -- Paul Merson
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What Carew does with a football, I can do with an orange. -- John Carew
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I love you like a squirrel loves his nuts. - Brody Madden -- Kate Mccarthy
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Oh, hey, kettle, I'm pot and wow, you're black." - Owen -- Olivia Cunning
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Pikey Thomas dreamed of plums and caramel apples the night the faery-with-the-peeling-face stole his right eye. -- Stefan Bachmann
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For all the prizes, recitals and honours that grace Gordon Walker's glittering career, he still likes nothing more than coming home back to play. "I do like my Burns Suppers in Ayrshire. I've piped in the haggis, addressed it and then piped it back out again. -- Fergus Muirhead
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There are days when it seems to me that in literature the most convincing depiction of the world in which we live is to be found in the phantasmagorical kingdom through which Lewis Carroll took Alice on a tour. -- Dean Koontz
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People could say things about Owen. They could. But they don't. We don't. Words are strong. The strongest. Worse than bruises on -- Emma Hooper
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Henry looks from my face back to the field, and his eyes pop open wide. I turn to see why he's gaping: JJ and Carter are messing around, trying
to shove a scrawny wide receiver into Jerry Rice's stroller.
"JJ!" Henry yells, "You can't fit a freshman in that stroller. -- Miranda Kenneally
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Watson, you idiot. Some so-and-so has stolen our tent. -- Suzan St. Maur
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David Nugent tore up the Championship but he's gone to Portsmouth and he's a fish up a tree -- Paul Merson
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Michael Cole is a visionary! -- The Miz
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Who the shit is Otis? -- Caris O'malley
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I'm beginning to see Brooks [Robinson] in my sleep. If I dropped a paper plate, he'd pick it up on one hop and throw me out at first. -- Sparky Anderson
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[Andy Murray] tries to get you to do a lot of different things. He tries to throw you off by giving you some slower balls and some harder balls. -- Milos Raonic
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I Wanted To Sign Scholes For Killie But Fergie Burst Out Laughing -- Alex Totten
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Stuart Davises he -- Amor Towles
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It's been such an honor to be your Owen Hunt -- Kevin Mckidd
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Tom Brady says he wants to give the truck he was given as the Super Bowl MVP to the guy who won the Super Bowl for the Patriots. So Brady's giving his truck toSeahawks coach Pete Carroll. -- Conan O'brien
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Sean's our boy, big into computer games and football, wants to help the Redskins build a dynasty, though he doesn't really know what that means. -- Catherine Coulter
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One last toast, to our friend, Owen Hart. We'll never forget you, buddy. -- Jim Ross
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Giggs drops deep into that Sheringham position where he can turn and ride defenders. -- Martin Tyler
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If it isn't Charley -- Marcus Emerson
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Is John Motson still wearing his shepherdskin coat? -- Bobby Gould
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Connor picked up the -- Nora Roberts
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The greatest compliment I can pay Paul Scholes is that he reminds me of Bryan Robson, the way he bombs into the box. -- Ray Wilkins
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If you pass the ball to Bill Cartwright, you'll never get the ball from me. -- Michael Jordan
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flibbertigibbets - and -- Hanya Yanagihara
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The most complete footballer in the history of the game. -- Eusebio
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Liverpool will be the most profitable investment I've ever made, -- Tom Hicks
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Alright, he's chucking his toys out the basket and Gary Shaw has a big mouth and shouts a lot. -- Joe Calzaghe
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I tell anyone who asks me - Scholes is the best English player. -- Laurent Blanc
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If I don't take a chance with Gavin Murphy, I think I'll always regret it. -- Lex Martin
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We have to remember Damien Duff is one of the most good players in the Premiership -- Frank Stapleton
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If all else fails, birdie the last. -- Adam Derek Scott
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Do ya, now?

Jaxson Ryan -- T.l. Alexander
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We are Liverpool Football Club and the expectations are so high. -- Steven Gerrard
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- Tommy Tomlinson When -- Chris Tomlinson
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Too bad Grayson isn't. -- Colleen Hoover
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Tim Howard is as sharp as a tank. -- Andy Townsend
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Russell [Wilson] plays really well in the pocket [and] outside the pocket. He's just a play waiting to happen. -- Deion Sanders
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You were right, you know. Ours is a talent wasted on the useless. - Gavin, to Kiaran -- Elizabeth May
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Albert tin. Why're -- Anne Tyler
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Who? Who is that? (J.R.'s response when asked about opponent Jason Terry.) -- J. R. Smith
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Captain Phillips is a knockout. -- Peter Travers
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StocktontoMalone -- Hot Rod Hundley
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But if that's Olham, then I must be ... -- Philip K. Dick
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I just came to West Ham to play football, the rest is not for me to say. -- Carlos Tevez
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I love you like a hobbit loves his second breakfast. - Brody Madden -- Kate Mccarthy
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Buffon is a gentleman thinking only of the ball [after Gianluigi Buffon's strong tackle on Andy Carroll during a friendly with Newcastle -- Claudio Ranieri
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I'm taking T.O., every day ... He gives me the whole football field. -- Michael Irvin
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his college girlfriend, Everett. -- Lauren Graham
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John Guidetti is a typical English striker. Even though he is Swedish -- Gareth Barry
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against Cameron's -- Sidney Sheldon
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Philo Vance / Needs a kick in the pance. -- Ogden Nash
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Murray is a man dedicated to serving Christ. His greatest joy is to respond in faithful obedience when his master calls. "There can be no higher and more ennobling privilege than to have the Lord of the universe as one's Owner and Master and to be his accredited representative on earth. -- Chris A. Vlachos
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One of the great ball-givers in the United Kingdom is Nicholas Parsons. -- Derek Nimmo
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Declan, get your ass out of bed!
A light flicked on and Declan stumbled into view through the open window. He looked to be only half awake and was missing his shirt.
Alex, on the other hand, was not missing that shirt in the slightest. -- Jena Leigh
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Something interesting has happened over the last 10 years in the Premier League. Players who once would have been discarded as expensive and too old have become important parts of title-winning squads. -- Gary Neville
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Mike, did you ever see the movie 'Cast Away?' In that movie, Tom Hanks' only friend was a ball named Wilson. In this game, Russell Wilson's only friend is a football. -- Jon Gruden
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Making predictions is like throwing a dartboard at the fixture list -- Mike Parry
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He's a player you only miss when he's not playing -- Graham Taylor
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An excellent player, but he [Ian Wright] does have a black side. -- Gary Lineker
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I want people to recognize Luther Allison when I play. -- Luther Allison
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Percy, who was looking immensely -- J.k. Rowling
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I can't understand why people in Scotland rave about Darren Fletcher. -- Roy Keane
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I'm famous for being a silky midfielder. -- Phil Daniels
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I'm the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that is the result you are going to get. Don't you ever talk about me. -- Richard Sherman
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What's his name? -- Anthony Marra
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Callum has turned down the -- Liane Moriarty
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Paul Harris is a buffet bowler - you just help yourself. -- Geoffrey Boycott
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Hope for Garbage ALEX TULLY -- Alex Tully
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That leaves Decker and what's his name, Mr. I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt. -- Suzanne Brockmann
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The problem with Chelsea is I lack a striker. I have Samuel Eto'o but he is 32 years old - maybe 35, who knows? -- Jose Mourinho
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The problem with you, son, is that all your brains are in your head.
(to a Liverpool trainee) -- Bill Shankly
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Ware the man who fakes a limp. -- Stephen King
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Everton are literally a bag of Revells. -- Paul Merson
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I've got to make sure Corey Clark is all right. -- Corey Clark
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If you gave Arsene Wenger eleven players and told him to pick his team, this would be it. -- Andy Gray
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In his youth Michael Owen was literally a greyhound. -- Jamie Redknapp
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For years Paul Scholes has been one of the best players in the Premiership. He's incredible. He has always been under-rated throughout his career. He's a team player, a one and two-touch footballer who makes good decisions on the pitch and makes his team play. -- Thierry Henry
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Aaron Rodgers, starting quarterback - that just has a good ring to it. -- Aaron Rodgers
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What does Everton chairman Bill Kenwright think he will get for £6m? Andy Johnson's trainers? -- Simon Jordan
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What looks good to you? Bradley asked. Mickey Donovan, I did not answer. -- Kristen Ashley
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Owen is the most Hitchcockian preschooler I ever met. He's three. He knows maybe ninety word and one of them is 'crypt'? -- Sarah Vowell