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The cast is so big that you really don't work very much. -- James Denton
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Necessarily, I'm always involved in casting, as any playwright is, because the whole process of putting on a play is a collaborative, organic effort on the part of a bunch of people trying to think alike. -- David Ives
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My castings sort of go in phases. There'll be several icy professional parts - a lawyer or a cop. And then there'll be the intelligent-but-wounded group and then the period things. It goes in sequence. -- Laura Linney
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I feel like a lot of directing is casting. -- Damien Chazelle
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If you're cast right you can actually just let yourself go because all your gestures will be right, all your intonations will be right because you just somewhere understand who this person is. -- Susan Sullivan
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Casting can be heartbreaking. Dealing with the disappointment is the hardest part. -- Stockard Channing
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I have a sixth sense for casting. I just have to see and talk to the actors. I never make tests. I like to work with crowds. I like to get the principals in a crowd. When they do, something else comes off, something special. -- Frank Capra
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There are casting directors with lots of imagination, but also some with not as much imagination. -- Max Von Sydow
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When it comes to casting, I've been so lucky. I've worked with unbelievable actors who make me look better than I am and take the written word and make it honest. -- Jason Reitman
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The best situation is where they cast you and then they trust you. -- Illeana Douglas
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Cast parties are a lot of fun! -- Chris Colfer
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I'm almost six feet tall and have a deep voice. People never knew how to cast me. -- Kristanna Loken
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I think that casting is probably the most important thing in television production. -- Dan Harmon
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I have set my life upon a cast,
And I will stand the hazard of the die. -- William Shakespeare
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I try not to have too specific notions because it messes up the process later on. I leave it very open to interpretation until I start casting. Everything changes a lot when you start casting. I mean everything. -- Nicolas Winding Refn
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Trades are happening, and I have two players that if they don't get their crap together I'm going to castrate them."

He took in a sharp breath. "Don't castrate my teammates, sweetheart, it will affect how they play. -- Toni Aleo
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Despite all the variables and advise, like love and marriage it seemed to me that learning to cast ought to be a lot easier than it was. -- Jessica Maxwell
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I always look at people and think how I would cast them. -- David Bailey
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Casting sometimes is fate and destiny more than skill and talent, from a director's point of view. -- Steven Spielberg
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It's beyond my control who's going to cast me or how you're going to pigeonholed, so for me, it's just I want to keep doing different things because I want to get better, so hopefully I'll be hired to do them. -- Bradley Cooper
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For me, when you're casting known talent, you're not just casting their performances. You're casting the public's relationship with them, their public images to a degree. -- Jen Mcgowan
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Casting is very instinctual. I really like to meet people. To me, it's about their essence more than their audition. -- Francesca Gregorini
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You're not cast because you're like someone or because you're sympathetic to them. You're cast because you can act. -- Lindsay Duncan
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It's everything and I always make decisions about the cast. -- Ridley Scott
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As I've always said, preproduction is so important. When you cast the actors, you've done much of the work. Now, you may need to guide them a little, take it up or down, have them go faster or slower, but the casting process is crucial. -- Robert Wise
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I just always wanted to sit in a casting session and see all of the train wrecks that come in. -- Holland Roden
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Casting directors tend to be the unsung heroes in this business. -- Brent Sexton
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I didn't want to do casting in a way that you find yourself in a situation where there's this perfect girl for a part and you just can't cast her because the family says no. -- Deniz Gamze Erguven
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Casting a film, you can have the greatest actors in a film and it doesn't work. It's a combination of all of the elements. -- Stellan Skarsgard
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When a casting agent sees me, he kind of knows what he's getting. -- Alexa Vega
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If you make the right choice in casting, your work is nearly done already. You don't have to spend a lot of time directing the actors, because they're so well suited to the parts. -- Jean-Pierre Jeunet
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Every drama requires a cast. The cast may be so huge, as in Leo Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina,' that the author or editor provides a list of characters to keep them straight. Or it may be an intimate cast of two. -- Nancy Kress
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I can't even begin to tell you how many casting couches I was attacked on. Not just by casting people, but by stars. -- Jenny Mccarthy
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Typecasting is an interesting thing because, in a way, if you're good at something, you're going to work at that thing. In other ways, you constantly have to change people's opinion of you as one thing, especially if you want to play different roles. You have to shatter that image sometimes. -- Aaron Tveit
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Turns out typecasting is a real thing. -- Bill Hader
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Casting the locals is my primary concern because all the other things you assume will be manageable. -- Gus Van Sant
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More than ninety percent of directing a picture is the right casting -- Martin Scorsese
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Casting is so important, with any film you do. You have to get actors that you believe will fulfill the promise of the characters that are on the page. -- Jerry Bruckheimer
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One thing I'm most proud of, in my movies, is that I think the performances are super-strong, but that's not all me. I think part of it is casting appropriately. -- Josh Radnor
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Any time you put a cast like this in compromising circumstances or shake it up a little bit, I think we're all pretty close so we draw on real emotion. -- George Eads
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I know what it's like to wake up thinking you will be able to cast the people who play the starring roles in your life, only to realize that you have to watch it from the audience. -- Jodi Picoult
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Every once in a while in an actor's life, a cast comes together. -- Joyce Dewitt
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Great actors help. Every project is different. Sometimes it's completely open, and I've been able to cast who I've wanted. And then sometimes people want a certain kind of actor. -- Lisa Cholodenko
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You have to remind casting directors out here that you don't just do one thing. There's a lot of people who do just one thing. -- Stephen Root
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I get cast at the last minute. I don't know, maybe somebody drops out and they can't get someone, and someone is like, 'Oh, how about Katia Winter?' -- Katia Winter
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A film is a chain of very difficult decisions, and I think one of them is to choose an accurate cast. -- Javier Camara
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But I've always been hard to cast, I've never been an ingenue, I've never been the romantic lead. I'm an actor; give me the script and I do what I do and hope it's good. -- Edie Falco
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Getting typecast is a dangerous thing to do. -- Michael Zaslow
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It is always necessary to overstate a cast startlingly to make people sit up and listen to it, and to frighten them into acting on it. -- George Bernard Shaw
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Most anglers, especially tyros, false cast too often. Three false casts should be sufficient for any throw and two is better. One is perfect. -- Joe Brooks
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I relieve myself from the rigours of directing by casting the movie correctly. -- John Huston
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Some films could only have been cast in one way: Screen tests were given and the losers got the parts. -- Gene Shalit
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I think a good director casts a film so that the actors bring a lot to the table. -- Debbie Allen
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Acting offers me an outlet. Here is the perfect opportunity to spend fleeting moments becoming an entirely different person; to experience a character entirely unlike myself, but to also make such a character a part of me. There is no routine here; there is no boredom. -- Osric Chau
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Casting is so important in horror. It's so important to have strong actors to tell a story because, if you don't believe in the character, how can you be scared for them? -- Alexandre Aja
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In general, I have some precise ideas about everything, because the film is completed in my head before we ever start shooting. With casting, I am always present, even for the smallest character. -- Jean-Pierre Jeunet
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You read a script, you try and think through what is the best, most wide-ranging way of telling the story: who stylistically, character-logically, psychologically fits inside the world of what you're trying to do. A lot of it, when you're casting, is trying to get yourself in the head of a director. -- Scott Rudin
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I have never wanted to be typecast, one of those actors who plays a variation on a one-note theme. So just as I enjoy playing a wide variety of characters, from good to bad to ugly to cute - so I have enjoyed of late working in film and television, as well as in theatres of various sizes and shapes. -- Ian Mckellen
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It's up to the actor to make sure they don't get typecast. -- Bryan Cranston
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Every last cast is actually a first cast. The first cast and first chance to catch the next fish. The next time you anguish about whether to make that last cast, forget it - the anguish that is - and cast away. The next fish caught on a last cast will not be the first. -- Tony Bishop
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I like to cast actors I admire, one's that are talented. Each one will bring something new to the part. This play has been done thousands of times and now certain characters are too familiar. -- Kenneth Branagh
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I guess I'm lucky that I've been able to play a wide range of parts and a wide range of types of productions - I haven't felt much typecasting. -- Kali Hawk
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I'm always cast in these strange men ... that's not me, really. -- Anthony Hopkins
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When you're having conversations about actors, you realize these same conversations have happened about you. If you want to make a film for $5m, then you cast A, B and C, but if you want $20m, you won't be able to cast them, you need X, Y and Z. -- Paddy Considine
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I loved doing casting because I love actors, and I am very conscious of what actors do. But I always wanted to be a producer. -- Scott Rudin
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I love working with a cast and a group of people every day, which is different than recording because you're usually pretty isolated and alone. They serve as a good balance for each other. -- Idina Menzel
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When I hire actors I believe in their abilities. -- Sean Durkin
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I love casting against type and doing things you wouldn't expect, because I think you get more interesting performances that way. Hollywood loves to pigeonhole people, and there's nothing an actor loves more than to do something different. -- David S.goyer
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You set up the look, the visual effects and the sets, and that's awesome, but I enjoy the casting most of all. That's where you really get to define the show. -- Joseph Mcginty Nichol
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I've learnt that there's acting for film, acting for theatre, and acting for an audition. -- Sarah Snook
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The casting is very simple actually, but it is very important. You choose the best actor for the role, and you test them and you test them, and you bring them back, and you have to make sure the actors fit the roles. -- Hany Abu-Assad
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I'm usually cast for the more goofy and tomboyish characters. -- Yael Grobglas
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A director should cast a person who fits into their script. -- Christina Ricci
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I'm a method actor. -- Seann William Scott
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Street-casting - people like Katie Jarvis in 'Fish Tank,' spotted having a row with her boyfriend on a railway platform - has helped make actors raise their game. They have to. -- Joe Dempsie
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Actors are the jockeys of literature. Others supply the horses, the plays, and we simply make them run. -- Ralph Richardson
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I'm always involved with casting my movies. I have final word on it. -- John Carpenter
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If you're a young person who wants to become an actor, it's really important to walk into a casting room with a sense of yourself and some life experience. You can really delight a room and have them already choose you before you've even said a word! -- Kenny Ortega
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I do so many roles, I can't be typecast. -- Tommy Davidson
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You are the director of your own life story. Don't cast idiots or people will walk out during your 2nd act. -- Dane Cook
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Sometimes, rehearsals are not worth it if you do not have an accurate cast, and that is one of the most difficult parts about a film. -- Javier Camara
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I keep saying this, but the most important part of directing is casting, and the rest of it is pretty easy. -- Max Winkler
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For every three scripts that you get through, one will be made, and that doesn't even necessarily mean that they're going to cast you in it. -- Maisie Williams
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Obviously when you cast someone who hasn't acted before it can be a massive opportunity for them. -- Andrea Arnold
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I've run into more than anything is people who have a belief that they know who you are. Type-casting happens because people actually write you off. "You are in this box. That's all you are, that's everything you are." It's a very de-humanizing experience. -- Chris Carmack
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The theater, bringing impersonal masks to life, is only for those who are virile enough to create new life: either as a conflict of passions subtler than those we already know, or as a complete new character. -- Alfred Jarry
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As an actor, when you walk into a room to audition, you get five minutes with a casting director, who doesn't even look at you, most of the time. -- Mark Duplass
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cast-iron erection, on -- M.r. James
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The whole world - theater, and the people in it - the actors -- William Shakespeare
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On 'There Will Be Blood,' I was cast at the last minute. I had 3 and a half to 4 days to get ready for the first day. I just went for it, threw myself in there and gave it everything I had. That was just guts and instinct, not a lot of preparation. -- Paul Dano
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I love working with actors. If you cast the right person in the right part at the right time, they make you look like a better writer and director than you really are. -- Todd Solondz
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I spend a lot of time in preproduction working with authors, and a lot of time in postproduction.: editing, music, all that sort of stuff. Casting. On the set there's not a lot for me to do. -- Charlie Kaufman
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Cast yourself. You are the spell. -- T. Thorn Coyle
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I probably drive casting people crazy because I'm not thinking about actors so much as real people. -- Mike Judge
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I don't like the sterility of the casting office. -- Catherine Hardwicke
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Whether it is the cavemen in the caves thousands of years ago, Shakespeare plays, television, movies and books, stories and characters take us on a journey. All I do is tell those stories without scripts and without actors. -- Mark Burnett
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As a director you come in and tell the actors how good they are. -- Bryan Cranston
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Typecasting is a good thing. It's good to be known for what you do. -- Steve Guttenberg
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As an actor, you always look for things that will stretch you and that are different than you are, so that you can surprise yourself, and you want to surround yourself with the highest caliber of people that will make you look good. -- Emmy Rossum
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For me, casting is critical. It's nice that social media and the passionate fans really corroborated choices and embraced kids to be characters. -- Joseph Mcginty Nichol