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Don't let the situation say stop to your true purpose;say stop to the situation. Situations are situations and you are you
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renounce it as soon as it comes to mind - renounce everything in its entirety until there is no hidden dishonesty or craftiness about you at all.
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I distress you; I draw fast to an end.
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When you speak, speak the truth; perform when you promise; discharge your trust ... Withhold your hands from striking, and from taking that which is unlawful and bad ...
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You should quit.
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give up my quest.
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Stop what?"
"Stop having an entire discussion without me.
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Resignation is to equate with the hope to give up; a possible renewal process is initiated, which do things clean at its roots.
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Do not, for one repulse, forego the purpose you resolved to effect.
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No other terms than unconditional and immediate surrender. I propose to move immediately upon your works.
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Find joy in the extinction of desires.
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Do not call up that which you cannot put down.
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The option of quitting has long been undervalued and underused ... Quitters must not be frightened by the potentially cataclysmic outcome of a particular quit.
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Only you can stop you.
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Renunciation-is a piercing Virtue-The letting go A Presence-for an Expectation-.
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Turn away from mischief. Again and again, turn away. Before sorrow befalls you.
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We must not stint
Our necessary actions in the fear
To cope malicious censurers, which ever,
As rav'nous fishes, do a vessel follow
That is new-trimmed, but benefit no further
Than vainly longing.
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I refuse to be silenced.
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Pause if you must but never quit.
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I don't like to stop. I believe you stop when you die.
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We can't just stop. We're not rocks-progress, migration, motion is ... modernity. It's ANIMATE, it's what living things do. We desire. Even if all we desire is stillness, it's still desire for ...
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Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation.
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Repose, v.i. To cease from troubling.
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Never quit, never surrender
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Resign your destiny to higher powers.
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Take a pause for a cause..!!
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Don't complain, remain and sustain
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Now therefore, that my mind is free from all cares, and that I have obtained for myself assured leisure in peaceful solitude, I shall apply myself seriously and freely to the general destruction of all my former opinions.
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In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity.
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All such action would cease if those powerful elemental forces were to cease stirring within us.
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The time had come- indeed it was past due- when I had to disavow and dissociate myself from those who in the name of peace burn, maim, and kill.
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Any habit may be discontinued by building in its place some other and more desirable habit.
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I couldn't stop so I quit.
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forcibly stopped them,
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Be merciful, moderate, and modest.
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Be gracious, Master, and allow The worlds to rest from trouble now;
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I am obliged to renounce violence, and abstain from it altogether.
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Quitting is Never an option
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I do not wish to offend you, believe me. I have told you my decision. Nothing can change it. I must leave, I must travel, I must be free. Let me thank you cordially once again, and let us bid each other a friendly farewell.
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When faced with a sea of troubles, take action, and in so doing end it.
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Decree now, and say it meaningly: "From this moment forward, I will admit to my mind for mental consumption only those ideas and thoughts that heal, bless, inspire, and strengthen
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Silence, which will save from shame, will also deprive me of fame.
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Cease partiicipation, if only for one day this year
if only to make sure that we don't lose forever the rare and vanishing human talent of appreciating ease.
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Detach from emotions and desires; get rid of any fixations.
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I had dispensed with a rudder on the principal that fate must be given a chance.
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pray without ceasing
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Be not for ever harassed by impotent desire.
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Please, Lord gives power to obey your commandment
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All thoughts, desires, conventions, attachments which come from outside must be ruthlessly pushed away.
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A truce to idle phrases!
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Let not the enjoyment of pleasures now within your grasp, be carried to such excess as to incapacitate you from future repetition.
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I began closing the
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Patience may be a virtue, but quitting is an art.
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I don't like to stop. I believe when you stop, you die.
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Leave in concealment what has long been concealed.
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Thou art relieved of thy duties!
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Stop. Revive. Survive
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With very little ado I stop the first sally of my emotions, and leave the subject that begins to be troublesome before it transports me. He who stops not the start will never be able to stop the course; he who cannot keep them out will never, get them out when they are once got in;
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Retire into thyself. The rational principle which rules has this nature,
that it is content with itself when it does what is just, and so secures
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By God, I will not obey this filthy enactment!
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Restrict yourself to choice and refusal; and exercise them carefully, with discipline and detachment.
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He who would be useful, strong, and happy must cease to be a passive receptacle for the negative, beggarly, and impure streams of thought.
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Then tell Wind and Fire where to stop," returned madame; "but don't tell me.
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Don't cling so tenaciously to ties of the flesh; save your constancy and ardour for an adequate cause; forbear to waste them on trite transient objects.
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For it is easier to shout 'Stop', than to do it
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If you use the word 'halt,' I will hit you." "Not halt," he breathlessly said. "Upstairs. Now.
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To exist here, I'll have to become skilled in saying no - an art in which I was once well accomplished, but one I no longer care to practice.
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You can tell me to stop any time you want, but you won't.
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Striid andWthdraw into yourself. Our master-reason asks no more than to act justly, and thereby to achieve calm.
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Speake fitly, or be silent wisely.
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The moving hand once having writ moves on. Nor all thy piety nor wit can lure it back to cancel half a line.
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Do not waste this life in vain pursuits.
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Take care not to begin anything of which you may repent.
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Quitting doesn't enter my mind.
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Acknowledge your folly or depart from my dominions.
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[T]houghts will arise. Don't be bothered by them. Don't think they're bad or that you shouldn't be having them. ... If you leave them alone, they'll depart of their own accord. This is how to 'cease all movements of the conscious mind.' You cannot do it by the direct application of your will.
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I have often observed that resignation is never so perfect as when the blessing denied begins to lose somewhat of its value in our estimation.
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Surrender your expectations. Surrender your doubts.
Surrender your fears. Surrender your strengths.
Surrender your anger. Surrender your control.
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Roam abroad in the world, and take thy fill of its enjoyments before the day shall come when thou must quit it for good.
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to take steps to avoid
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I must cease to think of living for pleasure or self-gratification,
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Promise in haste, repent at leisure,
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I should not urge thy duty past thy might.
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I will no longer wound myself with the thoughts and questions that have surrounded me like thorns: that is a penance You do not ask of me.
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This madman must be stopped.
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I no longer desire anything but to be Thine.
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Renounce to the desire of possessing worldly things: this is the first step in the path of perfection; by mean of this absolute untie is how the passions can be fought.
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Always resent, never relent.
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There comes a day that we become tired of hearing empty promises and insincere apologies; not just from others, but also from ourselves.
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Pour forth thy fervors for a healthful mind,
Obedient passions, and a will resigned
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Say stop, whenever you want to stop. Understand?"
I nodded.
"Do you want to stop now?"
My head moved back and forth to the pillow.
"Thank God.
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Sane people quit
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Sir 7:2 Depart from the unjust, and evils shall depart from thee.
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There is a thought that stops thought. That is the only thought that ought to be stopped.
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Here halt, I pray you, make a little stay. O wayfarer, to read what I have writ, And know by my fate what thy fate shall be. What thou art now, so shall thou be. The world's delight I followed with a heart Unsatisfied: ashes am I, and dust.
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Oh, do not cease at all; I thought the nightingale sang but at night; or if thou needst must cease, then let my lips touch the sweet lips that can such music make.
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Allow the heart to empty itself of all turmoil! Retrieve the utter tranquility of the mind from which you issued.
Although all forms are dynamic,and we all grow and transform,each of us is compelled to return to our root. Our root is quietude.
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To stop your mind does not mean to stop the activities of mind. It means your mind pervades your whole body.
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Praying men stop sinning and sinning men stop praying.